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Twisting your words
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Tired of being bullied by her grandfather, Lizzie used words to hurt Alan last week, standing up for herself in the process. It was interesting to see that Lizzie, a character we have all watched grow up, could use Phillip's paternity against Alan.

Words are a big part of our lives. We communicate using words, show who we are, how we feel. And we use words to hurt. It was very interesting to see how GL was using words to really cause pain to some Springfield residents this week.

Tired of being bullied by her grandfather, Lizzie used words to hurt Alan and standing up for herself in the process. It was interesting to see that Lizzie - a character we have all watched grow up - could use Phillip's paternity against Alan. We've all said things to hurt people before, whether we meant it or not. But while I applaud Lizzie's finding her backbone, I wonder if she put herself in great danger by angering Alan. He seems so bent on revenge, and covering his own tracks, that I fear even Alex is not safe. After all, she did make a video tape discussing the bloody gloves. With Marj Dusay (Alex) leaving GL soon, could they kill her off? And now that Doug Hutchinson (Sebastian) is leaving - could Alan kill him as well?

Alan has said so many times over the years that he loves his family. I have no doubt that he does - but in the moment, he does and says things that make you wonder. He "loved" Phillip and called him his favorite. But in the end, it was Alan on the other end of the gun. So despite his declarations of love for his family, he seems more than willing to do whatever it takes to keep his family the way he wants them to be. Or, is this whole thing a setup? The words that Dr. Wallace wrote before Sebastian killed him were "Alan is the shooter" (NOT murderer). Is this a clue? I'm still holding onto the hope that GL has a major plot twist and Phillip has been pulling strings from afar.

Gus promised to keep Harley safe and find "the real killer." But how can you keep someone safe (and fly under the radar) in a television studio? Even at night, there are security people, prop people and technicians there who are getting the show ready for the next day. Hardly a good place to "lay low."

Now that Alan has added Mallet back into the mix (and you knew he would) I hope this story moves a little faster. How convenient that Mallet was in prison in New York and could get to the city very quickly. Alan is the master manipulator, and it's always interesting to see how his actions (and reactions) change the complexion of a story. Will Sebastian's knowledge of Wallace cost him his life? Hmmmmm.

Dinah has been pulling the strings with Cassie and Edmund for months. And now she is involving the scheming Jonathan into the mix. This real-life couple really bring some spice to GL and I know that the two characters they portray will bring plenty of trouble to Springfield this summer! And Dinah's got a secret that will blow this whole storyline out of the water this week!! I can't say that I'm too surprised at the direction this story is going, but I'm sure anxious to see how it all turns out.

Edmund has certainly an interesting way of viewing his relationship with Cassie. Although I could never see how this couple would get together, given their history, Edmund was fairly self-destructive in his marriage. Time and time again, he couldn't be happy enough with the life he had, and it might have finally cost him Cassie. Still, I had to shake my head at the way he remembers their relationship. So wacking Jeffrey in the head with a shovel was justified? And implanting Dinah with their baby was to show his love? Of course, since Cassie has a little trouble remembering her lover's name, she is hardly blameless. Was Edmund right that Cassie only pursued Jeffrey because of his face? How will Jeffrey respond to her slip-up?

Poor Reva thought she was talking to an unconscious Nate/Alfred. But instead, the bully used her words to bring her closer to him. Reva - what are you thinking? Josh is a doll!!! What will happen when Reva realizes his true identity? If she thinks back on all she has said (and done) with Nate, she'll be at a loss for words!

Words are just as vital to the story as the actions - and it's fun to take a look at how they really make the story come alive. Perhaps Springfield's residents will think twice about their words - and how they are used against them - but I doubt it ; )

One more week before the Bauer Bar-be-que and I hope that the event is all that I expect from this annual event. Even if you've taken a break from watching GL, as I know some of you have, take the time to check in on your old friends again and see what is up in Springfield these days! Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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