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How stupid is Gwen? Rebecca can see straight through Ethan, as can Alistair, but even though everyone keeps telling Gwen the truth, she refuses to believe that Ethan doesn't love her.

So far, I am happy with the way all the stories are unfolding with the quake with the exception of Theresa/Gwen/Ethan. There is no way my husband's mistress would demand he take her all over town to check on her two children. I'm sure that there were dangerous situations all around and Theresa standing there saying Ethan was taking her here, there, and yonder was yet more proof that in her quest for Ethan, Theresa would risk everything, including the life of the mother of her so-called beloved children.

How stupid is Gwen? Ethan all but came right out and said that he still loved Theresa this week, and she calls him noble and brave for going off "to help people." Rebecca can see straight through him, as can Alistair, but even though everyone keeps telling Gwen, she refuses to believe Ethan doesn't love her. I think she will end up in the looney bin with Beth when it's all said and done.

The frog was back in full force this week. It isn't enough that she ruined Eve's life, now she's out to make sure that Eve is never happy again. But the best part of all this is that now, after all has been said and done, T.C. and Julian are BOTH in love with Eve and the frog is going to be left out in the cold. Once all is said and done, who will Eve choose? T.C. the man she's shared so much of her life with or Julian, the man she's shared so much of her past with? I'm not sure I'm pulling for yet.

There is something definitely off about Maureen. She meets Sheridan in the park and finds her hugging her son, claiming Mark is hers. Then two seconds later she invites her back to their home, where Sheridan seems content to let Maureen die, or at least remain passed out so she can play mommy to Mark. And her refusal to go to the hospital definitely spells disaster. Maybe she is the Beth of another town? Maybe she kidnapped Mark and is on the run with him.

Fox and Kay heated up this week, as did Noah and Fancy. I still need some originality with Noah and Fancy, and Kay and Fox are headed down the Luis/Sheridan road as well. Memo to the writers, not all couples have to start off hating each other for it to be true love. Both couples have tons of potential, it would be a shame if the viewers hated them as they do Luis/Sheridan, or worse, just don't care anymore as in the case of Ethan/Theresa/Gwen.

I love the fabulous Kathleen Noone. And I am glad that after having to endure years in a bad wig and spew lines about diapers, she is going out with a bang worthy of her fabulousness. I really think Edna should hang around. I really think she could give Alistair a run for his money.

Whitney loves her son. Jessica is a moron. Endora gets cuter everyday. Katherine's intentions are noble enough, but either let Sheridan deal with the murder or let Martin go.

High Point of the Week:: So many really. I really like what's happening with Kay and Fox.

Low Point of the Week:: Ethan and Gwen. As much as I root for them, this is so over.

Some Random Thoughts:

First of all, A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who wrote in with your good wishes for my final this week. Your thoughtfulness is very appreciated. Secondly, if you are thinking of writing in and calling me, or any of the reader's who appear in "Random Thoughts" names, don't bother. Your emails are deleted, and if I get more than one, your name is blocked in my email. This is an opinion column, and I like to feel I give everyone a chance to voice their opinion along with mine. Last week I failed in posting a "Random Thoughts" column due to internet issues, so that is why it's a tad bit longer this week. Enjoy!!!!

"I actually felt a little bit sorry for Jessica this week. She just stabbed that guy in self-defense, and now, Spike's going to let her think she killed him when he actually did. In one sense, one should have no sympathy for Jessica because she never should've been there to begin with. But in another sense, she's young and little naive, so some sympathy should be given. And do you agree that Spike just gets more and more evil with every passing episode?" Thanks Jamison!!! I think Spike is the best villain this show has ever seen.

"I don't really understand why they are trying to hide the fact that Sheridan killed her aunt for fear that she'll go to jail and lose her mind. First, you cannot convict a child under the age of seven for a crime. And how many times did she lose her mind? She seems fine now, except for the 'my son this, my son that'; it is worst then 'my wife'. Thanks Chantelle!!!!

"I am sad that Kelli McCarty is gone and I do not want to see Kathleen Noone go either. She looks positively radiant now. I wish they would keep her because I think she could have some interesting storylines now." I totally agree Jordan. Thanks for writing in!!!!!!

"Gwen deserves everything she gets from Theresa. More times Gwen says Theresa killed my Sarah, but again who attacked who? Ethan and Theresa belong together. If I was Gwen I would have left Ethan long time ago. Why would you put yourself through hell when your husband loves and longs for someone else?" I agree Amanda!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I know you don't like Theresa and you like Gwen, but the latter is as much of a user & manipulator as Theresa. I am not a Theresa fan though I can tolerate her a lot more than I can Gwen because Gwen seems to think she hasn't done anything wrong and she has. As soon as Gwen can admit that she is no better than Theresa with turning everything into a one up competition for Ethan's affections, then she will always be everything she calls Theresa on top of being a complete hypocrite." Thanks Davina!!!!

Quote of the week: "Once Theresa got home, I thought she would stay there. It was pretty stupid that she left her house to go WALK to the Crane Mansion. I mean, if you're gonna walk through rubble, wear sneakers, not WEDGES! I couldn't believe it!" Thanks Alex!!!

This quote comes to me via my editor, Dan, who got quite a chuckle out of it. I promised him I'd post it, so here it is. "I am B-O-R-D bored with this show. I stopped watching for 3 weeks and what's the first thing I see when I watch this week? Those Las Vegas idiots are STILL looking for Noah and Fancy, everyone's griping about Alistair AGAIN and Theresa and Luis are being stupid ONCE MORE. It's ridiculous. This Passions Disaster had better be good or I'm through. And those of you who are looking for a new soap with likeable characters, romance, suspense, and great writing, I suggest you watch 'Yu-Gi-Oh!'." Thanks Jon!!!! Until next week friends,

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