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Mike and Katie have finally made their way back to each other. Mike should be commended for being a man who does not tell lies; he told Jennifer the truth about sleeping with Katie last week.

For the most part, I am enjoying how things are going in Oakdale these days. There is always room for improvement and some fine tuning that needs to be done. The writers have slowed things down so things are not moving so fast.

Lucinda and Her Battle
This is the story that keeps me watching everyday now. When TPTB decided to give Elizabeth Hubbard a major storyline, this was the best things that they could have ever done. As this story progresses, the almighty Lucinda is finding that all of her money and power can not stop cancer. She is fighting the disease and her daughters who are trying to dependent too soon. This week when she was talking with Lily and Sierra, Lily was going on about how we needed to make some decisions and being the Lucinda we know and love she said to Lily one of the best lines I have heard in a long time, "When are we going to get rid of that nitwit pilot?"

It seems Meg has come to town just in time to be her right hand throughout this ordeal. I am glad that Lily and Sierra are being included - this time the writers seem to be hitting all the right notes here, just look at how the ratings have increased since Lucinda has been front and center.

The Carly Mystery
How horrible is this thing that happened? Is this one of those things like Nikki on The Young and the Restless suppressed that she had killed a little boy - is this it? Now Carly is having nightmares and remembering something from her past. I like the mystery of it all as we have to wait all summer to find out what this is. Then we have Jack who is always talking about honesty keeping a secret from his wife - how would he react if Carly did this to him? Whatever this is, it is always good to bring in veterans like Susan and Nancy.

Mike and Katie have finally made it back to each other. I commend Mike because he is a man who does not tell lies; he just told Jennifer the truth about sleeping with Katie. Poor Jennifer, how many times does he have to walk into a situation where the man she is in love with has slept with another woman - remember Jordan and Rosanna? That old saying, what goes around comes around; she cheated on Mike with Craig now it's happening to her. She pretended to fall to get Craig out of her life then she fall for real - this woman has some bad karma. I hope when she gets away from Mike that she calms down because all she does is cry and scream in that whiny tone that makes you want to turn off the television.

She always has Dusty to come to her rescue which he will this time too. He liked the idea of Meg being in Oakdale for a short time though he is not that interested in her staying long term. I loved this because a lot of longtime viewers have been thinking this since Dusty came back to town when Meg asked him what happened to change him from that boy she knew to this man he is today. I like that Meg sees a difference in Dusty and doesn't just accept him his new persona. I think they have great chemistry as well but so do he and Jennifer - this is going to be a fun triangle now we know that Jennifer will fight for what she wants.

The Kids
I realized this week that how sorry I am to see Alison leave the show. I think she and Will would been have good together; however, I think he and Gwen will do fine together. These two kids are terrific actors who bring so much depth to Will and Gwen. I certainly hope that they fall in love.

I can not say the same for Casey and Celia. I will not sad to the character of Celia go back to Montega - she just never really fit in. Casey is being so mean to Gwen, it hard to believe he is the son on Tom and Margo or the grandchild of Dr. Bob. I imagine most of his attitude is coming from the fact that he fears losing Celia. Celia's idea for a commitment ceremony and wait for sex until they are married is an admirable choice for kids their age. I just wish Casey was man enough to tell her everything before ruining her dream.

Finally, it is so nice to have the real Hal back and is it just me but is Keith on his way out of Lily's life and Oakdale?

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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