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David is front and center this week as Ryan wants an anti-rage concoction created to extinguish his violence. Why exactly won't Ryan go to a therapist and get help and meds there?

David is front and center this week as Ryan wants an anti-rage concoction created to extinguish his violence. Why exactly won't Ryan go to a therapist and get help and meds there? Greenlee gets David to perform an artificial insemination on her. This is beyond humiliating. This procedure is extremely personal and private. David being a renowned heart surgeon isn't even qualified and to have it done right there in David's cabin --- YUCK!! Also, does anyone else suspect the DNA results and whose sperm David inseminated? Again, I say YUCK!! Greenlee is definitely in "La La Land" thinking Ryan's going to be ecstatic to find out she's pregnant. And how exactly does David create all these miracle drugs for anyone who asks? Yes --- you know I love David, but this is ridiculous.

While Erica was being a voice of calm about Lily and Sam coming home late, she was wrong. Considering Sam and Lily were able to call for a taxi, why weren't they able to call Jackson to explain the situation? Also, as innocent and sweet as Lily discussing "practicing kissing" has been, this has gone on for too long. It's time someone had a talk with her about the topic so she can quit discussing it every conversation.

Maria has left PA for CA and received a very small send-off. It was great seeing Myrtle give Zach some well received advice. I thought it was odd to see Maria and Brooke hugging as "good friends" considering their past. No matter at least Brooke was shown this week.

Speaking of being shown --- Ruth was back briefly. I really love Lee Meriwether as Ruth. She does a great job and should be put on contract. The annual 4th of July picnic will be a family affair thanks to everyone, including Opal, giving their input to JR.

Amanda continues her quest to bed Jamie and decides to try to push Josh towards Babe. Josh is helping Erica with "New Beginnings" and Erica is paying Val to snoop around Zach's casino. Suellen's AMC Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Grace in NYC who writes: "This is just a strange observation I made while watching the episode with Josh Madden. First he was talking with his new boss, Erica, about ideas for upcoming segments for New Beginnings. He sold her on the idea of one helping others with addiction problems due to her own battle. Later, he is at the bar Babe bartends at and mentions to her that it would be good to do a show from there."

I understand Terri Ivens' (Simone) contract will be up soon and AMC wants to keep her on. I think that would be great, but wonder if that's the only reason Simone is getting a storyline with Ethan currently and once she signs she'll be regulated to the back burner again? I know one thing she looks great since she's come back from maternity leave.

Tad loves Krystal much to Brooke and Jamie's dismay. Krystal turns down Tad proposal again and then spills the beans to Babe about Di's true identity. Babe is clearly going to use this to her advantage as she goes straight to Adam. Can't say I blame her, but she should remember one fact --- when you play with fire, get prepared to get burnt.

The ratings keep plummeting and I want to weigh in on this matter. AMC has some of the best talent in daytime out there (to name a few -- David Canary, Julia Barr, Vincent Izirarry and Susan Lucci) but continues to come up with ridiculous plots and poor writing. Get back to some reality. It seems the same lines are spoken time and time again as if we didn't hear them originally. Plots such as the fight club and Greenlee stealing sperm are ridiculous. Having Dixie come back from the dead in the form of a different actress is absurd. Now they are trying to create some suspense by having Di act as if she really is Dixie. I haven't heard the actress speak outside of AMC, but as Dixie she has the most irritating monotone voice. Why would Dixie have been in jail, why wouldn't she have contacted her family? No answers will make sense to viewers who have followed AMC for long. Instead of getting rid of real talent (such as when John Callahan made the statement they could get 3 actors for the price of him), AMC should bring new people on sparingly, allowing the character to have some redeeming qualities before trashing them to the point of no return. Unfortunately, trashing them is what they have done with Amanda, Babe and Krystal. So many fans want them gone as they can't get over the way they were introduced. AMC should have never let Liza leave as Marcy Walker is a fine actress with much to offer. We keep hearing about an Adam and Brooke romance, but it is taking too long. Those 2 should be front burner and now. Also, AMC needs to get over showing people slapping each other all the time. It is obnoxious and sets a bad example. AMC seems to do a poor job of bringing characters back - such as Maria and Ryan. They are close to ruining Ryan and I used to be such a Ryan and Kendall fan. Putting him together with Greenlee and now his "violent" behavior is almost unforgivable. Until the plots change direction and veterans are made use of I believe the show will continue to lose audience.

This weekend marks so many 4th of July celebrations. During these celebrations, I hope folks will take note of what we are celebrating --- that would be our Independence --- freedom. I know I'll make time to thank those brave men that gave their lives for my freedom so long ago. I'll also thank the troops in Iraq that are giving the people their freedom from terrorism, tyranny and dictatorship. The cost for freedom is NEVER free but can be worth the cost.

As always keep your pets safe this weekend with so many fireworks being utilized. Remember they don't understand the noise and confusion thus allowing them to be easily scared and hurt.


Mary Page
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