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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 18, 2005 on GL
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Monday, April 18, 2005

Harley breaks down in prison when she realizes everything she has lost on the outside. She is further upset when she realizes the prison warden is her ex-husband, AC Mallet. Even though he tries to comfort her, she pushes him away and accuses him of ultimately being the reason she ended up behind bars. If he hadn't cheated on her she would never have been with Phillip. She asks him to treat her as if she were just another prisoner. He agrees and leaves. Once he is gone two inmates rush into her cell and begin to rough her up. But they are interrupted when Harley's roommate shows up and stops the rough treatment. Harley is suspicious because the woman, Lena, had previously ignored he attempts at conversation. Lena tells Harley they can help each other. Later, a guard appears and announces Lena has a phone call. When she gets to the phone, she tells the caller that whatever he did, it worked - Harley is her roommate.

Gus arrives at the Bauer's to see Buzz outside with Coop. He asks if they have seen or heard anything suspicious since Harley went to jail. He shows them the paper he found at the Spaulding mansion and tells them he thinks it may have come from Phillip's real killer. Buzz isn't convinced, but Coop confesses something weird happened to him while he was in front of Phillip's vault at the cemetery. He takes them to the spot and shows them the rose that was laid on Phillip's stone while he had his back to it. Gus admits he was there the same day and felt like he was being watched. Someone is watching the exchange from the bushes.

Edmund arrives at his suite at The Beacon expecting to find Cassie who has agreed to spend the night with him. He is surprised and disappointed to find it is Dinah under the covers, not his forgiving wife. He attempts to leave to get another room, but Dinah urges him to stay with her so she won't be alone. He agrees and they talk about Cassie and the baby. In a last effort to salvage a night with Cassie he calls her cell phone but can't hear her because there is music, laughter and Jeffrey's voice in the background. After hanging up he gets Dinah to agree to an unnecessary trip to the emergency room in order to get Cassie away from Jeffrey.

Jeffrey, in an attempt to get Cassie's mind off the ordeal with Dinah and the baby, has convinced her to go somewhere with him. On the way, Cassie finds out they are going to a dive bar where Jeffrey and his band will be playing for the night. Cassie is happy until she finds out he volunteered her to be the back-up singer for the group. Once they arrive, Cassie is distraught and tells him she has a horrible voice and there is no way she is getting up there. He hands her a shot of liquor, a tambourine, tells her she will be fine and ushers her up to the stage. She is stiff at first but is soon wiggling all over stage and singing into the microphone alongside Jeffrey, who is encouraging her. Afterwards, she is elated. Her phone rings but she can't hear the caller because of the crowd chanting, 'Cassie! Cassie!' She hangs up and shimmies back to the stage for an encore performance. On the drive home, the mood is deflated when Cassie receives a call from Edmund announcing he is taking Dinah to the emergency room.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

If Michelle doesn't seem overly enthusiastic about Tony's plans for their wedding tomorrow, he doesn't notice. He is determined to marry her before she changes her mind! But there's a surprise when Michelle tells Danny about her plans to marry Tony the next day. Danny tells her the family court judge has had an emergency appendectomy and family court will be closed for a week so their divorce will not be final for such a sudden wedding. Michelle isn't terribly disappointed...but she is worried about telling Tony about the change in plans. Danny has an idea - why don't they fly to Las Vegas that night and get a fast divorce? She goes for the idea and the two soon find themselves on a plane headed to Las Vegas. Danny calls Marina and tells her their movie date will have to wait until tomorrow. He asks Michelle what Tony thought of their plans and she tells Danny she didn't want to tell him until they were on the ground in Vegas. "This is something we should do together," she says. Back at Elizabeth & Company, Marina overhears Tony order champagne and chocolate at the hotel where he and Michelle will spend their honeymoon. She is surprised about the elopement plans and accuses them of being rather drastic. Tony tells her that after seeing Danny and Michelle kiss that evening, he doesn't want to take any chances. Marina is very upset - she didn't know they had kissed - but tells Tony if you can't trust the person you are with, the relationship isn't worth saving.

Harley tries to refuse her assignment as clerk in Mallet's office, but her cellmate Lena convinces her it will be good for both of them if she works with the Warden. While Harley is organizing some files, she sees Mallet actually requested this position as warden of her prison. She confronts him - why did he want this job, of all jobs? He doesn't reply.

Gus and Olivia are at Elizabeth & Company. Gus tells her he really has begun to believe Harley killed Phillip, and he should never have trusted her. Harley ruined his life! Gus doesn't see Frank has entered the restaurant and overhears everything. He gets so angry at Gus' comments that he decks him and swears to never give up trying to find who really killed Phillip. When Frank leaves, Gus and Olivia talk about how Phillip practically asked for it - he destroyed so many lives. Olivia admits she is not sorry Phillip is dead and it should've happened sooner. Later, Gus gets a text message on his phone. It reads: "Shat you are looking for can be found at the Spaulding place..."

Cassie is beside herself trying to get Jeffrey to drive faster on the way to the hospital. She believes Dinah is losing her baby and she wants to be there as soon as possible. But back at the hospital, Dinah has about had it with Edmund's game playing. "Isn't it kind of 'icky' to be using the baby to get Cassie back?" He doesn't seem to think so at all, and starts to order her around. He'd do well to remember Dinah doesn't like to be bossed around... When Cassie arrives, she is relieved to hear Dr. Sedgwick say the baby is fine. When the doctor leaves to see about lab reports, Cassie questions Edmund and Dinah about what happened. When Edmund and Jeffrey leave the room, Jeffrey accuses Edmund of making the whole story up just to get Cassie's attention - accusations he, of course, denies. But inside the examination room, Dinah gets back at Edmund and tells Cassie the baby is fine, Edmund concocted the whole event to get her attention. Cassie is furious but doesn't seem particularly surprised. She asks why she is telling her this - and Dinah replies she, too, has lost babies and doesn't want Cassie worrying unnecessarily. Outside the exam room, Cassie thanks Jeffrey for a fun evening. When Edmund appears, she asks him flat out if he lied about the incident. He denies everything...not realizing Cassie knows the truth. Dr. Sedgwick arrives just before they are all about to leave. She is glad to find them still there. Cassie panicks, "I thought you said everything was all right with the baby?" The doctor says, "The baby is fine - it's Dinah who has a problem!"

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Gus, knowing that the answers he seeks lie in the Spaulding house, joins a welcome home dinner there. In an effort to gather information, Gus does his best to ingratiate himself into the fold so that the women, mainly Olivia, will let down their collective guard and allow him to find out which one of them killed Phillip. He asks for forgiveness from Alex, Beth, Lizzie and Olivia but when his request isn't met with open arms, it's Olivia who stands up for him and asks everyone to give Gus a chance. But later, Olivia reveals to the other women she believes Gus moved back into the house in order to spy on them and they should all watch what they do and say in front of him. Meanwhile, Harley confronts Mallet with the knowledge that he applied for the job of warden because he knew she'd be here. He neither confirms nor denies but tells her it doesn't matter why he's here or whether or not they have a history. He's her reality and she has to accept it. Harley rebels at what she perceives as a show of authority, especially coming from her ex-husband. When Lena observes the sparks between them, she can't help but wonder if Harley and Mallet may still be an item. As Harley adamantly denies, Gus comes to the prison to see her. Despite her fears, she is hopeful at the sound of his voice but disappointed when a guard forbids him to see her. Later, as Gus is taken to Warden Mallet, Lena makes a phone call and reveals she is in cahoots with Alan.

Danny and Michelle arrive in Vegas to get their quickie divorce. But, as they stare at the papers that would make the end of their relationship official, the feelings they have for each other can't be denied.Later, when the divorce suffers an unexpected delay due to the failing health of their eccentric divorce judge, both Danny and Michelle are left with conflicted emotions.

While Dinah and Edmund may have manufactured a crisis in order to bring Cassie back to town, Dinah is in fact diagnosed with a medical problem that will require attention. It's nothing serious but serves as a reminder of how much this baby means to all three of them. Ross arrives but he's not the doting father this time. He's furious with Edmund for using Dinah to try to save his marriage and he's equally upset at Cassie for thinking this could possibly have a happy ending for any of them. Later, Cassie takes Dinah home without Edmund and a troubled Ross reaches out to someone to try to save Dinah from herself, her mother.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Gus faces off with Mallet, unaware he's Harley's ex-husband. He demands he be allowed to see the prisoner but Mallet denies his request. But later, once Gus is gone, Mallet generously lets Harley phone her family even though she still can't bring herself to reach out to Gus, fearing talking to him will be too painful to bear. Mallet goes to Company and watches through the window as Harley's family talks to her over the phone. Outside, Mallet is touched when he meets Zach for the first time but when Buzz lets him know he isn't welcome around his family, Gus learns Mallet's true history.

Alan blows off Alexandra's suspicions about Olivia, letting her know he is completely focused on making Harley's life a living hell. Later, he meets with Lena in prison and learns Gus is still reaching out to Harley. When Lena refuses to keep spying on Harley unless Alan sweetens the pot, he levels a threat against her daughter which makes her think twice.

Michelle and Danny get stuck overnight in the divorce chapel's honeymoon suite. As they lay in the heart-shaped bed reconnecting, Tony arrives to expedite their divorce and his wedding to Michelle. Danny and Michelle, not quite sure if it's what they truly want, finalize the divorce. Tony tells Michelle now nothing can stop them from getting married. Meanwhile, Marina refuses to join Tony in Vegas, citing her faith in Danny. But Buzz's advice that she should go after what she wants rather than let it slip away prompts her to want to fly there. Later, she has a change of heart, deciding rather to trust Danny. She wonders if she made the right choice when Danny phones to tell her they have something to talk about.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Tony and Michelle are in Las Vegas waiting to get married. While Tony is excited, Michelle seems distracted and keeps thinking of being in bed with Danny. Although Michelle says she's ready to marry Tony, she doesn't seem to be excited at all. Since it's taking her so long to get ready, Tony accuses her of stalling and jokingly asks if she's having second thoughts. Michelle admits that she is. She hurriedly explains that she's not having second thoughts about marrying him; she just doesn't think she was to do it in Vegas. She tells him she was a real wedding with family present. When Tony tries to sell he on getting married there in Vegas, Michelle accuses him of pushing her and asks if he's worried. Tony assures her that he's not worried. Seeing how much this means to Tony, Michelle agrees to marry him tonight. However, when it comes time to exchange vows, Michelle can't go through with it. She tells Tony that while she loves him, she loves Danny too.

Marina's outside Company telling Frank about Danny going off with Michelle to Las Vegas to get a divorce. She's worried though because Danny's left her a message telling her they need to talk. Frank tries to assure her that that doesn't necessarily mean bad news, but Marina is still preparing for the worst. Frank tries to tell her that even if the news is bad, there are still lots of guys out there. But that doesn't console Marina because the man she wants is Danny. As Frank goes inside the restaurant, Danny appears and shows Marina his divorce decree. Danny suggests that he and Marina go out for a bite but she's reluctant and wonders if he's going to drop a bomb on her. Marina tells Danny that she can't do this, that it hurt her when he just went away. She admits that she's in love with him. Marina tells Danny that she just told him that so he'd know where she stands. Danny suggests they go out and talk but Marina refuses and leaves. Danny then goes home to find Marina waiting for him. Marina starts apologizing for telling him how she felt how soon after his divorce. Marina starts rambling about how she meant what she said and Danny's a great guy, but she needs the truth from him. She then asks if he loves Michelle. Danny admits that a part of him will always love Michelle, but he wants to be with her. Marina and Danny then share a kiss.

Inside Company, Gus is shocked to learn that the warden is Harley's ex, Mallet. Gus accuses Mallet of getting the job at the prison just to be near Harley. Mallet maintains that it's just a job; he had no ulterior motive in talking it. Gus doesn't buy it though and asks why Mallet kept his identity a secret earlier. Mallet admits it's because he was curious about Gus and wanted to feel him out. Just then, Frank enters and is shocked at who he sees. He is definitely not happy to see his former brother-in-law/former-best friend. Mallet tries to apologize to Frank and make amends but Frank isn't interested. Gus tells Frank about Mallet's job and Frank wonders if he took it to be near Harley too. Mallet reiterates that it's just a job, but since he's there he has the opportunity to protect Harley. He tells them that he owes her that... he owes the entire family that. Mallet asks Gus if he still wants him to watch out for Harley. Gus states that he does, and he'll try to clear her name. Mallet is surprised at that and asks if Gus has a lead on a new suspect. Gus simply tells Mallet he's working on it.

At the prison, Harley is dragged to a private cell where she has a visitor--Alan. Harley accuses Alan of coming there to gloat. Alan tells Harley that he knows Gus is still obsessed with her. Harley tells him that's not her fault, she's told him to stay away. Alan won't listen to her excuses. He tells her that he won't allow her to destroy one son like she destroyed the other. He warns her to discourage Gus or he will make her stay there as horrible as she could possibly imagine. Harley's not in the mood for Alan's talk though and rants that he's already won; she's in prison. She rants about how he should just love Gus for who he is instead of trying to mold him into something else. When Alan gets physically intimidating, Harley reacts by kneeing him to the ground and putting him in a choke-hold. Harley tells Alan that she's sick of his threats and threatens to tell Gus about his visit so Alan will lose him forever. She then releases Alan and has the guard take her back to her cell.

Olivia is having a dinner meeting with a client when Bill interrupts, intent on stealing away her client. The pair starts competing for the client, but it quickly gets personal. Finally after some bickering, Olivia throws a drink in Bill's face and he douses her blouse. The client quickly leaves then and Olivia and Bill berate themselves for being so silly. Bill admits to Olivia that he misses Emma, and he's worried because he doesn't want her to think he abandoned her. Olivia is understanding and agrees that he can see her some time soon. Olivia admits that Emma, and herself, feel safe around Bill. She mentions that she doesn't feel so safe now at the Spaulding mansion. Just then, Gus walks in and starts talking to Olivia when Bill is summoned away by a phone call. Gus thanks Olivia for defending him the other day with his family. When she tells him that it's great that he's past the murder investigation now, he mentions that he was in her office that day. He assures her it was just about business and leaves. When Bill returns, Olivia seems a little upset. She asks if he would be there for her if she was ever in trouble. Bill asks her if she does need him, but she doesn't answer. The next thing they know, the pair is making love at Bill's place.

Mallet's back at the prison and has summoned Harley to his office to do more filing. He asks if she did anything interesting tonight. Harley says no but discreetly mentions the phone call she made to her family. When she mentions Zach, Mallet lets it slip that he saw him, as well as Buzz and Frank, as well as Gus. Harley gets angry at that and tells him she wants him to stay away from her family; she doesn't want him involved her life. Mallet tells her that she has be joking. Mallet tells her that she is looking at 15 years, even if she is innocent, most convictions do not get overturned. He tells her she needs to be realistic about her situation. He thinks she's clinging to false hope and tells her she needs to be in this for the long haul. Mallet's speech has disheartened Harley and she claims that she doesn't know how she can live like this for the next 15 years -- to only feel the wind on her face an hour a day. Mallet then opens the balcony so she can feel the wind. When they're both outside, he informs her that this is a one shot deal, he can't show preferential treatment. Harley understands and is grateful. Suddenly, she starts to smell something, like jasmine. The smell triggers a memory---one from the night Phillip was killed.

Gus is back at Company now doing some paperwork. When Alan comes in, Gus explains that he's working on Spaulding stuff. When Alan asks if he's involved in any other projects, Gus says no. Alan tells Gus that he's glad he's taking an interest in the company. He suggests that Gus should get involved in the legal department at Spaulding as a way to put Harley behind him. Gus insists that Harley is already behind him and leaves. When he leaves, he calls Buzz and tells him about the text message he got regarding the answers being at the Spaulding mansion. When he's done with the call, Gus is suddenly grabbed from behind!

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