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Monday, June 5, 2006

Miguel jumps in the water because he thinks he has to save Siren. Kay goes nuts on the dock waiting for him to resurface. She gets ready to go and save Miguel from drowning and from Siren whom she thinks will drag him to the bottom of the ocean to live in her mermaid world. Siren frees herself of her tail just as Miguel appears. He grabs her and she pretends she is close to drowning. Fox is restraining Kay from jumping in as they surface together. Siren makes up a story about buying the mermaid fin for an added twist to the perfume photo shoot. Everyone buys her story but Kay and Mr. Jackson who knows she is the mermaid he had tattooed on his arm 40 years ago when he first saw and fell in love with her.

Fancy tells Theresa she plans to use herself as bait to get Beth out into the open and get Marty back for Luis and Sheridan. Theresa tries to persuade her to tell Luis her plan but Fancy refuses. After a while Theresa comes to the conclusion that Fancy is in love with Luis and tells Fancy to be careful with her heart because she feels Fancy and Luis are both lonely and vulnerable right now. Fancy denies that she is in love with Luis but when Theresa points out that when you are about to put your life on the line for someone that only means love. Fancy looks thoughtful at this statement.

Ethan tries to assure Noah that Luis and Fancy were indeed just sleeping in the same bed and nothing else. Noah doesn't believe it but does tell Ethan the whole story about being a witness to the shooting in college with Maya. He adds that he is being a double agent for Lena and the FBI and says that Fancy can't know any of this for her own safety.

Alistair the monk tries to grab the challis in virtual reality and gets his hands burned by a protecting force field. He has Whitney try to she sets off an alarm that summons the Vatican guards. She accuses him of not being a man of God and he once again convinces her that he is.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

In Harmony, Rebecca and Gwen chatted about how lucky they were to get J.T. out of Theresa's way. Gwen didn't want Ethan to ever find out she'd sold him out in order to get Theresa in trouble. They celebrated their near miss and Gwen was relieved that Ethan would never know the truth.

Chad met with an old friend at the Vatican, Denny, and asked him about working there. He then told Denny that he was on a mission to save a friend's life. Denny took him to the Pope's private chambers so they could talk in private. He told Denny about Whitney and their situation. Denny was shocked at the news of Miles being a product of incest. Chad explained that they hadn't known they were siblings until after Miles was conceived. He explained that Whitney was hiding in the catacombs and had left Harmony mysteriously. There was some crying out and Denny said that a mystic had told the Pope that evil was there and using "The Innocent One" as a pawn. Chad opened the door to the Pope's office and recognized the mystic was the nun he met in the catacombs with Luis. Denny was surprised to realize that Whitney is "the innocent one" and they had to find her or she could trigger the apocalypse.

Alistair, as the monk, took Whitney to the art gallery before the opening to look for a painting that would give her a clue as to getting the chalice. They looked at paintings looking for clues. The monk told her that her soul would be damned to hell if she failed to find a way to get the chalice for him. She asked him to help her and he said that since she is the chosen one she must find the clue. He said they only had a short time to look before the gallery opened. She complained about her eyes hurting so he gave her a magnifying glass.

In the hotel, Jessica, Simone and Paloma ran into Noah and Ethan in the lobby on their way out to get something to eat. They were sent back to their room to order room service, but they wanted to help with the investigation. Noah and Ethan declined their help and escorted them back to their room telling them to keep the door locked. The girls were bored and really wanted to go out. Ethan and Noah left them so they opened the paper to see what was happening and found an ad for an art exhibit opening. It displayed the painting that Simone tore when they tried to get from the thugs. They want online to check out the painting and realized that the other paintings at the gallery might also have the symbol. They knew it was probable that Noah would stop them from going, but they decided to try anyway. Noah came back and warned them not to go out because Spike was out to get Jessica. They wondered why Spike wanted to take Jessica into the catacombs. Then Noah said he was on his way to get some business done. They asked why he was in Rome and he said he was there to secure his future with Fancy and he had to find a man with the same tattoo as Jessica's on his wrist. Jessica piped up and said that Spike had that tattoo on his wrist. Noah was really confused about why Lena had brought them to Rome to find Spike.

At a sidewalk café, Beth met with Spike and hired him to kill Fancy for her. Spike was in shock and Beth said that she wanted her to suffer. Spike said that Alistair worshipped his granddaughter Fancy and Alistair would be upset if he killed her. Psycho Beth recommended chopping her up and feeding her to rats and then "daddy" Alistair would hardly notice that she was missing. He started to tell Beth what a kook she was and she went psycho on him, threatening to cut out his tongue with a sharp little knife that she pulled on him. He backed off and told her that her wish was his command. Beth then reprimanded Spike for reading the paper and talking on his phone instead of going to kill Fancy. He told her to quit ranting and she said that when Cranes ranted people did their bidding. He corrected her and said that he would take care of Fancy that night at the gallery because he'd just gotten a tip. Beth squealed with delight.

In Fancy's hotel room, she talked to Theresa about luring Beth out into the open so they could catch her and get Marty back. She said she wanted to do it to thank him. Theresa accused her of falling in love with Luis and Fancy disagreed. Theresa said she had to be to risk her life for him like that way and Luis walked in to hear Theresa. Luis declined her offer because he didn't want her to wind up dead. Fancy laid out her plan to draw out Beth at the art gallery opening and Luis said it was a good plan, but he wouldn't let her because he wouldn't be able to live with himself if anything happened to her. Ethan knocked on the door and came in to see how Fancy was doing. She told him her plan and Ethan told her that it was a really dicey plan. Fancy asked Theresa to support her and Theresa sided with Ethan and Luis. She said Beth was so crazy that she'd even hired an orangutan to take care of her mother. Fancy muttered under her breath that she was going to carry out her plan anyway. Theresa told Luis that now that he was back, she needed to leave. She had business to take care of. Ethan decided to leave at the same time. He asked Theresa what was up and she said she was going to the police to report J.T. Cornell's crime. He decided to go with her to keep her safe. Luis told Fancy to order room service because he was going to post a guard outside her door to keep her safe. When Luis left, Beth called the Crane PR department to get a press release out saying that she'd be at the art gallery opening that night. Luis checked to see that the guard was there and Fancy made plans to go rescue Marty and defeat Beth.

At the police station in Rome, J.T. was questioned by the police about being drunk in public. He muttered about having to get out of town before Theresa discovered him or Rebecca would kill him. J.T. asked if he could post bail and then was directed to a phone so he could call Rebecca to bail him out. He called Rebecca and she and Gwen were irate that he wasn't out of Rome yet. Gwen said she'd post his bail and then he had to scram before Theresa could catch him. While he was on the phone, Theresa and Ethan arrived at the police station and wanted the police to put out an APB on J.T. Theresa described him to the officer and he told them that J.T. was there. As he led them to the cells, Theresa nearly jumped out of her skin with glee that she'd be able to prove all of her claims to Ethan.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Determined to carry out the hit on Fancy, Beth and Spike head to the masquerade party at the art gallery. Meanwhile, Fancy is furious when Luis takes steps to ensure that she can't slip away from her hotel suite. The old nun warns Chad that the deceiver is using an innocent one for his own evil gains. Nearby, the "monk" presses Whitney to keep studying the painting of St. Peter's to find the final clue they need. As he phones Rebecca for help raising bail, J.T. panics to see Theresa and Ethan suddenly enter the police station. Still garbed as a monk, Alistair wanders through the Vatican in search of the chalice. Paloma, Jessica and Simone disguise themselves as members of the wait staff in order to slip into the soiree at the gallery. Beth accidentally lets it slip to Luis that her father is out of his coma and pulling the strings on the Harmony entourage in Rome. Whitney gives the "monk" directions to the Pope's private chambers. J.T. eludes Theresa and makes plans to immediately leave Italy. Following an urgent call from Luis, Sheridan discovers that an impostor is lying in Alistair's bed at the long term care facility.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

At the beach in Harmony, Fox, Miguel, Siren and Kay toasted their successful photo shoot. Fox told Miguel and Siren that they were so hot that newspaper and magazine stands would burn down from spontaneous combustion. He told them that the mermaid in the fish net shots were especially appealing to the client, Alfredo. Kay told Fox that she thought there was still something up with Siren. He told her that if she really believed Siren was a mermaid he'd call the men in little white coats. Just as Fox's phone rang, Tabitha arrived and Kay ran out to greet her. Tabitha wanted to know what was such a big deal that Kay had made her go all the way there to talk (she'd had to get the evil queen from Snow White to baby sit and Tabby said that she isn't good with children.) and Kay asked her point blank if Siren was a mermaid. Tabitha got a stricken look and put her off saying that there aren't real mermaids. Tabitha reminded Kay that they were the ones who brought Siren home to her. Tabs asked why she was asking anyway and Kay told the story of Siren getting caught up in the net with a mermaid tail. Then Tabitha had a slip of the tongue and spilled the whole story, telling how Endora conjured her up. Kay laughed hysterically thinking about the funny stories of Siren's family and how she was always eating all the fish, had fishy breath and Fluffy wanted to eat her. She looked over at them and laughed about Miguel making out with a fish. While Fox was on the phone, Miguel looked over at Tabitha and Kay and wondered aloud why she was there. Siren hoped Tabitha kept her secret. She commented that she knew piranhas sweeter than Tabitha. She complimented him on his body and cozied up to him. Miguel and Siren began making out and she wanted him to go somewhere private. She said she wanted to show him something she'd learned from watching eels mate and Miguel laughed at the funny things she says. Fox rejoined Miguel and Siren and told them that the photographer was really impressed with Siren's mermaid tail. He wanted to know where she'd bought it. Siren tried to downplay it saying that she ordered it—"on that boxy thing with the letters." Fox surmised that she meant the computer. Tabitha and Kay continued to discuss Siren a short distance away. Tabitha was irritated that Kay kept laughing about Siren being a mermaid. She told Kay that every moment Miguel spent with Kay was leading him into danger. Kay wanted to know what she meant and Tabitha said it was nothing. Kay threatened to tell the gang she's a witch so she explained that she'd just found out that once a man makes love to a mermaid he'll never be able to love a woman and will spend the rest of his life obsessing over the mermaid. Meanwhile, mermaids are very fickle and once they've gotten what they want from a man, they toss him aside for the next conquest. Miguel and Siren were kissing and she told him that she wanted to find a place to spawn with him. Fox told him to go for it.

At the art gallery opening in Rome Jessica, Simone and Paloma infiltrated the party posing as servers (they stole the uniforms from the real servers). They were supposed to be passing out canapés, but they kept eating them and were reprimanded in Italian by their "boss." They just kept nodding, giggling and saying "si." Simone declared that the food was better than what was served at the Crane mansion. They mingled with their trays as they looked for the painting with the torn corner.

Theresa and Ethan in masquerade masks met with Luis at the gallery and asked him if he'd seen Beth. He replied that he hadn't and asked if they'd seen the tabloid editor. Ethan said no, that is f there was a newspaper editor. Theresa insisted that J.T. Cornell had been at the jail even id Ethan didn't get to see him. They asked where Fancy was and Luis told them that he'd locked her in her hotel room. Theresa said she wasn't sure that would stop Fancy because there had been an article in the newspaper about Fancy planning to attend the gallery opening. Fancy then arrived in a beautiful new dress and started looking at paintings without the others seeing her. She said she wasn't going to hide like a scared little girl and there was no way Beth could hurt her. She took a canapé from Paloma without recognizing her. The girls reconnoitered and were stumped that none of the paintings had a missing corner. Beth and Spike in their masks looked for Fancy and were stymied because so many of the masked guests were also blonde. Spike asked Beth if Alistair had really signed off on killing his favorite granddaughter and Beth said that he had told her to take care of her. He wanted to confirm it with Alistair, but Beth said it would be impossible because he was busy looking for the chalice that would give him the power of God. Theresa and Ethan discussed the party and Theresa hoped that fate would bring J.T. Cornell back to her so she could prove the tabloid story to Ethan. Ethan went off on a rant about the number of times Theresa says the word "fate" and told her he didn't want to hear anything more about J. T. Cornell. She rattled off her litany of all that would happen if she could prove that it was Gwen and Rebecca that sold him out instead of her. As Ethan went to look for Beth and ran into Noah, J.T. Cornell walked right past them and grabbed some champagne. Noah didn't want to wear a mask, but Ethan told him he needed it to help find Beth. Noah said he wasn't so sure he should be involved now that he'd found Luis sleeping with Fancy. Ethan told him that they were only sleeping, but Noah wasn't buying it. Noah told Ethan that he'd found out who the killer was he was supposed to be looking for—Spike. Ethan told him that then he could tell Fancy the truth about why he was keeping the secret to protect her from Lena. He was hoping to find Spike quickly so he could take him to Lena and get back to Fancy. Then he remembered that he thinks Fancy is with Luis. Across the room, Spike asked Beth again if she was sure Alistair wanted Fancy killed and Beth questioned whether Spike trusted her. He said that there was something a little off about her like saying that Alistair was searching for a chalice. He thought that was nuts. Beth spied Fancy and sent him to kill her. Spike saw Fancy and angled close to her with his switchblade open. Beth shook gleefully in anticipation of vanquishing her foe and getting Luis back. The girls gathered together again and bemoaned the fact that Whitney was in disguise and that Chad had only recognized her by her voice. Paloma and Jessica comforted Simone and told her that they'd find her and the painting. Luis joined Ethan and Noah and insisted that there wasn't anything between him and Fancy. Noah made a nasty comment and Luis took offence and the two started getting heated up. Ethan broke them up before they could get thrown out of the gallery. Noah stormed off and Ethan explained to Luis that Noah still thought that he'd slept with Fancy. Luis spluttered about loving Sheridan and Ethan tried to unruffle feathers. When Spike got close to Fancy, a crowd cut him off and she wandered over to another painting. Just as he got close for the second time, she turned and screamed "No!" Beth was so excited but it was only that Luis had grabbed her by the shoulder so Spike had to back off. Beth grabbed Spike and chided him for failing her. She told him to go stick his knife in Fancy's gut and twist it. Spike reminded crazy Beth that Luis was standing there with her. Beth swore that Fancy had to die that night. Fancy gloated to Luis that his plan to lock her up didn't work. Luis reminded her that he did it for her protection from crazy Beth. She said she wasn't afraid of Beth and he warned her that she should be worried because Beth is crazy and had already tried to kill her. Noah and Ethan came over and Fancy wanted to know if Noah was there on a date with Maya. Noah said he was wondering the same thing about her and Luis. That angered her enough that she taunted him by telling Luis that now the secret was out so they might as well go public and then she lifted Luis's mask and kissed him. Beth went psycho when she saw them kissing and was also angry at Spike for failing to kill Fancy so she sent him back into the crowd to kill her. She told him that if he didn't kill Fancy right then, her daddy was going to have his guts for garters. He wanted Beth to guarantee that she'd keep him out of jail and Beth agreed as long as Fancy's heart beat out the last bit of its blood on the floor at her feet and then maniacally shoved him to get Fancy. Joe grabbed another flute of champagne and complained loudly about the music to the waiter. It was loud enough for Theresa to hear so she grabbed him and pulled of his mask. He tried to get out of there with Theresa clamped firmly to his jacket telling him that he had to tell the truth about what Gwen and Rebecca did. He swore about bad luck and then as he stopped to gulp down the bubbly, Theresa told him it wasn't bad luck, just fate bringing Ethan back to her Noah strode off as Ethan watched Fancy Kiss Luis and then Ethan followed him. Beth encouraged her cowardly cohort to kill Fancy but not her sweet Luis. When Luis finally pulled away from Fancy's long kisses, he wanted to know why she'd done that. He agreed that Noah could be pig headed and she said that she was just giving him a dose of his own medicine for going off with Maya all those times. He said she'd only made it worse between her and Noah as well as making people think that he'd betrayed Sheridan. She asked him how he could be betraying a married woman and he said that it wasn't a real marriage. Fancy asked him if the baby Sheridan was carrying wasn't real either. He replied that when he took Marty back to her she'd leave Chris and go back to him. Fancy said that she might also just take her son, say thanks and slam the door in his face. Luis stalked off to look for Beth. Ethan went up to Fancy and told her that they actually did seem like a couple—at least they fought like one. Jessica decided to leave Paloma and Simone to look for the painting with the torn corner. The girls didn't want her to go off on her own because Spike could get her, but she said he'd never recognize her in her outfit with the mask. Joe told Theresa that he was leaving and told her not to make a scene. She told him that he couldn't leave until he'd told Ethan that it was Gwen and Rebecca that sold him out. He said to forget it because it wasn't going to happen. She told him that he had to tell Ethan and started to pull him toward Ethan, but Joe threw his champagne in her eyes and made a quick get away. Theresa composed herself and took after him. Ethan walked over to Fancy and asked her why she'd kissed Luis with Noah standing there. He said she should just tell him the truth and Fancy complained that Noah didn't believe her when she told him the truth. He said Noah was a little stubborn and she followed up with pig-headed and thick as a plank. Ethan told her that it was obvious that she still loved Noah. She said that maybe she does but that doesn't mean he deserves the truth since he's not so forthcoming himself. She imitated his voice as she mimicked him saying "Oh Fancy I love you and I can't tell you the truth, but trust me, someday I will." She didn't think she could trust him now. Ethan told her that trust is a big part of love and if she loves him she should trust him. She laughed at him then because the world knows he loves Theresa but hasn't trusted her all those years when she told him that her trampy stepmother and her daughter Gwen were the ones to sell him out as a Bennett. She wanted to know why he couldn't trust Theresa. He hemmed and hawed and said it was none of her business. Fancy spit out that he couldn't take it, he could just dish it out. He told her it was complicated and Gwen is his wife. She told him that her relationship with Noah was complicated but he felt entitled to give out advice like Dear Abby. Theresa ran past them chasing after J.T. and Ethan decided he had to go after her. Fancy told him he should just take Theresa to bed back at the hotel. He told her to stay put because she might be in danger and then took after Theresa. Across the room Beth read Spike the riot act and decided to do the job herself. She sent Spike away and he walked right past Jessica who started cowering and hid behind a pillar. An Italian gent came by and told Beth she was wearing a lovely ring. She proudly told him it was an original from Lucretia Borgia (the poisoner). She opened up a latch on the ring and dumped some poison powder into a glass of champagne. She delivered the champagne to Fancy and then stepped back to watch it take effect. Theresa caught sight of J.T. and followed him with Ethan in close pursuit. Noah bumped into a shaken Jessica and she told him she had just seen Spike. She pointed the way and they traipsed after him. They ended up in a supply room where Spike surprised them by hitting Noah over the head with a vase and then he grabbed Jessica. Luis bumped into Beth and she started to tell him off and then he realized he had her and grabbed hold of her. He demanded to know where Marty was and she said she'd never give him Marty and besides it was too late. He asked her what she meant and then watched as she tried to will Fancy to drink the champagne.

In a room off of the gallery Whitney showed Alistair the monk that the key to finding the chalice was in a painting and even gave him the magnifying glass to look, but he couldn't see it. She was excited and Alistair was very upset with her, shaking her by the shoulders. She couldn't understand why he couldn't see it, and wondered why he was treating her so poorly. She looked around and found a black light. She turned off the room lights and shined the black light at the painting to reveal the key. It was the Greek word "Agape" was spelled out across the painting. She thought it would be the code word to use on the keypad to get the chalice. Alistair thought the word was the English word agape meaning open mouth. Whitney was astonished that the monk didn't know that agape was a cornerstone of the Christian faith and had to explain the scriptural meaning of the Greek word. It means the love that passes all understanding—God's love for all mankind. He replied that it was silly that he'd failed to understand. Whitney wondered who had put the clue there and the monk said that it was probably the knights of Malta because they had often left clues on artwork they'd owned which pointed to information or objects of value like the chalice that helped protect the secrets of the church. He found it ironic that God's love for mankind was the code that they would use to rescue the chalice and repay him for his unending love. Whitney said that they should be going to the Vatican. Then he pulled out a knife and slashed up the painting violently so nobody else could find the clue. The tearing of the canvas was so loud that Paloma and Simone heard it from the hallway. Whitney wanted to know how he could do a sinful thing like destroying this priceless masterpiece and the monk replied that to save the secrets of the church he'd destroy anything or anyone. Whitney heard voices coming and worried about how they would get out, but Alistair knew a secret passageway that took them out to the street. Paloma and Simone went into the room and found the painting torn into small pieces and then matched it to the torn off corner that they still had.

Friday, June 9, 2006

In a tizzy, Kay searched for Miguel and Siren. She was none-too-pleased when Fox observed that the pair have great chemistry. He was puzzled by her freak-out over Miguel's sex life. An irritated Fox questioned his fiancée about her insistence that Miguel and Siren not do the deed. He accused her of still having a thing for Miguel, which she denied. In the meantime, Siren and Miguel made out on the beach and she asked him to make love to her. That's what we call love on the rocks, people. Miguel said he wanted to be with her, but that they should take it slow. As they chatted, her feet touched water and reverted to fins. Miguel commented that he felt like there were scales on his legs, but he didn't stop kissing Siren long enough to investigate.

In Rome, Spike held a knife to a terrified Jessica's throat. Noah, who had been knocked out, came to and punched the thug. A fistfight ensued, but Noah prevailed. He blasted Spike over robbing Jessica of her innocence and also causing him to lose Fancy. Noah tied up Spike and phoned Lena to let her know he was bringing her the man who'd killed her partner.... Whitney and the monk (really a disguised Alistair) searched for the chalice and tried to find a way into the Pope's chamber.

J.T. phoned Rebecca, but Gwen answered. She blasted him when she discovered he was still in Rome. Get out of there before Theresa catches you, she ordered. Meanwhile, Theresa continued to chase J.T. through the streets of Rome, even though a concerned Ethan feared for her safety. "My future, our future depends on this," insisted Theresa. Ethan followed her and again asked her to stop, but she reasoned that the truth about Gwen's role in the tabloid scandal would ensure a future for herself and Ethan. After lamely paying lip service to his commitment to Gwen, Ethan resumed trailing Theresa. She followed J.T. to some ruins where he stood on one side of a gap and she the other. With Ethan looking on in horror, Theresa made a dramatic leap to get to the other side. She almost made it, but hung from her fingers off the ledge. J.T., who was still on his cell phone, gave Gwen and Rebecca the play-by-play. Theresa lost her grasp and fell, but grabbed on again pulled herself up. Determined, Ethan also jumped the gap. J.T. ran for it, but remained on his phone while his pursuer kept pleading with him to tell Ethan the truth. She offered him $10 million to expose the schemers. He accepted and told Ethan about Gwen and Rebecca (who were still listening in.)

At the masquerade party, Luis grabbed Beth by the throat and freaked when she let on that she'd poisoned Fancy's champagne. Though he was right across the very quiet gallery, and clearly within earshot, Fancy sipped the bad bubbly as Luis called out to her. Luis bolted across the room to knock the glass out of her hand. It looked like Fancy had collapsed, but she might have just been tackled. Either way, she opened her eyes and planted a kiss on Luis. While Luis was distracted, Beth slipped away again and returned to Marty.

Simone, Paloma and Chad, put together the pieces of the painting and realized there were letters on the painting, spelling out "A Gape".

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