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Jeff Martin is back and not happy with Erica. Anyone surprised? After all if memory serves, Erica tried to pass the abortion off as a miscarriage as it was done without Jeff's knowledge or permission since having a baby would have ruined Erica's modeling career. Instead the abortion ruined Erica's first marriage. I was waiting for Jeff to blurt out to Josh, 'You're my SON!'

Jeff Martin is back and not happy with Erica. Anyone surprised? After all if memory serves, Erica tried to pass the abortion off as a miscarriage as it was done without Jeff's knowledge or permission since having a baby would have ruined Erica's modeling career. Instead the abortion ruined Erica's first marriage. I was waiting for Jeff to blurt out to Josh --- "You're my SON!!!". No such luck as it's continually being dragged out. This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Lena who writes: "How long are they going to drag this thing with Josh's paternity out? It has been months now let him know and get it over with already." Lena isn't the only one out there feeling this way as I really wish someone would tell Josh the truth. I also wish Erica would tell Jackson the truth or at this point Jeff would blurt it out to Jackson assuming Erica wasn't keeping secrets from her current husband. I'm thinking Jackson is going to give Erica the what for when he does find out and I don't blame him a bit. Maybe Jackson is getting suspicious since he was looking on when Erica and Jeff were talking.

Welcome Back Jonathan?

For anyone out there with a loved one that had brain tumor surgery and isn't back to their old normal self, just give them a big ole whack to the head. In only a few days they'll be back to their old self! Yes, indeedy, look at Jonathan. Now, that he's back to normal again, he promptly decides to hide the good news from his "wife" as she probably couldn't take it. After all she fell in love with the verbally challenged Jonathan, while the old Jonathan was a murderer. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of the end to the Jonathan and Lily pairing. Which leads to the question ---- who will Jonathan be paired up with? Amanda? Di? Julia? Simone? Lots of potential there ---- especially with Simone as she's been without anyone since Ethan bit the dust. It would be good to see Simone in a romance. I've missed her.

Justice Anyone?

Remember 2 weeks ago, I predicted no jail time for JR ---- well, well, well that was an easy one to predict for sure. JR try to kill someone? Oh, no, I must have been mistaken, let me perjure myself. Which is it Babe --- the truth is what you're saying now or what you said before? How about falsification of a police report? Guess that's not a crime anymore. Can't really blame the judge for ignoring Kendall's recollection of the confession, after all she was in a coma at the time. Kendall wants Babe to pay for perjury.... Hmmm if I remember correctly Kendall perjured herself about Erica's wielding that knife at Dimitri, about Bianca stealing alcohol and on and on. Can't blame Dixie for not wanting her son to go to prison, how many others in PV have lied to avoid prison time? Oh, too many to count. What's up with Erin coming down on Babe about JR? Has she forgotten her brother, Jonathan, committed multiple murders and abuse? Oh, that's right he had a brain tumor and so it wasn't his fault. Does it make Edmund, Steve or Braden any less dead? Erin just needs to get off of her high horse and come back to reality. It's really none of her business as she was sure hiding Jonathan out before she knew about the brain tumor.

I Love You?

Ryan tells Kendall oh so tenderly that he loves her while she's sleeping, then recants and proceeds to tell her he said she was beautiful once she wants to know what was said. Oh.... I was touched. I still see hope for those Kendall and Ryan fans out there. The natural chemistry Cameron Mathison and Alicia Minshew have is just so evident in any scene they are in together ---- even not so long ago when they were "fighting" all the time the chemistry shown through. I did think it was totally inappropriate for Bianca to ask Ryan how he could love Kendall from afar. Excuse me, it's called having restraint and respect for Kendall and her marriage. Something Bianca doesn't seem to have any concept of. It's past time for Bianca to go back to Paris and I'm grateful she was bid adieu. Did any one out there wonder why the Harts weren't called or even mentioned while Kendall was at death's door? Bad decision on the writer's part. Another bad decision --- having Zach choose Dixie's crisis over his own wife's medical emergency. At the time Zach was released from jail, he had no clue if Kendall was dead, still near death or alive. After all the time he spent at the hospital along with forcing everyone to stay away it was a no brainer to turn Dixie's request down. Not that I blamed Dixie for turning to Zach since he had in the past hidden her, covered up the gun shot wound, etc. but Zach is a grown man and certainly should have told Dixie "No". So will Dixie come between Zach and Kendall, especially since Dixie is the one that convinced Babe to change her story? I see Zach accepting Dixie's pleas and it seems this could cause dissention in the marriage and we all know the writers won't allow for a happy marriage --- at least not for long. I loved Zach trying to reason with Kendall not to harbor that grudge, but instead to move forward and concentrate on the two of them and Spike. Please give that kid a new name. JR decides to confront Kendall with the knowledge of her husband hiding the fact of his involvement with Dixie. I'm thinking Kendall is not going to take this sitting down.

Under Cover!

Okay, let's take a minute here and examine the "how" to Greg's burial. Someone had to dig a grave in the park big enough to place the "box/coffin" in, attach breathing apparatus, feeding tube, recorder, light, then be able to disable & carry Greg to the park, place him in the box, cover it all back up to where you can't tell the ground has been disturbed. This whole storyline disturbs me. You know I'm not a MADden fan, but this is totally unbelievable and ridiculous. Also, the suspect list is out the wahzoo. Between Julia mysteriously disappearing and then Jamie leaving the trial for reasons unknown. Lots of missing folks when the voice is in real time as opposed to recorded - that's quite a recorder. It appears to me this could be the work of more than 1 person and I don't see Janet being the culprit in all of this. If so, it's a real cop-out on the writer's part.

Forgive and Forget?

Di certainly is trying to make sure Tad never forgets Dixie's sin of playing dead and covering up their daughter is alive for so long. I really did like it when Tad turned the tables on her and reminded her of her past lies. Di is like the rest of PV as she is quick to point out everyone else's wrong doings, but just expect hers to be forgotten. I really don't want to see Tad hook up with her again. I'm not sure who she should end up with, but not Tad.


May sweeps have swept in and out without much ado according to the ratings. The ratings at the beginning of May started out at 2.6 to then jump to 2.8 and then back down to 2.6, then ending at 2.7. This has to be a disappointment to AMC and the fans. I didn't find the May storylines that interesting as it was evident Kendall would live even though the coma story dragged on and on, Dixie and Tad weren't able to find much out about Kate, JR decided to fess up and repent ---- again, Jonathan & Lily were on location in NYC, Jackson continued to be in the dark about Josh while everyone in PV came to "hate" Greg and then the dreaded "Greg In A Box" story. There was too much going on without much closure. This week's AMC Fan Gripe of the week comes from Annette who writes: "These writers are so out of touch and just don't get it. Why are they still writing for a cast of such talented actors and writing mostly bad stories and their sense of timing is beyond bad. These stories drag on and on and on and there is no happiness on this show. No fun, no joy. It is all doom and gloom and I think most of us are really tired of it. Zach and Kendall the only real love story and they keep breaking them up. I don't get it." I think Annette summed that up quite well.

I went to see the movie "The Lake House" and thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, I had to suspend belief about the "time" thing but it was true romance through and through. Of course, Keanu Reeves is such a fine romantic lead. What a hunk. Sandra Bullock is so cute too! Do remember your tissue if you go see it! Take care all you AMC fans out there!! I'll be back in 2 weeks!!


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