One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 29, 2006 on OLTL

Antonio tried unsuccessfully to draw Jessica out with a kiss. John was too late to stop Todd's execution. Todd was rushed to the hospital where Spencer managed to revive him. Kelly thought she might be pregnant. Paige was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. Reston vowed to make Tess and Brennan pay. Marcie and Michael considered being foster parents.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 29, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, May 29, 2006

Antonio visits with Tess and a fussy Brennan. When Antonio offers to help Tess calm the baby, Tess refuses but eventually gives in when Antonio shows empathy for everything that she and the Buchanans have been going through the past few days. He tells her that Jessica is the one the family would lean on in times of crisis because of her strength. Tess scoffs at "Jessica's strength" but Antonio tells her that in trying to maintain control, she is killing a beautiful woman's spirit. Tess is angered when she begins to think that Antonio is being nice to her so that he can coax Jessica out. When Antonio realizes that Jessica is fighting to gain control, he calls to her and kisses Tess.

Nash pays Claudia a visit when he receives another threatening phone call from Mr. Reston. He tells her to call off her father but Claudia claims that she had no clue that her father was calling Nash. She also goes on to state that she knows how much her father loves children so it is hard for her to believe that her father would make threats against Nash's daughter. Claudia gets in a few digs about the baby's name which is also Nash's last name. She tells Nash how she doesn't want him to leave Llanview because she sees that it is a great place to start over as she has by going to a new facility with new therapists and groups and she has even gotten a job at Capricorn thanks to Antonio. Nash isn't buying the "new start" story and issues a warning that she better get her father to back off before he starts to push back.

Starr is horrified to learn that Dr. Truman is going to be a witness to her father's execution. She yells at him to leave because all he wants to do is see Todd die. Spencer declares that he is there to support Blair which incenses Starr even more. Starr is given the opportunity to plead her case to a reporter but her pleas fall on deaf ears. Dorian also tries to get Spencer to leave but he once again states that he is there for Blair and since he has the proper credentials, he will be going into the prison to view Todd's execution. When a reporter reports that the governor has denied Evangeline's request for a stay of execution, Starr is devastated and leans on Dorian for support.

Todd is giving the opportunity to say final farewells to all who have come to witness his execution. He starts by telling Margaret's sister that although he is remorseful about what happened to Margaret he didn't kill her. His speech is interrupted by the ringing of the governor's phone but unfortunately the governor is only calling to say that he is denying Evangeline's request for a stay of execution. Todd asks Viki to look after his children and to make sure that they grow up to be just like her as he regards Viki as being strong and loyal. He tells Evangeline that although he wants her to get her sight back, he is glad that she can't see what's happening at this moment. He also asks her to not cry and to know that she was more than his lawyer she was a great friend as well.

As the countdown to Todd's execution winds down, John, Natalie, David, and Margaret find themselves confronted by airport security since they came in on an unauthorized flight. John tries to explain to the security guard that he is a police officer and that he is transporting David and Margaret to the prison. The guard doesn't care who he is or who they are and places them under arrest until John wrestles the gun away from him. The foursome take the security guard's patrol car and race to the prison hoping to get there in time enough to stop Todd's execution. When they encounter protestors, John takes the road to the prison's back door. He grabs Margaret and enters the prison where he is stopped by a guard right outside of the execution room. John tells them that they have to stop the execution because the victim is right there next to him.

Blair begins to break down as the realization of what is about to happen sinks in. She begs for the guard to allow her to tell Todd that she doesn't want him to die but he refuses to allow Todd to her what she has to say. Todd does tell Blair that he still loves her but he is going to haunt her and when she finally realizes that he is innocent it will haunt her for the rest of her life. As if on cue, Spencer walks in and tells Blair that he is there for her. When Evangeline and Viki protest, Spencer shows the guard the proper credentials and asks Blair if he wants her to leave to which Blair says nothing. They all watch in silence as Todd is given the injections... and stops breathing.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Nash walks in on Antonio and Tess but misses the big kiss. He confirms that Antonio has hired Claudia at Capricorn but walks away from a heated debate with him to check on baby Brennan. Nash is holding Brennan when he finds a note from Reston in the baby's crib giving him 24 hours to leave town or else. While he is in the other room Tess warns Antonio that she will punch him in the lower regions should he ever try to kiss her again. Antonio taunts her with the fact that she didn't tell Nash about their kiss because it was Jessica kissing him back. Tess feels that Antonio is on the verge of breaking their fragile truce but Antonio insists that he will do whatever it takes to get Jessica back so that the two of them can raise their baby together. Tess says that she will never let go of the love she and Nash share and that she will never let go of her baby. Antonio tries to get Tess to promise that if the baby turns out to be his that she will back off and let Jessica out. Tess asks him if he will do the same if she and Nash turn out to be Brennan's parents. Antonio gets a phone call from the hospital informing him that the results of the paternity test should be in the next day.

Clint asks Kelly to forgive Kevin for the things that he did to ruin their relationship and push her into Duke's arms. Kelly tells Clint that although she is still in love with Kevin there is nothing she can do or say that would make the situation better especially since she is the one who is truly to blame for Duke's death and not Kevin. Clint tells her that she should forgive herself as well as Kevin. Kevin walks into her room and agrees with her when she states that there is nothing that will ever take away the pain of the fact that she is still alive and Duke isn't. Kevin turns the TV on after reporting to Clint that evidence has turned up that may prove that Todd didn't kill Margaret after all. They watch as the reporter states that Todd was executed prior to the new evidence showing up and that the doctors are working to revive Todd. Kelly feels for Blair and tries to reach out to Kevin who pulls away from her.

Blair, Viki, Evangeline, Spencer, Hugh, and Bo are stunned when John walks in to the execution viewing room with Margaret. John calls for them to stop the execution but it is too late as Todd has already flat-lined. The prison officials work frantically to try to revive Todd as Blair pleads for Spencer to go in and save Todd's life. Spencer is hesitant but eventually begins working on Todd. John follows Spencer to make sure that he doesn't try to kill Todd as Bo places David and Margaret under arrest. Hugh apologizes to Evangeline for what has happened and leaves to go have "Margaret and her baby's" bodies exhumed. He also gets his list of charges ready to present to Margaret.

Bo asks John how he went from going to Thailand to find his father's shooter to finding Margaret. John fills him on how he found out that David was the teen who killed his father and how finding David led to his finding Margaret. John wants to stick around while Bo interrogates Margaret and David but Bo tells him to take Natalie and go home since John is still pumped up on adrenaline. After John leaves, Bo begins to interrogate Margaret who doesn't remember anything about Todd or the baby she gave birth to. Hugh asks Bo if he believes that she truly does not remember anything to which Bo responds that he does believe her but he is still going to try to help her get her memory back. When he mentions Spencer's name to her, Margaret tells him that the name sounds familiar.

As a worried Blair and Viki look on, Spencer shocks Todd and gets a weak pulse but without the proper equipment he is unable to stabilize Todd. He tries to walk away but Blair won't let him so he continues working on Todd and orders the prison officials to have a MedEvac come to Lehigh prison to take Todd to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. Evangeline asks to speak to John alone as she is concerned that Spencer will do something to harm Todd now that Margaret has been found. John tells her that he is also concerned but that Spencer is not alone with Todd now and won't be alone with Todd in the MedEvac either. Evangeline still can't believe that Margaret is alive while John tells her that she was right all along even though she didn't know all the details. Evangeline is grateful to John and to Cristian who has been her eyes through this whole ordeal.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

At Lehigh Prison, Margaret and David continue to be questioned on their various charges by Bo, Hugh and John, to no avail. Hugh explains the circumstances of the case to Margaret but the only thing she knows is her great life in Bangkok. Hugh even offers to make a deal with David but the information that he's looking for is not forthcoming. He and John even try the good cop/bad cop scenario but David wants to see a lawyer. John shows Hugh the picture of a young David along with the sketch and he agrees that David is the killer. Natalie agrees to go to the hospital with John so that he can tell Michael what they've learned. Margaret remembers working at B.E.

As Dorian, Starr and Adriana await news of Todd outside of the prison, Blair and Viki come running out to follow Todd to the hospital. Blair grabs Starr and Dorian learns that David has been arrested. Though she claims not to care, Adriana convinces her otherwise. She heads for the hospital but suggests her mother wait to learn what she can about David. Dorian in turn advises her daughter to stop blaming herself for Duke's death. Margaret is escorted out, followed by David. Their eyes meeting, David and Dorian can only share a meaningful glance.

Kevin runs into Kelly at the hospital while he's there to visit Asa. He catches her as she starts to fall. She wants to have a talk with him but he's reluctant; he considers everything between them to be over. She heads for her room alone but Kevin is curious about the secret she seems to have. He receives a call from Bo, asking that he meet him at the police station regarding a very much alive Margaret. Kelly decides she doesn't have to tell Kevin anything and apologizes once again for being alive while Duke is dead. Kelly asks Adriana to get her a pregnancy test kit. Marcie, who has grown attached to the baby orphaned by the tornado, is reluctant to give him up to foster care. Learning that his name is Thomas, the same as Michael's dad, she sees it as a sign. She wants to have a baby right away. Todd arrives at the hospital and is immediately taken into surgery, ending up alone in the room with Spencer, who whispers that anything can happen when no one else is around. Suddenly, a medical team rushes in; Viki has called them and it's the same team who worked with Spencer on Kelly. Viki, Blair and Starr arrive along with Cris and Evangeline. When Evangeline mentions that Todd is in more danger now with Spencer around and Blair should realize it, it creates a shouting match between the women. Blair doesn't want Spencer to be trashed after just reviving Todd at the prison. Starr learns that Margaret is alive and is joyful, giving her dad's attorney a big hug. Spencer, recalling Blair's pleas to help Todd, does his best during surgery and saves him, though the next several hours are crucial. He advises that there are no guarantees. Blair replays Evangeline's warning in her head as she and Starr look at Todd through the window of his room. Blair heads for the chapel, lights a candle, prays and breaks down. A disbelieving Michael learns the news of David being his father's killer. Alone with Todd in his room, Spencer announces to the unconscious man that he always comes out on top and refuses to watch it all fall apart, that he's come too far. Blair explains to Natalie that Spencer saved Todd but she has a question for her. Does Nat think that Spencer could be responsible for all that has happened to Todd?

Cris pulls an ecstatic Evangeline into a serious kiss. Though the lawyer returns the kiss, she is shocked and speechless and asks to be driven home. Cris wants to kick himself for making the move.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Kelly asks Adriana to buy her a home pregnancy test but urges her cousin not to breathe a word to anyone. Natalie tells Blair why she believes Spencer was at the root of Todd's troubles all along. Meanwhile, at the precinct house, Bo and Hugh interrogate Margaret, who stubbornly insists she knows nothing about any baby. Dorian presses David for the truth of Thomas McBain's murder. Spencer reminds a wary Blair that she can trust him implicitly. Bo learns that Paige has been admitted to the hospital in critical condition. David admits to Dorian how at the age of 16 he got swept up in his father and brother's illicit activities and shot a cop during a panicked escape attempt. Blair reassures a worried Starr that her dad will pull through. Cris makes it clear to a flustered Evangeline that his feelings for her are genuine and go far beyond mere friendship. Dorian agrees to find David an attorney. Later, Bo suggests to David that things could go a lot easier for him if he spills everything he knows about his brother. Dorian discovers the pregnancy test in Kelly's hospital room.

Friday, June 2, 2006

Evangeline reminds Cris why her new disability may prove to be a burden to him if they embark on a romance. Nash fears he may have to leave town after reading the ominous note Reston's goon left in baby Brennan's crib. Starr swallows her pride and thanks Spencer for saving her dad's life. In the ICU, Blair prays for Todd to awaken so she can beg for his forgiveness. Marcie and Michael consider becoming foster parents after the family located by Child Protective Services decides not to take little Tommy. Ricky comes to the hospital to check on Starr after seeing her on the news. At the jail, David's guard warns him he's in for a rough time once he becomes a convicted cop killer. Meanwhile, Dorian puts Spencer on notice. Natalie asks John if finding his father's killer has finally brought him peace. David offers Dorian a million dollars to bust him out of jail. Starr gleefully reminds Spencer that her mom won't need him anymore once Todd is fully recovered. Cristian and Evangeline share another lingering kiss. Across town, John and Natalie fall into bed together and make love.

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