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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 11, 2005 on GL
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Monday, April 11, 2005

At Company, Michelle and Tony discuss their marriage as he seeks reassurance that she hasn't fallen back in love with Danny after regaining her memory. Michelle convinces Tony she is in love with only him and can't wait to be his wife. Meanwhile, at the courthouse, Danny is comforting Marina who is in shock after Harley's sentencing. Danny admits he cancelled his and Michelle's divorce hearing because of everything that has happened to the Coopers. Marina is skeptical and asks if there is any other reason he is not moving forward with his plans to divorce Michelle. Danny denies any underlying motive.

Reva and Josh return home and question life as they consider Harley's harsh sentence. Reva remarks that no matter how hard you try to plan things, it's no guarantee anything will work out. Josh guesses she is depressed to find she is not pregnant but is going through the early stages of menopause. He offers her comfort, but she refuses saying she needs to be alone and leaves the house. Josh rallies Tammy and Sandy to join him for a 'Reva Appreciation' day. Later, when Reva returns to find them gathered in her honor, she is upset with Josh for not asking if she wanted everyone to know. She goes outside to scream.

Marina has returned to Company to find Michelle looking for Danny. Marina tells Michelle she knows Danny cancelled the divorce hearing because he wanted to be with her to help cope with Harley's trial. Michelle comments that Marina seems to really like Danny and is not prepared when Marina confesses she thinks she has fallen in love with him. They agree not to make things messy for anybody for the sake of the friendship they shared before Michelle's memory loss. Tony arrives after finding Danny and telling him off for canceling the hearing. He warns Danny that he no longer has any rights as far as Michelle is concerned.

At the farmhouse, Cassie asks for details about the woman carrying her child. Edmund is surprised to discover she intends to go ahead with the separation and only wants information about the baby. Dinah interrupts their exchange by announcing she is the one pregnant with Cassie's baby. Cassie begs Edmund to tell her it's not true and goes into a hysterical rage when he confirms Dinah's claim. Cassie calms to near trancelike state and mutters that she must have stepped into the twilight zone. Edmund, undeterred, revels in the details of their coming life together with their baby. Dinah is affronted by Cassie's lack of gratitude and trips over a chair. Edmund races to help her but Cassie holds him at bay with a warning to stay away from her! Cassie regains her senses and announces Edmund will be moving out of the house and she will remain there with Dinah until the baby is born. Dinah is wide-eyed when Cassie says the two of them will be inseparable.

At J Farley's, Jonathan is playing pool alone when his phone rings. When he sees the number he appears nervous and refuses to answer. He finally answers when the calls persist and tells the unidentified caller that Reva is not where he wants her yet. In an uncharacteristic display of emotion, he pleads with the caller to remain where they are. The conversation is ends when the caller hangs up on him.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

If Bill has any thoughts about keeping his affair with Harley a secret from Olivia, he is sadly disappointed when Gus barges in on the fight between them. Gus walks confidently across the room and decks Bill with a good right hook. "That's what you get for sleeping with my girl!" he yells. Olivia is shocked and she and Bill have a nasty fight after Gus leaves. Surprisingly, she doesn't seem to understand why Bill is upset about her attempts to destroy his father - his indiscretion with Harley is much more important to her. They mutually agree their relationship really doesn't have a chance. Olivia cries when she leaves, "I loved you. I really loved you." It doesn't look like Bill believes her.

Alan has invited a number of important people to a cocktail party. Holly is among them. She wonders why, but Alan doesn't mince words - he wants to buy her newspaper. He felt the coverage of Harley's trial was biased. Sebastian tells Holly not to sell to Alan, but the temptation to be out from under the work and the financial obligations is very tempting to her. Sebastian insinuates that buying a woman's newspaper is a strange way to seduce a woman. Holly doesn't miss a step and replies, "It's better than locking her in a cage!" The new, calmer Sebastian agrees with a chuckle. His attention turns to Olivia, who arrives at Alan's party in quite a state. She ends up in tears - and Holly watches as Sebastian wraps his arms around her.

Josh convinces Reva to join him on a holiday to Aspen. She melts as he describes a very romantic week. But when Jonathan shows up, she offers to stay in Springfield if he needs her. Jonathan says no, he doesn't need her and she should go. Reva is very reluctant, however. Later Jonathan seems agitated when he talks on his cell phone. He tells the listener things have changed, and Reva will be out of town. "I tried. Yeah, I'm sorry, too." Jonathan looks very troubled.

Reva might not leave if she knew what a bad day her sister was having. Just as Cassie tells Dinah she will probably always love Edmund, he walks into the room. She is terribly confused and angry, but ends up in his arms and they kiss. Dinah watches them and quietly says, "That won't do!" She creates some smoke in the kitchen so the fire alarm sounds. Cassie tells Edmund that trouble follows him wherever he goes. She tells him to leave. Cassie sits on the sofa. She is appalled when Dinah tells her everything will be all right.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Harley enters the prison system. She discovers the dangers, especially those from current inmates, awaiting her inside. Later, Gus pulls some strings and comes to visit her. While sharing a painful good-bye, she realizes the attention she is attracting. Not wanting anyone else to think she gets special treatment, Gus and Harley stage a fight. After, he leaves her, heartbroken. Later, while Gus comes upon a ray of hope in his quest to prove Harley's innocence, her situation in jail becomes more personal.

Olivia, reeling off Bill's betrayal, is tempted when Sebastian offers a shoulder on which to cry. But later, it's Holly who shows up at Sebastian's door, anxious to intervene. He thinks it odd that she has once again come looking for him. Sebastian is taken aback when Holly lets him know she is through with her feelings for him and from now on, she is going after what she wants.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bill orders Alan to leave Emma and Olivia alone before he realizes that Olivia has come to live in the Spaulding home. Olivia can't forgive him for "sleeping with" Harley. Alan puts Olivia in charge of Lewis Construction and acquisitions. Bill vows to stop being Mr. Nice Guy with Olivia.

Danny disappoints Marina when he backs out of their Chicago getaway again. Michelle can't focus on Tony's wedding planning. Later, while Danny and Michelle discuss their marriage and divorce at the Bauer home, Tony tells Marina that he got the divorce hearing moved up and that she should do her part to make sure the divorce goes through. Tony arrives at the Bauer house in time to witness a kiss between Michelle and Danny.

Jeffrey arrives on Cassie's doorstep with flowers. Dinah ruins the moment and takes the flowers. Cassie tells a stunned Jeffrey that Dinah is carrying her baby. Jeffrey tags along to Dinah and Cassie's doctor appointment and warns Cassie that Dinah is the same leopard who won't change her spots. Dinah calls Edmund to come to the hospital. Dinah, Edmund, and Cassie fawn over the baby's picture on the ultrasound. Dinah disappears after witnessing a tender moment between Edmund and Cassie.

Sandy and Tammy interrupt Jonathan as he repeatedly and angrily tells his mystery caller to stop calling him. Jonathan tells them that he's fed up with Springfield and is leaving. They convince him to stay for Reva's sake.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Michelle and Danny share a tender kiss outside his place. He quickly apologizes but she understands. As Danny is trying to gauge Michelle's feelings, Tony (who had seen the kiss) enters with Robbie. When Michelle sees Robbie, she tells him she remembers everything and bonds with her son again. Danny tries to find out if Tony saw anything, asking when he got there. But Tony just replies he arrived a few minutes ago. Robbie is bonding with both of his parents while Tony stands off to the side. When Robbie asks if this means Michelle is going to move back home, she reminds him that she's marrying Tony. When she and Robbie go inside, Danny argues with Tony about Tony taking it upon himself to reschedule the divorce hearing. Michelle comes back out while they're arguing and Tony suggests they leave so she can sign the divorce papers now. Later, Robbie asks his father if Tony loves his mommy. Danny replies that he does. When asked if he loves her, Danny states yes, he does.

Meanwhile, on the way to the lawyer's office, Tony and Michelle have stopped for a drink. Tony tries to get Michelle to discuss what she and Danny were talking about when he arrived at the house, but she just tells him they talked about Robbie. He asks her if she still wants a wedding. Michelle states she does. She's shocked when he suggests they elope tomorrow. Although she doesn't look thrilled about the idea, she agrees.

Dinah has arranged for Ross, Blake, Cassie and Edmund to all meet her at the Beacon. There she announces to Ross and Blake that she is carrying the Winslows' baby. While Dinah is trying to tell Ross her motives are pure, Tammy happens by and overhears the news. Tammy freaks out and demands to know from Cassie how this happened. Cassie tells the story to a disgusted Tammy who lashes out at Edmund. When Cassie tries to reassure Tammy, she warns her mother that Dinah will double-cross her with the baby. Edmund tries to tell her that won't happen, but Tammy walks out of the hotel in a rush. Cassie leaves out to follow her. Meanwhile, Ross and Blake are in shock over Dinah's news and neither one is happy about it. Blake doesn't think she will be able to give up the baby, but Dinah tries to alleviate their fears. As Blake goes outside to find Cassie, Edmund walks up to Ross and tries to defend what Dinah's doing. But Ross isn't interested in hearing it. He thinks Dinah will fall apart when she has to give up the baby and he calls Edmund selfish for letting her do it.

Outside, Blake finds Cassie who was unable to catch up with Tammy. They start to talk about Edmund. Blake mentions he's desperate; he reminds her of her father. She gently tells Cassie it's still early in the pregnancy. If Cassie doesn't trust Dinah, there are still options. But Cassie doesn't want to consider getting rid of the baby. Edmund comes out. When Blake leaves, Edmund apologies for how Tammy found out. Cassie tells him Blake was telling her about her options. Edmund wonders if she really wants that and Cassie admits she doesn't. He tells her it's her baby, but she responds it's their baby and hugs him. When she breaks away, he tells her how much he loves her. He suggests she spend the night with him. He assures her nothing will happen - he just wants to be with her. She agrees, as long as he stays in Tammy's room. Cassie asks for some time alone. As Edmund goes back into the Beacon, Jeffrey comes by. He's overheard the last part of the conversation and asks Cassie if she's really going to spend the night with him. Cassie tries to defend her decision by stating he's her baby's father. Jeffrey asks if she can trust him; forgive him. Cassie isn't sure, and Jeffrey tells her she needs to figure it out soon. Cassie admits she does need distance from Edmund, so Jeffrey suggests she come with him tonight. Before leaving with Jeffrey (she doesn't know where to; it's a surprise), Cassie leaves a message on Edmund's machine telling him she won't be coming. Meanwhile, Dinah is at Edmund's and overhears the message. A little later, when Edmund comes to his room, he ends up finding a naked Dinah in his bed.

Gus meets with a friend right outside Olivia's bar. Gus asks his friend to investigate the note which was sent to him regarding Phillip's murder. Gus enters the bar and starts making chitchat with Olivia about the fact she's living at the Spaulding mansion again and so is he. She isn't interested in talking to him; she thinks he has ulterior motives. Gus tries to tell her he just thinks they should be allies since they're both living at the mansion. Olivia doesn't buy it. She doesn't think Gus wants an ally, she thinks he wants a suspect. She leaves. Just then Bill enters and asks Gus what he wants. Gus isn't very forthcoming since he's still mad about Bill and Harley. Bill asks how Olivia seemed. When Gus replies she seems paranoid, Bill defends her by stating she had a rough time of it with Phillip. He states Olivia was even having nightmares about him. Gus seems a little interested in these nightmares. When Bill leaves, Gus starts thinking about Olivia's tirade the night of Phillip's death and again at the funeral.

Harley's trying to make small talk with her cellmate, but the woman isn't interested in talking. Suddenly, a guard comes and removes her cellmate but tells Harley she's staying. Left alone, Harley hears a familiar voice - her ex-husband, AC Mallet. Mallet explains he's the new warden at the prison. Harley is shocked beyond belief at seeing him after ten years. When she starts to sound resentful, he comments on her being able to hold a grudge. That just makes Harley angrier and she tells Mallet she hates him and wouldn't be in this mess if it weren't for him. He surprised by this and enters the cell with her so they can discuss how her being in jail for murder is his fault. Harley explains if it weren't for his affair, she would have never have gotten involved with Phillip to begin with. Trying to get her to see reason, Mallet asks if she'd honestly trade everything, including her sons, to not be where she is now. Harley admits she wouldn't but tells him she still hates him. Mallet tells her she should since what he did was rotten. He tries to talk about her situation, basically asking if she really killed Phillip. He tells her he's seen her angry enough t kill before. Harley gets upset again and denies killing him. Mallet tells Harley he expected her to hate him and he apologizes. But an upset Harley doesn't want to talk about it. She tells him she doesn't want to think about what she lost ten years ago since she's too busy thinking about what she's lost now. She starts crying about how she's lost her family, her children and the man she loves. Finally she just breaks down, and he takes her in his arms and comforts her.

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