One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 12, 2006 on OLTL

Blair realized that Spencer was behind Todd's frame-up and conviction. Todd had a hard time forgiving Blair for doubting him. Margaret's memory returned, but before she could divulge details of her relationship with Spencer, she was killed in an accident. Jessica returned, and Antonio tried to get her to agree to remarry him. Adriana's stalker continued to terrorize her.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 12, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, June 12, 2006

With a captive audience comprised of Bo and Blair watching from a video monitor in another room, a wired Margaret approaches Spencer outside of his office and tells him that she remembers everything. Spencer is caught off guard but quickly regains his composure and begins asking Margaret how she could remember something that never happened. To Bo's dismay, Spencer catches on to the set up and pumps Margaret for basic information that he knows she doesn't remember. Bo sends the guard in to rescue Margaret when she slips and informs Spencer that the police told her things. Bo catches up to her and tells her that she will be escorted to a hospital where she will get treatment and hopefully she will eventually remember what happened to her and her baby. Spencer taunts Bo about his failed attempt to have Spencer incriminate himself but on the way to the hospital, Margaret begins to get her memory back.

After David's attorney warns him that he is looking at a minimum of twenty years behind bars, David is ready to play let's make deal with John. David offers to give John the goods on Spencer in exchange for him dropping the murder charge against David. John wants no part of a deal that has David going free but does say that the DA has offered to shave off a few years if David turns evidence on Spencer. John tells David that his window of opportunity is shrinking since they are also hopeful that Margaret will get her memory back. Spencer pays David a visit shortly after John leaves and assures David that he will help him in exchange for his silence but David decides to turn the tables on Spencer instead and summons Blair to his cell ready to confess all to her.

Nash and his "ex" business partner, Bruce, conspire to take Reston down personally and financially. Bruce warns Nash that Reston is no fool and that if he catches on to what they are doing, it won't be good for Tess or Brennan. Nash tells him that he will make sure that they are safe and that he won't rest until Reston is brought down which involves using Claudia as part of their plans. Bruce inquires as to whether Tess will want Nash backs when she finds out what he had to do to get Reston but Nash is sure that Tess will understand that he did what did for their family.

While Nash is plotting revenge on Reston, Antonio asks Jessica to be his wife and to allow him to adopt Brennan so that they can raise her together. Jessica reminds Antonio that Brennan has a father but Antonio reasons that Nash has abandoned her and that once he and Jessica are married and providing for the baby, there isn't a court that would deny him parental rights. Jessica assures Antonio that she loves him and would love to be his wife and have him raise Brennan but that it is too much, too soon. She tells him that they aren't sure whether Tess is gone for good or not and even if she is, Jessica still must go through the emotional and tedious integration process which won't be easy on any of them. Antonio finally relents but promises Jessica that he is going to be there for her and Brennan.

Adriana admits to Rex that she is still being stalked. Rex decides to use his newfound status as a P.I. to do all that he can to find out who her stalker is. He suggests that Adriana tell Dorian what is going on but Adriana balks fearing that Dorian will ship her off if she knows about the danger. Rex thinks that maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea if Adriana did leave Llanview for a while. Adriana refuses to give up her life because of the stalker. They decide to change the subject and enjoy Claudia's Capricorn debut instead. Unfortunately, they are rattled by a request that was made for the song, Butterfly, which is what the stalker has been referring to Adriana as.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bo, John, and Hugh look at the document with Bo's signature showing that Bo was the person who signed off on the identification of Margaret. They all agree that the document must have been Spencer's back up just in case Todd was saved from execution. Unfortunately since the document is official, Hugh informs Bo that should it get out then it will appear that Bo railroaded Todd especially since Evangeline's argument was that the police didn't even consider any other suspects. Bo is prepared to turn in his badge and have John run the station should another piece of "evidence" turn up. He sends John to forensics with the phony document to see if they can determine what they are up against.

Blair listens intently to David's story of how Spencer set up Todd. He tells her how Paige helped deliver the baby and how Spencer took Margaret to Thailand where she was found. Blair can't believe that Paige would have helped Spencer and then kept quiet even when Todd was sentenced to die. David says that Paige had no choice since Spencer was blackmailing her with incriminating evidence that points to Bo as being the one who set up Todd. Blair doesn't let on to David that she believes him deciding instead to handle things on her own. She goes to Bo and tells him all that David said to her. Bo insists that she stay out of it since Spencer is a dangerous man but Blair has her own ideas.

As Margaret is on her way to the hospital, she begins to have flashes of memories about events leading up to her disappearance. At first they are incoherent flashes, but as more memories come flooding back she begins to piece things together. Margaret remembers how Todd wanted her dead, how Spencer came up with a plan to bring Margaret and Todd together but instead he wanted Todd dead. She remembers delivering her baby and confronting Spencer about his sinister plans. Margaret pleads with her escorts to take her back to the police station so that she can tell them what happened and get her baby back but they just insist she is crazy. Eventually they call Bo to tell him that Margaret is insisting that she be brought back since she now has her memory back. On the way back to the station, they get into an accident and the van turns over.

Spencer checks in on Todd and taunts him about Blair. Todd tells Spencer that his relationship with Blair is built on a house of cards which will come tumbling down soon since Blair is starting to become suspicious of Spencer. Spencer tells Todd that Blair needs the kind of stability that he can provide and the only thing that Todd can provide for her is closure. They are interrupted by Starr, who has come to visit her father. She asks Todd what happened between he and Spencer but Todd refuses to talk. As they are enjoying ice cream together Blair stops by. Todd yells at her to leave and when Blair asks why he goes over all the times in the past few months that she has let him down and swears that they are through. A hurt Blair leaves and runs into Spencer. She tells how David told her everything and then goes on to tell a pleased Spencer how she defended him to David.

Jessica and Antonio's romantic moment is interrupted by Jessica's flashes of Tess and Nash. She apologizes to Antonio and becomes even more convinced that until she begins integration, she will always be afraid of Tess coming back. Antonio tells Jessica how Tess has changed and leaned on Jessica more than she realizes. Jessica decides that she needs to face what happened to her as a child if she, Antonio, and Brennan are to have any kind of future together. Antonio lets it slip that he knows what happened to her as a child and Jessica insists that he tell her but he refuses stating that the doctor advised them that it is up to Jessica to remember and face the incident. Jessica decides that she is going to begin the integration process the next day.

Nash takes Claudia down memory lane to loosen her up so that he can tell her about his business proposal. Claudia is skeptical but hears him out as he reminds her how they dreamed about owning a vineyard together and then shows her the pictures of the vineyard he wants her to invest in. Claudia is insulted that Nash thinks her a fool but Nash insists that he is being honest with her including where his heart lies with Tess and their baby. He tells her that by investing in the vineyard she will be asserting her independence and showing him that they can be friends, maybe not the best of friends but friends nonetheless. Claudia decides to think about it while Nash secretly apologizes for how he is about to use her to ensure the safety of his family.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The van containing Margaret crashes; she is unconscious and stops breathing. The driver is killed but the aides survive and one of them begins CPR after calling for an ambulance.

Bo and John await Margaret's return so that she can tell them all she has remembered about her past. Evangeline also shows up, along with Rex who is there to tell Bo about Adriana's stalker. When Rex mentions that he heard about the crash, the police officers take off for the scene of the accident while Evangeline heads to the hospital to see Todd. Bo also calls Blair to let her know of Margaret's returned memory and advises her not to say anything to Spencer. He promises to hear about Adriana's problem upon his return.

Spencer, who is standing with Blair when she receives Bo's call, tries to find out what the call is about and why Blair is suddenly so intent on getting into Todd's room. Starr is with her dad who is very sleepy and needs to rest. He sends his daughter on her way after advising her to be nice to her mother and refuses to see her himself. Todd dreams of getting out of bed, searching for Blair, and reconnecting with her. Marcie and Michael prepare for Tommy's visit to the pediatrician. R.J. and Matthew visit with Nora who refuses to talk after her stroke because of being embarrassed for what she sounds like. R.J. has a plan; they decline to acknowledge her hand motions and stares and encourage her to speak instead. When Lindsay shows up as she has all year, R.J. takes her out to the hallway and persuades her to stay away because Nora won't converse in front of her.

The pediatrician reassures an insecure Marcie, who has pages of questions about her charge, that she's doing a great job. Spencer continues to question Blair on her phone call, along with her changed attitude towards him. She just seems different, he claims. When Evangeline arrives and mentions the fact that Margaret is ready to spill it all, Spencer realizes that Bo was calling about that very thing, especially when Blair doesn't seem quite as surprised as she should. He sees that Bo didn't want him to know anything about it. R.J. returns to Nora's room and announces that he's not leaving until she speaks, even if he has to stay all night. She does begin to talk and is grateful to R.J. for helping her. Evangeline breaks the news to Todd, both of Margaret's recollections and of the accident. It dawns on him why Blair was so anxious to see him. He wonders if she's coming around about Spencer now. He also cannot think about forgiving her just yet. Spencer and Blair learn of the van accident and head for the ER as Margaret is wheeled in. Her heart stops and she's brought back. Everyone hopes that she makes it for many reasons; everyone but Spencer.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Margaret flatlined and Spencer could barely restrain his glee over that turn of events. Evangeline blamed Spencer for Margaret's death. Spencer laughed that off and Blair jumped to his defense. (Remember, readers, that Blair is pretending to be on Spencer's side.) Bo reminded everyone (John, Rex, Evangeline) that this was still an emergency room and they dispersed. Rex offered some comments and John asked, "Why are you still even here?" Spencer thanked Blair for sticking up for him. She said it was impossible for him to kill Margaret. Rex, John and Evangeline broke the news to Todd that Margaret didn't make it. "She's really dead," Evangeline said. Todd took a deep breath and asked the three to leave. Rex lingered and reminded him that "you wanted to see Truman burn, but it's not going to happen today. Sorry." Todd tried to get out of bed and managed to take a few steps. He undid the tubes and left his room.

Michael explained that Margaret looked like she was going to be okay, and then coded. Bo reminded him that he might be asking him more questions. Bo assured Blair that he was on to her and told her that she was teetering on the edge. Then Todd stumbled into the waiting room and promptly collapsed. Blair rushed to his side. Spencer called for help. Todd was put on a gurney, proclaiming that Margaret was still alive. Michael arrived. Todd said, "Take this butcher away from me." Blair came in. Todd shooed her away, as usual. Michael asked Blair to leave. A heartbroken Blair left as Spencer watched. Spencer asked what Todd had said. Blair lied and said that Todd had told her things were over, she then asked Spencer to please take her home. Spencer looked happy.

Claudia played hardball with Nash and her money. The two played nice, then kind of flirted. "I'm going to prove to you that we can be in the same room without some ugly incident," giggled Claudia. Nash called Jessica and asked to hear Brennan. Jessica put the phone by Brennan's head. "Daddy loves you," Nash said to his baby daughter. Claudia rushed in with news that her father's staff was there. Nash and Claudia came up with a plan. She would distract the men and Nash would board the plane. Claudia would later join him on the Left Coast.

Antonio reassured Jessica that he'd be there for her during the integration process. Jessica wondered if Viki could take more stress. "I don't see a happy ending," she predicted. Jessica reminded Antonio that Tess had always been her protector. "She keeps a secret that I can't handle," Jessica remarked, adding that she hopes she's stronger than Tess this time. Jessica admitted to remembering some of Tess' memories, specifically a retirement home. (Remember that Norman lives in a retirement-type home.)

Kelly came home to find that Kevin had dumped her stuff out on the front porch. (It wasn't all that much stuff. Guess Kelly is tidy and neat.) Kelly confronted him but he seemed preoccupied with his glass of scotch, or bourbon, or something brown. Kevin said more nasty things ending with, "I want you gone. Now." Kelly refused. "I am not going to stand here and let you fire one more degrading shot at me." Kelly tried to convince Kevin that Duke had loved him. Kelly's purse fell, and out tumbled the pregnancy test. Kevin was too drunk to see it. Kelly left, knocked over all her stuff on the front porch. Inside, Kevin smashed the glass against the wall.

Evangeline visited Cris at the boxing gym. Cris expressed his sympathy about Margaret's death. Evangeline wanted to hit something. Then John and Vincent showed up and said things about Cris and Evangeline. John and Vincent both knew who the other was. John wondered why Vincent was there. Vincent said he was there seeing some of their mutual friends, adding that he had some interest in Vega. He suggested he and John "become pals. You and I have a lot more in common." John wasn't interested. Cris coached Evangeline into punching him. Evangeline got her anger about Spencer out while boxing. Evangeline got very upset. Cris comforted.

Paige tossed and turned muttering the words, "Margaret, Margaret." The attending nurse immediately administered a sedative. Bo visited a doped-up Paige with news that Margaret was dead, "and she took all her secrets with her." Bo let Paige know why she (Paige) was protecting him. He assured her that she didn't have to worry about him anymore. Bo added that Paige was the only one who knows what Margaret knew. "You are the only one who can stop Spencer." Bo left. Rex met him at the door and offered his help. Bo suggested they both go home (separately) and get some rest. Rex turned off the light.

Friday, June 16, 2006

John and others wondered who had sent Natalie those red roses. Natalie thanked John, who had to admit he hadn't sent the flowers. Natalie still thought he did. Natalie reported back on her great forensic class. John let Natalie in on the Bo frame-up. Clint and Viki were shocked to learn about Bo's situation. They had come by to pick up the Tess videotape. Clint, Viki and Natalie headed back to the house to be with Jessica.

Adriana spent the night at Rex's, but Rex slept on the sofa. Rex urged Adriana to tell Dorian about the stalker, but Adriana said no. Rex attempted to make breakfast, but clearly didn't have a clue. Adriana felt compelled to give him some tips. Adriana went to get the paper and found a gift from the stalker instead and that clearly freaked her and Rex out. Adriana refused to go to the police.

Jessica, Antonio and Brennan arrived at Viki's to begin the integration. Antonio put the baby down for a nap while Jessica began a conversation with Tess and begged her not to interfere today. Jessica was so afraid of what might happen when she saw the tape. Antonio assured her she was stronger than she thought. Then Jessica said she had made a decision — she wasn't going to watch that tape after all. Jessica wondered who would raise Brennan if her "mom is a basket case." Antonio tried to convince Jessica to watch the tape. She asked Antonio to tell Brennan "that I love her" in case Jessica disappeared. In the living room, Jessica put the tape in the VCR. Bo, VIki and Natalie left. Dr. Crosby and Antonio stood behind her and she pressed the Play button.

Hugh paid Todd a visit and brought some magazines. Hugh looked Todd in the eye and apologized and promised to find out who set him up. Before he left, Hugh apologized again and hoped that some day Todd would forgive him. Todd said, "you go to hell," and returned to reading Mandela's biography. Back at the police station, the morgue attendant from Kentucky arrived. Hugh asked him to ID the man who had identified the bodies in the morgue. Hugh showed him a photo of Spencer. The attendant pointed at Bo, much to the surprise of Hugh and John.

Blair went to the hospital morgue to make sure Margaret was really dead. She then imagined that Margaret came back to life and began reliving Margaret's evil deeds. Spencer showed up and scared the heck out of Blair. Spencer commented to Blair that she had appeared distant last night when they were, er, in bed. Spencer had parting words for Margaret that he hadn't wanted her dead, just out of the way.

Kelly met Dorian for breakfast. Dorian criticized Kelly for her ugly outfit and was surprised to learn that Kelly had spent the night in her old room. Kelly told Dorian what had happened at the carriage house and that in addition to kicking her out of the house, Kevin had fired her as well. Dorian asked Kelly if she was pregnant. Kelly vehemently denied she was expecting. Blair joined Kelly for breakfast, obviously not wanting to be with Spencer. Kelly wondered why Blair was still with Spencer, as Todd was now free and alive. Blair told Kelly that Todd didn't want anything to do with her. Kelly thought Todd probably just needed some time. "He loves you," Kelly assured her cousin. Blair almost told Kelly of her undercover work, but thought the better of it. Spencer showed up and Blair tried to convince him to get Kelly to go home as she looked so terrible. (Blair would do anything to keep from having to go up to Spencer's room.) Spencer tried to get Blair to go upstairs (where he lives) and she could no longer avoid him. Once in Spencer's room, the two began to make love. Blair wasn't too happy with that, but had to go along with it.

Claudia tried to file a complaint with John against the two thugs who accosted her in the airport. John didn't believe her. He had heard that the men had been sent to watch her. Claudia insisted he investigate it. John said she'd get into trouble for filing a false police report. Claudia stormed out. Claudia called Nash and then ran into Rex and Adriana. Claudia asked why they had asked about the song about the butterfly. Claudia was stunned to learn about the stalking. Dorian heard the word stalker and began asking questions. Adriana and Kelly managed to deflect Dorian's questions and convinced her there was no stalking of Adriana. Claudia asked Rex to investigate Jessica Buchanan for her.

Dorian drove Kelly to the hospital to have her stitches removed. At the hospital, Kelly apologized to Todd. "Everyone's glad you're alive," Kelly said. Todd wasn't so sure. "Blair's with Spencer," he whispered. "I wouldn't be so sure about that," Kelly replied. Todd asked what that meant. Kelly left without answering.

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