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Now that Di has claimed to be Dixie how are we, the fans, supposed to react? The Dixie I remember and loved would NEVER have stayed away from her son --- no matter what.

Now that Di has claimed to be Dixie how are we, the fans, supposed to react? The Dixie I remember and loved would NEVER have stayed away from her son --- no matter what. Even if she didn't want to reunite with Tad, she would have been in touch with JR, Palmer and Jamie. Family meant the world to Dixie. It seems everyone just believes her story and will a DNA test even take place? If so, will it be tampered with as is the case with most PV DNA tests? Adam was great during all of the upheaval as he was supportive of Tad and JR. I wonder if Tad would have been supportive of Adam if the roles were reversed. I think not. Adam was also great defending JR. JR unfortunately decides to tell Adam to back off and take sides with Di. JR has bought into the whole Di is Dixie scenario. While I don't dislike the actress portraying Dixie she is way too young to be JR's mother. Did she have him when she was 10? I really don't like the way this plot is going. According to David, he has planted all the evidence that proves Di is Dixie. David is being demonized again to the edge of no return. I believe David will soon have to come to terms with is Di Dixie or not?

JR is hurting and understandably so. He wants to believe Di is his mother, but is afraid to be hurt all over again. JR just had Tad and so many others lying to him about his son's death and now to open up to someone and accept her as his mother.... Pretty scary indeed!

Greenlee is running around town looking for Ryan's sperm. Excuse me but this is one of the most inane plots I've ever watched. No wonder Rebecca Budlig is considering leaving the show. She's stealing frozen sperm that could be Ryan's and I can see her next step --- going to David for help. We have Simone dressed as Catwomen (and what a great Catwoman Simone makes) & Kendall arguing about whom is Greenlee's best friend, but honestly those 3 treat each other horrid most of the time. Why would any of them consider themselves friends? Suellen's Fan Spotlight of the week seems to agree as Elie writes: "AMC is lacking something that almost every other soap has right now: FRIENDSHIPS. No one is REALLY friends in Pine Valley. Not Greenlee and Kendall, not Simone (really...she's mistreated and left to hang with the teenager), Erica has almost no friends (we don't really see Opal and Myrtle-), Ryan, Jackson, or JR have no friends, and Babe and Jamie only have each other...NOBODY IS FRIENDLY WITH ANYONE ELSE! That's why the show has become so boring and full of anguish and hate. Pine Valley is full of a bunch of people who share a great deal of history with one another, but essentially hate each other!!!" Erica catches Greenlee in the fertility clinic but unfortunately doesn't spill the beans to Ryan who is still lambasting the fact that he's a Lavery. Again, his father was a Curry and that's where the family history of violence comes from --- not from the Lavery side. Erica tries to tell Ryan he'd be a great father but he's not listening. Jackson should get suspicious as Erica is definitely interfering in the situation, but he's too much in love right now to see it.

Simone and Ethan look good together. I hope these two stick as Simone has been under utilized for quite some time. She came to Pine Valley as a journalist and immediately was made into someone not very bright as well as completely man crazy. I liked the character so much better before it was "dumbed down." Now we have Simone accusing Ryan of fooling around on Greenlee. This obviously isn't the answer for why Ryan was seeing the "mystery woman." It appears the "mystery woman" is inflicting pain on Ryan that he must think he deserves. David decides to stop by and almost get himself killed courtesy of Ryan even though David was giving Ryan solid advice. Ryan is flipping out again seeing his dead family ---- or will Jonathan turn out to be alive --- no body was ever found.

Mimi is back in town and wants Reggie and Danielle to cool down some. Considering Danielle was almost undressed I thought Mimi was extremely understanding. It's nice to have Mimi back even if it is for a short time. I hope they don't have Mimi and Derek disagreeing all the time.

Amanda is scamming Babe about Di talking trash to JR about Babe. Amanda is just the pits. Send her packing please!! I can't even imagine Aidan looking twice at Amanda with her personality. Also, isn't he still interested in Anita?

Opal, Dr. Joe, Brooke and Jamie all rally around Tad to support him with the whole Dixie issue. Unfortunately AMC didn't have the consideration to have Ruth (Lee Meriwether) be part of this mess. Ruth would never let Tad suffer alone.

We have a new character, Josh showing up as Dr. Greg's son and I just have to wonder how long will it be before Kendall is in bed with Josh? She seems to sleep with almost all the PV men. This isn't a trait to be proud of.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and having lots of fun. See you in 2 weeks.


Mary Page
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