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Last week, there was an interesting twist to Reva's menopause storyline. She and sister Cassie were both contemplating another shot at motherhood, but neither one imagined what would happen instead.

This week was one full of powerful performances that had me clued to my set. I've said it before and I'll say it again - Beth Ehlers was robbed. There is NO WAY that she wasn't even nominated for Best Actress this year. She has been long overlooked by these awards shows but surely, I thought, this would be her year. While I applaud the work of the ladies who were nominated, someone royally dropped the ball with this one. I only hope she knows that the fans think she should have won, hands down.

The scenes with Ehlers and her long-time co-stars just highlight to me what has always been the best part of GL - the cast. When you have a group of veterans like we do, who have been on the show for years, the chemistry is just there. They make you feel all of the depth of emotions that the character feels in every move, every nuance. Anyone who wasn't moved when Harley had to say goodbye to her family ought to call their doctor and have them check your pulse. I'm glad GL didn't cheapen up on the recurring cast who were allowed to support their long-time friend in her hour of need.

With Harley off to jail, her troubles are just beginning. I won't spoil you here, but I can see that we'll have some meaty scenes coming up - and the addition of daytime legend Linda Dano to the cast as a fellow inmate should really add a nice dynamic. I just hope that Ehlers isn't relegated to part time status now that Harley is behind bars.

And in the "what were they thinking" category, we have Edmund and Dinah. I'm all for the "everything for love" theory, but why does he think having Cassie's arch enemy carry their child is a good thing? Still, the plot twist allows us to see how far Edmund will go to get Cassie back. I never really bought Edmund as a good guy (or at least not that good) so this is a great chance to see David Andrew MacDonald show us what a talented and versatile actor he really is. I can't imagine how this story will end up for any of the characters, but I can't wait to see what happens!!

Which also sets up an interesting twist to Reva's menopause storyline. She and sister Cassie were both contemplating another shot at motherhood, but neither one imagined what would happen instead. I hope that GL can do this story justice, as so many daytime fans can relate personally.

While I have, admittedly, not been a Danny and Michelle fan, I loved the scenes this week. I think the whole 'rebirth' of Michelle has made me really appreciate Nancy St. Alban's work in this often-recast role. I never bought into the whole mob story (and am SO glad it seems to be over) but this couple have finally won me over. Although I really did get to like Danny with Marina - who will have no men in Springfield to date now that aren't relatives or out of her age range. And how will the show address the departure of Stephen Martines (Tony) and maternity leave of Nancy St. Alban?

And after watching GL for nearly three decades, the scenes with Holly and Alan had me curious - will they become an item? These are two of my favorite long time characters and I could see that they might be paired. I'm always for any story that gives Maureen Garrett (Holly) more air time!!

But GL did goof big time with the Gus and Alan scene at Company this week. A lot of the tension in the scene was spoiled by GL's own opening sequence - you knew that the gun was a lighter!! They should have changed that part after the scene - it would have left a little more suspense in the scene. Can't wait to see Gus and "Big Al" going at each other's throats as Gus tries to free Harley.

Spring is finally here and I'm heading down with the masses to see the Cherry Blossoms tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share next week - if I can find a place not teeming with tourists to get some good shots! Until next week... Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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