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Passions Recaps: The week of June 12, 2006 on PS
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Monday, June 12, 2006

Kay tries to convince Fox that Siren is a mermaid and that he'll be under the mermaids curse if they get intimate. Fox tells Kay that she's crazy and Siren urges Miguel to ignore the giant tuna tail he's feeling lying with her on the beach.

Noah and Jessica take Spike to Lena who in turns her gun on them and announces her partnership with Spike to their shock.

Fancy and Luis chase after Beth and Marty on a stolen motorcycle as she whisks Marty away in a taxi. A baby buggy gets in the taxi driver's way and he crashes and the taxi goes up in flames as Luis watches.

Ethan doesn't believe J.T.'s confession and tells Theresa anyone would admit to anything for ten million dollars. Rebecca tells J.T. to take care of Theresa and when Theresa follows him further into the ruins he gets ready to push a heavy architectural piece off the scaffold onto her. Ethan sees this about to happen and yells for her to get away from him but it's too late and J.T. pushes it off with his feet as Theresa looks up in horror.

Whitney retries the code word and Alistair is finally able to grab the challis. The little nun, Chad, Simone and Paloma arrive at the Pope's inner sanctum too late. Whitney starts to suspect that she's done something wrong because of Alistair's joy and proclamation of the chalice finally being his.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

On the beach in Harmony Miguel and Siren made out as Fox and Kay looked on. Kay was sure that Miguel would be cursed for making love to a mermaid and Fox scoffed at the validity of her claims. Kay ran down on the beach toward Miguel, yelling and screaming for them to stop. She told them that they had to stop or he'd be cursed for making love to a mermaid. Miguel asked her what proof she had and she realized that she couldn't say that Tabitha told her. She listed all the reasons she had: eating raw fish, the tail, the scale in the bathtub, etc. Kay took Siren aside to talk to her. She tried to get Siren to admit to Miguel she's a mermaid, but Siren knew she had the upper hand in the situation. Back at the beach Fox apologized to Miguel for Kay's actions and tried to figure out why Kay did it. Miguel went to talk to Kay and asked Siren to let him talk to her privately. Siren went to talk to Fox. Miguel angrily told Kay that she had to let him love whomever he wanted. Kay reminded him of all the mysterious things that had happened to them over the years and it wasn't all that weird to think Siren could be a mermaid. Kay explained the mermaid curse to him and he told her that he didn't believe her and since he'd lost Charity and Kay, he wanted to be with Siren. As he started to walk away she told him that he hadn't lost her yet. He asked if there was still a chance for them to be together and she said that he was Maria's father and her really good friend. He said she was engaged to Fox and he deserved to be happy and as Fox and Siren walked up to then, he caught Siren's hand and walked away from Kay and Fox. Fox told her to let them go. He smirked and said that the next thing she'd tell him was that she believed in magic and witches.

In Lena's hotel room in Rome Noah found that Spike, May a and Lena have all been working together. Noah said he'd go to the police. Lena laughed at him and said it wouldn't do any good because there were a lot more of them in their association. Lena ordered Spike to kill Jessica and Noah tried to stop him only to get knocked to the ground. Lena trained her gun on Noah, but he still attacked Spike. Noah yelled for Jessica to run and Lena grabbed her and Maya helped Spike knock out Noah. Spike tied Noah into a chair. Noah asked Maya how she could betray him and she said she had no choice. He told her that she always had a choice. Lena told Spike to get Jessica out of there and Jessica panicked and begged Noah to help her. Spike grabbed Jessica and as Noah pled for them to let her go, Lena smacked him across the jaw with her gun. She said he was going to die too- right then and she drew her gun on him. Jessica yelled, "no!" and struggled to get away from Spike.

In some Roman ruins, Theresa tried to convince J.T. to give Ethan tangible proof that he had gotten the tabloid story from Gwen and Rebecca. Instead, J.T. pushed a gargoyle over the edge of the building towards Theresa. Ethan saw it in time and pushed her out of the way and it hit him on the head, knocking him out. Theresa begged J.T. to help her but he knew trouble when he saw it and high-tailed it out of there. Theresa swore she'd use her Crane power to bring him down. Theresa covered Ethan with kisses until he finally came back to consciousness. As soon as Theresa confirmed that Ethan was okay, she told him that she had to go after J.T. again and rapidly shouted out why she had to do it. Ethan told her that she didn't need to go after him because he'd be dangerous. He told her that Gwen had never lied to him and he thought that she just believed she was right. Since Ethan didn't believe her, Theresa set off to find J.T. again. After searching the streets of Rome, Theresa and Ethan went back to their hotel room. Theresa realized that she had the power of Crane Security behind her and called the head of security to find J.T. for her. She offered a $50 million reward to whoever found him. When she got off the phone, Ethan told her that $50 million was a bit excessive. She said it was worth it to find him because J.T. was the key to her being with Ethan. She told him that the would be together.

Outside the Pope's private chambers in the Vatican, the mystic nun, Paloma, Simone and Chad tried to get the door open. Inside the chambers Alistair/the monk held onto the chalice and rays of light sparkled off of it. Alistair swore that the others were the evil ones who would bring down the church while Chad and company swore that she had to help them stop the evil one from destroying the church. Whitney stood in the middle dithering. Alistair told her that she had to save her soul by protecting her and when she agreed, he pulled out a gun. He said he'd do whatever it took to keep the chalice. The Swiss Guard brought a key and Chad used it to open the door. From within an inner chamber, Whitney told them that they had to get out of there for their own protection. Alistair forced the guard to leave and made Chad drop the key into the inner chamber through the door's latticework. He told Whitney to watch them and then he started building a fire in the fireplace. The mystic nun said that they had to stop him because if he burned the chalice the secrets would be revealed and they would all die. Alistair started laughing maniacally. Alistair talked to the fire saying that he'd soon have the power to live forever. Simone and Paloma began picking the lock to get in to rescue Whitney. Alistair took a hot poker and ember to the chalice while the nun warned her. Whitney told them that the monk was trying to save the church and she was paying for her sins. The nun yelled that it was too late as the girls got the lock open. Alistair laughed evilly and yelled that he'd won and everything is his. Green light surrounded him and the green beams filled the room.

On the streets of Rome Luis and Fancy were on a motorcycle chasing Beth and Marty in a taxi. The taxi swerved to avoid a woman with a stroller and crashed into a low stone wall, causing the engine to explode. Luis ran for the taxi to pull Marty out of the flames. When he opened the door, the taxi driver fell out and burst into flames. Fancy thought it was Luis and panicked until she saw Luis putting out the flames on the man. He told her he had to go back for Marty and Fancy got really upset that she might lose him. He shook her off and headed back to the taxi. The entire taxi burst into flame, throwing Luis backward. Fancy cradled him and when he came to and wanted to go for Marty, she told him that only God could help Marty now. Luis kept yelling for Marty, his son and Fancy held him back from the blazing car.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Chad wrestles with Alistair who is still hidden under the monk robe. Chad douses the fire with Holy Water before the secret writing on the chalice is revealed. The nun, Chad, Simone and Paloma all try to convince Whitney that the monk is truly an evil person. Alistair pulls a gun on them and relights the fire. The chalice reveals the writing and Alistair starts to read it aloud. When read aloud in its entirety, the person reciting the words will be given God-like power over all mankind. As Alistair reads, a huge storm rages and the earth begins to quake. Whitney still isn't convinced that the monk is evil until Alistair throws back his hood for them to all see.

Noah manages to get free and fights with Lena. Spike gets away with Jessica. Lena runs to the roof and Noah and Maya follow. Maya apologizes to Noah explaining that if she hadn't gone along with Lena and Spike under Alistair's orders that her whole family would have been killed. On the roof, Lena readies to spear Noah and Maya with a metal rod but the lightning that Alistair is causing hits it the rod and kills Lena. Noah begs Maya to go with him and save Jessica from Spike and then explain everything to Fancy. Maya is afraid Alistair will still kill her family but finally says she still loves Noah so much that she will do that for him. The earthquake knocks her off balance and she falls off the roof screaming as Noah looks on helplessly.

Spike takes Jessica to the basement to kill her per Alistair's orders, but he is unable to go through with it. He then breaks down and apologizes to Jessica for everything he's ever done to her and tells her through tears blames Alistair for forcing him to do it. Jessica tells him she knows how evil Alistair is and that she doesn't blame Spike because he is also a victim of Alistair. She tells Spike that she still loves him. Spike is overwhelmed by her ability to forgive him and her desire to still want to be with him. They hug and kiss...all the while Jessica is thinking in her head of a way to get the gun from him. She finally grabs it from under his suit jacket and holds it on him. He looks stunned and hurt by her deception.

Miguel rebukes Siren's sexual advances and says that they will have to wait until a better time to be intimate. Siren, however, is determined to seduce him.

Kay asks Sam to arrest Miguel and keep him in jail overnight. That way, Siren can't put her spell on him. Sam accuses Kay of still being in love with Miguel.

Ivy suggests to Fox that Kay may be acting strangely because she is still in love with Miguel. Fox tells her she is crazy and that just because she is back with her first love that doesn't mean that Kay wants to be back with her first love Miguel. Ivy knows better and realizes that deep down Fox is having the same thoughts.

Luis agonizes over losing Marty and doesn't know how to tell Sheridan. Pilar goes to the cottage to see Sheridan and tells her to keep calling to warn Luis when Sheridan tells her about the fake Alistair at the hospital. When Sheridan finally gets Luis on the phone lightning and rumblings centered over the Vatican begin and he isn't able to tell her what happened. Fancy tells him to wait until they get back to Harmony. Sheridan gets the impression that Luis and Marty are on their way back home.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Miguel and Siren made out on the beach and Sam arrested Miguel at Kay's urging. Kay watched from down the beach as Sam arrested him to take him into custody for the night. Miguel wanted to know what the charge was and Sam told him that this was a public beach and they were about to make love. Miguel defended himself, saying that they were just kissing, so Sam picked up a strip of condom packets. Kay swore that she wasn't doing this for herself or for them, but just for Miguel. She was so fearful that if he made love to the mermaid, he'd never be able to make love to a mortal woman again. Sam told Siren that she could get a ride back to Tabitha's with one of his officers. Siren knew there was something fishy about the arrest and found Kay hiding in the bushes and knocked her to the ground. Kay said she was doing her civic duty since it is against the law to engage in lascivious and lewd behavior on a public beach. Siren said that Miguel wanted to make love to her. Kay said they'd never make love if she could help it. She didn't want Miguel to be hurt by the mermaid's curse. Siren said that she had more to worry about than a mermaid curse. Kay said she wasn't afraid of Siren and Siren called out for help. Crabs attacked Kay, snapping at her feet and ankles.

At the Harmony jail Sam put Miguel in a holding cell and told him he wouldn't be charging him, but was going to keep him overnight. Miguel then accused him of bowing to Kay's pressure. Sam said that Kay was really worried about something horrible happening to Miguel. Miguel asked him if Kay had said why she was worried. Sam said she hadn't and Miguel told him that Kay thought Siren was a mermaid and about the mermaid curse. Sam was astonished that Kay would think that. Siren walked in and wanted to spend time with Miguel. He let them have a few moments alone and went back out into the office where Kay threw herself at him and hugged him for saving Miguel from Siren. He asked Kay if she really thought Siren was a mermaid and she said she knew Siren was a mermaid. Miguel and Siren kissed through the bars of the holding cell. They promised each other that they'd make love over and over when he got out of there, but they'd go somewhere private. Sam sat down with Kay at his desk and questioned her sanity for making him arrest Miguel. He said that he thought it was nonsense to believe Siren was a mermaid and Kay told him it couldn't be any worse than the other things that have happened to them in Harmony. Sam told her that he thought she should examine her feelings for Miguel before she married Fox.

An evil thunder and lightning storm originating over the Vatican raged as in Theresa's hotel room, she gave commands to Crane Security. An astonished Ethan listened in and marveled at the lengths Theresa would go to in order to prove Gwen and Rebecca ruined his life and framed Theresa. Ethan came out of the shower to find Theresa still on the phone with security. He complimented her on what she'd been doing with Crane based on her work journals that were sitting on the desk. She said it was really hard since she didn't have the experience she needed, but she was changing Crane into a positive power. He said that she'd come a long way from being his mother's personal assistant. She told him it would be so much easier if he came back to Crane to help her. He balked at that notion. He was irritated that she still thought he'd leave Gwen and Jane for her. She told him that the triangle among them was Gwen's fault. If it weren't for Gwen they'd be married, raising little Ethan and any other children they would have had. She reminded him that if he only wanted to be with Gwen instead of both of them, the triangle would end it. She said that was what she was doing. Theresa said she had a lot riding on Crane turning to a positive force because she had to protect her son's legacy. She said that if they caught J.T. and he'd gotten rid of the proof, she'd just have to stop chasing that and give Ethan up so she could move on with her life. Ethan was surprised. That's why she's in such a dither to find J.T. right now. She wants to prove what happened and get to be with the one she loves. She hopes Crane Security finds him, but if J.T. Cornell is a lost cause, the Ethan she'll focus on is her son. Crane Security called to say they'd found someone and they were bringing them up to the suite. Theresa was ecstatic that J.T.'s proof would bring their love back together.

J.T. Cornell lurked around the streets of Rome deciding whether to get rid of the answering machine tape and the photo or save it to sell to the highest bidder. He knew he had to get out of town before the police or Crane Security found him. As soon as the police went by, J.T. began running and was halted abruptly when he came to a locked gate.

Luis and Fancy were in her hotel room as he talked to Sheridan on the phone. She was so sure that he'd find Marty soon and he couldn't find a way to tell her about the taxi crash and explosion. She told him about a dream she'd had about Marty living in the cottage with James and Chris. Fancy told him that he needed to wait until he got back home to tell her that he'd lost Marty in the explosion. Sheridan was glad that Fancy was there to help him and keep him safe. He told her to take care of herself and her baby. Luis was in anguish as he hung up and asked Fancy how he was going to tell Sheridan what happened. She tearfully embraced him as she began to sob as well. She told him that she didn't know what a person was supposed to do at a time like this, but if he'd tell her, she'd try to help him.

In the Pope's chambers in the Vatican the chalice got hotter and hotter in the fire, ready to begin giving up its secrets. Alistair crowed that he would be the most powerful man in the history of the world. He explained to a fearful Chad, Whitney, Paloma, Simone and the mystic nun that he is indeed alive and had a stand-in back in Harmony. He told Whitney that he was glad she was so gullible. Whitney was a wreck for having helped Alistair in his evil plot. Chad tried to comfort Whitney and Alistair gloated that he'd used her to bring Chad to Rome. Paloma and Simone were amazed that he'd slipped the info through Crane Security to Julian and Eve that Whitney was there. He laughed at the silly girls who thought they'd found his secrets and money on their own in the Book Café' basement. They could understand why he'd wanted Whitney to help him find the chalice, but didn't get why he'd brought all the others to Italy as well. He brought them to Rome so he could vanquish each of them for going against him. He said he was going to really get off on the power of seeing all of his enemies suffer and that would start with them. Whitney ran for the chalice and told him he wouldn't have the power if he didn't have the chalice. Alistair caught her and stopped her as Simone gasped out her name. He threw her aside and went toward the chalice. Chad knocked Alistair's gun out of his hand and threw himself at his grandfather. Alistair caught him around the throat and threw him across the room with one hand. He marveled that he'd grown strong from the chalice already. Whitney grabbed Alistair's gun and threatened to shoot him. Alistair scoffed at her and the rest of them encouraged her to kill the evil man. Finally, Whitney drew a bead on him and fired.

Friday, June 16, 2006

In Rome, Luis tearfully lamented to Fancy how he's going to break the news to Sheridan that their son is dead. Fancy reassured Luis that Marty is now in Heaven where there's no pain, and that things weren't Luis' fault. Luis insisted he's to blame for everything. Luis revealed to Fancy that Alistair is not in a coma in Harmony but is alive and well in Rome. Fancy broke down as Luis gave her all the gory details and slowly began to realize that everyone else's opinion of her grandfather is much closer to the truth than she ever believed. Fancy questioned what Alistair has to gain by tormenting all of them. Luis insisted Alistair wants to destroy all of them — or at least everybody besides Fancy. As Luis lamented that Alistair could be anyone, anywhere in Rome — he realized that Alistair is the monk Luis ran into. Fancy tried to dissuade Luis from his murderous thoughts when Luis stormed off threatening an-eye-for-an-eye as retribution for Marty's death.

Theresa waited impatiently for Crane Security to bring JT to her. Ethan remained skeptical of Theresa's claims. Theresa eagerly answered a knock at the door expecting it to be Crane Security delivering JT to her, but instead she was greeted by a smiling Gwen who made an amorous beeline to Ethan. Ethan told Gwen that he doesn't believe any of Theresa's assertions and accusations, and explained to Gwen why he was sharing a hotel suite with Gwen. Gwen believed Ethan, but said she knows Theresa is still trying finagle Ethan away from her. Gwen informed Ethan and Theresa that Alistair is up and about and is not languishing in a coma back in Harmony. Gwen explained how another comatose patient was fitted with a latex mask of Alistair's face to keep up the deception as long as possible. When Ethan left the room Theresa threatened to bring Gwen and Rebecca down as soon as she finds JT. Gwen told Theresa that she informed Crane Security that Alistair is alive so that Alistair's men will no longer take directions from her. Gwen smugly declared that Theresa was now powerless as Alistair has reclaimed all of his power for himself. Theresa called Crane Security and verified Gwen's declarations. Ethan became concerned that Alistair might now be after Theresa. As Gwen and Ethan went to their room Ethan told Theresa he'd be next door if she needed him.

Whitney held Alistair at gunpoint and threatened to shoot him. Alistair smugly declared that Whitney was too innocent and weak to shoot him. Whitney pulled the trigger and fired the gun, then passed out from the shock of what she did. Whitney came to and freaked out after committing the ultimate sin, but the nun told her killing was not a sin when she was serving God. Everyone gawked at the sight of Alistair's corpse lying motionless on the ground. Everyone freaked when Paloma touched Alistair's robe and discovered Alistair was gone. Chad located the place on the wall where Whitney's bullet struck, and they all realized that Alistair escaped. Whitney wondered why Alistair let her live, and questioned the mind games he played on her as Chad comforted and reassured her. The Pope arrived with his entourage to find out what happened. Whitney literally threw herself at the Pope's feet and explained her actions. The Pope reassured Whitney that she did no wrong and has nothing to apologize or atone for. When the Pope asked for the chalice, everyone discovered in horror that it was gone — Alistair took it when he pulled his disappearing act. The Pope warned that the chalice could bring about the destruction of the world if it was in the wrong hands. The Pope added that the chalice must be recovered before Alistair can decipher and read the full inscription, or else he will become the most powerful being on earth, and the church will be doomed. Chad resolved that the group would stop at nothing to get the chalice and return it to the church before it's too late.

Back in the sanctuary Alistair held fast to the chalice and realized that all the other monks are blind. JT arrived and was horrified to run into Alistair alive and well. JT begged Alistair for help in escaping Rome, but all Alistair could think about was using his impending new powers in bed with Theresa.

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