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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 25, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, April 25, 2005

On the plane from Las Vegas to Oakdale, Jennifer returns Mike's engagement ring and tells him that she plans to build a new life, throwing herself into her work. At the former BRO office, Dusty has packed up everything. Paul bursts in and protests, but Dusty informs him that Worldwide has withdrawn from the partnership and "Street Jeans is officially out of business." Jennifer arrives straight from the airport and Dusty greets her with, "Welcome back. You're fired." Paul walks out and Jennifer begs Dusty, "Please, don't let Craig take this too." In spite of the tender affection in his eyes, Dusty leaves Jennifer alone in the office. Katie walks into the gym, looking for Henry, but is interrupted by Craig. Craig asks Katie to help him, threatening to tell Mike that Katie gave him the information about the baby and the Las Vegas wedding. Katie protests that he can tell Mike everything because she loves Henry and not Mike. Mike walks in and Craig leaves. Katie tells Mike, "this whole thing is my fault," but then fails to follow through and tell Mike what she has done. Mike thanks her for trying to help, and Katie and Mike embrace. After Mike leaves, Katie tries to call Henry again. Craig walks into the BRO office and offers to marry Jennifer. When she responds that the thought makes her sick, Craig tells her that he will see her in court. Jennifer collapses in tears.

Carly brings JJ home, but finds herself terrified by memories of Les' attack on her. At the police station, Jessica appears and announces that she is Les' attorney. Jack takes Jessica aside and demands to know who hired her, but Jessica refuses to tell Jack that Lucinda hired her, in a convoluted attempt to get Lily away from Keith. Lily admits to Keith that she responded to his kiss, and she accompanies Keith to the station when Jack calls. Les insists that Keith planted Julia's blood-covered phone in the halfway house, and in fact there is no one to back up Keith's claim that he found the phone in Les' room. Tom Hughes arrives with the report that Les' fingerprints were not found on Julia's phone, so everyone agrees that there is not enough evidence to hold Les for Julia's murder. Now the only charge is assaulting Carly, so Les could get out on bail and try to get JJ again. Les accuses Keith of killing Julia. Lily insists that she wants to help Keith find the evidence to convict Les. Jessica watches their intimate conversation from the interview room, then calls Lucinda to tell her what she has observed. Back at home, Jack promises Carly that Les will never get through him.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Jennifer has decided that the best thing for her baby is to have Mike out of her life and she seems surprised that Mike doesn't understand why. Yes she loves him, yes he's a gentleman, yes he would be a wonderful father but she just can't see sharing the baby with him and with Craig. Her convoluted logic makes no sense to Mike but she insists. Mike stands helpless as the woman he was going to marry fewer than 24 hours earlier walks out of his home with her suitcases.

Back to the gym after her Las Vegas misadventure, Katie calls her sister to tell her that Henry didn't come home. Just as she hangs up the phone, a shadow appears in the hallway... Katie picks up something heavy with which to protect herself, but the shadow turns out to be a very sad Henry. He tells her that he didn't come home last night because he had some thinking to do. Henry asks Katie to look him straight in the eye and tell him she doesn't love Mike any more. She apologizes and admits that she cannot tell him what he wants to hear. But she is insistent that she loves Henry and will do whatever it takes to prove it. She takes her purse and leaves the gym.

Could it be any surprise that, moments later, she arrives at Mike's house? She wakes him out of deep thoughts -- he is thinking back on happy times with Jennifer and no doubt wondering where everything went so very wrong. He looks up hopefully when there is a knock on the door, but when he sees Katie, his hopes fall. He tells Katie what happened with Jennifer and Katie refuses to let him give up. Mike seems skeptical when Katie pleads with him: "Let me help you get back together with Jennifer! Please!"

Keith is furious with Tom because he won't allow the cell phone as evidence against Les-never mind that it had no fingerprints and Keith claimed to have found it when no one else was looking. Keith got so upset that his stab wound started to bleed again, and Lily wasted no time in asking him to go home with her so she could tend to it. Tom looks at Julia's autopsy report and wonders. He asks Ben to take a look at it and see if there could be any other cause of death. Ben warns that he is not a medical examiner, but he finds something right away. There was a constriction in Julia's windpipe - a symptom not related to head injuries. Tom begins to think about exhuming the body.

Jessica is finding that there are strings attached to working with Lucinda. Jessica tells Lucinda that if Les is found innocent (which as defense attorney is her goal), that suspicion may come back on Lily. Lucinda changes her mind! She tells Jessica that Les must be found guilty but Jessica tells her absolutely no, that her ethics will not allow it. As Jessica gets up to leave, Lucinda lets her know that this isn't over.

Carly struggles with nightmares about Les as she dreads giving her statement to the police. Jack has begun to notice that she flinches when he touches her and wonders just how far Les went when he assaulted Carly. She insists that she is fine and goes to the police station to give her statement. A policeman tells Carly to wait in the interrogation room. She opens the door without looking in and as soon as she closes it, Les appears in front of her. He sneers as he reminds her that they are "old friends."

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Katie tried to persuade Mike to fight for Jennifer and not to give up on their relationship because they were meant to be together. Mike unwilling to listen tells Katie there is nothing more that he can do and asks her to leave. Katie then went to Lisa and asked for her help in getting Mike and Jennifer back together. Lisa called both Mike and Jennifer and asked each of them to come to her hotel. Neither Mike nor Jennifer knew that the other person would be there, and came face to face. Katie went to see Henry and told him that she fixed everything.

Craig served Jennifer with papers demanding a paternity test to determine who the father of Jennifer's baby was as soon as possible. Craig told Jennifer that he wanted shared custody of the baby and that if she did not agree to his terms that he would take the baby away from her. Jennifer said she would never let her baby near Craig and left. After Jennifer left, Craig's lawyer showed up and told Craig that he got the court order stating that Jennifer cannot leave town until the baby was born. Margo showed up to see Craig and Craig asked her to testify on his behalf if a custody hearing has to happen. Margo told Craig that if he did not wise up she would wash her hands of him forever.

Paul called a meeting with Dusty and Sierra to try to convince them not to close down Street Jeans. Barbara showed up just in time and begged Sierra 'from one mother to another' to help Jennifer when she needed it the most and to keep Street Jeans up and running. Paul and Barbara told Dusty and Sierra that they would be behind Jennifer every step of the way and would not let Craig get in the way. Dusty and Sierra agreed to keep Street Jeans open for business, but they all decided something had to be done with Craig first.

Lucinda walked into Lily's house just as Keith and Lily were sharing a gentle moment together. Keith left after receiving a call from Tom asking him to come down to the police station. Once Keith left Lucinda told Lily that she did not trust Keith and neither should Lily. Lucinda told Lily that Keith was using her and that she could be in danger if she did not wake up. Meanwhile Keith showed up at the police station where Tom told Keith that he wanted to exhume Julia's body for further testing, but Keith angrily refused.

Les was inside the interrogation room at the police station threatening Carly when Jack walked in and threw Les out with a fury. Carly tried to cover and said that she was fine and was ready to give her statement but as soon as Jack turned away Carly ran out of the police station. Carly headed home where she was visually shaken and distressed by what Les had done to her. Jack came home to find Carly a mess leading Carly to finally admit that she was petrified. Jack told her that that nothing was going to happen to her and that he was there to protect her.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Lucinda continued to berate Lily about Keith. Lucinda felt that Keith planted the phone and was setting Lily up. Lucinda thought Keith killed Julia. Lily told her mother to stay out it. Lucinda kept telling Lily that she needed to work on her marriage. Lily said Holden had moved on and she was doing the same. Having had enough of Lucinda's opinion, Lily left to find Keith. At the police station, Keith was appalled that Tom wants to exhume Julia's body and accused Tom of being on Les' side. Tom explained to Keith that Julia throat was constricted and they needed to find out why. Keith wouldn't hear any of it and told Tom that he was absolutely forbidden to touch Julia's body. Lily arrived and Keith told her what Tom wanted to do. Keith told Lily that he was not going to have Julia go through anymore and that she deserved to rest in peace.

Jennifer and Mike realized that Katie set them up. Mike defended Katie's actions but Jennifer was unmoved by the gesture. Jennifer told Mike about Craig serving her with a subpoena. Mike said they could stand up to Craig together but Jennifer told him there was no 'we' and she was through dealing with it. Meanwhile, Katie told Henry what she did and Henry immediately thought she did it because of guilt. Katie tried to explain herself and started to seduce Henry who quickly put a stop to it because he wasn't convinced. She finally convinced Henry to go over to the Lakeview and see how Mike and Jennifer were doing. Mike was tired of talking and left as soon as Henry arrived. Jennifer explained to Henry that she was not going to have Mike rescue her every time she had a crisis. Mike went to Katie and thanked her for what she tried to do but told her to stay out of it and let him handle his own affairs. Later, Henry arrived at the gym and made up with Katie.

While Craig was waiting for a shipment to come in, Sierra, Dusty, Paul and Barbara were plotting to bring him down and run him out of town. Dusty, Paul and Barbara were quick to jump on board but Sierra had reservations and reluctantly agreed to cooperate. Sierra went to ask Margo for help in their little plan and Barbara was in charge of detaining Craig. Barbara offered Craig champagne to celebrate the baby but Craig thought Barbara was trying to poison him and switched glasses with her. Barbara pretended that she was sleepy when Craig's contact from Singapore showed up. Unbeknownst to Craig, his contact was a fake, hired by Dusty and Paul. When Craig showed up at the dock, Dusty and Paul appeared with a police dog who found drugs in the shipment.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Carly and Jack are on a dinner date at Metro, and Carly is acting very jumpy, but when Jack tries to draw her out about how scared she's been, she doesn't want to talk about it. Then Tom calls Jack and tells him that Keith has agreed to the exhumation of Julia's body and that they are at the cemetery and he would like Jack to be there, too. Jack tells Carly that he has to go.

At the cemetery, Keith changes his mind and tells Tom that the exhumation is not going to happen, at least not today. But Tom gives Lily some privacy with Keith, and she is able to talk him into it again.

At the Port of Oakdale warehouse, Craig, "John Hwa," Dusty, Paul, and some "customs officers" are examining the shipment of clothing from Singapore. Margo arrives and questions Hwa, who explains that Craig told him something illegal would be added to the shipment before it left Singapore, and that Craig had threatened to cancel his contract if he didn't go along with this. Margo tastes some of the white powder the customs officers have found in the tags of the jeans, and from the look on her face, Craig assumes it's actually cocaine. Craig says Dusty and Paul and Barbara are setting him up to keep him from being involved with Jennifer and the baby, and that Barbara even tried to poison him, but Margo tells him that's a bit far-fetched, and she points out that Barbara wouldn't have poisoned him if she'd wanted Craig to be at the warehouse when the shipment arrived. She reads Craig his rights and handcuffs him.

Margo takes Craig in her car, supposedly to jail. She tells Craig he could get 30 years if he's convicted of the cocaine smuggling and that she doubts a judge will believe his conspiracy theory. Craig insists he was set up, but he says that Margo can't possibly live with being the one to turn him in on charges she knows can't be true, and that she could simply let him go now. Margo stops the car and tells Craig that if he leaves, he can never come back to Oakdale or contact any of his family, that he'll have to leave the country and assume a new identity because she will have to put out an APB for him when she gets back to the station. He is upset that she thinks he'll have to avoid everyone he knows, especially the unborn child that he assumes is his, but he agrees that it is necessary. Margo gives him his passport and all the money she has with her and tells him to walk down the road to the airport and get on a plane leaving the country. Craig hugs Margo and tells her she's doing the right thing; she says it's a matter of love, and that love and doing the right thing don't always go together.

At the Street Jeans office, Barbara imagines Craig walking into the office, telling her he got Margo to confess that this was all a plot to destroy him and saying that he will destroy Barbara, Paul, and Jennifer. Then the illusion is shattered when Sierra walks into the room and tells Barbara that Dusty called to say they were on their way back. When Dusty and Paul arrive at Street Jeans, they tell Barbara and Sierra that things didn't go well for Craig. They then wonder whether Margo did her part, but Margo walks in and says that Craig is gone for good, and that she hated every minute of her role in it. She wonders where Craig will end up, and Paul says "where we least expect him to."

On an airplane, Craig is seated next to a woman who asks him if he's been to Bangkok before and how he likes it. He tells her he's had business there before but that his Far East business is over now. When she asks if it's a nice place, Craig says that he hopes it is.

A woman wearing dark glasses is reading a room service menu from the Hotel Bangkok. When she turns around and removes the sunglasses, we see that it's Roseanna.

Back at Metro, Carly tells Rafael where Jack has gone and puts up a brave front, saying that "courage is good." She continues blathering to him until she realizes he has to get back to work. She sees a woman whom she thinks is Lily and approaches her, only to find out it's not Lily, and then she spots a sinister-looking man at a nearby table and begins to freak out. On her way out the door, she tells Rafael that she's leaving to go find Jack, and that as a cop's wife, she can handle things like going to a cemetery. To herself, she adds, "Being alone, I can't handle."

At the grave site, there's no one around, and Carly almost stumbles into Julia's opened grave. She approaches the headstone and talks to Julia, saying she's sorry that she's dead, but she wishes Julia would be out of her life now so that her life could get back to normal. Carly's cell phone rings, but when she answers it, there's no one there, and then she accidentally bumps her purse, which falls into the grave. Carly then hears a noise and looks up to see a man with a shovel. Terrified, she begins to back up, telling him to stay away from her, and she falls into the open grave.

At police headquarters, Lucinda finds Jack and tells him she thinks Keith might have planted Julia's cell phone at the halfway house in order to keep Les Sweeney in jail. Jack tells her not to go public with an accusation like that and says they're working on new developments in the murder case now. Then he insists he has to leave to get back to Carly.

At the cemetery, Carly screams for help, and Jack jumps into the grave, scaring her badly. She clings to him desperately, and he tells her the man she saw is Pete, the groundskeeper, who tells her that she scared him, too. Carly and Jack return to Metro, where Jack suggests that she needs some time away from Oakdale and should perhaps go to Montana for a few days. She says she won't go anywhere without him right now. He tells her they've got a new lead in the case and that it will all be over soon; Carly tells him, "I really need it to be over. We all do."

At the police station, Ben tells Tom, Lily, and Keith that Julia died of anaphylactic shock and wonders what she might have been allergic to. Keith says she was allergic to bees, having almost died when she was stung once when she was 7 years old. Tom wants to know who else knew about this, and Keith says he knew and so did Les and JJ. Lily notes that it was still winter when Julia died, and the bees wouldn't have been around, but Ben says bee pollen or bee venom would also produce a severe allergic reaction and could have been injected into Julia. Keith suggests a scenario in which Les leaves the halfway house and goes to Julia's apartment, telling her he has court papers ordering joint custody of JJ. Julia would have told Les that wasn't going to happen, and Keith imagines Les taking out a syringe and injecting Julia in the thigh with bee pollen. Tom says that this would make it premeditated murder and that if guilty, Les would get a life sentence for that, but he says they need more proof. Keith walks out, telling Lily he needs to be alone for a while to deal with all of this, and he leaves the police station. A few moments later, Tom tells Lily that Ben indeed found a possible injection site on Julia's thigh and that he will have the police execute a full search of the halfway house and the hotel where Les was living after he left the halfway house to see what they can find. He tells her he has not been able to reach Keith on his cell phone to give him this news, but says that if she talks to Keith, she can tell him that they're closing in and are about to catch the killer.

At Julia's grave, Keith approaches the headstone and tells Julia that it's almost over now and they will finally all be at peace. He reaches into his jacket pocket and removes a bottle labeled "bee pollen."



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