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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 12, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, June 12, 2006

At the graduation party Gwen wonders where Will has gone. Will is making love to Jade in the park. When Casey and Maddie go to the footbridge with Gwen to look for Will, Gwen finds the note that she had written to Will.

At the country club, Johnny suddenly becomes feverish and non-responsive. Bob Hughes insists that they take Johnny directly to the pediatric intensive care unit. Jennifer worried that Johnny's sickness is due to her postponing his vaccines, but Lucy reassure Jen. Bob tells Jen and Dusty that the tests on Johnny were inconclusive, but Lucy recognizes that Bob is afraid that something serious is wrong with the baby.

Emily has decided to give up parental rights to her baby. Henry reassures her that she has done the right thing, letting Meg and Paul raise the child.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dusty demands Lucy tell him what's wrong with Johnny. She stalls until Bob arrives and admits Johnny has a rare form of blood cancer, even rarer than Leukemia. They'll do everything they can, but his condition is grave. Meanwhile, Susan tells Emily a date has been set for her hearing. Emily is going for her check-up when she sees a sobbing Jen. Emily asks Susan what's going on and learns about Johnny's condition. Susan mentions that sometimes stem cells can be used to treat the condition. Emily says, hmmm.... Jade urges Will not to feel guilty about their sleeping together and go find his wife. Gwen goes sobbing to Carly, who assures her that if she and Jack can patch things up, so can Gwen and Will. Gwen comes home to find Will and demands that they talk everything out. She swears there is nothing he could do that would make her turn her back on him. Meanwhile, Carly, dressed in her Montana wedding gown, greets Jack as he returns from work, convinced he's home to stay. She tells Jack she knows he's planning to propose to her again, and Carly says yes! Mike admits he hasn't been fair to Katie. She thought he was blaming her for killing Nick, when he was blaming himself for not listening to her suspicions about Nick's guilt earlier. Just when it looks like the couple is getting back on track, Lucinda shows up to tell Katie she knows Katie is Anonymous, and to hand her a check for "Oakdale Confidential's" royalties. Mike, remembering how the crisis with Nick began, takes off. Katie follows and, again, Mike reassures that he's not mad at her. Katie has an idea for

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Damian brings a psychologist that he thinks can help Luke, to meet Lily. Lily asks if he is a reversion therapist, or "deprogrammer," but both Damian and Dr. Ross Kreeger assure that isn't the case. Later, however, Damian reminds Ross that his son had better decide he's straight. Meanwhile, Luke chats with Kevin, who more or less blows him off, then admits to Lucy that Kevin is the guy he's in love with. Luke goes home, where Ross is waiting. Emily is intrigued to learn that Johnny could be cured with stem cells from a fetal relative. Her baby is, after all, Johnny's cousin. Emily calls Jennifer and asks her to see her right away. She offers her baby's stem cells. Jennifer wants to know why Emily is doing this? She admits she's doing it to atone for what she's done, and also because Jennifer was the one who talked her out of having an abortion. Obviously this was meant to be. Dusty points out that such a "selfless" gesture on her part will also make Emily look good in front of the judge. Emily agrees, then asks Dusty if her benefiting from the donation will be enough to keep him from saving his son? Dusty and Jen both agree they'll do anything to save Johnny. Jack tells Carly he's sorry she misinterpreted his actions, but he is not looking to get back together. Jack admits he might have wanted to share her reunion fantasy for a little while, but it can't go on. Carly says that if everything they've been through means nothing to Jack, then to hell with him. Carly orders Jack to go, but be aware, this time she is not going to sit around pining for him. They're through! Jack leaves. Will tries to confess his sleeping with Jade to Gwen, but Gwen just wants to make up. Meanwhile, Will's principal accuses Jade of helping Will cheat. Later, Will tells Jade he and Gwen are back together. She's clearly hurt, but promises to keep their encounter a secret. He, in turn, promises not to reveal that she's the one who helped him cheat.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Katie and Nancy trick Mike into taking a romantic cruise to help set their marriage back on track. Mike reluctantly agrees to give it a chance. Maddie is so happy to hear that Will will be going to summer school that she promises to help him with calculus – anything to keep him from Jade! At the same time, Jade is busted as the person who helped Will cheat and fired from the library, leaving her both jobless and homeless. Jade calls Will, but he doesn't answer. Gwen asks what's going on, reminding her husband they promised no secrets. Will lies that it's Barbara. Later, Jade hits Will up for a job at CRASH. When Will says no, Jade subtly threatens him. Luke meets Ross, hears about his summer program, and instantly assumes it's because Lily wants to get rid of him. Lily tells him it's just so he can get away from the tensions at home and Luke agrees – for Holden and Lily's sake. However, after he hears the camp pitch, Luke says he wants to call his dad first and ask what Holden thinks. Ross says Holden doesn't know about this – it was all Lily's idea. At the library, Lily and Jade argue, with Jade reminding that at least she accepted Luke being gay, which is more than Lily did. Lily becomes disturbed thinking about Ross and his program. After researching him on the Internet, she is about to rush home, when Damian enters and she calls him a liar! She says they have to get home right away and let Luke know she isn't trying to reprogram him, but Damian says it's already too late.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Holden tells Jack he's afraid Damian will hurt Lily and Luke's relationship. Meanwhile, Lily rants that she can't let Luke think she wanted to send him to a reprogramming camp, but Damian challenges that Lily wants their son to be straight. Lily denies and finally realizes that it's not Luke who needs to change, but her. Lily decides its time for her and Holden to support Luke together and tells Damian to get out of her way. Meanwhile, Ross explains to Luke how much his mother wants him in the program and that he has no choice. Luke pushes past Ross and tries to call Holden. Lily arrives home to throw Ross out. Ross leaves and Lily yells for Luke to come downstairs. Luke, thinking she's trying to get him to leave with Ross, doesn't believe her. Lily heads upstairs and tries to reason with her son but Luke freaks and pushes her harder than he intended. Lily tumbles down the stairs and lands unconscious at Damian's feet. Paul attempts to appease Emma by paying off the mortgage on her farm, but Emma snaps that Paul can't buy her off like he did her daughter. Meanwhile, Dusty and Jen learn that Emily's baby is a match for Johnny. But the procedure could seriously harm Emily's child. Dusty asks Emily to name her price – he'll do anything to save Johnny's life. But Emily agrees to have the procedure anyway. Meanwhile, Paul is trying to win Emma over by milking her most difficult cow, when Emma reveals the news about Johnny. Paul rushes to the hospital, where Jennifer tells him Johnny might survive only due to Emily's generosity. Katie and Mike's spontaneous honeymoon kicks off with a champagne cork to his eye. Later, they can barely hear themselves speak due to a raucous party in the next cabin. They make love, but someone tries to break into their cabin. It's only a very drunk woman who giggles: Sorry, she's got the wrong room. Hers is the one across the hall...with Simon in it.

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