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Best forever friends?
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There aren't many forever friends in this world and AMC is showing how Amanda can manipulate Babe as Babe doesn't have any real friends in PV.

There aren't many forever friends in this world and AMC is showing how Amanda can manipulate Babe as Babe doesn't have any real friends in PV. I'm not saying Babe deserves any friends, but she doesn't deserve Amanda's behavior either. Amanda is mean spirited, manipulative and just plain hateful. A complete turnaround from when we remember her as a sweet and wonderful child back in the days of Trevor and Janet. I've disliked the Babe character from day one when she slept with Jamie for no reason since she was a newlywed and in love with JR, but Alexis Havens has done a wonderful job portraying Babe and my hats off to her for that. I understand in real life she and Justin Bruening (Jamie) got married. I wish them much happiness and hope they are forever friends!

Speaking of outstanding talent that would include Jacob Young as he has done a wonderful job portraying JR. His scene with Kendall professing his love which Kendall dismissed brought tears to my eyes and made me believe JR really does love Kendall but immediately went into defensive mode and came back to tell Kendall he only said that because of his deal with Erica.

Jamie wanting to become a doctor continues to bring in lots of comments as this one from Celeste who shared the following: "I am a second year medical student, and can say that the storyline makes no sense. #1- Jamie hasn't even graduated from college (as far as I know) #2- No matter how powerful Joe is, there is no way that he can pull strings to get Jamie into a medical school, unless he is planning on attending a medical school in Puerto Rico or the Caribbean. Medical schools have strict standards that they keep in selecting students. If you are ever accused or convicted of any crimes then they won't even accept your application." Thanks Celeste for your thoughts.

Does anyone out there remember when Ryan accused Zach of "copping out" because Zach faked his own death? I remember that very clearly and yet now Ryan is going down that same path. The fact that Ryan stated many times he loves Greenlee is just confusing to me. Okay, he didn't want to have children, Greenlee ignored those wishes, but excuse me get some psychiatric help for goodness sakes. What's going to happen when Ryan shows back up and everyone knows Zach's been lying? Kendall will go back to the time when she suspected Zach was hiding Ryan in the building but couldn't prove it. Kendall will understandably feel betrayed again and will that be the catalyst that allows Ryan and Kendall to be reunited?

I find it hard to believe that the rescue searchers looked everywhere except for the cave Ryan was hiding in. Also unbelievable is the fact Ryan went over the cliff on a motorcycle, but came up completely unharmed. Since Zach also went over that cliff unscathed, perhaps everyone should have kept looking. It appears TPTB want us to feel sympathy towards Ryan as he becomes emotional watching people grieve over him, but I don't. Instead, I wouldn't mind if he went to the Canadian tundra searching for Erin and fell into a fishing hole never to return. And I used to really like Ryan. Others are finding this difficult as well as I heard from Denise who commented "WHY? Do "they" have to mess with the characters so completely? Greenlee and Ryan could have broken up, she carries his child, he sees her big with child, and feels more and more love for her! No, they had to make him into a monster. If I were Green's I would have said "fine you don't want our child, our future, then I totally understand. Get out and take your angry, self-centered self with you. Nobody turns out like their parents unless they cave. I didn't think Ryan was a "caver"! Too bad! He always had an edge but NOT like this!." Yes, Denise, granted Greenlee shouldn't have gotten pregnant but she did and Ryan did react horridly.

Inconsistencies continue to abound as I've heard from so many about it being daytime in PV yet Ryan's scenes were in the dark, Erica changing outfits from one commercial break to the next on her way to help Greenlee, Kendall changing outfits in between commercials even though the scene didn't change at all. The fans do notice and find these flaws irritating.

Krystal and Adam working together to bring down Di. She needs to be brought down as she'll never be Dixie to me. It saddens me that AMC after promising to pair Adam and Brooke together in a front burner storyline have gone back on their word and are now pairing Adam with Krystal. This means Julia Barr will again be on the back burner unfortunately. Her contract is due to run out toward the end of this year and it makes me wonder if she'll renew or be renewed. TPTB don't appear to recognize this lady's outstanding talent. I have written to the network asking them to address this issue, give Julia Barr a meaty story and sign her long term. I blame Brian Frons for this as he's made it very clear he only wants women under 40 to have a major presence. He should be looking at the ABC dropping ratings and reevaluating that direction. The newbies just don't have the talent, nor the long-time fans that tune in to see their favorites. I hope those of you that agree with me on this do the same. The address is: All My Children, c/o ABC-TV, 77 West 66th St., New York, NY 10023

The heat has just been miserable lately. Use lots of sunscreen, drink plenty of water and take care of yourselves while outside and keep your pets cool inside as mine are comfortable on the sofa next to me even as I type. See you next time.


Mary Page
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