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Carly's horrible past
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Although we didn't see Craig switch the babies, all signs are indicating that he did. For weeks, we've been hearing Oakdale citizens caution Jennifer against pushing him too far.

It appears Craig Montgomery has been a very bad boy. It looks as if he switched babies in the hospital nursery, so he can raise his own son, instead of the baby he planned to adopt. Well, OK. I guess we just have to suspend all belief in realism and not think about the fact that this hospital has no security cameras, baby ID bracelets or staff members watching the little bundles of joy.

Although we didn't see Craig switch the babies, all signs are indicating that he did. For weeks, we've been hearing Oakdale citizens caution Jennifer against pushing him too far. Well, I'd say she pushed him too far, with her scheme to get the five-year restraining order. Now, it seems Craig may get to raise his son after all.

There could be a few holes in Craig's scheme, though. First, Gwen, or even Casey, could decide they want to keep their baby. Second, Jen's baby apparently had a "stork bite" birthmark on the back of the neck. Won't someone notice it's gone? And third, Rosanna had the baby's footprint, didn't she? That would be easy to trace. I enjoy baby-switch storylines about as much as a trip to the dentist. Suffice it to say, I'm not a fan. But, if Craig gets away with this, it could leave the door open for him to return to Oakdale, and I'm all for that!

--If you need medical care, stay away from Oakdale Memorial. What hospital would leave a dead baby in an incubator for the public to stare at through the nursery window? Geesh, and I thought it was bad when the doctors managed to remove Barbara's brain tumor without shaving her head.

--Kudos to Celia Ortega. I've been wanting to slap Casey for months. Well done, chica!

--The neat freak in me appreciated Dusty's desire to put sheets down in his new car, so Jennifer wouldn't mess up his interior during her premature labor. Is that wrong?

--Is it just me, or does Henry Coleman need to meet Meg Snyder, pronto? My beloved Henry needs more to do than nurse a martini and pimp himself out for Carly Snyder's detective jobs.

--Um, note to Mike: When your newborn baby dies and your wife has just been told, it's poor form to chit-chat with your lover in the hallway, instead of comforting the woman you vowed to love through better or worse.

--Was there anything better than Lucinda drinking bourbon, donning her spectacles and cuing up the pool balls? No, I don't think so. All she needs now is a May/December romance to spice things up. That really would send Lily and Sierra over the edge.

--Why was Dusty the one handling Barbara at the hospital? It's little things like that make me go, "huh?" Hal was standing right there, as was Paul. Why didn't they take care of Barbara? I realize that Dusty has no ties to Oakdale, considering no one in his family is in town, now that the show ditched John Dixon. But making Dusty the main guy in Jen's storyline seems unbelievable. If they need scenes for Dusty, at least make them sensible. Or better yet, bring back John, and give Dusty a story involving family.

--With all these clues about the "horrible" incident with Carly, I'm assuming she killed Iris' child somehow, or at least, thought she did. Thumbs up for bringing Susan and Kim into this story, too. And I'm still hoping Gwen turns out to be related to Carly, after this mystery is solved. I like storylines that include many characters, and this plot could turn out to be a gem.

--I know I've said this before, but it needs said again. I detest the character of Jennifer, but I love her portrayer Jennifer Ferrin. The girl can act. Now, if they would only transition Jennifer to be a bad girl, that would be a real hoot. Can you just imagine a red-headed Munson as the town vixen? Barbara would be aghast. And just imagine Jen going after Henry, to get back at Katie. It would be must-see-TV.

--Did anyone understand Paul's silly line about "You know coconuts, they don't just grow on trees?" I'm assuming he was drunk or just wacky from heartbreak.

--Katie hasn't earned any points with me lately due to her shabby treatment of Henry. But, I was happy to see her prove her family loyalty to her brother, by telling him about his child's death. Mike told her not to, but she didn't listen. Good for Katie for choosing blood over a booty call.

--Ladies, at all cost, stay away from Oakdale. The town has an abnormally fast gestational time. By my calculations, Jen and Gwen should have been, at the most, four to five months pregnant. Yet, they both gave birth this week, to supposedly seven-month-old preemies. Could it be that Jen and Gwen somehow got their hands on that infamous rapid-aging spa cocktail?

--Emily needs to forget her journalism career; The woman should be a model. She just gets better and better looking every year. Wait a minute, I guess she has forgotten her journalism career, considering she never mentions it anymore or goes to work.

--I'm trying not to be bitter that Hunt Block was fired, but it's difficult when new characters keep popping up in Oakdale. The latest news has former "Port Charles/Bold and the Beautiful" star Brian Gaskill coming to Oakdale as a new character. First, Keith was introduced, then Meg, then Iris, now another new guy. I wish the show would concentrate more on the characters they do have, instead of a crop of new people.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Craig convinces Margo that adopting a baby is his best move.)
Margo: "Well, I guess then I'll go buy cigars or something."
Craig: "Cuban, please. And make Tom pay."

(Jennifer goes into labor and starts crying hysterically.)
Jennifer: "I want my mother."
Dusty: "Well that's a first, isn't it."

(Katie goes to hospital looking for her brother Craig.)
Katie: "Have you seen a tall, blonde man with very broad shoulders, very intense eyes?"
Nurse: (dryly) "I wish."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops Reader Trish.)
"Jennifer, I love to read your commentaries. You can write, Girl! As for Jennifer's cradling of her pregnant belly, I totally agree with you. I've had two pregnancies and never held my belly like! Pregnant women rub their bellies; they rest a hand on their bellies; but they do not grab it as if it were an overfilled sack of groceries. On another note, I frankly, can no longer stand Katie."

(From Two Scoops Reader Kara.)
"Not sure I agree with you about Meg being reintroduced into Oakdale life... About Meg being Lucinda's confidante, sometimes it's easier to talk to someone you don't have an emotional investment with, than with someone you're close to (mother, child, spouse.) You're not afraid of scaring a virtual stranger, the way you might your family, and Lucinda's family would smother her if they knew how scared she really is."

(From two Scoops Reader Charlotte)
"I have a theory about Jennifer and Will. Did Barbara really raise those kids? Remember, they used to always be with "Mrs. Myerson?" I think she may have some influence on their behavior. Just a thought!"

(From Two Scoops Reader Kimi)
"What can we do as the public to help out Hunt Block? I will be the first to admit that when Hunt took over Craig, I was worried I wouldn't like him. Boy was I wrong. I love to dislike him as much as I did that last guy! Isn't there a way ATWT can keep him? Craig is too good of a villain not to keep. Craig and James Stenbeck are the two best male villains. I have watched ATWT for over 25 years, and can't imagine life in Oakdale with out Craig, PLEASE ATWT, KEEP CRAIG!"
Note to Kimi and other readers who've e-mailed me regarding how to contact the show, regarding Hunt Block: You can find the addresses of the show executives here at the official ATWT fan club site

That's all for now Scoopers!
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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