One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 5, 2006 on OLTL

Dorian refused to help David break out of jail. Margaret agreed to undergo treatment to try to restore her memory. Bo and Rex grew closer as they drew up a plan to trap Spencer. Kelly and Hugh consoled one another. Blair vowed to avenge Todd's conviction. After a paternity test, Nash was found to be Brennan's father.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 5, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, June 5, 2006

Todd begins to come out of his coma as Spencer is standing over him. Blair sits next to Todd and tells him how Jack is confused about the situation but Starr never stopped believing in Todd. She apologizes to Todd for losing faith and begs him to come back to her and their children. Blair tells him that he was dead but Spencer saved his life. Todd starts convulsing at the mention of Spencer's name sending Blair into a tizzy. Spencer gives Todd some medicine to stop the convulsions and asks Blair to tell him everything that she told Todd so they can determine what set him off. Blair tells him everything that she said to Todd but edits out the portion where she mentioned his name to Todd knowing that is what started Todd's seizure. After Spencer leaves, Blair promises to never do anything to upset Todd again.

Spencer is confronted by Michael in his office. Michael tells Spencer that he can't believe that Spencer covered for David and Paige especially since Michael confided into him about his and John's search for the truth. Spencer denies any involvement in the Tom McBain cover up, but Michael finds that hard to believe since David is Spencer's brother and Paige is Spencer's ex wife. Spencer implores Michael to not rush to any judgments since there is no proof that Spencer had any involvement but Michael warns him that even though there is no evidence, he trusts what his brother has told him.

Bo pays Paige a visit at the hospital. While Paige is heavily under sedation, Bo tells her that he is ready for the truth whenever she is ready. He also tells her that he now knows what Spencer is capable of and understands why she felt she couldn't go to him. He kisses her and tells her that he is still there for her no matter what. After leaving Paige's room, he bumps into Michael in the hallway. Michael informs Bo that Paige wanted to see Bo but had to be sedated because she was hurting herself. Spencer overhears their conversation and issues a threat to Paige to keep her mouth shut.

Natalie is hopeful that John will be able to find some peace now that his father's murder has been solved. John asks her to have patience with him. They are interrupted by a call from Hugh asking John to meet him at the station. Natalie gives John a goodbye kiss in the hallway which is spied by Roxy who is worried about Natalie's renewed relationship with the man who always wears black. Roxy tries to warn Natalie that a tiger never changes its' spots but Natalie swears that John has changed now that he no longer has a burden to bear. When Rex drops by, Roxy tries to enlist his help in warning Natalie about John's "change" but even though he agrees, Rex refuses to back up Roxy in front of Natalie especially in light of his reunion with Adriana.

Hugh tells John that the DNA records associated with Margaret's autopsy have been signed out by from Todd's file by someone with an unreadable signature. John and Hugh are convinced that it was Spencer but without any proof, they can't do anything about it. Hugh does share with John that the man who gave over the files is on his way to Llanview to id the "official" who signed out the information.

David begs Dorian to help him break out of jail since cop killers are not too safe behind bars. He tells Dorian that she is probably the only person who loved him and although he is not trying to get her back, he really does need her help. Dorian tells him that he needs to help her protect her family and stand up to Spencer once and for all.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

While anxiously awaiting Tess and Nash's arrival at the hospital for the results of the DNA test, Antonio shares with Cristian and Evangeline his fear that he will lose Jessica forever if the father turns out to be Nash. Cristian tries to be reassuring but Antonio begins to worry when Tess and Nash fail to show up at the hospital fearing that they have taken off with Brennan.

Nash tells Tess that he must leave her and Brennan for a while. He finally breaks down and tells Tess that Claudia's father has threatened her safety and the safety of their baby if he does not leave town that day. Tess begs him not to leave fearing that without him she is not strong enough to stay in control or to face the results of the paternity test. Nash tells her that he believes in her and that she is a strong person in her own right. He also tells her that he will return to them as soon as he takes care of a few things that will ensure their safety since there is no place that they can run to where Reston won't find them. After Jessica asks Tess to let her come out to protect the baby, Tess relents and allows Nash to leave. Tess also decides that in order to keep Brennan safe, she must also leave knowing that Jessica and the Buchanan's will take good care of Brennan until she comes back if she can come back. Antonio shows up looking for Tess and is reunited with Jessica.

Evangeline meets her new counselor, Ann, who is going to show her how to live her life to the fullest even though she has lost her sight. Evangeline is amazed how well Ann gets along since she since losing her sight as a teenager. Ann tells her that even though she cannot see, she still has four other senses to rely on and tells Evangeline that she too can do the same things she was able to do before including practicing law. When Cristian comes by to pick up Evangeline from her appointment, Ann tells her that it's time to learn how to enjoy Cristian as her boyfriend and not her care taker.

John awakes from a dream about his father's death to a concerned Natalie by his side. When Natalie inquires about the dream, John shuts down. They are interrupted by a visit Dorian who has stopped by to see how much evidence the police have against David. John remains tight lipped but discloses enough for Dorian to feel that they are holding David without sufficient evidence. John is suspicious about Dorian's true motive for visiting and asks her if David has confessed to her. Dorian tells John that David has not said a word and that she doesn't feel that David should have to spend the rest of his life in prison for something that happened when he was a stupid teenager. She begs John to take into consideration that the shooting of John's father has haunted David and prevented him from becoming the man he could have become because of his remorse. Natalie overhears Dorian and comes to John's aid saying that a man's life was taken and that David should pay since Michael and John have suffered as a result.

Adriana goes to see David and asks him to give her a reason to still care about him. David tells her that he is a con man and that he can't give her a reason. Adriana tells him that he is much more than that but the con man is the only side that he allows people to see but she has seen the other side and will always love him. She also tells him that no matter what Dorian says to him, she is beside herself with worry about what will happen to him. Adriana asks him if he really did shoot John and Michael's father and tells him that if he did shoot the man then he should be held accountable. After Adriana's visit, David has another dream about the night Tom McBain was shot.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Outside of Todd's hospital room, Blair confides to Viki that she can only think about Todd and is worried about his not waking up. Spencer has heard the conversation and assures her that he will indeed wake up when he's ready. He can see that Blair really needs Todd. Right now he's concerned about the accusations of him that people are hearing and reminds her that he took an oath to save people. Viki and Clint await the arrival of Tess, Antonio and Nash so that they can hear the results of the paternity test. Clint apologizes to Viki for his non-belief in Todd's innocence and admits that his opinion of the death penalty has changed. In a nearby room, Margaret chats with Dr. Crosby and insists that she remembers nothing of her past. Bo enters the room and takes the lead, filling Margaret in on all she did to the Manning family. She sees an image and remarks on her flash but maintains that she doesn't know quite what it is. Bo takes it a step further and suggests she have "shock treatment." Blair begs Todd to wake up; suddenly he opens his eyes.

Antonio is surprised and joyful to find that Tess is gone and Jess is in her place. They reconnect and she gets to hold the baby for the first time. She also wants to think about a name but Antonio advises her that Tess has named her Brennan. She explains why Nash is gone and that she has come back to keep her daughter safe. They need to get to the hospital to hear the test results.

Nash waits for Claudia and pulls her into a passionate kiss when she arrives. He reminds her of how she loves him and how it feels but she mentions those feelings in the past tense. Wondering what he's up to, Nash admits that he loves Tess but Claudia's father has threatened the girls in his life. He tested her with the kiss to see if she still cared for him and figured she would help him if she did care. Claudia can't believe her father would stoop so low as to threaten a baby and agrees to help Nash. She's a changed person though she understands her father's motives; he's doing it all because of her. She wants Nash to see that she's not an awful person any longer and maybe they can even be friends. Nash is upset that he'll miss hearing the results of the test.

David receives a visit from Spencer but he tells him that he will divulge everything to Bo so that things will go easier for him. He confronts Spencer who laughs it all off and figures that people will just think he's crazy and desperate. A light goes on for David then; he'll tell all to Blair instead. She already has her suspicions and this will just add fuel to the fire. Spencer gives and wants to know what his brother wants. David wants the murder charge to go away.

Blair updates Todd and also tells him that Spencer saved his life. Todd is confused; he can't believe that he was actually executed. Suddenly, Margaret is standing outside of the glass with Dr. Crosby and Bo. As her eyes meet Todd's she walks in, much to Blair's dismay. She begins to yell at Margaret for all of the pain she caused her family. She calls her names and warns her that she'll see that she gets what's coming to her. Bo advises Todd that he was set up. He mentions the kidnapping on Todd's wedding day. Margaret has another flash and though Todd can see that she remembered something, she claims otherwise. She insists that if she had a child she would never have harmed it. She agrees to undergo some tests. Viki and Clint are thrilled to see Jessica and learn of Nash's departure. Everyone feels badly for him (except Antonio). They all insist on hearing the test results without him being present. Jess tells Antonio that she loves him no matter what. He opens the envelope and learns that he is not Brennan's father; Nash is! Blair apologizes to Todd for doubting him. She went against her instincts. He asks if she has instincts regarding Spencer. She asks to be forgiven.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Reeling from the DNA test results, Jessica weeps to think that she is not Brennan's mother. Claudia agrees to sneak Nash past her father's security force. Vince warns a bristling Cristian of the dire consequences if he should breach their contract. Declaring her undying love, Blair begs Todd to forgive her for betraying him so cruelly. Viki offers Antonio her sympathy but reminds him that Nash will now be a part of their lives forever. Meanwhile, a seething Nash confronts Reston and is outraged to learn how Bruce sold him down the river. Starr enjoys a tender reunion with her father as she returns to the ICU. Jessica phones Nash to let him know he's a dad. Antonio introduces Jamie and Carlotta to baby Brennan. Blair entreats Todd to put his wedding ring back on so they can be a family again. At the gym, Cris tells Ricky he has a new manager. Though disappointed when Todd refuses to accept her apology, Blair insists she won't give up on him. Later, Evangeline comes to the hospital to visit her client, who thanks her again for always believing in him through the worst of times. Viki and Clint argue about Nash's role in their new granddaughter's life.

Friday, June 9, 2006

Evangeline dodged all of Todd's questions about her date "anyone special? " he asked. Evangeline suggested Todd stop thinking about revenge and focus on the future. Todd ignored her. "I've got some scores to settle," he said. Evangeline reminded him that God did care about him, after all he survived the execution, with not a hint of brain damage.

Blair volunteered to help Bo find the truth out about Spencer, but still hoped that everyone was wrong about Spencer. That said, however, "If he created this situation," Blair declared, "then he can burn in hell and I will personally take him there." Bo reminded her that Spencer Truman is ice cold, and urged her to go home. Blair told Bo that she heard Spencer admit that he had helped covered up Paige's involvement in Thomas McBain's death. Bo didn't think it was a good idea, but Blair insisted. "I can handle Spencer," she stated. "Don't do anything until I call you," Bo pleaded.

A slightly worried Spencer tried to convince himself that Margaret wouldn't remember him. "I made sure of that," he murmured, and we then saw a flashback of Spencer starting to strangle Margaret. "There are other ways to get rid of a person instead of murdering them." he had assured her way back when. Spencer remembered telling Margaret that he'd find a good place for her son with parents who would love him and telling Margaret (whose mouth was taped in the flashbacks) that Blair was his now.

At Capricorn, Adriana and Layla wondered out loud how Kevin was going to cope with the loss of Duke. Kevin overheard that conversation and continued his drinking binge. Adriana asked how he was doing. No good, Kevin said, and then he drank some more. Cris and his new manager Vincent arrived as did Evangeline. Spark flew a little between Layla and Vince. Vince danced with Evangeline, Cris suggested Layla steer clear of Vincent, as he was slimy. Evangeline thought she should get to know Cris's new manager. Evangeline assured Mr. Jones (Vincent) that she didn't like what she sees. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.) "I can still read people," Evangeline reminded him. Cris began dancing with Evangeline who shared her concerns about Vincent with him. "I don't trust him," Evangeline said, but Cris said Vincent had bought his boxing contract and he didn't know how he could get out it. Evangeline thought maybe Todd could help. Cris and Evangeline kissed as Vincent and Layla watched.

John confirmed to Margaret that the medical tests showed she had had a baby. Margaret wondered where her baby was. John told Margaret not to worry about Todd going after her. "Todd's in a bed. You are in protective custody." Margaret was relieved that she hadn't caused Evangeline's blindness (she couldn't help but noticed that she had caused many bad things in Llanview) and then had one of those memory flashes. John said they could help her find his baby but they needed something to go on. Margaret burst into Todd's room, "What happened to our baby," she demanded. They called each other monsters and Margaret left. "John we need to talk," Todd said. "I owe you my life. I'm going to pay you back some day." Margaret left with her police escort. John let Todd know that Todd's obsession to find out the truth encouraged John to search for the truth re: his father's killer.

Kelly assured Michael and Marcie that whey would be great parents of little Thomas. Of course it was awkward as it was Kelly they were talking to. Kelly left and looked at her pregnancy kit. Michael told an overjoyed Marcie that he'd love to start a family as soon as possible.

At the church, Hugh thanked the reverend for being there when they exhumed Margaret's grave. Kelly walked by (hoping to get some peace being near a church) and Hugh wondered why she wasn't in bed resting. Hugh was a little down, he had just desecrated two graves and still felt pretty bad about putting Todd on death row. Kelly reminded him that he had been set up, "just like Todd was." Hugh left to meet Bo and John. The sting operation had begun. On closed circuit televisions, the three watched as Margaret was brought to Spencer's office.

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