All My Children Recaps: The week of April 11, 2005 on AMC

Braden's body was in a cave that was wired with explosives. Ryan shot Jonathan. Rescue crews worked to free Ryan after the explosion. Liza and Colby evaded Adam. Ethan proposed to Kendall.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 11, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, April 11, 2005

Babe wonders who would want Di dead after the released inmate narrowly misses becoming a hit-and-run victim. In the mineshaft, a flustered Jonathan tells Ryan why he had to use a gun to keep his prisoners under control. Aidan and Tad explain to Zach their theory that Braden Lavery and "Bill Smith" are one and the same. Insisting that the driver of the speeding car was probably just intoxicated, Di refuses to let Babe call the cops. With the deadline for the demolition of the mountain cabin drawing near, Erica presses David to give her the information Adam needs. Though Ryan attempts to calm his brother, Jonathan continues to rave about killing Greenlee and the other women in order to keep the Lavery boys safe. Later, Ryan is stunned when Jonathan reveals how he murdered Edmund. Babe confides to Jamie how tempted she's been to play along with Adam. Sam angrily confronts Zach, then is taken aback when Tad discloses that the hunt for Edmund's killer has actually led in a new direction. As Jonathan's rage intensifies, Ryan realizes with a shock that Braden was never in the picture after all. Brooke tearfully admits to a sympathetic Adam how deeply she yearned to be the only woman in Edmund's life. Erica offers to save David's home in exchange for Liza's address. Unwilling to destroy Sam's faith in his late father, Zach tells the boy Edmund died bravely. Brandishing his gun, Jonathan furiously reminds Ryan why he deserves to die. Jamie congratulates Babe on making the right decision. Meanwhile, Erica delivers her news to a delighted Adam.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tad and Aidan made Jack realize that the security disks they got from Zach plainly pointed to Jonathan, not Braden as the culprit of all gone bad in Pine Valley. They told him if Jonathan got a line on the location of Greenlee and Lily, that they were in great danger. Jack called Lily's old school to check on Greenlee and Lily and found out they never made it. He figured out quickly that when Greenlee called to say everything was fine, Jonathan and Braden already had taken them. Sam came to the door looking for Lily. Tad and Aidan pushed Jack to remember any clue Greenlee might have given him so they could figure out her and Lily's whereabouts. Jack then remembered that Greenlee said something about a psychic connection between she and Ryan and he realized that they were being held in the mine shaft at Miller's Falls. Jack, Aidan and Tad left to go find them and Sam insisted on going. Tad told him no, but as soon as they left, Sam followed.

When Ryan saw Braden's decomposing body, he asked Jonathan what he had done. Jonathan, delusional and confused, continued to hear Braden's voice telling him to kill everyone in the cave. When Jonathan began to argue with Braden, they realized how far gone he really was. Jonathan insisted it was Braden that wanted him to hurt them. Jonathan told Ryan he should have stayed away so he wouldn't get hurt. Jonathan fired off a warning shot and told them all to listen to him. Still insisting that Braden was calling the shots, Jonathan told Ryan to be quiet because he wasn't he would set off Braden. Finally having heard enough, Ryan yelled at Jonathan and told him that he knew what he had done. Visibly sinking deeper into his delusional nightmare, Jonathan insisted he was not a disappointment. Ryan, pretending to also hear Braden, told Jonathan that Braden wanted them safe. After some kind and gentle words from Ryan, Jonathan finally realized all he had done. Greenlee asked him if he was the one who poisoned her and Jonathan went off and told her she never should have doubted him and checked on his MBA. Jonathan then told them that he couldn't handle the pressure of college and he was committed. He told them he held on as best he could at the sanitarium while he waited for Ryan to save him, but Ryan never showed up. Jonathan told Ryan that the white coats were just like their dad and he wouldn't have had to stay in there if Ryan hadn't left him. He told Ryan that Braden showed up at the hospital and told Jonathan all the achievements Ryan had accomplished. But Jonathan wanted to know why Ryan never came to get him. When Jonathan got to Pine Valley, it was Braden who tried to stop him from shooting Ryan at the murder game. Braden threatened to have him recommitted, so Jonathan killed him. With Jonathan still aimed the gun at him, Ryan told Jonathan that he still loved him, but Jonathan said he had to kill him, so he would never leave him again. Greenlee tried to talk to Jonathan telling him that she couldn't watch Ryan die, so Jonathan told her he would kill her first. With Greenlee at his side, Ryan then pulled a gun and told Jonathan he would not hurt Greenlee. With guns pointed at each other, Jonathan revealed the bomb strapped to Braden. Ryan told the girls to get out, but Jonathan told them if they ran he would blow them all up. Jonathan reminded Greenlee of the incident at the police station when she told him that she knew what it was like to be out of control and think you were losing your mind and how she wanted to help him. She then told him again that she wanted to help him and in one of the best grimacing voices ever, he told her he wished he had dosed her one more time. Blaming the whole situation on the women, he asked why he shouldn't kill them. Ryan swore he would be by Jonathan's side forever if he would just let everyone go. Ryan pleaded with Jonathan to let him save him and get help. Jonathan, holding the detonator to the bomb said it was the only way out but Ryan told him to trust him one last time. Jonathan said he wanted to trust Ryan but he just couldn't. Ryan told Jonathan that he couldn't let him kill again and just as Jonathan's finger moved to the red button on the detonation device, Ryan shot him. Lily saw red and got hysterical. Still in disbelief that he shot his brother, Ryan got the girls out of the cave but ran back in to save Jonathan. Still conscious, Jonathan's finger was still on the red button as he stared at Ryan.

Di showed up at David's cabin and she told him she knew that he was part of the plan to finish her off. David tried to convince Di that he wasn't out to hurt her, but she insisted that whoever was after her, would be after him too. She told David that someone already tried to kill her. David told her that one thing she needed to know about him was that he had a lot of enemies that had nothing to do with her. She told him he was too weird for her. Trying to scare him with tales of what she learned on the "inside", he told her that another thing she should know about him is that he is always the scariest person in the room. He told her that she reminded him of someone he once knew and that is all he wanted from her. Di told David that she needed some air, so they went out. She told him that she wouldn't testify against her old boyfriend and that is why she was incarcerated. She asked about the woman he kept talking about. David told her about the virtues of Dixie and that she died in a car accident. J.R. showed up at David's cabin while he and Di were out walking and found a vial of truth serum. When they returned to the cabin, David found J.R. in the cabin and told him to put down the vial because he couldn't afford the deductible on it.

Zach went to Wildwind and Maria told him that she knew everything now and he was right and she was so wrong. She told him that she wanted to come see him the second she found out the truth, but didn't have the words to say she was sorry and so wrong. Zach told Maria that Sam was at the casino earlier and he was only there to make sure Sam got home safely. Maria and Zach left to find Sam and of course Maddie saw them leave together. Maria told Zach that she found out that Edmund had a secret physical therapist who beamed with pride because of Edmund's progress and ability to walk again. She asked him what she could say to him after not believing him about Edmund. He ignored her question and she asked if he heard her. Zach told Maria that she was not Edmund's victim and that she chose to believe him over Zach. He let her know that he had nothing further to say to her, so she demanded that he let her out of the car. She told him that he found her on the side of the road and when he lets her out, they will have come full circle and finally be done.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Greenlee tries to go back into the cave, but Kendall won't let her. She tells her that she has to be the woman that Ryan loves and stay out here where it's safe. She goes on to say that Ryan needs this time to say goodbye to his brother. Greenlee breaks down, saying that Ryan only wanted to help his brothers and now has nothing. Kendall reminds her that he has her. Jonathan is laying on the ground, his stomach bleeding from Ryan's shot. He holds his finger over the detonation button of the bomb. Ryan pleads with him not to do this and he won't let him die like this. Jonathan tells him that he has been dying since the day that their father gave him his first poisoned sandwich. Ryan tells him that he hates their father for what he did. Jonathan replies that Ryan hates him and to let him finish what he started. Ryan says that he doesn't hate him, he loves him and to let him help him out of there. Jonathan tells him no, he'll help Ryan and they'll be together for good. He says that Ryan promised to protect him, but left him behind. Giving him one last guilt trip, Jonathan tells him that he loved him so much and Ryan killed him. He repeats it and asks if Ryan is happy now, as he fingers the button. Ryan begs him not to do it. Kendall is trying to pull Greenlee out of the entrance of the cave as they hear the bomb go off. They turn to run and are blown out of the cave by the blast. They come to, a few seconds later, and realize that the explosion has caved the entrance in. Greenlee screams Ryan's name and tries to pull some rocks out of the opening.

Derek, Tad, Aidan, Reggie and Jackson arrive at the mineshaft that Greenlee was once trapped in. They remove a large rock that covered the entrance and yell down into it. They are frustrated when they realize that no one is there. They try to figure out their next move when they hear a large explosion close by. Derek calls for backup as they head in the direction of the blast. Sam shows up and wants to go with them. They refuse and tell him to go home. After they leave, Sam follows them.

David tells J.R. to get out. J.R. flaunts a vile of truth serum that he found on the floor and threatens to have David arrested for making illegal drugs. Babe shows up and asks what is going on. David tells her that J.R. broke into his cabin and starts to look through the mess on his desk. He pretends to just notice the missing page in his journal and accuses J.R. of stealing Liza's number. J.R. denies everything and tells them that he would not help his father after his betrayal. Babe agrees with J.R. and asks David how he could lie to her and give Liza up. J.R. is annoyed that Babe sided with him and leaves to investigate the blast that they heard a few minutes before. After he is gone, Babe tells David about Adam dangling her son in front of her and promising to get Krystal out of jail. She tells him that she did not give in because you can't make deals with the Chandlers, or it will cost you your soul. David swears to her that he did not give him Liza's number. She warns him that if he did and she finds out, he will lose her forever. When she leaves, David walks outside to look for Di, who had been hiding out there during J.R. and Babe's visit. He calls out to her, but she is gone.

Maria is sitting on the side of the road. Ethan pulls up to her, gets out and asks if she's o.k. She angrily pushes him away and yells at him for lying about Zach killing Edmund. He denies it and comments about Zach getting to her somehow. She tells him not to play her and that she isn't the only one who knows the truth. She goes to say that she has hurt many people because she believed his lies...including how he knew that Edmund could walk and that he destroyed the disc that proved it. She tells him that the biggest lie he told her was that Edmund professed his love for her the night that he died. He reminds her that she was first to blame Zach for Edmund's death and that he only confirmed that he killed the man that she loved. She replies that Zach was the one that she loved. He says he is sorry that Edmund didn't love her, but that doesn't change what he saw. Angry that he is still sticking to his story, Maria tells him to take a look at her children and how messed up they are by all of this. She asks him what he'll say to Kendall when she finally knows the truth. She then tells him to get out of her face. He agrees to do so and leaves.

Tad, Jackson, Aidan, Reggie and Derek arrive at the cave. They are relieved that Greenlee is o.k., but surprised that Kendall is there. Greenlee informs them about Braden being dead, Jonathan being responsible for everything and that he and Ryan are still in the cave. Jackson asks where Lily is at. Kendall tells him that she is o.k., but then realizes that Lily is gone. The rescue crew arrives and starts to dig out the rubble. Greenlee is very upset and orders the crew to work faster. The head of the crew informs her that they have to be careful because of the air pockets, or the rubble could shift and crush any survivors. He then tells her that the good news is that the air pockets will provide oxygen to whoever is trapped. She is not comforted by his words. Jackson asks Kendall to take care of Greenlee, while he, Reggie and Aidan go look for Lily. Kendall and Greenlee are checked by the paramedics, while they sit and watch the rescue team dig out the rubble. After a while, Greenlee runs over to them and yells at them to give up because Ryan is not coming out. Kendall tries to calm her down, but Greenlee starts to cry and says that Ryan is dead as she collapses into her arms. After she calms down a little, she tells Kendall that she tried to be a good wife by letting him go to do what he needed to do and that she thinks she was an amazing wife, but now she might not be a wife at all. Later, they are sitting down again and Kendall is comforting her. She tells her that Ryan will be o.k., that TNT is nothing compared to his big head and he is probably tearing out the mountain as they speak. Greenlee tells her that she didn't think she would get past Leo's death and she can't go through that again. Kendall tries to assure her that Ryan will be fine. She tells her that if she were Bianca, she'd hug her and tell her that it will be o.k. But since it's her, she can give her a kick where it counts. Greenlee asks her how she is supposed to hate her after this and Kendall jokes that they will find a way. Tad takes in the whole scene and remembers when Brooke told him about Dixie's accident. J.R. walks up to him and asks what is going on. Tad fills him in and tells him that he is reminded of someone else. J.R. is annoyed that he has brought up his mother and tells him off. He notices Kendall and walks over to her. They embrace. Ethan shows up and starts to ask a rescue worker what happened when he sees Kendall and J.R. walk away together. Just then, one of the workers has forced an opening into the cave. He yells out that he has found one of them and to get a stretcher. Greenlee anxiously looks on. Tad has wandered away from the cave and is taken aback when he notices Di standing a few feet away.

Lily is very upset as she runs through the woods and replays the sound of the blast in her mind. She finds a hollowed tree trunk and hides in it. Sam finds her there and tries to calm her down. He tells her that it is getting cold and wants to take her somewhere safe. She says that rules are supposed to keep you cheating, stealing or lying. She goes on to say that the rules did not keep her, Greenlee, Kendall or Ryan's bad brother, with the gun, safe. Sam is concerned and asks if he can take her to her father. She refuses, as she holds her ears while rocking back and forth. She says that she tried to fit in and be normal, but she doesn't know who is normal anymore. He tells her that he isn't normal, either, and doesn't want to be. She asks him if he has a disorder. He tells her no, he is just different, but maybe they can be "not normal" together sometime. He sits down next to the tree and smiles at her. She starts to relax and stops rocking. After a while, he convinces her to come out. Just then, Aidan finds them. Lily tells him that she solved the case without him. He pulls Sam aside and reminds him that he told him to stay away from Lily because she isn't like other people. Sam reminds him that he told him to shove it and that Lily is a person, not a project. Jackson and Reggie show up, relieved that Lily is o.k. She repeats to them that she solved the case. Jackson has Reggie take her to Erica's and tells Sam to go home or he will have Maria come get him. Sam gives up and leaves.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Near the caves, Tad sees Di through the fog and thinks it's Dixie. Di starts to run away but Tad chases after her stops her from leaving. Realizing that he scared her, Tad apologizes profusely. He tells her that it's because she reminds him of someone he knows - but she's heard the line before. She lets him off easy because he admitted he was wrong. Before he heads back to the site, Di asks about all of the commotion. Tad tells her about the explosion, and to be careful because all of the caves are interconnected and the ground might be unstable. Even though she feels she is able to take care of herself, she is thankful for the heads up just the same. Tad leaves, and David appears out of the shadows, announcing that he believes she knows Tad.

Di tells David that she recognized Tad from when he visited the prison - nothing else. After some coaxing, she admits that Tad looked at her the same way David did when they first met: like he had seen a ghost. She rants on about how much she gave up for someone who was supposed to love her, and how she should just be afforded the chance to have a normal life. David winds up staring and after one final warning, he gets it together. He tells her that if she wants a new life - he can give it to her. Skeptical by nature, Di launches into a barrage of questions regarding the hows and whys of David's plan. He tells her that it's simple - if the answer to her problems is to become someone else, he can help her do just that. She wants to know who he expects her to become, but he knows she is smart enough to figure it out. After a moment, she realizes he wants her to take on Dixie's life.

Di and David arrive back at David's cabin. David is still trying to convince her that she can step into Dixie's old life, but Di isn't buying it. She knows she won't fool anyone, and can't see the point otherwise. David believes there is no bad side to it - she is similar enough to Dixie that they can play up what works, play down what doesn't and she can reap the rewards - a whole new life off of her ex-boyfriend's radar, with a bank account filled with David's money. Di wants to know what David gets out of it, or if there is a catch. David tells her that Dixie was loved and revered in Pine Valley, and becoming her would mean a life of happiness. She tells him that his idea is crazy, and then announces that she is too tired to fight him anymore. She heads back to the guest room, and David tells her that she won't think it's crazy in the morning. After she leaves the room, David swirls his drink, positive that he could make his idea work.

Ethan arrives at the rescue scene, anxious to find out what happened and to get to Kendall. JR prevents him from rushing over, explaining that she needs time to work her way back from the hell she had survived. The delay lasts only moments, and Ethan runs toward Kendall to find out how she is. Unable to fully meet his gaze, Kendall states that Greenlee needs her and walks away.

She joins Greenlee as Aidan announces that the rescuers were in the process of bringing Ryan out of the cave. Greenlee asks if her husband is alive and, after catching his breath, Aidan confirms that he is. Unsure of his condition, Aidan decides to try to find out more details. Just then, Anita says that she is going to call ahead to the ER to update them on the situation. After they both leave, Jack tells his oldest daughter that Ryan will survive. Greenlee isn't as confident.

Again, Ethan approaches Kendall, but she tries to put him off by relaying that Ryan had been found and was being brought to the surface. As Ethan continues to express concern, Kendall remembers the moment when she realized that Ethan lied to her. Under JR's watchful gaze, Kendall storms off as before, leaving a bewildered Ethan behind. JR approaches and asks if Kendall is still shaken up. Ethan thinks something more is going on, but JR advises him to take his time and deal with everything slowly.

The rescuers emerge from the caves with Ryan strapped to a gurney. Greenlee is immediately at his side, but all Ryan can say is that Jonathan is dead. Soon after, the EMTs swarm in, trying to do an immediate check for vitals. They determine that his vitals are good and that there are no life-threatening injuries. Ryan has ceased responding when people talk to him, but in his head he continues to relive his last moments with his brother. Greenlee asks why that is, and Anita tells her that he is in shock and that they will know more information once they get Ryan to the hospital. She sends the crew (with Greenlee in tow) to the ambulance and goes over to find Aidan. Despite all of the horrible things that had been revealed thus far, she had more bad news to deliver. Before she left the hospital, a body had been brought in for the morgue. It was Steve, Aidan's trusted bodyguard and friend - the one who had been entrusted to transport Lily and Greenlee to Lily's school. He had been stabbed to death before the abduction took place. Aidan is momentarily overwhelmed with grief before stating that he hopes Jonathan is in hell for all of the things he did to the people of Pine Valley.

Ethan approaches Kendall a third time, asking if she'd had anything to eat. She can't remember and he insists on taking her home for a warm shower, a hot meal and some rest. Kendall insists that Greenlee still needs her and that she is going to the hospital. Ethan wants to go with her, but she once again tries to blow him off by saying that she would drive herself. Ethan puts his foot down and says that she is in no condition to drive and that he wasn't going to leave her alone. She gives in silently and they head off to his vehicle.

Ryan and his medical entourage arrive at the hospital on one of the general floors because the ER had turned into a media circus. Joe is waiting and he starts to do some cursory exams, while Ryan continues to revisit the last harsh words he shared with Jonathan. As they wheel him away to get him set up in his room and prepped for more tests, Ethan asks Kendall why she was so quiet in the car. He insists that she is acting like she is in shock and believes that she needs to see a doctor. Kendall, anger slowly rising to the surface, harshly asks why he is acting so concerned.

In Ryan's room, Joe finds that all of Ryan's reflexes are normal and that if the tests show what they already suspect, he will recover just fine. Greenlee is still concerned that Ryan isn't talking, but Joe is certain that in time, as Ryan deals with the trauma, he will start speaking more and more. Ryan, still tortured by the thoughts incessantly running through his head, stares off into space, mostly unaware that there are other people in the room. After Joe leaves the room, Greenlee tells Ryan that she will stay there and help him through this ordeal - just as he did when she was in the psych ward. Jack stops in to let Greenlee know that the adjoining room is open for her if she needs to rest. Greenlee thanks him, and then tells him to go be with Lily because she will be okay.

As Ethan pours love and affection all over Kendall, she suffers silently. She manages to tell him that she doesn't need a doctor because Anita already checked her out. This doesn't put an end to the fawning, as Ethan insists he be allowed to track down something for her to eat. She lets him go, and when he vanishes, Anita stops by to see how she's feeling. Kendall admits that she feels horribly confused.

Tad separates himself from the crowd of rescue workers when he sees JR. JR immediately flies into a sarcastic and belittling rage, noting that the scene that lay before them was a stellar way for Tad to get his PI license back. Tad responds by saying that he refuses to believe that all they have left between them is hard feelings. JR immediately thinks it's another set up to get Little Adam away from him again. Tad quickly corrects him and says that he's only in it because his misses JR and he wants him back in his life - for their sake, and for Dixie's. JR tells Tad that he can't use his mother's name like a weapon to get him to give up his anger. Tad insists that he isn't doing that. He points out that a senseless tragedy occurred that night - things went too far and got too out of control in the cave. It reminded him of the accident that took Dixie from them, and how preventable that tragedy was. He goes on to say that losing Dixie left him feeling the same way he is sure JR feels - empty and hollow, with the threat of being swallowed by that feeling looming at all times. Tad admits that he has made mistakes, and notes that JR has too. He tells JR that they may not be able to undo the mistakes but they can get around them, help each other out, offer a moment's peace. He feels that they are the only two people that can do it because of the way they loved Dixie, and the way they still do.

JR takes it all in, but to no avail. He tells Tad that their story isn't like a sappy movie of the week. He doesn't think there is a chance that they will be able to forget all that has gone before in an effort to get back to the father/son relationship they once had. JR can't let go of the fact that Tad had a part in keeping his son from him, and keeping Colby away from her father. Tad thinks that life is hard enough without JR adding to it, but his words have no effect. JR simply informs him that he is planning a party for Colby's homecoming. He admits that David is the reason why Adam was able to get the information he needed to find his youngest daughter. He starts to walk away, and then turns back to tell Tad not to use Dixie's memory to influence him anymore - and it's more of a command than a request.

Shortly thereafter, Tad wraps up a phone call with Liza, where he tells her that Adam got a hold of her information and is headed her way. Acknowledging what a horrible situation it is, he promises her that he will take care of David. He hangs up just as Aidan reappears on the scene. He tells Tad that Ryan will be fine, and Tad responds by saying that though the rescue team is still working, he doubts Jonathan will come out alive as well.

There is a knock at Erica's door, and she opens it to find Reggie and a panicked Lily on the other side. Lily is quite agitated and continues to repeat that she solved the case. Reggie explains that because of her current state, Jack told him that Erica was their best shot at helping reduce the effects of Lily's trauma. Confused because she thought Lily and Greenlee were supposed to be away at school, she asks what happened. Reggie starts to give a very disjointed version of events, and as soon as he mentions the bomb, Lily screams and looks for a place to hide. Her scream startles Erica and Reggie into silence as they regard her with worry. A short time later, Reggie has filled Erica in on everything that has happened, and she now has a full understanding of what's going on with Lily. Reggie looks to Erica for guidance in what he can do for Lily. After a moment's consideration, her maternal instinct kicks in, and she asks him to prepare some warm milk. As he goes off to do so, she dims the lights and puts some soft music on. She keeps her eyes on Lily and she rounds the back of the couch and takes a seat near her. She starts to calm Lily down by acknowledging that she did indeed solve the case - but that now the case is over and done with and she is safe. Erica expresses how proud she is of Lily, and then goes on to show Lily that she understands. She tells Lily that she herself has felt that intense fear, where you think that the bad element will somehow come back to haunt you. She sums up by saying that when she feels that fear, she runs a warm bath with bubbles and soaks until the fear dissipates. Hoping that will help her too, Erica offers to run a bath for Lily.

A short time later, Lily and Erica reconvene in the living room after Lily has taken a bath. Lily is calmer, and silent. Erica, still maternal, says that she knows why Lily isn't talking. She says the world is scary, unpredictable and makes no sense. Then, without getting into specifics, Erica tells Lily that she was badly traumatized when she was around Lily's age. She recounts that she pulled away from the world, and didn't talk about it for a long time because she thought that it would keep her safe...and it did. However, after a while, Erica notes that she had forgotten how to feel any of the good parts of life too. Because she wanted to get those feelings back, Erica tells Lily that she decided to learn how to handle the bad things in life so that she could once again experience the good. Lily's first response is that she is cold, and Erica hands her a towel.

At the hospital, Jack steps out into the hall where Derek is standing. Derek asks if Ryan is up for questioning, but Jack tells him no. Derek wants to get Ryan's take on what happened, but Jack just wants to hurt him. He lets his frustration with Ryan spill out - saying that if Ryan had let people help him, this whole situation could have been avoided. He is furious that because of Ryan's choices and actions, all of his daughters have been terrorized. Just then, Jack's phone rings and he walks off to take the call.

Back at Erica's apartment, Erica tells Lily that she just spoke to Jack and that he is on his way over. She then offers Lily a glass of milk, which Lily quietly accepts. She takes a sip, and then starts to tell Erica (as best she can) how things were in the cave. She talks about trying to focus on the case but being scared because of all the red and all the loud noises. She starts to get a little upset again, but Erica jumps in, reassuring her once again that it's over, that she's safe, that she was brave and that the whole family is proud of her. Then, Erica tells her that she would be honored if Lily would agree to be her daughter. Lily's response is that her hair is wet and that she needs a towel to dry it. Flinching slightly over her ignored request, Erica goes to get a towel and starts to hand it to Lily. Lily tells her that her mother used to dry her hair for her. Realizing that by asking Erica to dry her hair, she was agreeing to be her daughter, Erica smiles and wholeheartedly takes on the task.

Back at the hospital, as Ryan stares into her eyes, Greenlee professes that it is amazing he is still alive. She begs him to talk to her, but he tears his gaze away as the voices start to replay in his head. He looks back briefly and tells her that there is nothing to say because it's over.

Tad steps away and takes a moment to talk to Dixie about thinking the "mystery woman" was her. He tells her that he is still dreaming, and would give anything to see her one more time.

Jack arrives at Erica's penthouse and is surprised to see that Lily is doing so well. She is dressed again, and taking notes as Reggie tells her what kinds of things she needs to know if she wants to be the wedding planner for her father and Erica. Smiling genuinely for the first time in a while, Jack marvels at the wonders housed in his children, and how expertly Erica dealt with the situation he dumped on her. He confesses how much he loves her and she returns the sentiment, for him and the beautiful family he has given to her.

Out in the waiting room at the hospital, Greenlee takes a break and sits for a moment with Kendall. She briefly updates her on how Ryan is doing and then Ethan walks in. He tells the ladies that he found out from one of the EMTs that they had requested cheeseburgers earlier. He reveals that he used his clout to get them real food, and that he would take them out to the sun porch for their enjoyment. He walks away, and Greenlee surmises that Kendall hadn't confronted him about his lying yet. Kendall tells her not to worry about that because it's not as important as her situation with Ryan. Greenlee admits how unbelievably scared she is for her husband.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Anita and Maria are frantic and worried about Sam since he did not come home the previous night. When Sam walks in, Maria starts questioning where he has been. Sam refuses to answer her and says he is old enough to do what he wants. Maria threatens to call the police on him if he steals the car again. Sam admits that he was with Zach, but Maria says that is not possible. Sam asks Anita if Tad and Aidan were Edmund's friends and could be trusted. Anita says yes, why? Sam says that they were telling him things he was not sure to believe, but Anita tells him to trust what they said. Sam informs them that they think Jonathan killed his dad, not Zach. Anita is shocked, but Maria confirms it is true. Sam asks Maria why Zach would lie, but Maria is not sure. She says if Jonathan is the killer, it would make the situation easier. Sam tells that if its true, it would make it easier for her because she could be with her ex-lover.

The next morning, Di wakes up and David greets her with a cup of coffee and a smile. When he asks her if she is going to take him up on his offer to become Dixie, she tells him that she is not sure. It is a crazy idea and she likes the person she already is, plus not to mention identity theft could land her back in jail, she says. David points out that her life must not be so great if there is someone trying to kill her. Tad begins banging on the door and Di quickly goes into another room. When David opens the door, Tad pushes him back and says that he knows David sold out Liza and Colby's location to Adam. Of course, David denies it and says JR lied to get revenge on him. He also calls Tad out for trying to keep Babe's son away from JR, just like what he doing to Colby. Tad ignores it and reminds him that even David has to be pretty low to sell out an innocent child to Adam. Babe bangs on the door and when she comes in, she tells Tad and David that Krystal is sick and they would not let her visit. Babe tells them about the deal she almost made with Adam and is worried he hired someone to hurt Krystal in spite. Tad assures her that although that is Adam's style, he did not do it because David already told him where Liza and Colby are. Babe is furious with David, but before she can say anything, JR is at the door. When David lets him in, JR throws a paper in his face which claims an unknown source says JR pushed Bianca off the balcony. David does not say he did not deny it, but just claimed that was old news. JR says it does not matter, he does not want his son to grow up and think of him as a killer. Adam follows in shortly, yelling at David about giving him the wrong address to Liza and Colby because when he went there, he could not find them. Tad tells Adam that it was the right address, but he got to them first and now they are in a new, safe location. David continues to blame JR for breaking into his home and taking the address. JR denies it and tells Adam that this is only the beginning of what is to come for him because he tried to use little Adam for his own gain. Babe asks Adam what he did to Krystal, but Adam claims not to have a clue about what she is talking about. After Adam and JR leave, Tad tells Babe they can go to the prison and try to see Krystal again. When David offers to join them, Babe refuses and says that she never wants to speak to him again, and that goes for her mother too. Di comes out and seems taken aback by all the drama. She asks David how he is going to make her Dixie and put her in the middle of all that madness.

Zach finds Kendall in the hospital's waiting room and asks her if she is OK. When Kendall asks him why she should not be, Zach realizes that she has figured out Ethan lied to her about seeing him kill Edmund. Ethan walks in and tells Zach to stop feeding her his lies. Ethan says he has another witness who can testify Zach killed Edmund. Zach commends him for his trick and walks off. Ethan apologizes to Kendall for Zach bugging her after the trauma she just went through. She asks him who the other witness is since Lily was the only one in the stable. Ethan explains that an inmate talked with Zach in jail and admitted he killed Edmund, along with details that only a killer could say and the media could not get a hold of. Kendall seems doubtful a court judge or jury would believe a criminal's word. Ethan tells her not to worry, says how much he loves her and offers to take her home and spoil her. Kendall says she wants to talk to Greenlee alone first and Ethan waits in the room.

Greenlee recalls the events that happened at the cave for Derek. Derek says that when Ryan is up to it, he still needs to talk him. Greenlee understands and offers to help any way she can. When Derek walks off, she tells Jackson that Ryan still has not said much. Zach runs into them and starts to apologize for Ryan, but Jackson cuts him off. Greenlee says that Zach has done enough by lying and now thanks to him, Kendall has got her heart broken. Zach says he had nothing to do with that, but Greenlee disagrees and goes off to be with Ryan. Zach asks Jackson how Lily is doing, but Jackson says he probably really wants to know if he has gotten off the hook. Jackson says sure, all charges will probably be cleared, but his lies have destroyed Greenlee, Kendall, Lily, Maria and her children and everyone in the town because in some way, they are connected. Jackson tells Zach to get out of town or go to hell, but don't come near his family again or he will regret it. When Zach is about to get onto the elevator, Maria steps out.

Kendall stops her and asks how Ryan is doing. Greenlee tells her he is still pretty unresponsive. Kendall says she is going home with Ethan, but Greenlee is not sure that is a wise choice. Kendall says he loves her and wants to take care of her. They give each other a hug and agree that no matter what, they got each other's backs. When Ethan and Kendall get to her house, Ethan offers to cook for her, but she refuses and takes a shower. When she gets out, Ethan treats her to breakfast in bed, but Kendall barely eats anything. Ethan says they should take a vacation when she feels up to it. Kendall asks about Cambias Industries, but Ethan tells her so what, they deserve a break. Ethan tells her that he was scared he would lose her, he loved her so much and that eventually, she will forget what happened. Kendall coldly says that she will never forget. Ethan takes away her plate and proposes to her. Kendall is shocked and he does not even wait for an answer before slipping the ring on her finger. She says, "You are the kind of man I used to dream about and never thought I could have. But I was wrong. I can have you, but I don't want you you lying son of a bitch!"

Ryan wakes up and sees Jonathan's ghost, with blood on his clothes face and a bullet wound in his chest, hanging around in his room. Jonathan jokes that he had a real "blast" with Ryan, but he's dead, so now what is supposed to do? He sits on the edge of Ryan's bed and says, "How are you? I'm dead?" but Ryan does not even blink and eye or crack a smile at his joke. Jonathan points out that their father always said he would kill him, but now, he would probably be so proud of Ryan for doing what he never got to. Ryan closes his eyes and opens them again to find Jonathan on the other side of the bed. Jonathan says Ryan doesn't even care that he is dead and so cold. Greenlee comes in and tries to comfort Ryan. She tells him that she, Lily and Kendall are so grateful to him for getting them out of the cave and that Jonathan forced Ryan to shoot him or else he would have triggered the bomb. She tells him that there are still people trying to rescue Jonathan and Braden from the cave, but the crew is not sure it can be done. Greenlee offers to hold a memorial service for his brothers and even put a headstone in the cemetery, but still, Ryan is silent, with tears streaming down his cheeks. He sees Jonathan looming over his wife for a brief second, but then Jonathan is gone. Greenlee recalls that when Leo died, everyone tried to reach her and tell her over time, the hurt would go away, and it did, but thanks to Ryan, he gave her a life and she wants to do the same for him. She says that eventually, they can re build their life, happiness and have a baby, but Ryan shouts, "No!"



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