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What will happen to Dinah when she finally spills the beans about Edmund and Cassie? Will Ross wash his hands of his little girl? Maybe Cassie will see Edmund's handwriting on this scheme, and end up on friendly terms with her rival.

Wow! I go on two not-so-little business trips and a lot happens in Springfield! Maybe I should go away more often - the show seems to have finally picked up the pace. Or maybe that is because I've had GL marathon viewing sessions recently.

Not only have I noticed a quicker pace, most of the stories and dialogue seem more realistic. Josh and Reva have had some pretty honest conversations recently, and I hope that they can save their relationship. While this story has drug on quite a while (although not as long as others) I can see the "Light" at the end of the tunnel (pardon the pun).

When I had one day home between trips, I tried to watch the first week's worth of shows I had missed. Some weeks, this is a real chore, when I put off viewing til the last minute. But I have to admit that when I got home around 1:30am I couldn't sleep, so I turned on the Light. And luckily I remembered that it was the middle of the night (about 3:40am) when I saw Grant Aleksander on the screen. I screamed as loud as I could (luckily my husband was not home that night - his mom had surgery and he was staying with her) without alerting the neighbors. And like any true insomniac, I went online to see all about Grant returning to GL. Only to be disappointed that he would not be coming back. While I certainly understand, the fan in me really wanted him back in Springfield. Happy Birthday, Grant (he turns 46 on Saturday) and come back to Springfield soon - we miss you!!

While Coop and Lizzie finally had some great scenes together (loved the closet scene - it really showed how lonely Lizzie's life had become) Tammy and Jonathan made me want to SCREAM!! They certainly have chemistry, but it's the biology that worries me. They are first cousins - not to mention that Jonathan has already hurt Tammy in the past. But I can see that Tammy is doomed to repeat the mistakes of her mother, who really had some real losers in her life (Rob Layne and now Edmund) and doesn't always heed other's advice.

Speaking of Edmund and Cassie, this whole revenge thing is getting a little stale. Dinah will surely spill the beans, but what will happen to Dinah? Will Ross wash his hands of his little girl? I can see that no one will want to talk to her when this is all said and done - which doesn't bode well for the character. Maybe Cassie will see Edmund's handwriting on this scheme and end up on friendly terms with her rival.

And Alan has been caught in his own web of deception. Now only Harley, whose life he put in jeopardy, is the only person who really believes Phillip is alive. How can this delusional man survive on his own? I can't wait to see how this all ends. Poor Lizzie has really been through the ringer at the hands of her "well-meaning" grandfather. Will she ever forgive him?

Danny and Michelle fans surely know what is coming when Michelle returns. As if the P.I. tailing Danny wasn't a big enough hint. She's pregnant - which will probably mean the end of Danny and Marina. But what changes have taken place since she's been in Africa (and will Ed possibly return soon?).

It looks like summer is finally heating up in Springfield and I can't wait to see what happens next! Until next week.... Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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