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Monday, April 18, 2005

Fox enjoys taking care of Jane to practice for being a father when he gets back to Harmony. He is ecstatic about seeing his son, and as they board the plane and take off, Ethan and Theresa worry about how to break the news to him that Whitney has given up her son for adoption. Gwen is slightly upset when she sees Ethan and Theresa talking, but Ethan reminds her that since he and Theresa share a child together, they will have to talk every once in a while. Gwen is exhausted and she goes to sleep. Theresa talks with Katherine and makes it clear to Katherine that she doesn't want Martin and Pilar torn apart again. Katherine says that she has no intention of seeing Martin, Pilar or Sheridan again. Ethan and Theresa tell Katherine that Whitney is giving up her baby for adoption and Katherine is concerned. As the plane nears Harmony, Ethan says to Fox that they have to tell him something about Whitney and his baby.

Eve and Julian admire their grandson in the nursery. Liz and TC arrive to see the baby, and Liz starts blaming Eve for Whitney giving up her son. A nurse comes by and tells them to keep it down or she will have to throw them out. Liz and TC go to see the baby while Eve says she might know how to change Whitney's mind about giving her baby up for adoption and she and Julian leave. TC suggests to Liz that they go home to find out whether or not the adoption agency called.

Whitney holds a picture of her baby and apologizes to him for not being there with him. She says she is doing this for him and tears up his picture, wondering how she will live her life not knowing who her son is. Eve and Julian come to Whitney's room, saying they want to make peace. Eve offers Whitney a scarf and says she knows Whitney is always searching for the right perfume to wear. Eve urges her to test the scent on the scarf. Whitney reluctantly sniffs the scarf and calls it amazing. She says it is like "liquid love" and Eve eagerly shows Whitney that the scarf is wrapped around Whitney's baby's blanket. Eve explains that she wanted to show Whitney how much she loves her baby. Whitney is angry and asks Eve how she could do this. She says she is giving up her baby to protect him.

Martin and Pilar look through a box of pictures of Paloma growing up in Mexico. Pilar is happy until she finds a picture of Martin and Katherine and she wonders how long Katherine will haunt her. Martin apologizes and says he thought he took all of Katherine's pictures out of the box, and then offers to take Pilar out to dinner so they can start making memories of their own. They go to the Seascape, where they have their picture taken and dance. Pilar hopes Katherine never comes back.

Mrs. Wallace and Beth frantically try to pack up their belongings and flee the country. Beth's plan is to take their fake passports, go to Canada, then take a private plane to Russia. Beth picks up Marty and when they open the door to leave, they find Sheridan and Luis on the doorstep. Beth thinks up a lame excuse as to why they are all up at this hour, saying they are doing some spring cleaning. Sheridan informs Beth that a friend of Sheridan's who is a DNA specialist is flying in from Boston to do the DNA test herself, and they should have the results tonight. Luis tells Beth to come to the hospital with them and Beth is trying to think up a way to get out of it when Sheridan's cell phone rings. She answers it and says "Oh my God."

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

At the Seascape, Martin and Pilar danced and made plans to start their relationship over. When the next song began, it reminded Martin of Katherine and Pilar got upset about it and wondered when he'll stop thinking about Katherine. Martin told her the song was one he and Katherine danced to. He reminded Pilar that they had been together longer. Pilar thanked Martin for a lovely evening and apologized for being upset. The photographer brought her a folder of pictures he took of their evening. Martin asked her to think of this night as the start of their relationship. They left the restaurant.

At the Wallace house, Sheridan talked on the phone to her friend Dottie, the DNA specialist. She looked alarmed and said "Oh no!" as Edna and Beth speculated about what would happen when the results test came in. Then Sheridan asked Dottie what the police said. When she got off the phone, Sheridan told her that Dottie had almost rolled her SUV in an accident. Beth took the opportunity to tell them that it was too bad they wouldn't get the results that night and she tried to send them home and she'd see them in the morning at the hospital. Sheridan let Beth know that the accident hadn't stopped Dottie and she was almost to the lab. They should all still head there together. Sheridan told Beth she was sure Beth wanted this cleared up too. Edna and Beth tried to think how they could escape once they got to the hospital.

On the charter jet, Katherine questioned her choice to go back to Harmony. Gwen comforted her about Theresa ripping into her about going back to Martin and breaking her mother's heart. Katherine told Gwen that she has nightmares about the pain she's caused to her loved ones. Gwen got an in-flight call from Rebecca because Ethan e-mailed her to say they were coming back. She asked Gwen if she was still crazy and Gwen said she'd come to her senses. Rebecca said that was good because she wasn't attractive when she was foaming at the mouth. Gwen gloated that Ethan chose her. She said that Theresa lost the battle and the war. Ethan and Theresa struggled with whether or not they should tell Fox about what Whitney is doing to her baby. Fox asked them why they were so glum and as they started to tell him, the pilot buzzed for Ethan to go to the flight deck and sign some papers. Fox was excited to hear about his baby. Theresa said she wanted to wait until Ethan came back and Fox said he probably had another "grow up and be responsible" speech for him. He asked Theresa if she was still planning to have Gwen charged with assault and kidnapping. She fairly glowed with the thought that Gwen would go to jail and she'd get Ethan back. When they landed, Fox bolted before he could find out about the baby. Ethan and Theresa were very anxious about what he'd do when he found out. Gwen came in to tell them that the car was ready to go and then cooed over the baby. She asked Theresa to take good care of her and Theresa sniped that she didn't need advice from a kidnapper. Ethan reassured her that they'd have their own children. Ethan kissed the baby good bye and told Theresa that he'd see her the next day.

At Whitney's apartment, Whitney railed against her mother and Julian for trying to trick her into abandoning her adoption plans. She swore she was still going to put her son up for adoption and that Fox wouldn't get back in time from rescuing Theresa's baby to contest it. She ranted at her mother and Julian for causing the problem in the first place. Julian told her that she had adult problems and she had to start acting like an adult. Eve told her that if she's told Fox the truth about her true intentions for the baby and Fox burst in with a bouquet of roses for Whitney and congratulated the grandparents. He asked Whitney what her true intentions for the baby were. Whitney told him she was surprised he was back so soon. He let them know he'd found Theresa's baby. He asked where the baby was and assumed he was in another room for a nursery, then wondered where the baby gifts were and then wanted to see the baby and told a stammering Whitney that he was going to ask her again to marry him. Eve and Julian told him that she had to tell him the truth. Whitney hollered at her mom to "Shut up!" Fox asked again and Whitney finally told him that she'd given him up for adoption. Fox asked her to repeat and she did. He asked Julian and Eve what she was talking about. He asked her if she was insane. She said he was a Crane and that he'd get bored with having a baby. She said she wanted to move on and wanted to let her baby grow up outside of this chaos. He asked how she could do this. Wasn't there something he had to sign legally? Light dawned as realized that she'd gotten his Power of Attorney and sent him away on purpose. He told her he didn't want to get rid of his son. He called her a "manipulative bitch!" He said he didn't realize what a liar she was. Julian and Eve told him that there was time for him to change things since there was a 72-hour grace period. He whipped out his cell phone to call off the adoption (I'm a Crane and you're not going to throw away my baby.) Whitney screamed that he couldn't because "it's not your baby, Fox!"

At the Crane estate, Rebecca asked about Jane and Gwen told her that she was back with Theresa. Rebecca said that she was going to pay. Rebecca told Ethan that he did the right thing choosing Gwen She said they needed to make Theresa pay. She still owed them a baby. She had the perfect plan. Ethan said "no more plots, no more revenge." He said the war between Gwen and Theresa was over.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Pilar was excited as Theresa and Jane came through the door. Theresa asked where Martin was and Pilar said he went out for coffee. Theresa noticed how dressed up she was and Pilar told her about the restaurant and showed her the pictures. Theresa told her mother that Katherine had been on the plane. This news upset Pilar. Theresa said Katherine didn't plan to go after him. She decided to go find Martin. She stopped then to ask how things went with Theresa. She told her mother that Ethan chose Gwen. Theresa called the Harmony Police Department and asked for Chief Bennett. She told him she wanted Gwen charged and Sam said that Ethan had asked to have the charges dropped. Theresa insisted that charges be brought and she be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Outside, in the park, Katherine ran into Martin and they embraced. He said he thought he'd lost her forever. Pilar came upon them in the park and turned away crying.

At the hospital Luis, Sheridan, Beth and Edna put Marty in the child care center and then went to the lab for the results. Luis went to look for Dottie. Beth and Edna tried to sneak out to get Marty and scram, but Sheridan saw them and called them back. Luis wanted to know what was going on and she said Beth was planning to leave. Beth countered with a story that she was just talking about going home after they got the results. She was tired of being harassed and wanted to go home with her dear old mother and son. Sheridan's pager went off. Dottie had the results. Beth insisted that she had to go right then. She needed to go see how Marty was. She started to walk away quickly when Dottie appeared. She handed Sheridan the test results and Sheridan asked if this was the proof that Marty is her son?

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Dottie has the DNA test results, and both Beth and Luis are worried about what will happen when the results are revealed. Luis is worried Sheridan won't be able to handle it if it turns out that Marty is Beth's son, and Beth is terrified of being sent to prison. Dottie opens the envelope, but before she can read the results, Mrs. Wallace heads to the ladies' room and Beth follows her, quickly explaining that Mrs. Wallace is having one of her "spells." Beth finds Mrs. Wallace in the restroom, trying to crawl through the window. When the security officers get her out of the window, Mrs. Wallace starts acting like she thinks it is the 1940s. When they get back to Dottie, Sheridan has had enough of Mrs. Wallace's ramblings and snaps at her. Beth acts outraged and Sheridan quickly apologizes, and then asks Dottie to please tell them the test results.

Fox is furious at Whitney for giving her baby up for adoption. She tells him that it's not his baby, anyway, but then quickly realizes what she said and says that she means it's not his baby anymore. Fox wants answers, and he says that if Julian and Eve know the whole story, they need to tell him. When he can't get Whitney to admit the real reason she gave her baby up, Fox thinks she has depression and tells her they will get her on medication and get their son back. She tells him she doesn't want her son back, but he doesn't listen and runs off to the adoption agency to get "his" son back.

Pilar finds Katherine in Martin's arms and slaps her across the face, enraged. Pilar tells Katherine that she and Martin are back together now, and Katherine assures her that she had no intention of returning to Harmony, but she had no choice. Katherine tells Pilar and Martin what happened at the Crane compound. Pilar gets the idea that Martin wants to stay with Katherine and this only enrages her more. She tells Martin fine, stay with Katherine and runs off. When Katherine tries to leave, Martin sees the bruises on her arm and asks if Alistair did that to her. Alistair comes to where they are and Katherine has to stop Martin from attacking him. Alistair tells Martin to take care of Pilar and Alistair will take care of Katherine. He walks off, and Katherine again has to stop Martin from going after him. She warns him that Alistair is "mad enough to kill."

Pilar goes to the church, where she is found, crying, by Father Lonigan. She tells him what just happened, and they pray that Martin has the strength to honor his wedding vows to Pilar. Pilar thanks Father Lonigan and goes to the pier. She is worried about her future with Martin. When she hears footsteps behind her, she gets scared and starts to run away, but she is stopped by Alistair.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

At the Crane Mansion Gwen told Ethan that he's her hero for swooping down on that island and rescuing her from Alistair and for choosing her. He told her how much he loved her. Ethan and Gwen discussed their situation. Gwen asked Ethan to forgive her and he told her that Theresa was at fault too and that's why he had Sam dropped the charges. He promised her they'd have a child. Rebecca barged in and told them that if they didn't get a move on it, Theresa would be throwing a monkey wrench into their pretty domestic picture. Ethan hollered at her in frustration that this war and revenge between Gwen and Theresa had to stop. He said that this battle was over and that all that mattered to him was Gwen and their future together. He didn't want Rebecca to stir up the pot and Theresa had agreed to stop as well. Rebecca insisted that Theresa owed them at least one baby. Ethan insisted huffily that they would have dozens of babies, but they needed peace first. She said that thinking this was over was like wishing for peace in the Middle-East. He reminded her that he convinced his father to drop the charges against Gwen and it was time to stop the plots against "Tacocita." Rebecca asked if he really believed that Theresa would let it go. She told him that she'd bet her next cabana boy that Theresa was plotting against Gwen as they spoke. Rebecca told him he was a fool and that Theresa only wanted revenge and him. She said Theresa wouldn't be happy until they walked down the aisle in matching serapes. Ethan swore that Theresa agreed to the plan. Rebecca said they needed to hit her fast and low before she hit them. He said it wouldn't hurt to go over and confirm that she was on the same page. Gwen was hurt that he'd go to Theresa, but he kissed her and reassured her that he loved her. Rebecca cynically asked Gwen to tell her that Ethan was innocently going over there when they'd only been home an hour. Gwen stood there looking hurt. Rebecca paced as she thought. She whined that Gwen didn't try to stop Ethan. Gwen told her it was over. Theresa had her baby now. Rebecca reminded her that what Theresa really wanted was Ethan. Gwen stood up for Ethan and Rebecca told her that Theresa was going to keep at it. Rebecca said she'd have to strike first or Theresa would have Ethan back so fast. This is war. She said Theresa would do battle with her and then cry that she broke a nail. Gwen told her she was tired and didn't want to talk about it anymore, besides Ethan was confirming it with Theresa. Rebecca snidely said, "after he puts his pants back on." Gwen told her to trust people. Sam arrived to arrest Gwen for the attempted murder of Theresa and for kidnapping her baby. Rebecca spit out that they were too late because Theresa had gotten in the first shot.

Sam arrived at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house and told Theresa he was glad she and Jane were home safe and healthy. She showed off his grandchild. He said things are fine now. He told her that's why Ethan convinced him to drop the charges against Gwen. Theresa looked at him with her big brown eyes and pleaded with him to charge Gwen. She said that things weren't fine and since she was the one who'd been hurt, Ethan couldn't speak for her. He said that she had a chance to stop the insane hatred that was going on between her and Ethan's wife. She insisted that he go to the mansion, handcuff, fingerprint, book and lock up Gwen. Sam asked her to have a bigger heart about Gwen snapping. He asked her to think about what she was asking him to do. He said everybody was okay now. Theresa said she understood why Gwen snapped, but that wasn't an excuse for being a criminal. He reminded her that Gwen could say the same thing about her and she didn't press charges against her when Theresa stabbed Gwen. He tried to convince her not to press charges and to stop this game of revenge. He said if he arrested Gwen, Rebecca would retaliate and the cycle would keep going. She insisted on the arrest and Sam said he was disappointed in her; that she wasn't the little girl he knew when she was growing up. He quietly told her that she wouldn't have been obsessed with revenge. She batted her big does at him and said that life changed her. When she was a little girl she wanted to get married just like him and Grace because they were so happy together. Then she stabbed him with "and look how that turned out." He cringed when she started to sob that you grow up with dreams and then realize that's all they are. She said she got cynical and her heart got hard when she couldn't have the fairy tale. Sam reasoned with her that fairy tales were no replacement for real life. Life is a lot better. He told her not to give up on love and Theresa said she'd never given up on love; that love was the reason Gwen had to go to prison. Sam looked defeated. After Sam left, Theresa cuddled Jane and told her that she'd just insured that her daddy would be back with them and they'd be a family with little Ethan once Gwen was back in prison. Ethan arrived much to Theresa's delight. She started blathering about how he must have missed Jane and he said they had to talk. She went on giddily saying they were talking-about Jane. Theresa planned in her mind that he was home where he belonged. He told her they still needed to be in agreement and asked her if she agreed the war was over like they said. She mumbled that they said a lot of things. He said "It has to stop. I chose Gwen" He told her to let it go.

At the hospital Beth asked if they could just get on with it so she could take her son home. (Edna wondered if she'd still get her social security check in prison) Dottie asked Beth to sit down so she could explain the results of the DNA test. She explained that the first thing she did was examine Marty's DNA. She found a unique string and then looked at Beth's and Sheridan's DNA to see if she could find the same string. This would indicate which of the women is Marty's mother. Just then a flustered worker from the childcare center came in with Marty and said he was fussing for his mother. She set him down and Beth scooped him up and held him tightly, telling him they'd be going home soon. She told the childcare worker she could go away for now. Sheridan hollered that it was the last time she was going to stand by and let Beth hold her son because she's Marty's mother and Beth is a fraud. Beth told her to keep her voice down because she was scaring her son. Luis pulled Sheridan aside and reiterated his fear that she'd be setting herself up for a big disappointment. Sheridan said she wanted Dottie to read the results and all these doubting Thomases would know she was right. She knew they thought she was crazy, but she was not fragile; she felt like Joan of Arc riding into battle for the truth. She was glad Marty was young enough to not remember Beth. Edna pulled Beth aside and said she would fake a heart attack so that Beth and Marty could make a run for it. Beth trembled and hesitated. Edna told her it was time to make a run for it. The aide came back to take Marty and Beth got extremely emotional and asked him to kiss her and struggled to let him go. The childcare helper told her to relax, they weren't going to the North Pole or something. When she took him away, Beth collapsed into Edna and Edna comforted her saying she really must have a heart but she just heard it break and Beth wiped away her tears. Dottie started to explain the technical details of determining maternity and Sheridan begged her to let go of that and just tell them. Edna patted Beth's shoulder and told her it would be okay as Beth resigned herself to being separated from Marty. Dottie started to say the mother is..and then saying "wait a minute" stopped herself and rechecked the results. She then said the mother is without a doubt - BETH. Beth stood there with her hands out to be handcuffed and nearly fainted when Dottie made her proclamation. Edna tapped at her hearing aides and shook her head. The two of them clung to each other dumbfounded and Luis said "I thought this would happen." Sheridan began to wail that it couldn't be the truth as Luis wrapped his arms around her. Beth was shocked that Dottie said she was the mother. Edna asked her if she paid Dottie off and Beth dumbly shook her head no. Dottie apologized to Sheridan. Sheridan wailed. Luis went to her and told her it would be okay and Sheridan told him it was a mistake. She swore Marty is her son and Luis told her she had to accept the truth. Edna asked Beth if she fixed the results and again Beth shook her head, not comprehending how this could be. Beth said that maybe it was Edna's angels and Edna blew a raspberry at her. Beth numbly said, "I've got Marty and soon I'll have Luis."

At Whitney's apartment Eve hugged Whitney and told her they'd get through this together. Whitney moaned to Julian and Eve about Fox running out to stop the adoption. She was worried that he'd stop everything she'd done to protect her baby. Eve reminded her that Fox thinks the baby is his so of course he'd try to stop the adoption. Julian got a dig in about her not telling his son the truth when she had the chance. Whitney whined that she had to lie to keep everybody from knowing that her half-brother is the father of her baby. She hurriedly grabbed her coat and as she ran out the door to stop Fox before it's too late, Eve encouraged her to just let things happen as they should. A dismayed Julian and Eve followed after her

At the adoption agency, Fox implored the clerk to let him in even though the office was closed. He had to stop the adoption of his son. Mrs. Wellesley came out and asked him what the problem was and he explained that Whitney wasn't well when she gave away their son. Mrs. Wellesley explained that because Whitney had signed the form and had a valid Power of Attorney form and because the grace period...and then Whitney, Eve and Julian burst in to the office. Fox ranted at Whitney that he would get her psychological help but that at the moment he was stopping the adoption of his son. He couldn't understand how Whitney could carry him nine months and not want him like he did. Mrs. Wellesley said she'd go in the back and check on the paperwork. He said he'd raise his son. He pleaded with Whitney to stop this. He said the baby is half him and half her. Whitney asked him to trust her. He said she'd wake up one day and regret it. She said no and that she wouldn't let him have her son. Then he yelled at Julian and Eve for letting her do this while she was unbalanced. He said he was getting his son back and raise him. Just then Liz and T.C. burst in and said that they wouldn't let a Crane raise his grandson. He ranted that the Crane men had destroyed the women in his family for generations and he was going to adopt and raise his grandson to raise him up right. Besides, the only reason Fox wanted the baby was to get close to his daughter. Then Julian and Eve insisted that they would get the baby instead of T.C. and Eve. Fox hollered at them that they had plotted behind his back to get his son away from him. Julian said they were just keeping him from being adopted by strangers. "Strangers!" Fox yelled. I'm going to raise him myself. Pandemonium ensued as accusations flew from person to person. Fox hollered at them all to shut up because none of them were going to raise his baby. T.C. jumped on that telling Fox that even his daughter didn't want Fox to raise his grandson. Eve said that she sure wasn't going to let Liz raise him; that she shouldn't even be close to children. Liz shot back that Eve has three charges of murder against her and that no judge would let her have a baby when she was going to jail. T.C. pointed out that she'd already lost one bastard son for over twenty years. Julian jumped in to blame his father and T.C. said why don't you Cranes ever take responsibility? Fox yelled that he is taking responsibility for his son. He told them to all take their plots and plans home. Mrs. Wellesley came out of her office and Fox insisted that he get his son. She told him that it was simply too late.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Rebecca is outraged that Gwen is being arrested. When Sam handcuffs her daughter, she jumps on his back and tries to stop him from taking Gwen to the police station. Sam manages to get Gwen down to headquarters safely and begins processing her. Rebecca vows to destroy Theresa's life.

When Ethan asks Theresa if she agrees to the truce, she tells him that even if she did agree, Rebecca would still come after her and her family. Ethan tells Theresa that Rebecca wouldn't do that unless Theresa attacked first by doing something like pressing charges against Gwen again. Theresa tries to tell him what she did, but before she can Rebecca calls Ethan, tells him what happened, and says to come down to police headquarters. Ethan is disgusted and furious with Theresa and calls her a monster.

At the adoption agency, Fox is told that he is too late to stop the adoption. Liz, TC, Julian and Eve argue about who should get to adopt the baby and Whitney says that the adoption agency promised her that her baby would be placed in a good home, so there is no chance of any of them getting her son. Fox tells the woman at the adoption agency that if she doesn't give him "his" son back, he will bury the adoption agency and take her down with it. He apologizes for threatening her and asks her again to please give him his son back, but she says no one in the room will be able to adopt baby Russell because someone else has already adopted him.

Beth and Mrs. Wallace are in disbelief over the DNA test results. Beth insists that she didn't rig the tests and hopes Sheridan has another breakdown over this. She calls the childcare center and asks them to bring Marty to her so she can be sure Sheridan sees her with him. Mrs. Wallace is amazed that Beth is still planning on getting Luis back. Sheridan remembers holding her child and promising Marty she would do whatever it takes to get him back. She is still convinced Marty is her child, and thinks for a minute that Dottie is lying about the test results. Dottie says that she's not, and Sheridan apologizes. She watches as Beth takes Marty, and then walks over to Beth and tells Beth she needs to say something to Beth about her being Marty's mother.

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