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by Dawn
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After all that Kelly and Kevin have been through, it doesn't seem like they would want to be in the same room again, let alone be on the way to getting back together.

It amazes me that I still find so many things that are worth watching everyday on One Life to Live. The events of May sweeps have come and gone, but I still want to make sure I see this show everyday. After the terrible summer we endured last year, it's wonderful that our show is so good this summer. Here are just a few of the things that are keeping my attention.

First of all, I am in shock that I am rooting for Kevin and Kelly to reunite. After all these two have been through, it doesn't seem like they would want to be in the same room again, let alone be on the way to getting back together. They both know they still have issues to work through, such as trust and the hurt that they caused each other in the past. However, it seems like they are on the verge of leaving all of it behind and moving forward. Some will disagree, but I think they have more chemistry now than they did when they first become a couple a few years ago. Maybe it's the fact that they have so much history together now that gives them the chemistry, or it's the wonderful acting talent that Dan Gauthier and Heather Tom share. I think it's a combination of both. The other thing I like about their current storyline is that they didn't just forget everything and remarry. All too often couples go through major ordeals, break up, and get back together practically the next day without working on their problems. The "renovation" of Kevin and Kelly's relationship has been gradual and also very believable. They haven't forgotten anything that they went through or what they did to each other, especially during the baby swap storyline. In fact, they seem to bring their past up quite often. If and when they do get back together, I think it will be for the long haul. I don't believe that Spencer is going to cause any true problems for Kevin and Kelly. In fact, Kelly seems to be uncomfortable around him and is using him to make Kevin jealous. Also, now that Dorian is rooting for Spencer and Kelly, I am sure Spencer looks less appealing to Kelly. That certainly happens in real life, and I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be the case with Kelly. As far as I am concerned, Spencer is just a foil that will perhaps delay the reunion bit will not quash it.

While on the topic of relationships, Bo and Nora's relationship has taken a new turn. I am not necessarily in favor of them being on the outs, but I like that they are at least moving forward. Nora has made it clear that she will never forgive Bo, and that they are no longer friends. However, she was ready to reap the benefits of that friendship when she asked Bo to do more to look for Evangeline. She barged right into his office and told Bo that he wasn't doing enough. Bo told her a couple of weeks ago that if she pulled rank or got on her high horse, they would have problems. However, it seemed like Nora didn't really believe that. Bo has been apologizing to Nora and practically walking on egg shells around her because of what happened with Daniel. I don't think he did anything wrong to Nora, so I didn't even think he needed to apologize anymore. After so many weeks of apologizng and being nice, Bo told Nora to back off. While I don't like seeing them say unkind things to each other, Bo was right to say what he did. He told her that if she told him he's not doing enough one more time, he would have her thrown out of the station. Nora wasn't expecting that and looked absolutely baffled and a little hurt. I am glad that Bo finally stood his ground with Nora and didn't let her get away with giving him a guilt trip. I am sure this was just a one time deal, but it was a nice change of pace. I really hope Nora realizes that Bo wasn't the bad the guy in Daniel's arrest. Daniel was the bad guy. Bo was just doing his job, a job that took a killer off of the streets and away from Nora and Matthew. She needs to forgive Bo because she knows he is a good man who wouldn't harm her. Bo and Nora's reunion, if it happens, is a long way off. However, they need to work on forgiving each other, for real this time. Bo finally needs to get past what Nora did with Sam, and Nora needs to stop giving Bo the third degree about Daniel's arrest. Once they do that, they can work on a reunion. As I said with Kevin and Kelly, they can't just be thrown back together as if nothing ever happened. It wouldn't work out, and it would be insulting to Bo and Nora's fans. Bo and Nora's relationship has been addressed many times since Dena Higley became the head writer, and I hope it is showcased a lot more this summer and into the fall. Dena Higley has done a good job in addressing why Bio and Nora's relationship failed and why they never got back together, Now, she has to show us where Bo and Nora are headed in the future, wherever that may be.

The next story that is keeping me interested in the show is one that surprises me. When I first heard that Jessica was going to have DID, I shook my head in disbelief. We have seen Viki's DID rear its ugly head several times, and I didn't want to see it happen again to someone else. Viki's storyline with DID has been done well for the most part, and Erika Slezak has done a phenomenal job with portraying 6 different characters. However, I didn't think it was a good idea to pass the DID torch on to someone else. However, I find myself wanting to know what Tess' little secret is. Tess is also an entertaining character. Jessica hasn't been the most dynamic character, and she is being given another dimmension. I've actually had some people write me to say that they would prefer that Tess take over forever because she is just more fun to watch than Jessica. While I am hesitant to make Tess a permanent resident of Llanview, I have to admit that she is entertaining. Tess will be around for the summer, and it could be a long time before we learn her secret. While we are waiting, I can't wait to see what Tess does next. I don't think Jessica's DID will be seriously dealt with until the fall, when Viki is around more to be a part of it. Until then, I have no problem watching Tess cause trouble in Llanview. I also like Todd's role in all of this. He has really done his best to help Jessica get better. He doesn't want her to have to go through what Viki did for most of her life, and it's great to see him step up and handle a family crisis when he Viki is too weak to do it. So far, this storyline has been iinteresting, and I am interested to see where it goes next.

Funally, I like that we are learning more about David's past. We know that Spencer is keeping a secret about David, and it has to be big, considering that David was a self-proclaimed con man for so long. Spencer mentioned that David is "indebted" to him. I don't think this has to do with money, though. I think David could have come up with the money necessary to pay Spencer back. The secret has to be bigger than that. I have to say, I love David's white lies when people ask him he and Spencer are discussing. First, he had a problem with boils, and then he didn't want anyone to know he was in a band that was similar to Kiss. He comes up with the best cover-up stories, at least in terms of entertainment value! I also loved the way that David and Spencer were exposed as brothers over the microphone. That is something that could happen in real life, and David was so embarrassed when it happened. It just proved that secrets cannot be kept in Llanview no matter how hard one tries. I look forward to learning even more about David's past with Spencer. As I said, this secret has to be something major, and it has to be more than he owes Spencer some money. I can't wait to find out what it is and to see how it will affect David, his relationship with Dorian, and what happens as a result of the secret being exposed. The character of Spencer still isn't my favorite, but I think his presence is creating a good story for David, and that's okay with me!

Feel free to share your thoughts about the show with me. Have a pleasant week!

Have a pleasant week!

Until next time,

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