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Theresa knows that she is dealing with underhanded characters, but instead of trying to outwit them, she repeatedly falls into their traps. You'd think that she would have learned her lesson by now; after all, she's had seven years of learning.

This week was a shortened week, but the tension just keeps building for Sheridan. Beth has once again gotten away with Marty, and I think she deserves it. I guarantee you that had some lunatic had my child, and I had them cornered, she wouldn't have had the chance to sit around and talk about me and my lover's future. Sheridan had ample opportunities to lay the smack down on Beth and she never took not one. Maybe Beth is right, maybe she is just a dumb blonde.

Neither Ivy nor Gwen can be considered dumb blondes. They both saw the holes in Becky's plot right of the back, which is more than Martin and Pilar can say. And if Ethan gets any dumber, he can be used as a speed bump in the Crane driveway. Meanwhile, Theresa knows she is dealing with underhanded and scrupulous characters, and instead of trying to outwit them, she falls into their trap time and again. You'd think she'd learned her lesson by now. After all she's had seven years of learning.

Noah and Fancy are very reminiscent of Luis and Sheridan. In fact, I think that the writers have just recycled some old scripts and changed the names. Instead of the horrible French drug dealers, now the bad guy is Spike. Get them a new and fresh storyline pronto.

Highest point of the week: Short week.

Lowest point of the week: Sheridan's love for Marty that apparently kept her from rescuing him.

Some Random Thoughts:

"JER [James E. Reilly] and NBC need to listen to us the fans! We are who provide the ratings. It should be about what we would want. At least some of it!" You are not alone Cynthia!!!

"I have to disagree with you recap of Theresa calling Ethan a hypocrite. She was not right on. Ethan didn't just take Jane to be cruel and mean. He gave Theresa the choice to either continue with this vendetta against his wife or risk losing raising her child. She decided to bet on keeping her child and lost. Ethan is happy because Sheridan will get to be reunited with a child that was STOLEN from her. Theresa's child was not stolen from her. She put her child on the gambling table and lost!! She does not have her child because of HER ACTION and Ethan has EVERY RIGHT as the father of Jane to want the best for the child and not to be in the custody of someone that would risk their welfare because they want to be a mistress to a married man with a wife in prison!" Thanks Jenn!!!!!!!!!!

"Passions this week has by far disgusted me! I am so glad that it was only a 3 day week for the show. Let me tell you how dumb it has been... Ethan finds out Theresa "pushed" Rebecca down the stairs because her parents said they saw her fall and Theresa was up the stairs. Why would Ethan buy it, and he knows how malicious and evil Rebecca can be when it comes to Theresa? He knows when it comes to Theresa, Rebecca can't be trusted! And he knows Ivy did the same stunt with Theresa!! Nobody can be that dumb! I also really hated when poor Gwen sprained her little ankle and Luis said 'I am going to stay with you because if Beth finds you it's going to be trouble!' Oh My Gosh! You will rather stay with someone who sprained their ankle rather than trying to catch Beth who has kidnapped you and your girlfriend's son, and is trying to escape the country!!!!!!!" I totally agree with you Antoine!!!!!!!!!

"Gwen hit the nail on the head with Theresa this week. She is incredibly selfish. Marty, her nephew, was kidnapped by a psychopath, and even after hearing about it, all she cared about were Jane and herself. I don't know how Theresa's character stays on this canvas. I loved the big Sheridan/Beth confrontation. Beth admitted to everything she'd done was because Sheridan deserved it. We all know she didn't deserve it, but whatever. Luis finally knows what Beth really is. And despite this, Beth still thinks she has a shot at Luis? She really is insane!" Thanks Jamison!!!!!!!!

Please have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until next week friends,

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