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Damian believes that he can fix everything by sending Luke to a camp that will make him straight. Lily was going along with the idea, until she found out that it was a scam. However, it may be too late for her or her baby.

This was quite a week in Oakdale as things were happening so fast it was hard to almost keep track: there was sick Johnny, Damian plotting behind his son's back, Will keeping secrets again from his wife and Mike and Katie get over Nick and take a honeymoon cruise with Simon aboard.

Johnny is Seriously Sick
Wow, he was fine one minute and the next he was quiet and non-responsive; this happened just minutes after receiving the papers making Dusty his father. This story is moving as fast as the Margo liver surgery story. Is it because Jennifer Ferrin is leaving soon that they need to tell as much story as possible before she leaves? Whatever the reason, this is really bringing out the best in all the actors involved.

Emily is definitely using this to her benefit by allowing them to use stem cells from her unborn child to help Johnny. I believe that she is being totally sincere in her agreeing to help. But we all have to realize that this is Emily and Emily usually has an angle. Would she use this as a way to get Dusty to change his mind about testifying against her?

It was nice to see Kim and Barbara acting like family at the hospital. Susan has been in the forefront with Emily lately as she tries to advise her daughter - since when has Emily ever listened to her mother about anything? I am enjoying have so many involved in this story.

Luke and his parents
This kid makes one step forward then Damian comes to town believing that he can fix everything by having Luke sent away to a camp that will send back home straight. This must be something that parents are doing in real life because they believe this is a choice their child makes as opposed to them just being born this way. Luke has made that very clear to everyone who he has decided to share this with. Damian is still the same person he was before but as Holden said to Jack: what is his real agenda in Oakdale?

Lily as a result of her insecurities was going along with Damian until she found out that this is a scam. However, it may be too late for her or her baby. I have to commend both Van Hansis (Luke) and Martha Byrne (Lily) for their performances this week. I watched them in awe as Luke confronted the doc who wanted to take him away and his anger and fear with his mother on the staircase. Martha has been great lately as a mother who loves her son but wonders if he is sure about himself. Those scenes on the staircase were hard to watch as we all know on soaps if a pregnant woman is arguing on stairs then the chances of her falling are more greater than not. I am so glad that Luke called Holden to come home because Damian arrived first. You have to wonder if Damian may still try to send Luke away before Holden gets home. I hope Damian would not be that cruel with Lily lying unconscious on the floor - that would have been an Orlena move.

Will and Jade
Will made another big mistake this week by sleeping with Jade then lying to Gwen. Gwen gave him an opportunity but again he chose to lie. I hope he gets himself together soon. I do think he has made a deal with the devil (Jade). This girl is not to be trusted as she will blackmail him if she has to get whatever she wants. I almost felt sorry for her when she got fired and Lily was in the library watching. When is she going to say Oakdale is not for me and leave?

Carly and Jack
Carly believed that Jack was ready to come back home. When she realized that he had no intention of coming back home - she got angry. I loved those scenes. I certainly hope she does move on with her life which will make Jack insanely jealous.

Jack should have never given her hope that things were going back to normal. It's true that Carly can be impulsive but she loves Jack and her kids very much. Who could she cozy up to - maybe Damian or Simon or someone new? I do want Jack and Carly back together but we all know the fun of their relationship is when they are apart trying to find their way back to each other.

Katie and Mike and Simon
Katie gets a residual check then takes Mike away on a honeymoon cruise with Nancy's assistance. What is going to happen when they find out that Simon is on the boat with them? This should be a lot of fun to watch!

Here are what some readers are saying:

Beth says, "I agree with your comments about Jade and her involvement with Will's storyline right now. The girl serves no purpose except to cause trouble (and this is trouble that all the characters don't need help with). I think Will's character is great (and hot!) but he's being really stupid right now."

Lori comments about Lucy, "Now that Lucy is back as a DR and obviously older than a year ago - I think they should revive her feelings for Paul! That would give Craig something to churn about - plus that could be real interesting!"

Sab is a huge fan of Maddie and says, "I really like Maddie, but I think her character's plot needs to be a little bit more interesting. Give her a plot! Its tiring watching her be in the girlfriend /good friend role. Its a appealing not vile like jade, but I want to know more about Maddie's history like why did she come to Oakdale suddenly, and what's with her not liking to speak about her past or family???? She's always avoided questions regarding to her pre-Oakdale life especially regarding her parents. She needs a plot about her family or people will soon lose interest and I don't want to see Maddie go. She is the only reason why I watch AS the world turns!!!!"

Kristi says, "I'm really glad Nick is gone, and I'm hoping that Jade will be the next Oakdale murder victim. Suspects - Will, Gwen, Maddie, Casey, Barbara, Luke? The actual killer could be Nate or one of the other high schoolers on the peripheral. I'd even be willing to come on and do the deed - self defense; she's boring us all to death!"

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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