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Passions Recaps: The week of May 29, 2006 on PS
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Monday, May 29, 2006

Beth tries to kill Fancy in Fancy's hotel bed while Luis is in the bathroom talking to Sheridan on the phone. Fancy puts up a good fight until Luis finally hears the struggle and breaks down the bathroom door that Beth had blocked with a chair. Beth manages to disappear but Luis and Fancy know she didn't escape because the door is still chain from the inside. They hear a noise in the ceiling and see the chandelier move and Luis shoots up the ceiling. Beth freezes and Luis pulls the chandelier down and pulls her out of the ceiling and wrestles her down to the ground demanding to know where his son is.

Kay and Miguel talk about their memories and Kay tells him she lied about wanting him to move on and find someone new.

Theresa gets Rebecca's confession on J.T.'s answering machine and taunts Gwen about finally winning Ethan back by uncovering her deception. Theresa also finds a telltale photo of Rebecca and J.T. to use as more proof. She leaves a passed out J.T. in his apartment while she goes to find and bring back Ethan. Rebecca calls and rouses J.T. out of his stupor and warns him that and angry Ethan may kill him when he finds him. A drunk and nervous J.T. tells Rebecca that Theresa and Ethan just arrived back at his apartment and are about to walk in.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

At Tabitha's house, Fox dreamed in bed about making love to Kay so when he pulled his eyes open and found her gone already he was a little perplexed. He assumed that she was downstairs with Maria, so he jumped into the shower. Tabitha was in the kitchen watching Kay talking to Miguel at the lobster boat dock in her water bowl. Siren walked in, grabbed a raw fish from the fridge and as she munched on it she caught a glimpse of Kay and Miguel in the bowl. She decided to show Kay what it felt like and went upstairs to make a play for Fox. She slipped into the shower behind him and he thought she was Kay. He was shocked and flustered when he turned around. He was even more aghast that she planned to stay in the shower with him despite his outburst that he was engaged to Kay. Then she asked him why Kay had followed Miguel to his job on the docks. Fox was very surprised that Kay was gone and decided to go find out what was happening. Siren asked him to scrub her back before he left the shower and he put her off saying that he'd meet her downstairs and they'd go confront them together at the docks when they were dressed.

At the docks, Kay helped Miguel move lobster traps onto the boat. As they worked, Kay tried to make her case for him to leave Siren. She said that there's something wrong with Siren and Miguel told her to leave his love life alone. She said she was concerned for him since he's Maria's father and she's afraid of Siren spending time with their child. Then she asked him if he was okay with her marrying Fox. She asked if he was okay with Fox being Maria's dad and she asked him if there was somebody else she should be marrying. She wanted him to have one more chance to say that he loved her and wanted her to marry him. He said he was fine with Fox and since she was marrying Fox, he was moving on. The other lobstermen came over then and realized she was "Kenny" who worked with them from years back, but they thought she was a guy who had become a girl instead of a girl who'd been pretending to be a guy. She protested that she'd always been a girl and that she and Miguel had even had a baby. The guys just didn't get it. Miguel hugged her and as they did Fox and Siren walked in on them. Kay was surprised and asked Fox what they were doing there. Fox said the real question was "what was she doing there with Miguel?'

In Italy in Fancy's hotel room, Luis fought with Beth demanding that she tell him where Marty is being hidden. She refused to tell him unless he declared his love for her and gave up on the blonde bimbos like Sheridan and Fancy. Beth told him that he'd never find Marty because her daddy had provided for them before his stroke and coma. She begged him to stay with her and Marty and even sobbed that she'd wear a blonde wig if he wanted. She struggled and tried to get at Fancy and vowed to cut her up into little blonde bits. Luis finally got Beth pinned down and then Fancy succumbed to all the excitement and fainted. As she fell she cracked her head on a dresser and as she slid down the wall she left a large smear of blood. Luis had to let go of Beth in order to help Fancy and when he did, she high-tailed it out of there. He called for a doctor who came immediately and examined Beth. It seems that it was just a flesh wound to her scalp which causes a lot of bleeding, but by the time the doctor got there, it had already stopped bleeding. The doctor commented to Luis that "his wife" would be just fine soon. Luis protested that she is just a friend, but Fancy latched on to it, realizing that a lot of people had said they looked like a couple in love. Beth made it back to her apartment and fumed that she'd missed her opportunity to kill Fancy, but she'd get her soon enough.

J.T. Cornell hid on the ledge outside of his apartment's terrace and talked on the phone to Rebecca and Gwen. He had a fear of heights and an allergy to birds like pigeons to worry about, but Becky had managed to remind him to take the answering machine tape and that compromising photo of her and J.T. in bed together with him when he fled his apartment. Theresa and Ethan arrived and found none of the proof she had promised him he would find. He found some drugs and told her that it all must have been in her drug-induced imagination. Theresa swore that it was all true, but Ethan said that without any hard proof, he was going to have to take Gwen's word over Theresa's. Theresa convinced him to call Gwen and see if she still sounded as flustered as she did when Theresa spoke to her earlier. J.T. relayed that info to Gwen and Rebecca so when Ethan called her she was gushingly sweet and calm. While Ethan and Theresa were distracted on the phone, J.T. slipped out, planning to go to Spain with money that Rebecca was going to provide for him. He was so overjoyed to be free that he sat down by a fountain and giddily drank from a wine bottle. The Roman police arrested him for public drunkenness despite his protests that he was just happy. He almost left the incriminating photo behind at the fountain, but remembered it at the last minute.

Wednesday, June 31, 2006

Fox and Siren head down to the wharf to question Kay and Miguel. Paloma and Simone admit to Noah that they've lost contact with Jessica. Meanwhile, Spike threatens a terrified Jessica with a knife. Fancy can't forget the kiss Luis planted on her when he thought she was Sheridan. Certain Luis is Fancy's latest lover, Beth redoubles her efforts to bump the blonde off. Kay concocts a story about scouting locations for a photo shoot to explain why she came to the pier so early in the morning. Noah tells Simone and Paloma why he suspects Jessica's tattoo is the reason she was abducted. Whitney begins to have serious doubts about the monk and his bizarre requests. A trembling Fancy clings to Luis after awakening from a nightmare about Beth. Whitney rails at the monk, who again insists he is the one true voice of God and angrily condemns her for losing faith. Noah battles Spike and his goon and manages to free Jessica. Siren issues an ominous warning to Kay. Fancy invites Luis to stretch out on the bed next to her.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

In Harmony Chris and Sheridan met with Eve and Julian at the cottage. Sheridan told them about all the people who had been drawn to Rome and that they had been threatened. She was afraid for their loved ones and wanted to tell them and get their help. He told them that Luis had seen Beth and Marty, the girls had to be rescued, Whitney was down in the catacombs, and that Luis was worried about Fancy. Julian and Eve worried that Alistair was behind all of this terror, despite the fact he was in a coma. They decided to visit the nursing home to check to see if Alistair was still there in a coma. Chris tried to talk them out of going. Sheridan thought Chris was trying to stick up for Alistair. Sheridan said that Chris didn't know her father and in his mind, Chris said that unfortunately, he did know him. They all went to the nursing home and Sheridan had a strange black and white vision of Alistair saying that he was out to destroy them all and take over the world. She said he'd been coming to her in her dreams lately. They went into his room and Sheridan gasped because he was still there in bed. She was sure that he wouldn't be. Julian took Eve's pin and poked Alistair's hand with it. Eve chastised him for hurting his father.

In Rome Ethan and Theresa got back to their hotel room with Theresa still yapping on and on about Gwen and Rebecca ruining his life by sending the story to the tabloid. He was frustrated that she's been on this kick for so many years without any proof. She couldn't understand why he didn't believe her and he said she was a raving lunatic. She asked if he thought she was lying and he said that it's another one of her fantasies (this time induced by drugs and alcohol) and she thinks this is reality. She swore that everything she'd seen was real. Ethan said that he preferred to believe Gwen and he couldn't believe that his whole life was a lie. He was devastated that his mother had lied about his paternity and if his wife had sold him out, then everything he loved was a lie. Theresa insisted that they had both been betrayed. Ethan said he didn't even like who she'd become and Theresa said that she'd only changed because of what Gwen and Rebecca had done. Theresa started whining that she wanted to go home and they needed to round everybody up and just go back home to Harmony. Chad walked in and said that they couldn't go anywhere until they found Whitney so they could take her back. They decided that they weren't ready to leave yet. Chad was antsy to get looking for her and Ethan said they were all in danger. They tried to figure out who could be behind all of this and they could only come up with Alistair, but they discounted that idea since he was in a coma. Theresa called the nursing home to confirm that Alistair was still in a coma and they said he was.

Noah walked into Fancy's hotel room to warn her about the girls being attacked and Spike trying to take Jessica. He was disturbed to find that Luis was in bed with Fancy and they were snuggling very closely. He fumed as he stomped toward the door. Fancy heard him and jumped out of bed to stop him. She asked him what was wrong and he exploded on her about finding Luis in bed with her. He told her that he'd been worried about her and she betrayed her with a man he thinks of as his brother. She threw it back in his face because of his lies and cheating. He accused her of ruining her Aunt Sheridan's life by sleeping with Sheridan's lover. She hollered at him for doing the same thing and worse with Maya. He swore that he was there for a very good reason, but now that he'd seen her in bed with Luis, she didn't deserve an explanation and he didn't want anything to do with her. As he slammed out of the room, she hollered that she didn't want anything to do with him either. Luis dreamed about how he would get home to Sheridan without Marty because he'd had to save Fancy from Beth. In the dream, Sheridan told him to give it up because she was going to stay with Chris. As she went back towards the bed, Luis woke up and asked if someone had been there. She said it was Noah and Luis asked if Noah had finally come to his senses. She said it was just the opposite. They were done for good. She started sobbing and Luis comforted her.

In the catacombs Whitney finally started to come to her senses and challenged the monk's true motives. She got angry that he questioned her faith when he didn't seem to be on the side of God so she pulled off his hood and then gasped in horror. It scared her so much to see who the monk really is that she passed out. When she came to, he told her to look at him and she said she couldn't. Finally, she looked up and he had long, wispy, scraggly hair, his neck was bent in an awkward way, and his face was all scarred and pockmarked perhaps like a burn, but his eyes looked young, clear and blue. He asked her forgiveness for not showing her his ugliness before and swore that God needed her trust in order to complete his work. She patted his face and fawned over him for being hideous looking. She asked him how this happened and he said that the devil has many helpers on earth and this was the price he'd paid for trying to stop God's enemies. He told her to abandon her fears and pray to have her faith strengthened. She said she would do anything he asked her to. She went to the altar and began to pray while the monk muttered that she would do that and more. He gave her a new virtual reality headset and wanted her to go back to the virtual Vatican to find the chalice. She asked if she could die doing this and he reminded her that she was doing this to save her immortal soul and if she fails her soul and that of Chad's will burn to a crisp in Hell. She agreed to go back into the virtual Vatican. He told her it was time and she wondered if something had happened. He snapped at her and then apologized. He told her that their relationship was that of co-workers for God and they had to be ready to sacrifice themselves or each other at a moment's notice. He sent her into the catacombs to get the virtual reality headset and when she left he swore that he'd had a close call with that bitch. He swore that he couldn't ever let her see who he really was and then Alistair proceeded to pull off his ugly latex mask and wig. He laughed maniacally.

Friday, June 2, 2006

Kay continues to suspect that something is fishy about Miguel's new flame. On the wharf, Carl is stunned to recognize Siren as the beautiful mermaid he met forty years ago. Certain Luis stabbed him in the back, Noah fumes to think how he was betrayed by an old friend. Meanwhile, a tearful Fancy clings to Luis as she bemoans the messy end of her romance with Noah. Removing his "disfigured" mask, Alistair reveals himself to be the monk who's been playing God with so many people's lives. Later, concealing his true identity once more, the "monk" instructs Whitney to keep looking for a route to the chalice. Fancy is pleased to overhear Luis praising her to Theresa. Beth is thrilled to be reunited with her father on the streets of Rome. Ethan and Chad are forced to break up a fistfight between Noah and Luis. Alistair explains to Beth why he must get his hands on the sacred chalice. Siren tumbles off the pier during a face-off with Kay. When Fox and Miguel pull her from the water, everyone is shocked to see Siren's mermaid tail glistening in the sun.

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