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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 12, 2006 on GL
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Monday, June 12, 2006

Dinah finds Gus stoned out of his mind in his car after his crash. She moves him to the passenger seat then jumps behind the wheel so she can act like she was driving. An officer approaches and Dinah explains that her boyfriend was wired on coffee and made her so tense she pushed too hard on the gas pedal. The officer checks her license, says she did more damage to her car than property, and lets her go. She tells Gus, "You owe me." She takes Gus back to his room, telling him she won't cover for him again. Gus taunts Dinah by telling her that Mallet has probably been talking to Harley everyday since Gus has been gone and that the two will soon "hook up." Dinah slaps him. Dinah admits to Gus that she and Mallet are engaged. Gus decides to call Harley, but Dinah says now is not the time. Gus admits that nobody would want him the way he is now. Dinah insists that Harley can help him through this just as she had helped Dinah. When she says they will start by flushing his pills, Gus tells her that has already been tried and nothing will work until he's able to have the pills in front of him and walk away on his own. She leaves after telling him that whenever he is tempted to get a fix from the pills, focus on Harley, the kids, and his future. After she's gone, Gus picks up the bottle of pills and says, "Don't you stare at me like that." He begins cleaning up his room, while keeping his eye on the bottle of pills. He picks up a picture of Harley, cleans it off and places it on his table. The pills are in his focus again.

Mallet meets his former partner, Regina, at Company. Regina is the officer Mallet had an affair with that led to his and Harley's divorce. She apologizes for getting in contact with him but she's been getting threatening notes. After comparing the threats that have been delivered to his and Dinah's room with the ones Regina has received, Mallet determines that it he is the target of the threats, not Dinah. Apparently someone he and Regina had put away is now out of prison and has revenge toward them planned. Mallet lets it slip to Regina that he's engaged, but asks Regina to keep it quiet. When she asks him why, he responds that he's really not quite sure.

Frank comes into Company with a DVD of "The Law" episode featuring Mallet and tells him his favorite part was the end when Mallet and Dinah get engaged. Franks teases Mallet by acting out the scene. They laugh, Mallet looks embarrassed, and Frank suggests they have a party the night the show is aired. Mallet doesn't think it will air, but Frank tells him it's out of his control now. Ha, Ha.

Mallet and Regina are leaving Company when Regina gives Mallet her key in case something should happen to her. She thanks and hugs Mallet while Dinah looks on.

After Coop proposes marriage to Lizzie outside of Company, the two go to the courthouse to get a marriage license. They run into Ava's who is there to apologize to her date, Jerry, for the lousy evening. When she learns that Coop and Lizzie are there to get a marriage license, she ends up being the witness to the signing of the papers. When Ava leaves, visibly upset, Coop suggests to Lizzie that they go immediately to the Justice of the Peace and get married then. Although Lizzie obviously wants a different kind of wedding, she tells Coop she knows he's just going through with the marriage because of the baby, so they can go to the JOP. Coop assures her that he's not doing it just for the baby, but for the three of them. He wants a real family, with more kids later down the road. He agrees they should have a traditional wedding as long as Lizzie promises to keep it simple. She is ecstatic.

After Reva fell on Main Street, Jonathan picks up things that spilled from her purse and insists she go to Cedars to be checked out. While in the examining room, Jonathan is being the dutiful son, helping Reva fill out her paperwork. She wishes he would be the dutiful father and own up to everyone that he's the father of Lizzie's baby. She says he will be abandoning the child and he tells her it's too late. And she sends him off saying, "Fine, let some other guy raise your child. I did it. Why shouldn't you?" In the hall, Jon pulls from his pockets the things he had picked up from Reva's spilled purse. He finds her medication for the side effects of chemotherapy. He returns to her room and confronts her with the medication. After several denials, she finally admits that she has cancer. Jon immediately has trouble keeping back his tears. He asks her how bad it is and she indicates that it could be better. He breaks down in tears and she asks him not to be afraid for her because she's not. When he asks her how Josh is handling it she reveals that no one knows except for Jon. He gets angry and calls her a hypocrite for insisting he come clean about the baby when she won't even tell her own family about her illness. Reva doesn't believe it is the same thing. Josh says that if Reva won't tell Josh, he will. Reva says she'll come clean to Josh if he comes clean about the baby. She tells him that she's not telling anyone, and neither is he. He leaves and Reva cries aloud, looking at a picture of Josh. Jon can't leave the hospital and returns to her room. They hug and Reva apologizes for laying all this news on him. He asks her what she needs. She replies that there is something she needs him to do for her.

While a song with the lyrics "it don't come easy" plays in the background, we see Dinah observing Mallet and Regina, Gus looking at the bottle of pills, Lizzie catching the bouquet of a young woman just married at the courthouse, Coop looking nervous but composed, Frank offering a sundae to a distraught Ava, and Reva having a heart to heart with Jon-telling him what she needs him to do for her. He is nodding.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Frank enters Company to find Buzz running it alone. Buzz explains that he doesn't know where Coop is. Frank mentions that he's probably getting fitted for a tux. Buzz has no idea what Frank is talking about; leading Frank to break the news that Coop is marrying Lizzie. Buzz is not happy to hear that and rushes out to "rescue" his son.

At Towers, Lizzie informs Beth that Tammy is throwing her a wedding/baby shower. Beth's not sure that's such a good idea considering who Tammy's boyfriend is. She's afraid Jonathan will show up and ruin things. Lizzie assures Beth that everything will be fine. She then starts talking about the wedding planning, mentioning doves. At that point, Coop walks in and having heard Lizzie reminded her that that he they were having a simple wedding. Beth changes the subject by welcoming Coop into the family. But Coop's still a little put out. He thought they agreed not to go too crazy. He looks at Lizzie's wedding planner and it is a bit extravagant. Just then Alan enters and Beth approaches. Alan's a little wary because he thought he was only meeting Beth and Lizzie for lunch. Beth talks Alan into joining them and Lizzie announces to her grandfather that she and Coop are getting married--this week. Alan tells her absolutely not. At the same time, Buzz arrives and states Hell has frozen over; Alan's actually right. Buzz then yells at Coop about what a bad idea this is and looks to Alan for confirmation. However, Alan surprises everyone by stating that, while Coop is not his first choice, he's not going to stand in their way. Buzz tries again to get through to Coop, stating that he made the same mistake and wound up ruining lives. His words don't have an affect on Coop though. Upon learning that Lizzie is having a shower, Alan suggests that Buzz host an impromptu Bachelor party for Coop.

Later, at Company, Alan leads the men in a toast to Lizzie's baby. Alan then tries to get in the spirit of things by suggesting they go to a bar in Chicago--the one where Cassie worked. Buzz suggest they all just sit around and think up reasons why this wedding shouldn't happen. Alan pulls him aside and warns him that if he's not careful, he's going to blow it. Buzz asks Alan what he's going to do. Alan responds that he's not going to do anything--he doesn't have to. At that moment, who should arrive but Ava? She's met at the door by Coop who informs her that this is his bachelor party. Meanwhile, Frank comes over to Alan and Buzz. He realizes that Alan set this up. Alan's proud of his plan. Frank and Buzz comment that this will end up hurting Lizzie. Alan's not concerned about hurting Lizzie. However, her baby will never be hurt. Later, Buzz gives Coop a present, the cufflinks Jenna gave to him when they married. Buzz tries to reason with Coop one more time, pointing out that he doesn't love Lizzie. Coop is determined though and tells Buzz that he and Lizzie have time. He then goes out to get some air. Outside, Coop finds Ava sitting on the bench. She jokingly states that his bachelor party is pretty lame. Looking into her eyes, he comments that this is his last night of freedom. To do what feels right in the moment. Ava states that if she was a different person, she'd beg him not to go through with the wedding. But she's not that girl. And he's not the kind of guy to walk away from something he has to do even if she asked. Gently, Coop says goodbye and leaves. Alan and Buzz are watching from the window. Alan insists that something has to be done to stop this wedding. Looking at Buzz, he states that he doesn't think Buzz is going to stand in his way. Meanwhile, Frank is now outside with Ava discussing Coop. Ava is depressed because Coop deserves more than just to "settle". Frank points out that that is true for Ava as well. He tells her that she deserves a good life as well and assures her there is someone out there for her.

A very nervous Josh is at straightening out the cabin preparing for a television interview. He points out to a mocking Billy that this interview is very important since it will generate publicity about the project. Just then he gets a call from Reva telling him she can't make it to the interview. Josh isn't too happy about this since he was counting on Reva, a known television personality, to be with him. Reva tells him that Jonathan needs her help; it's important. She suggests that Cassie sits in for her. Before Josh has a chance to object, Reva hangs up. At that point, Cassie enters and is told she has to sit in for Reva. Cassie tries to decline, stating that Billy would be a fine choice, but Josh pleads with her to help him. While Cassie continues to try to beg off, Billy asks why exactly is Reva not here. Billy's tone is awfully accusatory and Josh picks up on that. Josh accuses Billy of purposely trying to fine cracks in his marriage and insists that he and Reva are fine. Later when Josh is out of the room, Cassie accuses Billy of causing trouble. Billy brings up the fact that she has feelings for Josh, which Cassie insists is not true. Billy suggests that the reason she won't do the interview with Josh is because she's afraid to be near Josh. Cassie denies it and when the reporter arrives, Cassie volunteers to sit in. The interview goes well, with Cassie speaking warmly about Josh.

As for Reva, she's with Jonathan in his room at the Beacon for an unpleasant task. She needs Jonathan to shave her head since her hair keeps coming out in clumps due to the chemo. Reva finds out that Coop is marrying Lizzie and tries to talk to Jonathan about it but he wants to focus on the task at hand. Reva's having trouble though and decides she needs a few drinks to go through with it. Her nerves settled, Reva starts reminiscing about her hair. However, it will grow back. When Jonathan fires up the electric razor, Reva states she can't stand the sound and tells him to crank up the radio loud. Jonathan does the deed. Later, Reva tries out her new wig. She's wearing a blonde one (cut like her natural hair) and has a red one for fun. . As they're talking, Reva mentions that it's funny-she may be on the way out and he's bringing in a whole new life into the world. Immediately after she says it, Reva tries to be positive and states that she'll get better; she's not going to die. Jonathan asks if she's scared and she admits she is. Reva brings up his daughter again. Jonathan admits that seeing the sonogram got to him but he can't do anything about it. Reva gives Jonathan a gift. She did some sneaking around the hospital and wound up with a sonogram of Lizzie's baby. She then leaves.

Tammy is throwing Lizzie her shower at CO2 on Main Street. There Alex presents Lizzie with her mother's diamond earrings. Meanwhile, Beth sees Lillian and sarcastically thanks her for coming to the party. Being happy for Lizzie isn't too hard, is it? Lillian states that she does want Lizzie to be happy. She just doesn't think Coop loves Lizzie. Lillian compares Lizzie's situation to when Phillip married Mindy when he got her pregnant. Her stroll down memory lane gets Beth upset; she doesn't want to hear it. She states that no one is going to hurt another one of her children. Later, Beth starts to warn Lizzie not to let anyone stand in the way of her happiness but Lizzie doesn't think that's going to happen. Just as Lizzie is taking a drink of punch, Jonathan barrels in, knocks the drink out of her hand and asks what the hell is wrong with her. Everyone looks at Jonathan like he's crazy and he's told that it was non-alcoholic punch. Tammy leaves with Jonathan and asks him what that was all about. He covers that he was just having a bad day.

Reva, donned in the red wig, meets Josh at the cabin. Josh is impressed and tries to seduce her but she tells him she's starving and suggests he grill up some steaks. When he leaves the cabin, Reva looks at herself in the mirror and practices telling Josh the truth. However, when she takes off the wig to reveal her bare skull, she decides she can't do that to him.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The late HB Lewis comes to Josh in a dream to say he's proud of him. Reva is proud of Josh too – but she cancels out on yet another engagement to sneak to chemotherapy. Cassie fills in yet again. Josh insists he doesn't mind sharing Reva with Jonathan and his multitude of problems. But another ghostly visit from HB prompts him to reschedule his trip out of town. RJ gets into a fight in school and begs the counselor to call Josh instead of his mom. They both head down to the school. RJ tells Cassie he started the fight because he was teased for not having a dad. The school blames Cassie, but Josh defends her. The principal observes that it's obvious how much Josh loves Cassie. Later, Josh runs into Jonathan and is confused, since Reva told him she'd be with her son. Jonathan covers. Ghostly HB tells Josh the boy is lying. Josh pushes the matter out of his head and goes to help Cassie make a model volcano for RJ. Cassie insists she can't keep depending so much on Josh. Josh and RJ bond, as Cassie grows more and more uneasy. Josh leaves, but HB has the last word, as he urges his son to take another look at Cassie and RJ....

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Josh wants Reva, who is fighting a nasty cough, to fly to San Francisco with him, but she's busy obsessing over Coop and Lizzie's wedding – and Jonathan's baby. Coop asks Tammy to keep Jonathan away from the wedding, while Lizzie asks Jonathan the same thing directly. Alan, on the other hand, would like Coop himself to stay away, and he attempts to recruit Beth in his plan. Coop, meanwhile, can't stay away from Ava as they share a hot kiss. Lizzie sees and blames Ava, telling her that it's over. Lizzie's won and Ava's lost. Ava accuses Lizzie of not loving Coop. Lizzie leaves, daring Ava to do her best to stop the wedding. Ava considers it but then Beth shows up with a burly bodyguard who tosses Ava in a meat locker. Tammy tells Jonathan about Coop's edict, and insists that if Jonathan can't go to the wedding, she won't be going either. Tammy suggests she and Jonathan get out of town instead. Jonathan calls Reva to let her know their plans. A still ailing Reva rushes out of the house. She ends up at the hospital, gasping for breath with a very worried Colin by her side.

Friday, June 16, 2006

As Coop and Lizzie's wedding is about to kick off, Jonathan and Tammy are planning to leave town, and Reva is struggling to fight off a deadly flu caused by her chemotherapy-suppressed immune system. Colin begs her to let him call someone. Reva refuses to let him contact Josh, so Colin calls Jonathan. At the hospital, Reva begs Jonathan to acknowledge Lizzie's baby. Jonathan refuses until Colin makes him realize how sick Reva actually is. Once Jonathan sees that Reva may never get the chance to meet her grandchild, he takes off – but not before finding Billy in the hospital to fill him in on Reva's condition. Billy enters Reva's room and offers her his help. Meanwhile, Tammy finds Ava in the meat locker. At the wedding with Olivia, Frank sneers at seeing Marina and Alan-Michael together. Marina assures her dad she's just using him to get info for Harley. Frank tells Olivia how sorry he feels for Ava, which makes Olivia wonder why he cares so much about a stranger. Coop ignores superstition and comes to see Lizzie before the wedding. He assures her that, after today, he will be totally committed to Lizzie and the baby. As Lizzie walks down the aisle, Beth spies Jonathan. Her thug tries to stop him from coming in, but Jonathan punches him out. He rushes down the aisle, only to see Tammy there. He apologizes to Tammy, then tells Coop the baby isn't his.

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