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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 11, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, April 11, 2005

At the police station, Jack hopes that the new evidence that Julia made a phone call after Lily was at her apartment will clear Lily. However, the letter that Lily wrote and Keith planted in Julia's apartment is now a problem. Tom Hughes tells Lily and Keith that he will be forced to bring charges against both of them for tampering with evidence. This is a class 5 felony, with a penalty of imprisonment up to ten years. Jack reassures Lily that she will probably be able to be released on bail now, and Lily tells Holden that she now feels that she has a second chance. Luke bursts in and interrupts the warm moment, accusing Holden of being disappointed that Lily didn't kill Julia. Jack and Keith leave the interview room, and Jack shows Keith a call log which indicates that Julia got a call from a phone booth right before she made the call to the pharmacy.

At metro, Aaron receives a phone call from his adoptive father/uncle Caleb, telling him that his mother, Julie, is in the hospital. Aaron feels guilty for neglecting his family in Seattle, so Alison urges him to go see his mother. Alison promises to take care of metro while Aaron is gone.

Katie and Henry, at the gym, know that Jennifer is at the family planning clinic because Henry was the chauffeur who drove her there. They worry that Jennifer is planning to terminate her pregnancy without consulting either Mike or Craig. Katie and Henry decide not to tell Craig in spite of the fact that Craig is Katie's brother and the child would be Katie's niece or nephew. Meanwhile, Barbara cannot get information about Jennifer's destination from the limousine company, then Barbara runs into Craig. She asks Craig if he knows where Jennifer went, and this arouses Craig's suspicions. Craig goes to the gym to try to bluff the information out of Katie, but Katie lies and tells Craig that Jennifer and Mike are just going through a difficult time. After Craig walks out, Henry congratulates Katie on her skillful lying about "the baby." At the clinic, Mike finds Jennifer just before her pre-abortion consultation. Jennifer tearfully tells Mike that she is pregnant, but it isn't his baby. Mike begs Jennifer to take time to make sure that she is making the right decision, then Barbara arrives at the clinic. Barbara exults that Jennifer is carrying her first grandchild, but her delight turns to disgust when she hears that Craig is the baby's father. Barbara turns her emotions around once again and tells Jennifer that the baby will be a brand new chance for their family to reunite. Jennifer has enough of Barbara's over-the-top emotions and demands that Barbara leave and quit pressuring her. Mike has just about persuaded Jennifer to come home to think things over, promising not to pressure her, when Barbara pops back up and tells Jen, "You can have this baby and Craig never needs to know it is his."

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

No matter how hard they try, Jennifer and Mike cannot get Barbara to leave the Family Planning Clinic. Barbara insists that Jennifer have the baby, knowing full well it is Craig's. Mike insists that Jennifer be allowed to make her own choice. Even a clinic nurse couldn't convince Barbara to leave Jennifer alone and Jennifer and Mike ended up leaving before Jennifer's appointment. Back at their home, Jennifer tries to get Mike to be honest about how he feels. She loves him and doesn't want to lose him, but he tells her that he actually doesn't know how he feels. And sharing her with Craig is not something he is sure he can do. Paul - who knows everything, thanks to more of Barbara's meddling - goes to talk with Jennifer. Mike leaves them alone so he can collect his thoughts. Jennifer is very glad to see Paul, but perhaps not so happy about his advice. He suggests to her that she needs to think about what she would do about the baby if she were alone - if Mike were not a part of her life. Later, Barbara finds Mike sitting on a park bench. She tries to convince him that he must accept the baby and claim it as his own....Mike is not convinced.

At the police station, Holden finds himself in the awkward position of watching as his wife receives help from another man. Keith has indeed taken on Lily's cause, but Lucinda doesn't trust him - and she has no problem letting him know it. Keith understands her trepidation, but Lily tells Lucinda that it was actually Keith who convinced her to recant her confession. Lucinda expresses her appreciation, but makes sure Keith knows she is watching him. Holden is also frustrated with Luke's continued refusal to forgive him. Luke thinks it's embarrassing that Lily had to be helped by Keith, and he even accuses Holden of wanting Lily to stay in jail. Nothing Holden can say changes Luke's mind. When Aaron finds him at the police station, Holden is still depressed about the situation with Luke. But Aaron, who has gone to tell him that he is leaving for Seattle because his mother is sick, thanks Holden for being a great dad and reassures him that Luke will turnaround. And speaking of turnarounds - Lucinda is able to talk Tom Hughes into releasing Lily on bail. Lily is thrilled to be going home but wants to make sure Keith has been released, as well. He tells her that his bail has been paid and that he is staying around to help Jack find Julia's killer. The look they share suggests that they are both glad he will be sticking around for awhile. Holden can't help see their glance, and tells Lily he isn't sure he should go home with her - Lily assures him that she wants him there.

Alison is so upset about Aaron's sudden departure that she calls her mother for moral support. Susan goes to see her at Metro and convinces her that she must go to Seattle with Aaron. She surprises Aaron when he arrives at their apartment by telling him she is going with him - but his reaction is not what she was hoping for....

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Craig went to visit Bryant's grave to celebrate Bryant's birthday. Craig had just started to read Bryant's favorite book when Sierra showed up. They reminisced about their children and how wonderful it was raising them. Craig told Sierra that he wished he had the chance to do it all over again and that if given the chance he would do a better job. Sierra told Craig that he would never change and left.

Alison was packing her things so she could leave with Aaron but when Aaron came home he told her she could not go with him. Aaron said that he would be spending all his time at the hospital and would have no time for her. They left to visit Aaron's family so he could say goodbye before he left. Aaron and Alison showed up at Lily and Holden's house just as Lily arrived home from prison. Aaron and Luke had a heart to heart before he left and Aaron told Luke to try to forgive Holden because if he didn't he would regret it later. Alison and Aaron left so Aaron could finish packing. They shared a tearful goodbye and declared their love for one another. Meanwhile, Holden asked Lily if it would be ok if he moved back into the house but Lily did not think it was a good idea. Lily told Holden that they needed to figure out what they both wanted out of their lives before they could start to rebuild their family.

Carly and JJ went to the police station because Carly received a call from JJ's social worker. At the police station Les showed up with a court order giving him supervised visitation rights to see JJ. After a short visit with JJ Les left the police station but not before having a few words with Carly. Jack found out that Les was released from prison a week before Julia was murdered.

Barbara tried to convince Mike to say that Jennifer's baby was his and not to leave Jennifer when she needed him the most. Mike told Barbara that he could not live that kind of a lie but Barbara said that if he loved Jennifer he would do that for her. Meanwhile, Paul told Jennifer that she should not have Craig's baby. He tried to convince her that this was not the right time for her to start a family. Jennifer became upset at what Paul was saying to her until Paul told her that he would stand by her no matter what.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Luke walked into the living room with a bag over his shoulder. Lily walked in and asked Luke what the bag was for. Luke said he couldn't live at home anymore and accused Lily of living in a fairy tale world. Lily told him that running away isn't going to solve anything. Lily says she wants to fight for her marriage but Luke doesn't understand. He wants to know how Lily could forgive Holden for leaving her and going to Julia. Lily explained that her and Holden's problems began long before Julia. She also told him that things run a lot deeper between Holden and her than Luke can ever understand. Luke asked Lily if she still loved Holden. Lily couldn't answer him. Lily wants Luke to get over the anger he feels for Holden. Lily wants him to just be a kid again and not worry about her and Holden. She tells him that she and Holden need to work through many things and it will take time but she knows that Holden feels bad about what happened and wants to be a father to his children. Lily asks Luke to give Holden a break. They hug as Lily tells Luke that they will get through this.

Keith was pressuring Jack to do something about Les. Keith is convinced that Les killed Julia. Keith wants to help with the investigation but Jack refuses until Keith tells him that he knows how to get under Les' skin. Meanwhile, Les was talking to his lawyer saying he needed to get out of town soon but with his son. Keith and Jack walk in and start asking Les about the night Julia died. Les says he was in lock down at a half way house. After coming up empty with regards to Les, Jack and Keith leave.

Mike and Jennifer were in bed talking about her situation. Mike told her that whatever choice she makes he will stand by her. He confirms that he loves her and tells her again that he will always be there for her. Jennifer can't believe that Mike could be that forgiving, Mike says that he will be a father to the baby no matter who the real father is. Mike also told her that he would keep the baby paternity a secret from Craig. Jennifer thanks Mike for being there for her.

At the precinct, Margo finally arrived to talk to Craig who was waiting for her. Margo wanted to know what Craig was up to with Jennifer. Margo accused Craig of stealing Jennifer's company. Craig said all was fair in love and war. Craig told Margo that he had changed but Margo wasn't buying it. She talked about inviting him for dinner and him always refusing. In the middle of the conversation Margo remembered that it was Bryant's birthday. Outside, Barbara approached Hal and told him the news about Jennifer and begged him for help. Hal immediately thinks that Barbara has an ulterior motive. Barbara accuses Hal of not caring about Jennifer's pregnancy and before Hal can answer, Craig walked up and, not hearing Jennifer's name, asked who was having a baby. Barbara makes up someone and gets rid of Craig. Barbara tells Hal that Craig is the father. Barbara tries to convince Hal to help Jennifer but he decides to stay out of it and advises Barbara to do the same.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Keith goes to Lily's house to ask for her help in proving that Les could have killed Julia. Luke tells his mom that because she's only just been released from jail, she shouldn't be trying to help Keith solve Julia's murder. Luke gets Lily to agree that she won't do anything illegal. Keith takes Lily to the halfway house where Les has been staying, saying that the telephone booth from which Julia received a phone call was located very close to the halfway house, and he wants to find out whether there is any way that Keith could have gotten out of the halfway house after his 7 PM curfew. At the halfway house, Lily tells the manager/supervisor that they are there to do a newspaper story about the great job that halfway houses are doing in preparing inmates for their reintroduction to society, specifically Les Sweeney. The manager is skeptical that Les Sweeney is being used as a role model but is flattered when Lily says they will want to take the manager's picture to include with their story. The manager lets them into Les's room to look around, and Lily closes the door on him after he starts wondering where he's seen Lily before. Keith discovers a recently papered-over section of the wall and tears it apart, revealing an old dumbwaiter. This leads him to realize that Les could have left the room whenever he wanted to and could have gone to see Julia.

Casey and Celia are at Casey's house. Casey's friend Matt drops in and is introduced to Celia. After she leaves the room, Matt tells Casey that Celia is hot and obviously wants Casey, and he says he knows that Casey is not prepared for that. As he leaves, he puts a condom in Casey's hand, which an embarrassed Casey stashes in his wallet. Celia returns, and she and Casey begin making out, but they are interrupted by the early return of Tom and Margo. Margo is a bit unnerved at finding them in the middle of a passionate makeout session, but Tom tells her it's nothing to worry about. Kim and Bob join them shortly and are introduced to Celia. When Kim asks to see Casey's recent school picture, he takes out his wallet to give it to her and sees the condom. After Casey makes an excuse about not wanting to show Kim the picture after all because it's not a good one, Margo grabs the wallet from him jokingly and tosses it to Kim, who drops in on the floor and finds the condom when she picks up the wallet.

Henry and Katie are at the doctor's office to get a prescription for birth control. When a nurse brings out a stack of patient files and Katie notices that one of them is Jennifer's, she tells Henry that fate is leading her to sneak a look at the file. Katie manages to grab the file long enough to find out that Jennifer had seen her doctor before she went to the Family Planning Clinic. As she puzzles through this out loud, Henry argues with her until she agrees to stay out of it. She realizes they've just had their first fight, and they do a quick bit of makeup kissing. Henry gets a call from the limo service and has to leave to pick up a client, but Katie stays for their appointment. When she goes into the examining room, the nurse brings in several files for the doctor to review, including Jennifer's file. Katie tries to get the nurse to remove the files, but she insists on leaving them there, and when the nurse leaves, Katie takes another look at Jennifer's file.

Craig visits Mike and Jennifer and congratulates them on Jennifer's pregnancy, which he has deduced from Barbara's awkward attempt to convince him that she was discussing a family friend who was pregnant. Mike and Jennifer tell Craig his presence is not welcome at their house, but for some reason, they allow him to continue pressing them for answers about the pregnancy, including why Jennifer would have considered terminating the pregnancy and when Jennifer is due. Jennifer tells Craig she's 10 weeks' pregnant and due at the end of October, and Mike says that he and Jennifer are preparing for the happy event and for their impending parenthood; he completely claims paternity, and then he finally manages to make Craig leave their house. Jennifer is concerned that Mike's hand has been forced, but Mike assures her that this is what he truly wants: to be this baby's father and to raise this child with her.

At the police station, Les arrives and asks Hal where Jack is; Hal tells him Jack is out of town for the day, and Les asks Hal to tell Jack that he said goodbye, because he'll be long gone by the time Jack returns. Hal then says he knows who Les is, and Les shows him a new court order he's received that grants him temporary custody of JJ. Hal tells Les that according to the papers, he can't leave Hal's jurisdiction until the final custody is resolved, and Les says he was speaking figuratively when he said he'd be "long gone." Les leaves, and Hal asks someone at the department to make an attempt to get Jack off his flight before the plane takes off.

JJ overhears Carly talking to Jack about Les's continuing battle to regain custody of JJ. JJ leaves the house, thinking he'll run away to keep away from Les. Carly goes outside and finds him, lecturing him about the dangers of being near a busy road by himself. She then tells him not to worry about Jack and Keith because they can take care of themselves, and she tells JJ that she personally can be a pretty good protector, because she fights hard for the people she loves, and this now includes JJ. She makes a "pinkie promise" to JJ that he will always be part of her family from this point forward, no matter what happens. They play checkers until JJ decides he wants to call Jack on the phone. Carly dials the number, then hands JJ the phone when the doorbell rings. She opens the door to find Les leaning against it, and JJ stares in fear and disbelief while listening to the message on Jack's phone telling him that the party he has dialed is currently out of range.

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