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Why isn't Fox a cop? Last week, he quickly outsmarted Alistair and found a lead on Gwen and baby Jane. All the while, all Ethan can do is assure Theresa that their daughter will be found.

Every week I rant and rave about how much I want to slap Luis. Never has he worked my nerves the way he did this week. Now because, Sheridan's sanity depends on it, he wants to be a parent to Marty. Not only does he want to be a parent, but he wants custodial rights to his son. Does he really think a judge won't recognize his negligence? I don't blame Beth one iota for denying Luis his rights. And the idiot says he wanted to wait until he was married to Sheridan to be a real parent to Marty. That is the MOST absurd thing I have ever heard.

I know the child is his and Sheridan's. But now because Sheridan's life is hanging on her having a child (which is ridiculous in itself), Luis wants to just take another woman's child and give it to her. First of all, I know plenty of women who can't have children and have a real reason to be depressed. Sheridan can have a ton of children. So her depression over not having a child right now, is totally absurd. Secondly, maybe it's Luis. Maybe he is sterile. We all know Marty is Sheridan's son, but is he Luis'? It was never totally ruled out that Antonio wasn't the papa.

And why is Eve still practicing medicine? She is encouraging Luis to do this to Beth because this will help Sheridan. What doctor in their right mind thinks it's healthy to take a child from the only mother he's ever known and give it a woman who is delusional? And even though Luis insists that Sheridan isn't suicidal, is he 100% sure?

I usually spend my column space bashing Theresa, but this week I'll give her a well deserved pat on the back. I loved it when she told nit Whit to get over herself. Despite the fact that nit Whit was increasingly whiney this week, and Theresa's baby is still missing, Theresa was the bigger person and even offered to help Whit adjust to motherhood.

Why isn't Fox a cop? In five minutes, he's outsmarted Alistair and has a lead on Gwen and baby Jane. All the while, all Ethan can do is "assure" Theresa their daughter will be found. But what is he really doing to find her? And then he criticizes Fox for breaking the law, oh so worried he'll be disbarred. I loved Fox handing Ethan a dose of reality. He doesn't want Gwen and the baby to be found, so he can feel free to be with Theresa.

There is a special place in hell for Ivy. Jessica has been to hell and back, and Ivy is manipulating her to help keep Grace away. Grace is Jessica's mother and she has every right to know what is going on in her daughter's life. And for Ivy to stand there and maneuver Jessica into doing what she wants her to do is just wrong. I'm glad Sam called her on it. And why doesn't Eve just go ahead and bust Ivy already. The longer she draws this out, the worse the fallout is going to be.

High Point of the Week:: Sam. I loved him figuring out Ivy's manipulation.

Low Point of the Week:: Ethan. Make up your mind already. Especially if you ever want to see your daughter again.

Some Random Thoughts:

Julian mentioned Eve is a pediatrician. So why is she taking care of adults too?

I asked a question about breastfeeding last week, and you guys wrote in by the dozens. Thank you all so much. Most of you said that the baby should have no reaction, but the answers varied from email to email. Thanks again to everyone who wrote in!

"When he [Luis] told Sheridan that having spending more time with Marty has "always been in the back of my mind," I wanted to slap the taste out of his mouth." I couldn't agree more Angel. Thanks!

"In the 3/16 episode, Ethan said he was trying to stop Fox from doing something dumb when he found him in Alistair's office. And Fox said, 'Well, come on now, Ethan. When's the last time I did anything dumb?" Hello, Fox! You fell in love with Whitney!" So very true Jamison! (PS - You only get one dad. And tomorrow isn't promised.)

"Regarding Ethan, I can see how he can be concerned for Jessica even if he is not close to her. To see anyone be a victim to such a crime would boil anyone." I agree Jenn.

Quote of the week: "I swear Luis' cheese isn't completely on his cracker if you feel what I'm saying. If Sheridan is trapped in a room filled with carbon monoxide, then why would he try to revive in the room just to breathe in the gas all over again?" Thanks Steph!

Quote of the week part deux: "Theresa should be either very engorged or pumping at regular intervals if she hopes to breastfeed this baby upon reuniting. She'd probably rather go to bottles anyway. I mean, it's a real pain in the rear to chase after a married man with a baby on your boob!" Thanks Tara!

Until next week friends,

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