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The end of an era
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It looks like Luis and Sheridan are finished, at least for now. Last week, he left to find Beth and Marty, and Sheridan decided that she doesn't want to be Alistair's doormat anymore. It's about time that she started to stand up for herself.

It has been a bad week for me. I have a final Tuesday that studying for seems to consume all my time. My down time consists of bathing, sleeping (3 hours a night) and watching Passions. I am also having some internet difficulties and this column only reaches you because my wonderful boyfriend is helping me out and driving across town to use a computer to send it to you. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks as though Luis and Sheridan are finished for now. He is off to find Beth and Marty, and Sheridan has decided she doesn't want to be Alistair's doormat anymore. I was proud of her threatening her father. It's about time she started standing up for herself. And while I fully agree it is Alistair's fault that Marty got away, Luis and Sheridan both had ample opportunities to get the boy. How many times was Sheridan alone with Marty where she could've swiped some hair for a DNA sample?

I am liking what I see between Kay and Fox. However, I am a little sick of Kay always bemoaning that she broke up her family. All she has to do is spill the beans now. It's not too late to try to undo what's been done. And how interesting would it be that Kay hates Ivy, Fox's mom? Once the truth about the tabloid comes out, Ivy will stop hating Theresa. She can focus all her hatred on Kay now.

I am not liking Ned and Fancy. Their tired dialogue sounds like recycled Luis and Sheridan scripts. "Alistair caused [insert malady here] for my father!" "You are a spoiled brat!" "Don't hate the Crane's because we're rich and you're poor!" They are even being chased by vicious thugs. I can't wait until Fancy starts butting heads with the Crane men so she can take over Alistair's empire.

I'd like to say, "I cannot believe that Jessica had her father and brother's arrested", but I can believe it. Spike twists Jessica around his little finger and gets her to do exactly what he wants her to do. And until she opens her own eyes and sees for herself, nothing will stop him. Short of having her committed to an institution, Sam is pretty much helpless.

I do believe last week I said that Theresa was going to go out with Alistair, and I was right. And that dress he bought her!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if Alistair got it at the same store Jessica is shopping at these days. Just as I predicted, Theresa is only interested in what SHE wants and not what is best for all involved. Even Ethan, who can't get his Latino lover off his mind, knows the truth; Theresa is her own worst enemy.

And it's not for lack of trying because Whitney, Martin and Pilar all tried to warn Theresa. And I guarantee once Ethan finds out, there won't be enough Scotch in Harmony to make it seem right. Knowing what she knows about Alistair, and what he's done to her family, Theresa is still going to make a deal with the devil himself to get what she wants.

Why is it that Whitney seems to wander by the studio an awful lot? And why is it she can hear the baby crying from the street? Didn't Edna look absolutely fabulous after her enchanting encounter? Isn't the show a little nicer without the Frog and T.C.?

High Point of the Week:: Fox is back and Luis is gone!!!!!!!!!!!

Low Point of the Week:: Beth is gone and the wonderful Kathleen Noone is headed out right behind her.

Some Random Thoughts:

This week, due to my internet difficulties, there will be no Random Thoughts by my lovely readers. I will make it up to you next week. Until next week friends,

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