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We've all been cheated. AMC should have devoted the entire episode to Phoebe's funeral and memory.

We've all been cheated. AMC should have devoted the entire episode to Phoebe's funeral and memory. The flashbacks and veterans, while wonderful, could have been so much more. I know AMC is thinking this is sweeps and some veteran viewers that haven't watched in a long time will tune in, so let's hook them. They should have had even more footage between Phoebe and Brooke as they did have some great moments. They should have had a little more info on Erica and Jackson's upcoming nuptials which would have had veteran viewers wanting to come back for the next show, also have a scene between Brooke and Adam to leave fans wanting more. However the segments that did not include the fabulous veterans were either boring (Lily & Sam, Danielle & Reggie) or out of taste (Kendall & Ryan). Instead AMC should have focused on the funeral and how everyone who loved Phoebe was there. Where was Hillary? She should have been brought back. What about Ruth? My AMC Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Debbie who writes: 'They should utilize Lee Meriwether. Yes, Mary Fickett is the original Ruth but they replace characters all the time. Bring Lee back and let's see more of Ruth and Dr. Joe!'. Yes, Debbie, indeed AMC is missing the boat in not utilizing Lee Meriwether. Joe and Ruth used to help define PV. Wasn't it GREAT seeing Chuck, Benny, Linc and Kelly? They were a sore sight for my eyes. They definitely looked good enough to rejoin the cast and help pull AMC out of it's current rut. Where was Donna? She should have been with Chuck. Talk about characters that I miss. I doubt this episode will help AMC pick up any additional viewers. I heard from quite a few that while loving the episode, wished it could have been for so much longer.

On to the reading of the will and the re-writing of history yet again. First off, as was mentioned Brooke has plenty of means and connections --- this would be able to get Jamie into any medical school in the country, this is also true of Dr. Joe and Tad, but instead we'll now have Jamie having to choose between Babe and Phoebe's "fortune." Obviously JR is the one to oversee this and ensure if Jamie chooses the cash he's through with everything having to do with Miss Trash (that would be Babe). This is not interesting or in the least bit believable When exactly did Jamie decide to be a doctor? I remember when he was rooming with Maggie, whose ambition was to become a doctor, and he wasn't remotely interested. When did this non-existent conversation with Phoebe take place ---- when Jamie was 5? I hate when they re-write the past. Yes, I could see Phoebe wanting JR and Jamie to mend fences, but some things are even out of Phoebe's control.

One has to wonder why anyone would care if Ryan has a vasectomy or not. So he won't contribute to the surplus population oh well. The scenes between Kendall and Ryan did showcase the wonderful chemistry those 2 actors have together, but Kendall was again offering herself to Ryan --- for what purpose? Greenlee showed up and it looked like the green-eyed monster was present. I wish they wouldn't continue to put Greenlee in those sleeveless dresses. They just aren't becoming to her. Some people have great upper arms such as Erica and Kendall, but Greenlee is lacking in that area (so am I), so showcase the positive, not the not so positive.

Sam knows his father was Bobby Warner and now wants to live with Tad considering he's family. Goodness what a mess. I didn't understand Anita saying this happened way before she knew Bobby, perhaps the writers should have done their research --- Anita was very much a part of that storyline back then. Sam is interested in Lily and Lily likes the way he kisses. More filler.

Erica must be losing her touch as she offers her self to Zach to marry instead of her daughter but Zach declines. Instead he's interested in the younger Kane. This enables him to stick in to his son in the bargain though so Erica really didn't have much of a chance there.

I feel sure that was Jackson kidnapping Erica off to unknown places. That is until next week. It's one way to take the situation and rectify it. I say touché to Jackson!

Ethan decides to take Chandler Enterprises away from JR since JR won't accept his bargain to leave Kendall alone if Ethan hands Chandler Enterprises over to JR. This should be a telling sign for Ethan as he wasn't willing to give everything up for Kendall and JR is.

Amanda and Babe are becoming best friends. What an uninteresting and sad way to introduce Amanda back into the mix. Seems like more filler to me.

Thanks for the emails and I'll see you back here next week!


Mary Page
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