Craig does the unthinkable

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Craig does the unthinkable
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Craig has cheated Gwen out of her opportunity to grieve properly. Gwen is being so grown up about the whole situation, knowing that she needed to give her baby up to give him a good life.

I like the way things are moving in Oakdale and the ratings prove that I am not the only one who is watching: the writing and acting have been superb. I also like the fact that nothing outlandish is going on - just good human drama.

The Baby Switch
Everybody has commented on the fact that these two babies were born much too early; it seems like both Jennifer and Gwen just got pregnant. Regardless of the speed of the pregnancies, these two actresses have been fantastic. First of all, Jennifer since she amusing that her baby is dead has been quite subdued - it's just a difference from her erratic behavior during the pregnancy. She has hit all of the right notes in her acting. She has realized also that her marriage to Mike was over and that Craig was the biological father so he should have been at the service. All of her scenes have shown her at the top of her acting game. I like her with Dusty; it's obvious that Dusty really wants to be her since he has not left her side unless she asked him to. My question is - how will Meg interfere with their new closeness?

How could Craig be so cruel? This is the cruelest thing he has done since that kidnapping fiasco last year. He sees that Jennifer is in sincere pain and he makes no move to do the right thing. He always had a wish to have a baby with Rosanna but to try to have his happiness based on Jennifer's sadness is not going to do him any good. He tried so hard to not tell Rosanna the truth - he tried to rationalize his actions to her increasing disgust. I just hope she manages to tell somebody before its too late.

The other side of this is Gwen who has no idea that her baby is dead. Craig has cheated her of her opportunity to grieve properly. Gwen is being so grown up about this knowing that she needed to give her baby up to give him a good life, though she likes Rosanna and doesn't quite get Craig.

The Kids
As these four get more intertwined with each other, it's fun to watch. As Alison was saying her goodbye this week, I compared her teen experience with Aaron and Lucy to these teens while I grew to like them - they were very boring; these four are better because I guess their story is much more interesting.

When Will and Celia admitted their feelings for each other, all I wanted was for Will to be with Gwen and you could see that Gwen has feelings for him as well. If Gwen was not in the picture then Will and Celia would be okay together. Gwen can also hold her own around Barbara, who was heartbreaking when asking about her 'other' grandchild. She wanted to have one grandchild but now she has nothing.

Casey should have just come clean and told Margo about Gwen and the baby. This has been his problem this whole time by hiding the truth. Is he concerned about ruining his sterling reputation? He should know that the truth always comes out. I have to admit that he was not as annoying when he confronted Will about Celia; he showed real emotion and was not mumbling through his lines - I was impressed.

Finally, this show is turning at just the right pace with stories with Carly and Lucinda in the forefront; I agree with her - get rid of Keith. With all of this hospital stuff, where the heck is Ben?

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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