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It took much slapping, cajoling, niceness, and even a little brutality, but Whitney finally did the right thing and nursed her child last week. However, maybe she shouldn't have; after all, she had been drinking all night.

So nit Whit finally nursed her son. It took much slapping, cajoling, niceness and even a little brutality, but she finally did the right thing. I loved Fox telling her that he'd rip her clothes off and put Miles to her breast himself. She totally deserved it for her selfish behavior. However, even though nit Whit nursed him, maybe she shouldn't have. After all, she had been drinking all night. I'm not so sure that it was healthy for the baby.

I love Fancy. She reminds me of a young Sheridan. See when the show first started, Sheridan was awesome. She didn't take Luis' crap like she does now. She stood up for herself. She was a little spoiled and selfish, but she had a big heart. And Fancy comes across that way to me. I don't really want her with Noah, but all the other men on the show are either related to her or with someone.

And who is Noah to just go burn down a club? I guess if Ethan, Chad, and Fox can vandalize property and get away with it, then he can too. I mean all sorts of crimes are committed in this town and people get away with them. Rape, arson, vandalism, even murder. Pretty bad when the resident witch is the most law abiding citizen in town.

Congratulations to Sheridan. She was bound and determined to find her son this week and man if she didn't. She did not let up on Luis and pushed and kept on until she found him. And dumb Luis, all he could say this week was, "I didn't believe Sheridan once before, I'm not making that mistake again."

However, Beth gets away with "Daddy's" help. Why is it that the denizens of Harmony can beat up on people and get away with it? T.C. has to be the worst. But why Alistair let Luis pound on him is beyond me. Just another one of the crimes committed in Harmony that goes unpunished.

Martin goes home and lays it all out on the line for Pilar. He explains it was Rachel Sheridan killed, and that now he and Pilar have to renew their wedding vows. But Pilar shocks him and me, by announcing that she knew. Pilar agrees to the renewal, until Kathy calls about Marty and she flies off her handle. It's quite obvious that Pilar now has a death grip on Martin, and she isn't going to let him go anywhere.

Rebecca has to be the dumbest person in the world. Years ago when she and Gwen sent that info to the tabloids, she should've gotten rid of the proof. But she hung onto it and now Theresa is inches away from finding it. Rebecca deserves to go down when Theresa busts her. And I loved Theresa telling Ethan he was a hypocrite for being happy for Sheridan, but taking Jane from her. Although Theresa is looking out for her own interests where her children are concerned, she is right on the money with this one.

High Point of the Week:: Sheridan got her backbone back

Low Point of the Week:: Rebecca. She deserves to be busted.

Some Random Thoughts:

"I'm I the only person who thinks Fancy is the stupidest person on passions this week. Who ask someone are you trying to kill me when everything all around you is on fire? And to make the situation even worse she runs in another room instead of up the stairs." Thanks Jennifer!!!!!!

Antoine wants to know: "You really don't like passions huh? I mean, in reading your column, it seems like Passions is upsetting you, the writers, and just how repetitive and dry it is." The ignorance of the characters and the repetitiveness bother me. I can miss the show for a week, and not miss a thing. Thanks for writing in.

Memo to the writers: "Either way you slice it Chad is sickening, and its wrong how he always gloats to Fox about having his son. I am one that thinks that Reilly bit off a little bit more then he could chew. Both Days and Passions are lagging behind in the longest storylines ever and precious time is being wasted on flashbacks that repeat things over too much .Tabitha as a blow by blow announcer going over what we just saw is too much. I sit with my finger continuously on the fast forward button these days for both shows. P.S. Chad and Whitney would still be first cousins if it is proven that Liz and Alistair are his biological parents. PSS He is Tek and who really cares. We have no love for him, you just can't throw us anyone and expect us to care for him." Thanks Kalena!!!!!!!

Quote of the week: "Why is Alistair always getting beat up? With all that money one would think he could afford a self-defense class. Even Julian punched T.C. back the last time they fought." Thanks Belinda!!!

Until next week friends,

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