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Theresa got a little chummy with Alistair last week. It seems that he is willing to help her destroy Gwen and Rebecca, if she'll hop in the sack with him. Before it's all said and done, Theresa will probably do it, because she only cares about winning.

I said last week that Beth deserved Marty because Sheridan just stood there and practically let her get away with him. I fully recant that statement on the basis that I don't agree with ANYONE threatening a child's life. When it is all said and done, Beth is holding onto the boy because she thinks it will bring her Luis. Is he really worth having? Is he really worth threatening the life of a child over? NO!!!!!!!!!

And Sher Sher needs to go on and kick him to the curb. Bottom line is Luis had a clear shot at Beth, and after all that has been said and done, there is no reason he shouldn't have taken it. Beth escaped with Marty, and I will say last week it was Sheridan's fault, but this all could've been over with a long time ago had Luis just listened. And if he really loved his son, he would have done what was right for Marty.

While I admit that the boating scenes were impressive, no one is buying that Sheridan is really dead AGAIN. She has lived through so much, she'll live through this too. I'm willing to bet that instead of letting Sheridan's boat flame and go after Beth, Luis will stop and check on his lady love and that will enable Beth to get away and ensure Luis and Sheridan will be kaput. Can't blame Luis though, that "ignore your children and care for your own selfish needs" runs rampant in the Lopez-Fitzgerald family.

So Alistair does have a soft spot, and Fancy is her name. I can see it now; everyone in town will use Fancy to get to Alistair. I really like her, but Noah is starting to get on my nerves. Just because he's the police chief's son he thinks he's immune to the law. And what is with him and Ethan being best buds. They met for the first time THIS WEEK, and they are thisclose. Please, Ethan's known Fox his whole life and isn't that chummy with him. Speaking of which, where is Fox?

Theresa got a little chummy with Big Al this week. Seems he is willing to help her destroy Gwen and Rebecca if she'll hop in the sack with him. Before it's said and done, Theresa will do it. It's not about her children. It's not about Ethan. It's not even about FATE. It's all about winning. It's all about getting the best of Becky and Gwen. Because when she lays down her pretty little head at night, that is what is on Theresa's mind. Beating the two that have beat her time and again.

And why do I think Theresa will jump into the sack with Alistair? Number one, she jumped into bed with Julian "for Ethan's best interests." Number two, she's irrational and never thinks anything through. And number three, Theresa has always cared about one person more than anyone else, HERSELF. She will do this because she thinks she's gaining a powerful ally and nothing Ethan could say or do could make him more attractive than the thought of power and money. Theresa only wants Ethan because she can't have him.

But Theresa fans had to get a little joy out of hearing Gwen and Rebecca so confidently gloat that Ethan wanted nothing to do with Theresa when just a few weeks ago he bared his soul to Theresa. And now that Theresa knows there is a secret and Alistair holds the key, all bets are off. Gwen is in for a long and lonely future, and from the way Luis and she were talking last week, they may be the next to hook up.

Okay Jessica, when a man holds a knife to your throat and tells you he is going to kill you, and you still think he loves you, you need some help. But I think she is way beyond help, and Kay lying for her isn't doing her any good. Some of that electro-shock therapy Sheridan went through should help bring her to her senses. I just hope the hot tub has been cleaned out.

High Point of the Week:: Alistair's soft spot. Who knew he'd have one, especially for a girl?

Low Point of the Week:: Where is Fox?

Some Random Thoughts:

"Boy, Sheridan was sure selfish when Sam had to leave the Crane mansion to investigate the fire at Spike's club. That was just a hairbreadth from a temper tantrum, thinking her baby was more important than an arson investigation. Her baby's missing and she expects everybody to care as much as she does? I have never been so disappointed in her. And I'm not a fan of her choice to stay in the room and listen to Beth's taunts rather than just go and get Marty when they were in the second Crane cabin. She could've gotten him before Beth decided to hold her at knifepoint! Why would Gwen say she'd rather not see Pilar again? She never did anything at all to her!" Thanks Jamison!!!!

"You are right about Ethan. Boy is he dumb. Neither Thersea nor Gwen deserves him. They deserve a more intelligent man. Isn't he a lawyer? Also I think that baby Jane is really Gwen's and that Thersea switched the results as a last attempt to hold on to Ethan. Considering how desperate she has been to keep Ethan, especially when she promised to get Gwen out of jail if she would divorce Ethan. I would not put anything past Thersea. I think the characters of Ethan and Thersea belong together, but their slow storylines are not giving them the opportunity. Give Gwen baby Jane. She can find another man like Spike who can be reformed by being with Gwen, and move into the Crane mansion." I think Spike is more Rebecca's type. Thanks Shelly!!!!!!!!!

Quote of the week: "And yes, what a lovely set of parents Ethan and Gwen make, a loon and a faithless husband who keeps telling Theresa she is the love of his life and how he wishes they were together, only to turn around and accuse her of stalking." Ain't that the truth Isie!!!!!!

Until next week friends,

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