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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 5, 2006 on GL
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Monday, June 5, 2006

Outside of Company, Cassie is talking herself out of being attracted to Josh when Josh walks up and interrupts her. He asks for a lift to his car, but she pretends she's still in a meeting with Mr. Hancock. Josh wonders aloud why all the women in town are avoiding him. On Main Street, Reva is searching for RJ and calls Josh to tell him he's missing. As Cassie panics, Rosh calms her down and promises they'll find him. Cassie takes Josh to his car and for a second time Cassie tries to reach RJ on his cell phone. They hear his phone ring and find him asleep in Josh's car. Josh lets Reva know that RJ's been found. Josh sends RJ to Cassie's car and Cassie says that Josh should keep his distance from them for a while. Josh thinks he's offended her, but she insists it's to avoid having RJ become too dependent on Josh. Josh says that he's the closest thing to a father figure RJ has. She acknowledges that RJ had had Richard, then Edmund, and then Jeffrey. Josh reminds her that he's been the one constant male figure in his life and he needs to be around for the next loser boyfriend Cassie brings home. She semi-smiles at this comment. Josh tells her that he will always be there for Cassie and RJ.

Meanwhile, Reva has also called Dr. McCabe for help when she was looking for RJ. He quickly arrives thinking she has a medical emergency. She tells him that he gave her the chemo that made her sick, it's her fault she had to run to the bathroom, giving RJ the opportunity to wander off-therefore it's Dr. McCabe's fault RJ is missing. He refuses to help and starts to leave when she tells him he's all she's got. She reels off a list of places RJ might go, fun places. Dr. McCabe says that when he was RJ's age he'd wander off to the science museum to see the latest exhibits. Reva replies, "Yeah, well, you're you." After Josh lets Reva know RJ's okay, Reva tells Dr. McCabe that she's a failure as a woman, wife, and mother and that Dr. McCabe must get a perverse thrill watching all this. She tells him she has to leave to go knock some sense into her son.

After calling Ashlee, Lizzie realizes that Ashlee has given damaging evidence about Lizzie's pregnancy to Tammy. She arrives at Tammy and Jonathan's room just as Tammy is heading out to find Ashlee and get to the truth about the file. Lizzie covers by saying that Jon was using information in the file to blackmail her into helping with testimony in Ashlee's case against Jon. She says that she first went to the clinic to make an appointment for an abortion and Jon found out. Tammy is disgusted by the news and leaves. She goes to the court house and runs into Remy who teases her because Jon's in trouble again. They meet Mel and Jeffrey in the hallway and they tell her the court date has been changed. Tammy asks Jeff he wants her to say hi from him to her mother. He says it's probably not a good idea. Before Tammy returns to her room, Jon and Lizzie are still arguing about the fact that the baby is his after all. They compare rotten childhoods and dysfunctional family situations. Jon declares the "worst childhood" of the two is a toss up. Tammy returns and Lizzie leaves, saying she knows the best will work out between them. Tammy tells Jon that's the last secret he will ever keep from her-from now on they share everything. They begin making love.

Leah runs into her unemployed father, Rick, at Company. She insists that he's a train wreck and she will fix everything between him and her mother. She leads him to the court house where they run into Mel, Remy, and Jeffrey. Leah pushes the Rick and Mel together as Jeffrey declares that "family drama is not my thing," and leaves. Leah says that although Rick has messed up, Mel has too. She then retracts the statement by saying that Mel probably hasn't because she's the perfect one in the family. She tells Mel that she's bailing on the family. Mel says she's glad Leah got that off her chest, but the issues at hand are between her and Rick. Rick agrees. Remy grabs Leah to take her off for a soda. Mel turns and glares at Rick.

Reva goes to the nursery at the boarding house and watches Lizzie play with baby things. When Lizzie leaves, Reva goes into the nursery and looks lovingly at the crib and hugs a stuffed bear.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Mallet continues to search for Dinah's stalker. Dinah guesses that Alan-Michael is behind the threats. Later, Dinah meets Brooke Mallet's new partner on the force. Dinah takes great care to show that she is not by any means threatened by this development. That is, until Brooke leaves. And then Dinah goes all Dinah on her boyfriend. Mallet realizes she still doesn't trust him. Reva tricks Lizzie and Jonathan into a face-to-face, but can't force them to deal with the fact that Jonathan is her baby's father. Meanwhile, Ava is so tired of the sexual tension between her and Coop that she blurts out she wishes they'd slept together. Just then, Lizzie bursts in, insisting that Coop feel the baby kick. Lizzie takes Tammy up to see the baby's nursery, and Tammy drags Jonathan along. He is visibly moved by it. To get Coop's attention, Lizzie pretends to fall. But Coop is too busy eavesdropping on Ava making a date with someone else, and it's Jonathan who comes to Lizzie's rescue instead. Later, Lizzie goes sobbing to Beth that Jonathan knows the truth. To get her mind off Josh, Cassie impulsively asks Colin out. Reva is horrified, but Colin accepts.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

"The Law," a reality television show, comes to Springfield to tail Officer A.C. Mallet, and right off the bat catches him half-naked in the shower with Dinah. Mallet heads to work, Dinah tagging along. Olivia shows up, too, trying to shove Frank in front of the cameras for his own shot at glory. Frank runs away, as does Marina when she sees the press. Mallet takes the lead Marina brought him and goes after a drug dealer. Dinah perkily hops in the back seat. A few hours later, however, she isn't perky. She's bored. Stakeouts, apparently, aren't much fun. Dinah and Mallet end up separately talking directly to the camera. Dinah spills that Mallet cheated on Harley with his former partner, while Mallet muses on how some people make the same mistakes over and over again. Their reverie is cut short by a drug deal which turns out to be a guy grocery shopping. But then, they find a strung-out Gus. Mallet tries to convince him to call Harley, but Gus resists. Mallet gets a call to help out with a hostage situation, and ends up at a wedding, where a guest is about to stab the groom for dumping her in favor of the bride. Dinah encourages her to do it, then shares that, under similar circumstances, she personally pulled a gun. Dinah reveals her own story of killing Hart, explaining that it didn't make her feel better. She then tells her that, after all that, Dinah found a man who truly loved her. The woman drops her knife and a grateful groom invites Dinah and Mallet to stay for the wedding. Moved, Mallet asks Dinah to marry him. She accepts. Later, however, both begin to panic.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Beth encourages Jonathan to stay away from Lizzie's baby. The encouragement comes in the form of a large check. Josh finds it and is intrigued. He tells Jonathan that his leaving town with Tammy would hurt Reva and Cassie. He tears up the check and warns Beth to stay away from Jonathan. Meanwhile, Lizzie reads Coop's journal where he writes that the woman he really cares about is Ava. Lizzie would like Beth to fix that little problem for her. Beth informs Ava that Coop will be moving into the mansion with Lizzie, which is true. But right now, Coop is late for Lizzie's sonogram. Lizzie goes in alone. Reva sees her and calls Company to let Coop know the sonogram has been cancelled. Coop is pleased since it gives him a chance to harass Ava and her lunch date. Ava tells Coop she wants nothing more to do with him, but Coop won't give up. Reva lures Jonathan down to the hospital. He enters the room just as Lizzie is getting her sonogram. Frank asks Olivia and Emma to move in with him. Olivia turns him down, but she does offer to sleep with him instead. Frank takes her up on it. Later, though, Olivia goes to Buzz wondering what's wrong with her. Frank sees them together and scowls.

Friday, June 9, 2006


Reva has just arranged for Jonathan to be with Lizzie during her sonogram... Inside, Jonathan can't help but be awed at the sonogram and is touched when he learns it's a girl. Jonathan's attachment isn't lost on Lizzie and when the doctor leaves, she tells Jonathan to back off. Suddenly, Jonathan asks where Coop is and then asks if he's going to take care of the kid. Lizzie assures Jonathan that Coop is a great guy and will be a great father. She then asks Jonathan to give the girl the life she deserves; a chance at happiness. Jonathan then leaves the room and runs into Reva.. He knows Reva set this up Reva tries to convince him to take responsibility for his baby but Jonathan is adamant about keeping quiet and giving the baby a shot at a decent life. He then stalks off.

Coop and Ava are at her place arguing about him ruining her date. Coop blurts out hat he hated her date because he was with her and Coop wasn't. Coop then gently holds Ava and tells him she is all-consuming. Ava's moved by his words but tries to resist, telling him she doesn't want to do something they can't do--and they CAN"T do this. However, she quickly melts in his arms and they start to make love. Until Jonathan bursts in and pulls Coop right off of her. Jonathan then yells that Coop doesn't deserve to be a father. Ava tries to tell Jonathan to mind his own business, but Jonathan is irate at what's going on. After the guys start to have a little scuffle, Jonathan warns Coop to do right by Lizzie--or else. Jonathan then comments how funny it is that he's the one trying to be the good guy and Coop's the one who's selfish. After some scathing words that Coop should use a condom next time, Jonathan leaves. Coop then leaves Ava and finds Lizzie. When he learns she had her sonogram today, he says that someone told him it was postponed, that's why he wasn't there. .Lizzie informs him that she's having a girl. Coop tells Lizzie that he's decided the baby will need a full time father and asks her to marry him.

A strung out Gus is at CO2 muttering to himself about finding Harley. Buzz overhears and gibes Gus some advice--Harley is the kind of person who needs to feel safe. And when Gus is high, he's not safe. Gus admits that he has a problem, he just has some trouble dealing with it.

Dinah and Mallet are at their place discussing the threatening note she received. She thinks it's nothing. Suddenly, Harley calls asking to speak with Mallet. She asks him to watch after Gus. Mallet doesn't think that's a good idea since he's not exactly Gus's favorite person right now. As Mallet goes in the bedroom to talk, who should knock but Gus. He asks Dinah where Harley is but she tells him she doesn't know. At that point, Mallet reenters the room and Gus figures out he was talking to Harley. After blasting Dinah for not telling him, Gus sarcastically suggests that Mallet go to Europe to comfort Harley like he did in the past. Mallet's getting tired of this old routine and tells Gus he's had enough. The door is always open for the old Gus, but this new Gus is a lost cause. Before he leaves, Gus tells Mallet he'll pay for what he's done and warns Dinah to get away from this jerk. Gus's words provoke Mallet to wonder if Gus is the one who sent the threading note--not for Dinah, but him. Dinah tells Mallet that he's being paranoid and goes to find Gus in order to prove Mallet wrong and because she's worried about him.

Dr. McCabe finds Reva by CO2 and warns her that her white cell count is through the roof: that means her cancer is spreading. He tries to tell her ha they'd have to make adjustments to her chemo which will make the symptoms more pronounced but she's not listening. Instead, she refuses his help, telling him she's not sick. McCabe tells her to call him when she's ready and goes. Soon after, Jonathan approaches. He tells Reva that Lizzie is having a girl. Again, Reva tries to insist tat he take responsibility for the child., She tells him that he's not going to be around forever. She tells him that can't walk away from is child. During the argument, a weak Reva stumbles on to the street. At this moment, a pill popping Gus hits her with his car!

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