One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 11, 2005 on OLTL

Todd proposed marriage to Blair again. Ron and Natalie went out on a date, much to John's distress. David moved out after Dorian refused to give up her obsession. Daniel intercepted a fax from his lover. Kevin and Todd agreed that Blair wasn't ready to hear the truth about Margaret. Viki was forced to resign from the university.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 11, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, April 11, 2005

John orders the detectives to follow the Love Shack crew closely. Natalie brings him a small gift, to Evangeline's annoyance. John explains to Van that the case is getting to him.

Roxy arrives at the station, annoying Bo and Natalie. Natalie and Roxy talk about John. Marcie's brother Ron arrives at the station to voice about his concerns for his sister's safety to Bo, then invites Natalie out for a beer after work. She doesn't want to go, but changes her mind with the hope of making John jealous. Bo worries about Natalie going out again so soon.

At the hospital, Jessica is worried about her blackouts and tells Antonio she feels like she's standing on the edge of a cliff. Dr. Miller announces that the tests came back normal, but Jess insists they're wrong. Paige explains that the sleepwalking is stress-related, but Jess insists there's more to it. At her request, Dr. Miller sets up a referral to a psychotherapist. Antonio is surprised to learn that Jessica had blackouts before; once alone she tells him about being hit by Dorian, the death of her baby and the problems that followed. Feeling better, she urges him to go back to work while she waits for the referral and he leaves, looking worried. Once she's alone, Jess morphs into Tess and rushes out. When Rachel returns she's surprised to find her gone. In the limo, "Tess" starts talking to the chauffeur, then bangs on the window when he doesn't answer.

Todd attempts to trace where the postcard from Margaret was mailed from, but doesn't get any help when he calls the post office. Starr walks in and panics when she sees the postcard. Todd lies to his daughter about who sent it but Starr knows better, but he does manage to convince her not to tell anyone.

Blair misunderstands Kevin when he tries to tell her what Margaret did and gets flies into a violent rage. He calls Todd to come get her after he manages to calm her down slightly. Blair apologizes to Kevin while they wait for him. When Todd arrives, he misunderstands and assumes that Kevin told his wife what Margaret did to him, but Kevin manages to explain what did and didn't happen. When she steps out to freshen up, Kevin acknowledges that she's not ready to hear what happened. Todd shows him the postcard and they agree that she can't handle the news yet. Kevin agrees to keep it quiet if Todd won't go after Asa. Todd warns him that what will happen if Asa reappears in Llanview. Blair and Todd leave, and he promises her that no one will ever separate them again.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Todd brings Blair home after her confrontation with Kevin, and he informs her about Margaret's postcard. Blair flips out when Todd says he's going to take care of Margaret. She wants him to stay home with she and the kids, and let Margaret come to Llanview and confront them on their own turf. Todd gives Blair some space while he concocts a romantic plan and takes time to shave his beard. When he returns, he whisks her off to a roof top bed and romances her. He tells her the story of Perseus and Athena as they snuggle, happy and carefree for the first time in months.

Natalie and Ron are having a great time playing darts and talking on their date, but things are spoiled when Rex shows up to meet his informant, Jenkins. Natalie gets in Rex's face about his shady friend, and Jenkins accuses Rex of wearing a wire. Jenkins punches Rex, then pushes Natalie when she comes to her brother's aid. Ron punches Jenkins, who flees the scene, while both Ron and Rex end up escorted to the station in cuffs. Eye witnesses claim Ron was acting in self-defense, and Bo says he's free to go. He has a cracked lip, which Natalie proceeds to kiss passionately, as a jealous John watches.

Rex makes one last plea to Bo not to turn him away from the "case." Bo reminds Rex that he's not a cop. Rex calls Jenkins and leaves a message, telling him to show up with the dirt on Ted, or Rex will turn him in for assault.

Meanwhile, Daniel (a.k.a Ted) and Nora are honeymooning in Paris, when a fax comes in from Daniel's secret lover. He intercepts the fax before Nora sees it, and tells her it is from Governor Brooks. Nora believes him, and she expresses annoyance at Brooks for hassling Daniel on his honeymoon. When Nora bemoans how quickly the week is passing, Daniel says they should stay in Paris for good. Nora says she likes the idea, but they agree that it wouldn't work for either Matthew or Riley.

Antonio fills out his application at L.U. to finish his law degree. The dean personally welcomes him to the Law school. Meanwhile, Tess comes to the rescue of a girl named Ginger, who is being attacked by a hooligan named Bob outside of a bar. Tess beats the guy up; then, she and Ginger take off in Tess's limo. Tess tells Ginger all about her difficult life, living in Jessica's shadow. She insults Antonio and Viki and also tells her new friend about stalking Jessica. Ginger is impressed with Tess's attitude. She herself is a newcomer in town, planning to house sit for some friends while doing a little soul searching. The girls agree to meet up again in the near future.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Llanview PD gets an update on the latest in the search for the Killing Club Murderer; they receive a picture of someone who has been spotted at all of the book signings. Flowers are delivered for Natalie and put on her desk. John knocks them over accidentally when he's on the phone there and the vase breaks into pieces. Just at that time, Michael shows up and teases his brother endlessly, especially when they pick up and read the card. John claims not to be upset that they're from Ron but an amused Michael accuses him of being jealous. When he states that he's "secretly in love with her" and later claims he was only being sarcastic, Michael has a field day, especially when Evangeline calls. John finds another vase and replaces the bouquet.

Jess learns that Viki was forced to resign from the university and Nat can't understand why she didn't know after all the messages she left for her and the news all over the media. Jess can't remember what she did the night before. Bo promises Viki that he'll try to clear her though Viki suggests that she probably knows who's responsible. Duke returns home, unsuccessful in his search for Asa, though he did get to spend time with Adriana. He admits that Dorian didn't know. Jess tries to relax and be less stressed. She's impressed to find out that Nat had a date with Ron Walsh, though Nat assures her it's nothing serious. Planning to get Dorian back, the women remain calm. The girls suggest that Viki return to the Banner. Bo asks Jess why she missed a counseling session, claiming to have "pulled" the information from Paige. Telling him that something came up, she promises to make an appointment for another one.

Dorian is happy, her mission has been accomplished, Viki's in trouble. Her satisfaction turns sour when she reads that Viki wasn't fired and that it was requested that she resign. David suggests they get married after spending the night on the sofa due to her obsession. She can't yet though, she hasn't finished what she's set out to do, she advises him. He thinks her fear is partly due to not trusting his love and tries to convince her that she can have a happy life with him. She finally agrees to a June wedding but goes off again when Adriana returns home and she learns that her daughter has been away with Duke. Angry beyond belief that another Buchanan has one of her girls, Dorian attempts to lecture Adriana who quickly promises her that nothing happened, and refuses to listen to her mother. Stepping in and asking Dorian to lay off, David only gets rebuked instead. He goes off to pack his bags, having even more reason when he hears Dorian asking Adriana to go on a trip to Europe with her through the summer. Adriana sees right through her mother's invitation and the two continue to argue. Carrying his suitcase, David heads for the door. Dorian stops him, tosses him other belongings of his and announces that he's not leaving, she's kicking him out. She refuses to give back the jewelry he bought her with her own money. The two are obviously upset but he leaves, not before telling her that she's turning everyone against her on her own.

The Manning's alarm goes off but a freaked out Blair calms down when she sees that Todd set it off by accident. Starr and Jack have arrived home along with Addie who blames herself for the Margaret fiasco because she spoke to her at St. Ann's. Todd decides to go to the office, where he goes on a rampage. He wants an ugly picture of Asa for his paper, not the mug shot that was used. He reminisces about Mrs. Bigelow. Back at home, a jumpy Blair opens the door with the fireplace poker in hand when she hears a noise. A girl on the floor picking up the contents of her purse, introduces herself as Ginger Foley, house-sitting for the neighbors. When Blair composes herself and goes back in, Ginger checks her phone messages. There's one from Tess, saying hello.

The man at the book signings checks out. Nat arrives for work as John is fixing the arrangement and looking for the card. Thinking they're from him, she gives him a big hug.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Natalie accuses John of being jealous over her dating Ron. John angrily admits to Michael that he doesn't like seeing Natalie with another man. Michael comforts Marcie when she breaks down over the murders. Kelly urges Dorian to make peace with David. A vulnerable Dorian admits her fears about David to Kelly. David turns to Kelly after being turned away from every hotel in Llanview. Rex gives Bo a clue about Ted's identity.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Nigel insists to Todd that he doesn't know where Asa is. Roxy saves Nigel from a threatening Todd. Blair overreacts to a call from a telemarketer and Ginger helps her calm down. Todd re-proposes to Blair. Dorian tries to cover her pain about David in front of Viki and Adriana. David calls Dorian but she isn't home. Dorian gets a surprise when she arrives at Kelly's. Jessica meets with Dr. Jamison and later pulls Antonio into a kiss. Bo has bad news for Antonio. Bo and Paige steal some time together.

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