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June 27, 2005 columns
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Krystal Carey said it all when she noted there are a lot of Native American friends flying around, birds so full of crap they can't even fly. Di is Dixie, or did David manipulate it all to look that way? It is difficult to separate the truth from lies in Pine Valley but slowly they are becoming uncovered. The biggest surprise for all of us who have followed Ryan Lavery's existence since he arrived in town was where he has been going late at night. I can't say I was surprised, but I was definitely repulsed. A good online AMC buddy from Sacramento called me while I was catching up on my tapes to see my reaction. Renee didn't give it away, just prepared me to be shocked. She felt it wasn't true to Ryan's character no matter how deep and dark he had slid. We are both praying they will nip this story in the bud quickly and not let him suffer or climb down where they can't rescue him. He now has the ultimate intervention and must realize how much he is loved and can seek the help he ultimately needs. He has been on the road to self-destruction with low self-esteem and haunting memories of his dysfunctional family. Joining a Fight Club would give him that false satisfaction to think he had found a way to live beyond his stultifying life with no rules, limits, or brakes within an arena of sweat, blood, and fists. He's obviously a tough, strong man and could cause a lot of harm himself as he temporarily releases his anger and demons. Scary stuff and quite a strange avenue for the writers to pursue, don't you think? We were curious how Cameron Mathison felt about playing out these scenes.

Meanwhile Greenlee has been on a quest to get hold of Ryan's frozen sperm and thanks to her two cohorts, was able to narrow them down to three vials which are now in Dr. Hayward's possession for DNA testing. Speaking of David, this has not been a good time for him as he continues to get punched and abused. As for Ryan's throat hold, that was not justified and made us realize even more how scary his behavior had become. Zach deserves kudos for his intervention on this one. Josh Madden, the fertility clinic doctor's son, is keeping Greenlee's secret for now. Naturally, Dr. Madden already realizes what the desperate wife did. Josh should be a breath of fresh air after having to deal with Amanda's appearance in town. Now it makes sense the direction they were going with Aidan, Anita has to leave town. The actress portraying her is pregnant and will be off for maternity leave. Just answer one question, why did they have to choose Aidan for Amanda's attention? I was cheering when Jamie got wise to her and didn't want her anywhere near them. You don't put 3 shoes in a shoebox, right on. Yet, she is hanging around Aidan and might even do some PI work for him. God help us!!!!

Sam will be staying with the Martins and can now be with Lily. Reggie's brotherly dating tips talk to Lily was so comical yet sweet. It was great to see Mimi back in town and will be interesting to see how they have her and Dani work on their relationship. Tad is still very upset with "Dixie" especially after thinking she contacted David years ago. I am convinced this is the real Dixie after many things she said and did that no amount of coaching by David could prepare her for. The biggest clue was the wishing upon a star, which was always something, Tad and Dixie did together or apart. Mary's choice for Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Rachel who shares, "I think Pine Valley should change its name to Town of the Living Dead! I mean really, we have only had a small number of "real" deaths (Edmund, Gillian, Jenny etc.) Tad has survived an explosion, Maria a plane crash and Stuart a fire. The list can go on and on ... and isn't it funny how the people of PV still act like "miracles" like that just don't happen? " Yes Rachel, as Eva La Rue (Maria Santos Grey) once said in an interview, that is true soap opera style. Coming back from the dead, having amnesia, etc.

Ethan is still King of the Mountain in the corporate world, Zach has his casinos back, Tad/Aidan have some cases, Erica is back in her element with her new company getting off the ground, and Fusion is still operating and a nice playground for couples like Simone/Ethan and Reggie/Danielle. At least they are showing part of PV working for a living. There was a time we were wondering how they lived as high as they did without working. Now even Jamie and Babe are working hard to live in their "closet". I was very happy to see Val back as Erica's assistant, I always got a kick out of him.

There was a lot of mending of fences this past week too. Maria and Maddie were able to get beyond their grief/impasse and realize moving to California could be a fresh start for them. Maria and Brooke came to the realization they were actually on the same page and could be friends. Tad and JR said they can't be "the way they were" and go back but would forgive Dixie instead of each other. Tad seemed pretty lost and lonely as he looked for fun with Simone only to be interrupted by Ethan. Then he went to see Krystal in that lovely orange outfit. My memory has failed me, when he was bed-hopping with these two women this time last year, wasn't there a third or fourth lady? I know Tad the Cad was in full swing!!!

As I go out and wish upon a star, I wish you all a safe and festive Fourth of July holiday. Back in two weeks,


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