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Greenlee gives Ryan the surprise --- they are going to be parents and Ryan completely freaks out. He insists he is a monster and he's certainly giving a great impression of one.

Greenlee gives Ryan the surprise --- they are going to be parents and Ryan completely freaks out. He insists he is a monster and he's certainly giving a great impression of one. Ryan intentionally drives off the cliff and I think it's safe to say Ryan isn't dead. Why he would go through the charade of faking his death to save his child from a potentially abusive father is just ludicrous. This only proves Ryan is mentally unbalanced. This is beyond cruel to do to someone you supposedly love --- Greenlee. How many husbands can Greenlee have that die with no body recovered? She needs to assess the situation and remember she is living in the city where no one stays dead unless a body is found. The characters of Ryan and Greenlee have been so distorted and we only have the writers to blame for this. I will continue to blame the writers for poor storylines as they are professionals. It's their job to write well and if they do their jobs poorly they should be replaced.

Erica is telling Jackson that it's all fine that Greenlee got pregnant without Ryan's knowledge but once Jackson finds out what went down I think some dissention in the Montgomery/Kane union could appear. We can't expect TPTB to allow Erica and Jackson to be too happy for very long. They don't seem to know how to sell happiness in Soapland. That's unfortunate as lots of us enjoy watching some joy.

No one is allowed to leave Chandler mansion until DNA test results are returned. The dreaded PV DNA tests again. It's obvious Di is related to JR in some way but I still don't buy that she's Dixie. I know they have her only having 1 kidney, but there's no way she's Dixie. Maybe Del had a sex change and is now a woman. That would make as much sense as Di's being in jail story. Why is it Tad couldn't just talk to her and ask her about the past that only the 2 of them would know? That would be too easy and way too logical. The same goes for JR, Adam, Palmer, etc. This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the Week concurs as Wanda writes: "I don't understand why everyone has to stand around waiting for the DNA results. Couldn't Tad and/or JR just ask "Dixie" some questions about personal things that happened in their lives to see if she can answer? Things that happened way before David came into their lives, like from JR's childhood or something that happened on (one of) their honeymoon(s), so that it couldn't be information David provided. I mean, come on, Tad's a PI, surely he would have thought of this already??!! It seems like the writers aren't thinking things all the way through before they just throw in a storyline." Wanda, you are so right. Adam seems to believe Di could be Lanie but will there be another sibling we've never heard of before that could figure into this picture?

Amanda came on strong to Jamie (who did manage to leave Chandler mansion) but nice guy that he is he turned her down flat. Jamie was upset that Babe didn't confide in him immediately after finding out about Di's supposed ruse, but if this was her only mistake it's definitely forgivable. Babe's apology to JR seemed to be more than heartfelt and I can see folks out there forgiving her given some more time.

Krystal clearly wants Tad, but she's convinced Tad isn't over Dixie. Krystal now is being Tad's protector but I'm not sure he needs one.

Danielle's soon to be stepfather is there to give her advice. This scene creeped me out. I have to wonder what's his deal? Is he after Danielle himself? Why wouldn't he advise Danielle to talk with Mimi or Derek, instead he told her to come to him anytime. It was completely out of her character to meet some stranger and then give up her virginity so easily but in character that she would tell Reggie. I don't know how Reggie will understand this. He should be understandably hurt and upset. I'm not sure their relationship will be able to get past this betrayal.

Jeff Branson is still on contract and will be back soon, very soon --- another return from the dead since no body was found. I personally really like the actor and think he did an outstanding job as Jonathan, but let's go over this - Lily saw Jonathan kill Edmund. This means Jonathan should be going to prison. More facts --- Jonathan abused women, poisoned Greenlee and killed Braden. These facts can't be ignored nor should history be changed!

Lots of rumors out there about Greenlee after thinking Ryan is dead will lose her baby, won't be able to carry another child so Kendall will volunteer to carry another of Ryan's children for her. Excuse me if this is the case, Greenlee should be getting counseling after "Ryan's death" not trying to bring another child into the world. Tragedies in people's lives don't need to be followed by life changing events. I can see why Rebecca Budig is leaving AMC.

I want to say I wish Suellen well and know she'll be missed. She wanted me to thank everyone for all the support she's gotten from you. I'll see everyone again next time.


Mary Page
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