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Greg misled Tad to buy himself some time to flee. Babe forgave JR after he took responsibility for his actions. Kendall was taken into surgery after her condition worsened. Zach was arrested for keeping the doctors from treating Kendall. Jack was too late to stop Lily and Jonathan from getting married.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 29, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, May 29, 2006

Babe and JR were still in the boathouse. JR was repeatedly apologizing to Babe. He claimed he loved her and wanted to protect her, instead of hurting her again. Babe became enraged and slapped him across the face! Then, she fell into the lake. She told JR this was his chance to get rid of her for once and for all. Still, he helped her out and wrapped her in his jacket. Babe accused him of playing nice so she would not testify against him. JR denied this and handed her a piece of paper. Babe read it and looked shocked. It was a signed confession from JR. He said he wanted to take responsibility for his actions. Babe told him the result would be many years in prison. JR was aware of the consequences. He did not want Little Adam to know he was a homicidal drunk. He also said he could not see the empty look in Babe's eyes anymore. He thought she lost hope in him. JR told her to move on after he was gone. He volunteered to sign divorce and custody papers. JR emotionally declared to Babe she was going to be a great mother. Then, he went to leave, but Babe told him to stop. She started to tear up and said she could not picture her life without JR!

Julia walked into the hospital's on-call room and found Josh in bed with a nurse. She condemned his promiscuous behavior, but he showed no remorse. As he walked into the bathroom to take a shower, Jamie walked out. Julia bumped into Jamie and his towel fell off. They looked at each other and smiled. While Jamie was getting dressed, Julia vented to him about Josh. Josh came back soon after and told Jamie there was protection in the drawer if he wanted to get his swing on. After Josh left, Julia continued to bad mouth him. Jamie sensed she was stressed from working too much on Kendall's case. He insisted she take a break and leave the hospital with him. Julia finally agreed and took him to the beach for cold water swimming. They each took off their clothes slowly, but never took their eyes off each other. When they were done swimming, they embraced and began kissing.

Aidan and Erin were driving to New York to find Lily and Jonathan. They were in Aidan's old, yet classic, car. On the way, the car broke down. Erin tried to help Aidan fix it, but clumsily only made things worse. They had to call for help, which was going to take a long time. As they waited, Erin thanked Aidan for his dependability and for helping with Jonathan. He said it was all because he loved her. She admitted she never understood what those words meant until Aidan came into her life. She could not believe that the "world's oldest virgin" had found love. Then, they began to make love in the front seat of the car.

Bianca was sitting in the park with Miranda. She was getting their stuff together to leave, but when she turned around, Miranda was gone. Bianca called out her name frantically. Then, Krystal walked up to Bianca with Miranda in her arms. She said she found the little girl wandering off. Krystal saw Bianca was relieved and went to leave. Bianca told her to wait and proceeded to say thank you. Krystal said she was putting Miranda back in her mother's arms years too late. She apologized and said she took Miranda because of how much Babe loved JR. Bianca asked if Babe was lying about JR's attempt on her life. Krystal said no and explained how worried she was for her daughter. She also said Kendall was in her prayers and left.

Ryan and Zach were still in Kendall's hospital room. Ryan told Kendall he was going to give Spike the time he needed. He finally believed this is what Kendall truly wanted. Ryan then confessed to Zach that he was in love with Kendall. Zach asked if this meant he loved her as more than just the mother of his child. He said yes. Ryan then explained he wished he could go back and change things. He wanted to be married to Kendall and he wanted to give her the world. However, he admitted that Kendall loved Zach and he made her happy. As Kendall listened to this, Ryan's voice began to fade. Then, all of a sudden, the machines monitoring her brain went off. Zach let two doctors inside. They said Kendall's pressure was rising. A decision needed to be made. Meanwhile, a white light enveloped Kendall. In the light, she saw Ryan holding Spike. He said the baby was perfect because of her. Zach said they did what she wanted and took her life for the baby's. She asked them why she could not be with her baby. When Kendall returned to the hospital room, she asked if she was dying. Zach knelt beside her and said Ryan chose Spike. He then begged her to come back. Ryan told her to listen to her husband and to the man who loves her more than she knows.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Dr. Madden told Amanda that he was leaving Pine Valley. He told Amanda that his clinic was doing very well and it was time to move on, but he would take her with him. Jamie and Julia went to Madden's office and she told them she was leaving with him and going ahead with the surrogacy. Julia told her that Madden could not be trusted, but she wouldn't listen. Erica ran into Greg and he asked if there was something he could do to help Kendall. Erica demanded that he save Kendall and the baby, but he told her he couldn't because he had been removed from Kendall's case. Josh and Bianca heard Erica threaten Madden.

Tad told Dixie that he didn't need her help locating Kate and to please leave. She told him that she wasn't leaving and that she was entitled to know every word that Greg Madden told him. Tad disagreed. Dixie stood her ground and began making calls concerning Kate's adoption. Tad thought he had a solid lead about a couple in Maine. Dixie said she was going with him, but he left without her. As Tad fastened his seatbelt, Dixie got on the plane. He told her to get off but she said the only way that was going to happen was if he had a gun and shot her.

Ryan and Zach kept vigil over Kendall as Bianca tried to convince Erica that they only wanted what was best for Kendall. Erica went out for air and Josh came to talk to Bianca but she didn't have much to say. She asked if Kendall was going to alright and he told her it could go either way.

J.R. continued to suck up to Babe and as tears rolled down her cheeks, she told him that she couldn't picture her life without him. They went back to the Chandler mansion and Krystal asked Babe how she could believe J.R. again. Krystal made no secret of her animosity toward J.R. Adam told J.R. that there was still a way to get out of this without prison time. J.R. told him that he was going to stand up to what he did. J.R. asked Babe if he could stay with her and Little A and she agreed.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tad and Dixie were still on the plane. Dixie asked Tad if he thought they were going to find Kate. Tad replied he had learned the hard way not to get his hopes up about anything. When they landed, Tad told the pilot to stay put. The pilot agreed and joked there was no place for him to go because the area was so secluded. Tad and Dixie walked up to the house and when Tad knocked on the door it fell over. It was obvious no one had lived in the house for years. They were scammed by Dr. Madden. They turned to leave and heard the plane take off. Tad and Dixie were stranded. Tad wondered why Dr. Madden did not just kill them. Dixie explained murder was not his style, but disappearing was. She said Dr. Madden was probably leaving town that moment. Tad then revealed he had Dr. Madden followed. He then saw a map and found a symbol for a ranger station. They decided to go find it, but before they did, Tad started breaking a chair. He piled up the wood and poured gasoline on it. Dixie watched with a confused look on her face.

Di went to see Tad at his office, but only found Aidan. When she asked how Tad was, Aidan gave her an answer she did not want to hear. He told her Tad was with Dixie looking for Kate. Di then admitted she still loved Tad and did not want him back with Dixie. Then, Aidan received a phone call from the man following Dr. Madden. He said he had a family emergency and could no longer fulfill his duties. Aidan had no one else to send because all of his agents were in New York. Di overheard this and volunteered to take over. Aidan was hesitant, but had no other options. He told Di not to take Dr. Madden on alone because he was too much to handle. Di suggested that Dell be involved because he could take on Dr. Madden. Di left to start her job. Aidan got another phone call. Someone found Jonathan and Lily!

Jamie went to see Dr. Madden in his office. Dr. Madden was packing and told Jamie he was going on sabbatical. Jamie protested Amanda's surrogacy plans. Dr. Madden claimed it was Amanda's choice due to her personal needs and wants. Jamie did not back down. Dr. Madden then yelled it was none of his business and that Jamie was nothing. Meanwhile, Julia was talking to Zach and Ryan. She let it slip that Amanda was going to be a surrogate. Zach revealed to her the secrets he found on Dr. Madden's island. Julia could not believe he was inseminating all of his patients with his own sperm. She thought it was a form of rape. She then rushed to Dr. Madden's office to tell Jamie. He was appalled, but Dr. Madden denied it. Jamie threatened to tell his mother so she could write a story in Tempo. Then, Amanda came in. She told Jamie and Julia to leave her alone. She also said she was ready to leave with Dr. Madden. Suddenly, he changed his mind about the surrogacy. He explained it was not the right time for her yet. She was too young and needed to live her life first. He assured her he would keep in touch and help her if she decided to be a surrogate in the future. When Jamie and Amanda were alone, she accused him of scaring Dr. Madden off. She thought Jamie told him she was crazy like her mother. She explained she wanted to be a surrogate to make up for what Janet did. Jamie said she was not crazy, but he was. He said he did this out of care for her. He told her Dr. Madden was in big trouble and he did not want her involved. Amanda wanted to know what he did, but Jamie did not tell her. She left looking very upset. Josh then walked into the office and saw his father packing. Dr. Madden said he was leaving and asked Josh to go with him.

Kendall was given a test to see if Spike was ready for a c-section. The doctor put an enormous needle in her to take fluid from the baby. During the test, Spike was shown on a sonogram. Ryan looked at it happily and Julia let him keep the picture of it. While they were waiting for the results, Ryan thanked Zach for giving Spike a chance. The doctor then announced he had the results. He said they were not as clear cut as he had hoped in relation to the baby's heart. Still, his lungs were developed enough, so they could proceed. They began to prep Kendall for surgery. The doctor said Ryan could go in with her. Ryan demanded Zach go in as well. Kendall then went into the operating room. She told Spike everyone already loved him. She said Ryan was wonderful and he was lucky to have him as a father. She also said to trust Zach because she did. Kendall began to moan and Spike was taken out of her. She was delighted, but everyone else looked nervous. Kendall began to get upset and wondered why she did not hear her baby crying.

Bianca and Erica were keeping each other company at the hospital. Josh saw Erica and approached her. He wanted to know why she was threatening his father. Erica said he was insensitive towards her situation with Kendall and asked him to stop harassing her. She told him to go away and he finally left. Erica and Bianca then went to see Kendall before she went into surgery. Erica told her she wanted to save her because they already lost too much time together. She explained she did not want to waste another second of their future because it took them so long to get to where they were today. She told her she was a Kane woman and had a core of steel. Bianca added that she and Spike had to visit her in Paris. She said Miranda could not wait to see her aunt and cousin. Kendall told Bianca to take care of Spike like a mother. After Kendall left, Erica asked Bianca to help get her mind off the surgery. So, Bianca asked her why she threatened Dr. Madden. Erica claimed it was because he brainwashed Kendall into adoption. Bianca thought it was more than that. She observed Erica's tone with Dr. Madden. Erica spoke to him the same way she spoke to Michael Cambias after he raped Bianca. She inquired if he attacked her, but Erica would not discuss it. Bianca then reminded Erica what she told her after the rape. Erica said silence would smother her. She told her mother she was behind her 100% and did not want to hear anymore lies. Erica admitted that Bianca was right.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Perplexed, Dixie stands back and watches as Tad sets their only shelter ablaze. He admits that it is his hope that he will get them out of there. She tells him that she thinks he may have lost the last of his marbles, and he urges her to relax - as the fire is a controlled burn. The ground is wet, there is no wind, and the shacks are in a well-cleared area. His hope is that the ranger is in the station noted on the map, and that they will see the smoke and send rescue people straight for them. After pondering his plan for a moment, Dixie apologetically notes that she almost forgot how clever Tad can be. She stares into the fire for a few moments, and then admits her fear that they will get back to Pine Valley and find that Greg has disappeared. She then laments that she dragged Tad into the hell that she made for herself because of the choices she made. She tells him that every time she thought that she had found their daughter, she wanted to come home, put their daughter in his arms, and beg forgiveness. Tad tells her that her mistakes are in the past, and that no number of lies or tricks on Greg's behalf will keep them from finding Kate, and bringing her home.

A short time later, the fire having burned itself out, Tad suggests that they get a move on - as the ranger station is about ten miles from where they stand. Dixie agrees, but before they can take a step, they hear a helicopter flying overhead. A ranger shows up, much to their delight, and they plead with him to hurry and take them back to civilization so they can find their lost daughter. The ranger slows them down, wanting to deal with things one at a time. He asks how the cabins caught on fire and they freely admit that Tad lit them to get his attention. The tide turns, and the ranger handcuffs Tad, saying that they are under arrest on suspicion of arson. Tad tries to tell the ranger that he will pay any fine necessary as long as they can get back to Pine Valley right away. The ranger thinks it's meant to be a bribe, but Dixie intervenes and diffuses the situation by begging him to help them find their daughter.

Josh asks his father why he is leaving town and Greg tells him that he simply needs new opportunities. He invites his son to go with him, citing the same needs, but Josh is unmoved. He notes aloud that Erica must have something big on Greg to make him run, and asks his father exactly what he did. Greg continues to insist that he has done no wrong, even in the face of every possibility that Josh can come up with. Josh thinks there has to be more to his story because if he was just going off to do more research as he claimed, Greg could wait for Josh to join him at any time. Greg tells his son that there is an opportunity to work with a limitless budget and the finest technology - he just wants to share it. Josh tells him that he will take his chances because he likes working at PVH as well as working for Joe Martin. Touching on a nerve, Greg rages about how Joe Martin has never done anything for Josh. He starts to give the speech about how he is single-handedly responsible for Josh being alive, and this in turn infuriates Josh. Josh retorts that his father will never use that as a bargaining chip again. He tells Greg that he has no plans to go with him, and further notes that if Greg won't tell him the truth about what he is hiding, he will leave the room without a care of what happens to Greg when he is gone. Greg hesitates, and Josh starts to take his leave. He starts to open the door before Greg announces that he will tell the truth. Josh relents, and lets the door fall shut again. Having his son's full attention, Greg tells Josh that his mother never wanted him to be born.

Di listens in to the conversation from the other side of Greg's office door, but it's only a moment before her brother catches her. She grabs his hand and drags him to a nearby location so that they can talk freely. While still keeping an eye on the door, she tells a bewildered Del that she is keeping tabs on Greg and that he can't leave the hospital without passing through the hallway they are in. Del tells her that he thought Dixie was going to handle Madden on her own, but Di informs him that Dixie needs their help right now. She fills him in on what she knows about their sister and Tad attempts at tracking down their niece. Del accepts that, but is chomping at the bit, wanting to beat the information that they need out of Madden. Di tries to calm him down, reminding him that the decisions about what to do and how to do it are only to be made by Dixie and Tad. As they wait for movement from Madden, Del asks Di how she feels about Tad and Dixie being alone up in Maine. She tells him that nothing else matters, now that she knows that Dixie stayed away searching for Kate, and that Tad just found out that his daughter is alive. Del notes that having alone time could lead to them not only finding their daughter, but finding each other again. Di admits that she has thought of the possibility, but notes that because she loves him, she can't stop rooting for Tad and wishing the best for him. She reminds Del that Dixie once told her that she had no right to live her life. Del thinks that there was no real harm done since Dixie chose to throw it away, but Di tells him that if she wants any kind of a future - with Tad or without him - she needs to earn it. She then tells him that perhaps, by helping Tad and Dixie do the most important thing - finding Kate - she can earn a little bit of her future back.

Bianca asks her mother to reveal what the big secret is between her and Greg Madden. Erica admits that there have been enough secrets in their family, but that she is unsure of where to start. Before she can even make an attempt, JR and Babe enter the room. Met with an icy glare from Bianca, JR asks after Kendall and her son. Bianca makes it clear that he has no right but Erica, always soft on JR, tries to calm her youngest child by citing JR's friendship with Kendall - but to no avail. Bianca can't see how Erica can look past JR's latest screw up, and says that the only thing that she wants to hear from JR is if he is responsible for Kendall being in a coma. JR informs them that he talked to the DA and pled guilty. Erica seems taken aback and tries to deny it, but JR won't let her hide from the truth. He tells both Kane women that he was drunk, out of control and purposefully tipped the construction materials over, thus causing Kendall to fall into a coma. JR tries to apologize, but Erica wants none of it, and she begs her daughter to get them out of her sight. Bianca does just that, and in the hall, JR sorrowfully tells Bianca that he is trying to make amends. Bianca doesn't bend, and can't think of what JR could possibly want to hear from her that would make things better. JR notes that what he did was wrong, and Babe chimes in - agreeing with him. She then asks Bianca to please listen to what JR has to say. Bianca, floored that Babe is still standing by him, reminds the couple that she knows well from past experiences how sick JR is - like when he tried to keep her child from her. Now, with the possibility of her sister dying at his hands, it is all Bianca can do to keep her rage contained. Babe asks JR if he can leave them alone for a few minutes, which he gladly does. When he's gone, Babe tries to explain that even though she knows where Bianca's disbelief is coming from, she can't get past the vows that she took with JR during their second go round, the love that she still has for her husband, and the feeling that she owes it to her son to keep trying to make her marriage work. She admits that there is a very real possibility that her marriage is over, but knowing that she would never stand by a man who chose to do wrong - she tells Bianca that she has no choice but to support JR when he is finally trying to do the right thing.

JR ambles down the hallway with coffee cup in hand, and is surprised when David ambushes him and slams him up against a wall. David makes it clear that while he doesn't know why JR is out of jail after attempting to kill Babe, he will most certainly make sure that JR pays for what he did. JR demands that David let go of him, but David is determined to find out how the middle Chandler got off scot-free again. He makes a point of telling JR that the only reason he is still standing is because he promised Dixie that he wouldn't hurt her son. He finally lets go, and JR tells him that he needn't worry - he and anyone else that wants to see him pay for his crimes will be satisfied soon enough. David is appeased for the moment, noting that Babe would be better off with him in jail, as she deserves better. JR takes this moment to ask if the situation with his mother is at all similar - doesn't she deserve better than David? David laughs that thought off, promising that Dixie will love him again, and that he will give her the life that she had stolen from her by the family that ran her out of town. Tearing up, JR asks if David knew that Kate was alive.

In the operating room, while the medical team works feverishly to make Spike breathe on his own, Ryan attempts wills air into his son and Kendall mentally begs someone to tell her what's going on with him. After a few tense moments, Spike lets out his first tentative cries. A palpable relief floods through the room as one of the attendants places the tot in an incubator and prepares him for a trip to the neonatal unit. With all well on that side of the OR, Kendall is then placed in Dr. Mayer's hands, and he immediately starts to administer the drug that will bring down the pressure in her brain. Ryan leans in close to her and thanks her for their son. He then tells her that even though he is small, he knows Spike will fight to make it - and now it's her turn. Unknowingly, Kendall mentally notes that now that she knows her son is all right, she is at peace with whatever happens next.

Ryan arrives at Kendall's hospital room and tells Erica that he and Kendall have a son, and that after a few scary moments in the OR, he's hanging on. She asks after her daughter, and Ryan tells her that she is holding on as well. She thanks him for keeping her updated, and he tells her that additionally, they have started giving Kendall the drug she needs. Erica asks if there has been any change, but Ryan tells her that it's too early to know for sure. Erica bluntly tells him that the reason may actually be because they waited too long. She then glumly notes that she might lose her daughter, and Ryan tells her that he can imagine how she feels. Erica doesn't think he really knows, and he tells her that he knows she is upset that he changed his mind and sided with Zach. He asks her if she can understand why he made that decision, and after a moment, Erica admits that she is numb and doesn't know what or how to feel. Ryan tries to go to her and comfort her while insisting that they will get through whatever happens, but she rejects his offer, saying she no longer wants to talk and storms out of the room.

She goes into the hallway and sees Bianca still talking with Babe. Completely ignoring Babe, she updates her daughter with the information she just got from Ryan and, after assuring Bianca that she is doing okay, takes off again. Picking up where they left off, Babe tells her that just as she was willing to pay whatever price necessary for keeping Miranda, JR is now doing the same thing with his crimes. Bianca posits that perhaps being with JR is part of Babe's punishment. Babe agrees to that possibility, and then says that if she doesn't stand by him now, no one will. She then walks away without saying goodbye, just as Julia arrives on the scene. She tells Bianca that Kendall is out of recovery and back in her room, and the two run to see her. Bianca joins Erica and Zach just as Zach congratulates his wife on safely delivering her son. Julia leaves the clan alone, and Bianca moves to the forefront to talk to her sister. She praises her for taking the risk to have her son safely, and notes that Kendall made a bold move by bringing a boy into the Kane clan. She continues to talk about all of the happy things they can look forward to once she is awake and feeling better, but when there is no response, she looks to her mother for reassurance. Erica, mired in her own doubt and worry, simply looks at Zach and asks if he is happy now. Bianca begs her mother to have a more positive outlook, insisting that Kendall will be fine. Erica, unable to hang on to hope for long stretches of time, runs out of the room. Bianca turns back to her sister and begs her to wake up. Within the coma, Kendall recognizes her sister's voice but notes how far away it is. She asks about her son, whether she will wake up and why things are starting to feel strange.

David admits that he had to find out about Kate on his own, and further offers up that he will use whatever information he uncovers to find Kate. He believes that when he does, Dixie will be eternally grateful. JR demands that David share what information he has so that he can assist in the search, but David tells him that he is keeping everything that he knows to himself. Babe shows up at that moment and says that if David won't tell JR what he knows, he sure as hell will tell her.

Julia emerges from behind the nurses' station and asks Ryan to accompany her. They don gowns and gloves, and she introduces him to his son in the NICU. She encourages him to touch and talk to his son - and he does, welcoming him to the world and telling him about Kendall. He asks his son to fight as hard as Kendall is. At the same time, Kendall continues to note how everything is slipping away, and how she might be dying. She sends out a plea that her son be taken care of, just before Derek enters the room. He asks Zach if he can talk to him outside, and Zach goes peaceably. He is promptly arrested for all he did to keep Spike from being taken too early.

Contrary to the reaction he thought he would get, Josh flips out at his father, thinking that his mother was nothing more than an experiment to him. Greg tries to explain, but Josh is too furious to let him. As Erica listens from the other side of the door, Josh blasts his father for thinking that relinquishing his hold on this secret would make things better. Visibly pained, Josh chastises his father for trashing the memory of his mother, a woman who loved both of them deeply. Not caring about the truth anymore, he tells his father to go to hell and exits the room. Erica manages to hide just in time, and goes undetected by the younger Madden. When the coast is clear, she barges into Greg's office. She reminds him of the warning that she gave - that Josh wouldn't take the truth well if Greg tried to give it to him. She mocks his pain and says that all that is important now is that he fall as hard and as slowly as possible, so that he may have a taste of the pain he has caused. Greg rejects that notion, saying that he always has a backup plan. Erica doesn't buy it and starts to storm out as quickly as she came in, but Greg grabs her arms and sticks her with a needle.

JR marches away from David with Babe following immediately behind. They go right past Di and Del, and forgetting the purpose of their station, the siblings immediately dash after their nephew. They stop him outside of Madden's office, and as Greg lays an unconscious Erica down on the couch within, JR loudly notes that he intends to have a conversation with the man that stole his sister.

Friday, June 2, 2006

Aidan goes to meet Reggie and Jackson at a restaurant to discuss the whereabouts of Aidan and Lily. Aidan tells them that Lily and Jonathan applied for a marriage license in New York. Jackson wants to rush out and stop the wedding, but Aidan thinks that if Lily is snatched away from Jonathan, she will run away again. Jackson tells Aidan he hired him for his skills, not to run Lily's life. Jackson and Reggie get stuck in the New York courthouse because of a broken scanner, but luckily, the system turns back on. Everyone goes through the scanner and head up the stairs to stop the wedding.

At the courthouse in New York, Lily and Jonathan wait for their turn. A couple in front of them begins to argue loudly, causing Lily to cover her ears with her hands. Jonathan calms her down by explaining that couples fight, but it does not mean they don't love each other. The other couple finishes their argument and walk away. When Jonathan starts to put his belt on, he gets another bad headache and falls to the ground. Lily helps Jonathan by touching his arm and pulling him off the ground. Jonathan walks around and feels better. Lily tells Jonathan they should go to the doctor after their marriage to make his headaches are not serious. When Lily and Jonathan go up to the window, the woman behind the counter is wearing a red dress. The woman gets impatient and tries to take the next couple, but Jonathan explains about Lily's disorder and the woman puts her coat on. As soon as Jonathan and Lily are pronounced husband and wife, Jackson, Reggie and Aidan barge in.

Bianca tries to get through to Kendall by telling her that Spike needs his mother. She jokes that Spike is wearing all the nurses out with his loud cry. She even says that Spike wouldn't want to leave with her or Maggie either.

Ryan comes to see Kendall but finds Zach being arrested by Derek. Zach refuses to leave Kendall's side as Ryan pleads with Derek to let Zach stay with Kendall until she recovers. Ryan tells Zach that if he cooperates with Derek, he will call Olivia and bail Zach out of jail as soon as he can. Before he leaves, Derek allows him to go and say good-bye to Kendall. Zach slips her engagement ring back on her finger, kisses her forehead and tells her he loves her. Bianca and Ryan watch Zach take one last look at his wife before he is taken away. Bianca asks the nurses if they have seen her mother, but when they say no, she figures Erica must be sleeping. Bianca tells Ryan she has a plan that might bring Kendall back and rushes off. Ryan updates Kendall on their son's condition, which is strong and healthy. Bianca brings back Spike's baby blanket and rubs it against her face. With tears streaming down their cheeks, Ryan and Bianca beg Kendall to wake up

At the jail, Derek tells Zach he understands why he did what he did for Kendall, but using a gun is what got him in this position. Zach daydreams that Kendall comes to the jail to tell him Spike will be well taken cared of by him and Ryan. Zach yells to the guards that he needs to get out of jail to see Kendall, but they ignore him.

Jamie overhears Babe, JR, Di and Del discussing that Kate is alive as Greg watches over an unconscious Erica in his office. Di tells JR that Tad and Dixie are chasing down a lead about Kate, as Jamie tells them that they should confront Greg about the baby themselves. Everyone rushes into Greg's office and surprisingly, he invites them all in to any their questions. Erica is hidden inside of a trunk, still unconscious. Greg pulls out Kate's death certificate to prove Kate is dead, but everyone else thinks Greg is lying. Greg tells them Dixie can not accept Kate's death and she has been harassing him. He tells them that Dixie stole a file, similar to Kate's, believing the child is Kate, but in reality, Kate was cremated.

JR and Babe go to the waiting room. JR tells Babe that he is not sure how to handle the news about Kate - is she dead or alive? He admits he isn't sure who to trust and who to believe. Jamie walks in and overhears JR tell Babe he is going to prison. JR tells Jamie the truth about Kendall's accident and that he is acting responsibility for it. Greg tells Babe and JR about Greg's baby island and secret sperm bank. Di walks in and tells them that she and Del are keeping tabs on Greg, but JR would rather beat the truth out of him. Babe tells JR not to get involved because it will only make things worse, but JR is determined to find his sister. Di tells them that Del is pretending to be on Greg's side.

Di thinks Greg is lying, but Del takes Greg's side. Del suggests Dixie go to a therapist and when Greg comes outside of the office, he even apologizes for the family hassling him. Di walks off, giving Del the chance to find a way to repay Greg for his help. Greg asks Del to move a trunk onto his plane. Del asks him where he going, but Greg avoids the question. Once Del leaves the airplane, he falls down from drinking water that Greg gave him. Greg goes back to the plane and opens the trunk to give a knocked out Erica some air.



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