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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 25, 2005 on GL
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Monday, April 25, 2005

At Company, Josh surprises Sandy and Tammy as they share a kiss. They sit down and Sandy informs Josh he almost got his wish. Jonathan was ready to leave town until Tammy talked him out of it. Tammy defends her actions by saying Reva would want to say good-bye. Sandy and Josh agree that Jonathan has been behaving very strangely. Outside, Jonathan is having coffee when a woman approaches and says he made a mistake in thinking she would just go away. The woman, Darla, threatens to tell the police Jonathan showed up in Springfield with a bag full of drugs unless he agrees to follow their original plan.

At the prison, Mallet has allowed Harley a breath of fresh air on his balcony. While outside Harley comments about a scent she catches on the air. Mallet says he doesn't know what it is - some kind of flowers. Harley is gripped by a new memory of the night Phillip died. She remembers leaving Company, hearing a woman's high-heeled shoes running away and the same smell. She thinks it is Jasmine. She races inside to call Gus but Mallet takes the phone away from her. He demands she tell him about the memory so he can help. She refuses and he has her sent back to her cell. Once there, Lena convinces Harley to share the memory with her. After confiding in her, Lena advises Harley to keep the memory to herself for a while so she can think about it some more.

Gus awakens in a boiler room after being drugged and kidnapped. As he is using a pen in an attempt to pry open the door, a voice announces his efforts are useless; there is no way out. Gus is confused and informs the voice if it's ransom at stake they can forget it. He doesn't think his dad would pay anything for him. Not amused, the voice tells Gus if he doesn't abandon his investigation into Phillip's murder, Harley is a dead woman.

At the farmhouse, Cassie is making cookies and milk for Dinah who has been diagnosed as having a calcium deficiency. Dinah goads her, saying she finally has something Cassie wants instead of the other way around. She goes further, accusing Cassie of being jealous since she is carrying Edmund's baby. Cassie has to remind Dinah it is her baby, too. They are interrupted when Vanessa arrives to see Dinah. Cassie leaves to check on things at the Beacon so Dinah can talk to her mother. Vanessa informs Dinah she has come back to Springfield to take Dinah home with her where she will seek counseling. Dinah is disturbed her mother and father insist on the idea that she is crazy. She is defending her actions regarding the pregnancy when Cassie returns with Jeffrey. She announces that she serving Vanessa and Ross with restraining orders. Vanessa is incredulous and tells Cassie she is making a huge mistake, this thing is far from over. Cassie yells at her to get out of her house. Jeffrey stands by in her defense.

At Company, Darla listens as Josh offers Jonathan a job at Lewis Construction. Jonathan refuses saying he has changed his mind about working in the family business. Josh suspects something is wrong. Darla approaches Tammy and tells her she has friends who could do wonders for her if she wants to get into modeling. She is stroking Tammy's face when Jonathan shoves her away and screams at her, 'Keep your hands off of her!' Sandy asks if Jonathan knows the woman. Jonathan replies she's madam who keeps a bunch of hookers. Darla casts a threatening look at him and saunters off. Jonathan informs Josh he's had a change of heart, he'll take the job.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It's been a long time since Guiding Light fans have seen Vanessa in Springfield, but she hasn't lost her spunk! She is furious that Cassie has threatened to place a restraining order against her and Ross for trying to help their daughter. But Ross has been fighting this fight for a long time, and wonders how long he can keep bailing Dinah out of trouble. Vanessa says they should help until Dinah starts to make good decisions - but Ross wonders if that will ever happen. To make matters worse, Ross sees that the front page newspaper headline is about him! "Mayor tries to kidnap daughter - fails!" is blasted on the front page and he hits the roof!

Also angry is Cassie who could not be blamed if she thought the whole world was going crazy around her because it is! She finds that Dinah is hiding her milk when she should be drinking it - Edmund thinks they should wait to tell the boys about Dinah's condition - and Ross and Vanessa show up at her doorstep seething with anger directed at her! Ross blames Edmund for the newspaper cover. Dinah rushes to Edmund's defense. Vanessa and Ross try to convince Dinah that Edmund is using her and that he will "throw her on the scrapheap" after the baby is born. Such an argument ensues that Dinah leaves the house, unnoticed. Cassie tells Ross and Vanessa to leave and after they do, she tells Edmund she wants him to leave, also. He thinks that maybe he will....and he'll leave town, too.

Tony is hurt and angry about the change in Michelle's attitude. Just a few days ago, she was ready to marry him - but now she insists on telling Danny how much she loves him and doesn't want to lose him. Tony convinces Michelle to go with him to the lake where "it all began," where he first started to care for her. Against her better judgment, she agrees. Meanwhile in another spot near the lake, Danny has taken Marina to show her the sunrise and to prove to her that he is "moving on." She wants to believe him, but she thinks he needs some time alone to think. She leaves to work at Company and Danny is left with his pleasant thoughts of Michelle. Tony, however, is starting to get rough with Michelle and grabs and shakes her. She screams at him to stop and Danny hears her. He yells at Tony to leave Michelle alone.

Blake is not happy to see Sebastian and Holly huddled in a corner in Olivia's bar. Sebastian is presenting the Spaulding deal to take over Holly's newspaper. Holly tells Sebastian it isn't a deal -- it's a "mugging." Sebastian agrees and tells Holly to refuse the deal but Alan appears out of nowhere and wonders what Sebastian is up to. Smooth as ever, Sebastian tells him he was bargaining with Holly, but gives up his spot in the negotiation to Alan. Holly and Alan come to an agreement after Holly remains on staff and on the newspaper's board. Meanwhile, Blake has questions for her brother. What is he up to? What does he want with her mother? Why did he take a job with Alan Spaulding, of all people? Sebastian admits to Blake that his plan is to bring the Spaulding organization down - exactly what their father, Roger, tried to do. Blake insists on helping him and he tries to turn her down. He reconsiders, however, when she tells him she used to work at Spaulding and understands the organization. The two go on to stage a little "argument" for Holly and Alan. Blake admonishes her mother for selling the paper to Alan and turns to Sebastian and calls him a traitor. She has a little too much fun when she throws a drink in his face and leaves the group in shock!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

It's late when Harley has a surprise visit in her cell from Mallet. He has changed his tune about her memory of Phillip's murder and instead of writing it off as wishful thinking, he offers to help her to find out if the memory is authentic. Harley doesn't want Mallet's help but she tells him enough for him to go off on his own. He takes off, looking for answers and encounters Alan who is delighted to see him. In a not very subtle way, Alan encourages Mallet to look out for Harley so that Gus can find something else to do with his life.

Alan meets with Vanessa and does his best to reassure her that any worries she might have about Olivia, her new daughter-in-law are moot since he happens to know that Bill and Olivia are on the rocks. Thus, it comes as a major shock to Vanessa when she shows up at Bill's apartment to find the couple not only together but acting downright frisky in bed!

Marina is determined not to sit around pining over Danny, even though he hasn't called her as promised. Instead, she stays upbeat and pays a late night visit to her Aunt Harley. Eager for good news, Harley is overjoyed to hear that Marina's in love with Danny and that he is free now to treat her niece as she deserves. Meanwhile, Danny is at Laurel Falls, being confronted by a furious Tony who now knows about the night she and Danny made love. In his rage and pain, Tony hurls himself at Danny and during the struggle, they both go over the edge. Michelle manages to grab each of them but their combined weight is too much to bear. Realizing what has to happen, Tony makes the sacrifice and lets go of Michelle's hand, only to plummet into the water below. Once safe, Danny climbs down to retrieve Tony from the water and he and Michelle desperately begin CPR.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Jonathan surprises Reva at the airport as she returns from Aspen. Reva is even more surprised when he tells her that his new suit is for his new job at Lewis Construction.

Bill agrees to Josh's request to let Jonathan work for him. While Bill fills Jonathan in on his job description, Reva and Josh catch up. Reva tells him that home is different now that the kids are gone and that she needs a new beginning. Josh is puzzled by Reva's attitude but is up for the challenge. He tries to help Reva see how much he loves and needs her.

Bill asks Jonathan to go undercover for Lewis to beat Spaulding. Jonathan receives flowers from the people he works for, instructing him not to lie to them again.

Edmund packs to leave for San Cristobel until the baby is born. Dinah tells him that she's coming too. He says that he's going alone so that Cassie will realize how much she needs him.

Cassie runs into Jeffrey at Company. He is not sorry that Edmund is moving out and that Cassie will be alone. They kiss but she pulls away because she has to take the boys to see Edmund off. Edmund puts the boys in charge of the farmhouse. Cassie ignores Dinah and R.J.'s pleas not to let Edmund go. After Edmund leaves, Cassie finds a letter from San Cristobel at her doorstep and worries that her child will be taken away. Dinah buys a one-way ticket to San Cristobel.

Michelle refuses to accept that Tony is dead. When the paramedics come to take Tony away, Michelle blames herself. Marina arrives, relieved that Danny is alive. Danny collapses from hypothermia. At the hospital, Michelle leaves Marina alone with Danny and says goodbye to Tony. Marina tells Michelle that she loves Danny enough to walk away. Ray gives Tony his last rites as Marina and Michelle keep watch over Danny.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Cassie has called Jeffrey to the farm for help. She's received a royal decree from San Cristobel demanding that Will be sent to school there. An upset Cassie tells Jeffrey that she won't have her son sent away to another country for schooling and he suggests that she contact the state department and hire a lawyer versed in international law. After promising Cassie that he will find her a good lawyer, he tells her she can't keep asking him for help, even though he will because he cares about her. Jeffrey tells Cassie that there is something between them. She either has to put herself into it or let it go, that's the only way they can go on with their lives.

Edmund's at the airport ready to leave when he's confronted by Ross, who merely wants to make sure Edmund boards the plane. The men start arguing about what's best for Dinah, with Ross accusing Edmund of taking advantage of Dinah. In the course of their argument, Cassie comes to the airport looking for Edmund. After exchanging words with Ross about how he and Vanessa have to butt out, Cassie tells Edmund that she needs him to stay. Ross comments that she's begging for trouble asking Edmund to stay and departs. Seeing Edmund's hopeful look on his face, Cassie informs him that it's not what he thinks and shows him the letter from Alonzo. Edmund agrees to help and leaves with Cassie to go back to the farm. Meanwhile, Dinah, who's been waiting for Edmund, finds herself stuck on the airplane when it takes off.

When they get back to the farm, Edmund assures Cassie that she won't lose Will. He tries to reach out and comfort her but Cassie pulls away. She doesn't think she's being fair to him because she does need his help but she can't give him what he wants in return. When asked if she trusts him, Cassie maintains that she trusts him with this because she knows he loves the boys. She then gives him a hug. They almost kiss but again Cassie pulls away and tells him she's not ready for that. She suggests that maybe he can do more good in San Cristobel. Edmund tells her he wants to call Alonso first to talk to him. Cassie wants to listen on the other extension, but is distracted when something breaks in the other room. After making a cryptic comment to himself that Cassie will learn how much she needs him, Edmund makes the call. Alone on the phone with Alonso, Edmund tells him that Cassie understands the situation. The call ends, but Edmund stays on the line, pretending to play hardball with Alonso when Cassie walks into the room. After "hanging up", Edmund assures Cassie that he will do everything to help her.

Danny and Michelle are outside Company talking about the funeral arrangements for Tony. In the course of talking about Tony, Michelle mentions what he did for them, prompting Danny to ask what she meant. Does she think Tony sacrificed himself for the both of them? Michelle states that's not what she meant; she simply meant he put their lives before this own. Something in Michelle's demeanor prompts Danny to ask her who called off the wedding. When she neglects to answer, Danny asks if it was her and why. Michelle still won't answer and Danny presses to know if she did it because of him. Just then, Jeffrey comes to ask Danny some questions about Tony's death. Michelle goes inside, leaving Danny to endure Jeffrey's questions. Just then, Marina comes out and berates Jeffrey for conducting his investigation so soon after Tony's death. She lies that Danny needs to pick up his son and asks Jeffrey to hold off until tomorrow. Jeffrey agrees and leaves. Meanwhile, inside Company, Frank asks Michelle about Tony's death and she tells him the entire story. Then Frank asks Michelle what exactly prompted Tony to lose his temper to begin with. Michelle tells him, as a police chief and Marina's father, to mind his own business and storms out. In the meantime, Danny has thanked Marina for helping him with O'Neill, and Marina has gone inside. That leaves Danny alone outside with Michelle. Danny insists that Michelle answer his question about why she called off the wedding. Did she want them back together? Michelle asks Danny, how he would feel if that was true. Danny confesses that a large part of him would take her back, yet at the same time, he's worked so hard to move on and he does care about Marina. Michelle asks him which part is stronger now, but Danny can't find it in him to answer her. But Michelle knows what the answer is anyway. Danny then goes inside Company wanting to talk to Marina. Marina's all set for a break up again, but Danny tells her he's grateful she's in his life; and confesses that he's hers. An upset Michelle watches the exchange from outside and then walks away.

As Gus is enduring captivity, Buzz is leaving another message on Gus's machine. Gus tries to tell his faceless captor that he needs food and water. The Voice tells him that all he has to do is drop his investigation and Gus can go free. Gus tells the Voice to go to hell. Although Gus is given a container of water, he refuses to drink it because it's been opened. Gus is furthered angered with the Voice announces that he'll say hello to Harley for him.

At the state prison, Lena makes a call to Alan. After telling him that she hates him for making her help her since she feels bad for Harley, Lena tells him about Harley's memory of smelling jasmine the night Phillip was killed. Afterwards, she demands that Alan send more money to her daughter so her daughter can come for a visit.

At the prison Mallet asks Harley if she's having any luck identifying the perfume she smelled from the samples he gave her. A disgusted Harley says no; she's smelled so many samples her nose can't distinguish anything. After ranting that she's not even sure any more what she remembered, she wonders aloud of that was Mallet's plan all along--to keep her in there. Mallet can't believe she even said that, but she points out that he keeping her away from the one person who can help her. After bad-mouthing Gus (by pointing out how ineffective Gus's help was in her defense), Mallet admits that he did try calling him twice, no answer. Harley doesn't believe him. Mallet again reiterates that he is trying to help her. There's nothing between them any more which makes him the perfect person to help. But Harley doesn't want his help. As Mallet leaves the area, Buzz arrives for a visit. After some talk, he asks Harley if she's heard from Gus. Seeing her worried reaction, Buzz tries to shrug it off as nothing, but Harley is convinced something's wrong. She's convinced someone has gotten to Gus. Worried that Gus is in danger or about to be in danger, Harley keeps saying that she has to get out. Although she tries to talk Buzz into helping her get out, he tries to reason with her and tells her to help Gus from the inside. After Harley gets Buzz to leave, she spots Mallet and apologizes for the things she said earlier. She thanks him for his help and tells him she'll just have to accept that he's the only one who can help her. After he tells her that he wants to help if she'll let him, she tells him that she does have an idea. Mallet takes her to his office and asks if she has a new lead. After saying it's not that kind of idea, Harley suddenly she lets her hair down and flashes a smile.

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