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Monday, May 22, 2006

Beth fumed when she saw a tabloid cover of Fancy because she was thinking another beautiful, blonde, too-nice-to-be-true Crane was after Luis. She repeatedly stabbed the photo with a pair of scissors, donned a blonde wig, and set off to make sure Fancy never saw another day.

Chad reunited with Theresa and Ethan in the hotel bar as everyone speculated on the threatening email. He set off to continue his search for Whitney, unaware that the monk was following him.

Fancy accused Theresa of devising the whole Rome adventure as a way of getting Ethan away from Gwen, but Theresa adamantly denied it. Fancy believed her and apologized.

Fancy gave Noah one last chance to tell her the truth, but he didn't.

Luis asked Noah why he was cheating on Fancy with Maya, but Noah replied that it was too complicated to explain.

Up in their hotel room, Ethan told Theresa that the only reason they were sharing a room was because there wasn't another available. Theresa told him it was meant to be. She excused herself to freshen up, and a bellboy arrived at the door to tell Ethan a room had become available. Eavesdropping, Theresa held her breath to see if Ethan would take the room. He turned it down, and she ran out and kissed him.

Luis told Fancy he was moving into her hotel room with her to be able to keep her safe. As they discussed sleeping arrangements, Beth listened at the door and got even crazier as she jumped to the wrong conclusions.

Alfredo wanted to sign Siren and Miguel to an exclusive modeling contract. Kay was beside herself, as they couldn't keep their hands off each other. At a beach burger shack, Siren excused herself so she could sneak over to the lobster tank and have herself a snack -- much to the dismay of two onlookers who thought they'd had too much to drink.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

In Rome, Theresa kissed Ethan because she thought he had decided to stay in her room because he wanted to be with her. He said the only reason he was staying there was to protect her from a possible killer. She told him he could deny it all he wanted, but they were going to fall back in love in the most romantic city. He reminded her that they were there to protect their sisters and that if the email she received was right, he was there to protect her. He said he wanted to end up going home to Gwen and Jane.

Theresa continued talking, and Ethan said they'd be lucky to make it back home as friends. Theresa told him he was cruel, and just as she was fighting, she stopped because she remembered she had to call little Ethan over her computer. She read him the story of Pinocchio and showed him a wooden Pinocchio marionette she had bought him. Ethan chuckled as they read the story, and little Ethan asked if he was there. Ethan and little Ethan talked about T-ball and how much they missed being together.

Theresa asked Ethan if he'd be there more for her son. She signed off the web call with little Ethan after he extracted a promise from Ethan to be there the next time his mom called. Theresa apologized for ruining their relationship by going to the islands to be with Julian, but it had created her biggest joy. He told her that they should stop talking about themselves. She said that if she had it to do all over, she'd still have gone to Bermuda to talk to Julian; she'd still end up in bed with him and still have her son.

Theresa told Ethan that she had the whole Crane security staff hunting for J.T. Cornell. He told her that they were at a stalemate because he was never going to leave his wife. She said it was fine as long as he agreed to spend time with little Ethan. Ethan said he would, as long as Theresa realized that Gwen would be involved as well. Theresa said that Gwen had stolen one of her children, and she wouldn't allow Gwen to be part of little Ethan's life too. Ethan told her it was a package deal, so she would have to explain to little Ethan why Ethan wasn't going to spend time with him.

Beth listened through Fancy's hotel room door as Fancy and Luis argued about the need for him to protect her from a possible killer. Beth only heard what she wanted to hear and thought that Fancy was making a play for "her" man, so she decided to kill Fancy. Luis told Fancy that she needed to give Noah another chance, and she said she was through with him. Luis wanted to call Interpol, but Fancy decided that instead of a nap, she was going shopping.

A housekeeper approached Beth and asked if she needed help. Beth asked for help getting into "her" room. She pulled the housekeeper inside and grabbed her clothes as a disguise. Luis wouldn't let Fancy leave, and that only made Fancy angry. He told her to give him a chance to check with Interpol about the email, and then they could go out shopping. Beth knocked on the door, holding a big pile of towels, and Luis let her in. She entered, saying that she was going to turn down the beds.

Luis decided to take a shower, but left the door open so Fancy couldn't sneak out on him. Both Beth and Fancy ogled his beautiful body as he stripped for the shower. Beth thought that Fancy deserved to die for grabbing up Luis as soon as he was free of Sheridan. As Luis showered, Fancy watched, and a crazed Beth decided that she would have to kill Fancy right then and there because she didn't want the "blonde bitch" to steal Luis from her. She looked around and found a letter opener and raised it to strike Fancy.

In Harmony, Tabitha watched in her bowl as Miguel and Siren made out on the beach. Kay found them and then Fox returned from looking for them. He told her that she couldn't deny there was chemistry between the two. Fox wanted to know why it bothered Kay, and he thought it seemed like she was jealous. Kay said he was just on the rebound from Charity. Kay started kissing him and asked him to take her home and make love to her. He picked her up and kissed her.

After Fox and Kay left, Siren asked Miguel to make love to her. He said that they couldn't because it was a public beach. He told her a story about when he had been on the beach when he was 15 years old. An exchange student from Greece had told Miguel and his friends that to get the girl of their dreams, they had to write a description of the girl, put the paper in a box, and throw it to Poseidon in the ocean.

When Miguel left to get some cool drinks, Siren decided to get a favor from Poseidon. She swam out and returned with the box then slapped her tail a couple of times to turn it into legs again. When Miguel returned, Siren gave him his box and said she'd found it in the sand. She asked him to read the list to her. He read the letter he'd written to Poseidon. It wasn't a physical description, but one of her character. Then she asked him to make love. He convinced her to go back to Tabitha's. While she picked up all of her stuff, he wondered if he'd subconsciously written a list describing Kay.

Outside Tabitha's house, Fox and Kay fell onto the porch swing set as they kissed. Suddenly Kay remembered that Miguel had told her that memories of swings and Kay would always be linked in his mind because of all the time they had spent playing on the swings as children. She abruptly pulled away from Fox and told him they couldn't make love there. He wanted to know what was up because she was the one who hadn't wanted to wait until they got upstairs. She said she had realized it was broad daylight.

As Fox and Kay walked in through the kitchen, they sidestepped Tabitha and ran upstairs. Tabitha muttered that Kay wouldn't be able to forget Miguel by making love to Fox. Kay made love to Fox, and he was overwhelmed at her ardor, asking her to kiss him like that again and exclaiming she'd never made love like that before. As she was passionate with Fox, she thought of Miguel.

Kay went downstairs to get some ice water. She told Tabitha that she couldn't understand why she loved Fox so much, but she wanted to cry. Endora popped up a box of tissues as Kay babbled on about Fox or Miguel. Outside in the yard on the porch swing set, Siren and Miguel kissed and giggled. Kay heard them and looked out at the two lovers. Kay wondered how he could do that on "their" swing. Tabitha told her that she'd have to make up her mind soon, or she'd lose Miguel forever.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fancy sneaked away from the hotel suite and Luis' protection, and she went to a club. Beth followed Fancy so she could carry out the plot to get rid of her but acted as if they had met by accident. Fancy was happy to see her new friend again and didn't hesitate when Beth suggested they try another club that was more fun. Beth made the suggestion when she saw Luis enter the club, searching for the runaway Fancy.

Theresa told Ethan she would find the tabloid editor, and the truth about Gwen and Rebecca would make Ethan see Gwen for who she really was. Ethan yelled at her, and she left the suite to talk with Luis about how their love lives were very similar. Luis didn't see the similarities. Theresa went for a drink in the hotel bar, and a man named "Joe" offered to buy her one. She didn't realize it was the tabloid editor she had been searching for.

Ethan told Gwen about Theresa's quest over the phone and upset her because she knew Theresa would finally get the proof she had been after for so long. Rebecca told Gwen how foolish she was for letting Theresa and Ethan be alone together.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

At the bed and breakfast, Gwen and Rebecca argued about Theresa ruining their lives by finding J.T. Cornell and getting him to tell Ethan who had sent the story to the tabloid. Gwen was sure Ethan would hate her and go running back to Theresa, and "after all of these years," Theresa would win.

Rebecca told Gwen to relax because Theresa didn't know what J.T. looked like. He was on the lam from the IRS and was probably keeping a low profile so Tacocita would never find him. Besides, Gwen should not worry because Rebecca had once worked with J.T. back in the day when she had been emulating Jackie O as a photojournalist, and J.T had just been starting out after college. He had wanted an entrée into high society, and she'd had a lot to teach him between the sheets. Rebecca went off in a reverie of her memories of making love to J.T.

Gwen pushed Rebecca for J.T.'s cell phone number, and Rebecca pulled out a huge stash of business cards from her handbag. Gwen shuffled through them until she found J.T.'s, and Rebecca confirmed that he'd called her right before he'd skipped town with the IRS on his tail. Gwen demanded that her mother call him immediately, and Rebecca picked up the phone. She reached his answering machine and left him an urgent message to leave Rome and not to talk to any Latino women with heavy makeup because the IRS had hired a bunch of them from the border to do their dirty work. Then she told him to call her back on her special number. Gwen was still worried.

In Rome, Theresa had drinks with J.T. Cornell without knowing it, since he'd only said his name was Joe. J.T. went to take a call on his cell phone, and Ethan walked into the bar. He told her that he'd just talked to Gwen, and she said that Jane had done the cutest thing -- she had knocked the phone out of Gwen's hand because she had wanted to talk to him. J.T. returned, and Theresa introduced them.

J.T. asked Theresa to go to a club called Prometheus. Ethan said she wasn't interested, so Theresa decided to go. She told Ethan not to wait up because she didn't know when she'd get back, and he hollered after her to be safe as she ran out with Joe.

Beth pulled Fancy out of the Prometheus club to go see Rome, and Fancy had second thoughts, but Beth was determined to get Fancy all alone so she could do away with the new blonde threat to her relationship with Luis. Beth convinced Fancy to go out on the town with her with a stolen bottle of champagne and lies about how glum she'd been since her husband had cheated on her.

Theresa and Joe were still in the club, dancing, and when J.T. went for drinks, Luis arrived looking for Fancy, so Luis wasn't able to connect the dots about Joe and J.T. He asked Theresa if she'd seen Fancy, but she hadn't. Then he asked her what she thought she was doing leaving the hotel. She said she was moving on like he'd counseled her to do.

Luis left to find Fancy, but Ethan was close behind. He watched her dancing seductively with Joe, and she watched him watching her. He was sure she was trying to make him jealous, and he kept telling himself that he loved his wife and baby and couldn't wait to go home to be with them. As J.T. danced with Theresa, he told her that she was the hottest thing he'd encountered since...and then he said it was a long time before in New York, as he remembered his time with Rebecca.

Then J.T. kissed her and pulled her outside. Crane Security called Ethan and asked if Theresa had gotten the photo of J.T. Cornell. Ethan said to send it to his phone, and he'd show her himself. They did, and Ethan recognized Joe to be J.T. Cornell. He went to tell Theresa but couldn't find her. When he slipped outside, she was nowhere to be seen.

Out on the streets of Rome, Beth took Fancy to see some of the ruins, with Luis just far enough behind that he couldn't see them. Beth joked about how Julius Caesar could have stood on the very spot they were at, and Fancy, not knowing Beth still planned to do her in with a letter opener, remarked that she hoped it wasn't where he had gotten stabbed. Fancy was guzzling champagne, and Beth tried to scare her by saying that the place was so remote that they could yell and nobody would hear them. Luis continued to search and call out for Fancy. He heard a blood-curdling scream that turned out to be a feral cat.

Beth grabbed the champagne bottle and took a swig then dropped the bottle so she had some broken glass to use as a weapon. Beth pointed out an arch and told Fancy that it was where the ancient Romans had executed promiscuous women. She said that the Romans had strongly believed in marriage, so they disapproved of women who broke up a marriage. Just as Luis ran up and found Fancy, Beth ducked down behind some pillars. Fancy was surprised that her new friend was gone.

Luis was very glad that he'd found Fancy safely, and Beth was frustrated that she'd missed her chance to kill Fancy. Luis told her that she shouldn't have left the hotel, and she said she was glad he was there because the place was creeping her out. He asked her why she'd left when he had asked her not to, and she said she'd felt all cooped up. Besides, she was there with a friend.

Luis tried to convince her to go, but Fancy didn't want to go without finding her friend. Fancy tripped and bumped her knee, and they decided to go back to the hotel. As they left, Beth emerged from hiding in time to see them walking closely. Beth pronounced Fancy a blonde whore like her "Auntie Sher Sher." She declared Fancy to be dead.

Simone, Paloma, and Jessica enjoyed having a hair stylist take care of them in their room, since they weren't supposed to go out. Noah arrived to check on them, and when they had a clothing boutique saleswoman take in racks of dresses for them to try on, they had her take in some things for Noah to try on as well. Even though the girls said he looked hot in one jacket, he declined because it was out of his price range. He wanted to know how they were affording everything, and the girls lied about having babysitting money and graduation presents instead of telling him that they were using Alistair's hidden stash.

Noah sat down and watched the girls have fun trying on slinky dresses and gorgeous outfits. As he watched, he stewed about having to do a job for Lena and decided to go get more information out of her so that he could get the job done and get back to his life with Fancy. When he'd had all he could stand of the girls' fashion show, he made them promise that they wouldn't leave the hotel until he got back from running an errand, and he jetted out of there. The girls were looking great in their new clothes and decided that since there were three of them together, they were safe and not alone. They peeled out of there with the monk on their tail.

In Lena's room, she heard a loud knocking on her door. She opened it and found Spike. She pulled him quickly into her room and exclaimed that he couldn't be there because Noah was looking for him, and if Noah found Spike in Rome, it would ruin everything. He said he'd gone there because the monk had called him and had wanted to know why Noah was looking for him. She asked him if he remembered killing a guy, and Spike shook his head in disbelief, saying that was his job. He wanted to know what guy she was talking about.

Lena reminded Spike of the guy in the attic near the college a few years back, and Spike quickly remembered which one she was talking about. She said that she'd had to lie to Noah and tell him that the victim had been her partner and that there had been a package missing. She said that she had tasked Noah with finding the victim's killer and the nonexistent package, and if he found Spike there, Noah would figure out that the whole thing was an elaborate charade to destroy him and "that idiot girl Fancy."

Noah then banged loudly on Lena's door and yelled that they needed to talk. She told him to wait, and he said he'd waited long enough. Lena told Spike he had to get out of there, and Spike waved his gun and told her that Noah wouldn't be a problem. He jumped into a closet as Noah barged in and demanded answers. He said that if he was going to find her partner's killer, he needed more information.

Lena told Noah that he might already have all the answers he needed. She told him that she had noticed a phenomenon that her opponents had exhibited when she questioned them; they remembered things that they didn't realize they had seen. She told him that he should look within himself to find the key, and Noah declared her nuts. He told her that he was beginning to think she was just sending him on a wild goose chase.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Ethan searched the yellow pages for a J.T. Cornell. Meanwhile, Theresa accompanied J.T. back to his room and decided to stay long enough to make Ethan jealous. Unbeknownst to Theresa, J.T. slipped something in her drink to get her in the mood. Theresa was hesitant about getting to know J.T., since they had just met.

Theresa told J.T. that she had been looking for an editor who could change her life forever. J.T. told her that he had been an editor a while back. Theresa managed to get J.T. to tell her some of the biggest stories that he had written. He told her about the tabloid that had changed Ethan's life forever. Theresa tried to remain calm after hearing that because she did not want J.T. to get suspicious.

Gwen was frantically worried that J.T. would spill his guts to Theresa about the identity of the person who had tipped off the tabloid story. She told Rebecca to get in touch with J.T. right away. Rebecca very calmly told Gwen not to worry because she would take care of J.T. Gwen insisted, so Rebecca called J.T. while Theresa was in his room.

Theresa heard Rebecca on the answering machine and was excited because she thought Rebecca was about to spill the beans about the tabloid. It all ended when Theresa picked up the phone and Rebecca realized Theresa was on the other end of the line. Regardless, it was enough to give Theresa hope of getting closer to the truth.

Paloma, Jessica, and Simone were out enjoying Rome despite Noah telling them to stay put. Spike managed to grab Jessica without Paloma and Simone's knowledge. The other girls called out for Jessica, but Spike told her to keep quiet.

Noah continued to search Lena's room but did not find anything. Lena told Noah to quit stalling and go find the person who had killed her partner. Noah did not have much to go on, but Lena insisted he did, since it was Noah and Maya who had seen the shooting. Noah remembered a tattoo on the murderer's wrist -- the same symbol as the one on Jessica's back. Lena told Noah to go put the pieces together by asking Jessica more questions. Lena told Spike to stay clear of Noah or else. That was impossible because the monk had instructed Spike to kill Noah.

Sheridan prayed for Luis' safe return. Fancy told Luis to stop worrying about her because she might not be in danger. Meanwhile, Beth was lurking and planning her next attempt to kill Fancy. Luis went to get Fancy a drink while Fancy danced with a stranger. Beth drew her own conclusions by calling Fancy a slut for trying to make Luis jealous. Luis could not leave Fancy alone for a second because she ended up getting herself in trouble.

Beth hated the trouble Fancy was causing Luis, so she decided to take care of Fancy that night. Luis told Fancy to stop giving him such a hard time because he was only trying to protect her. She promised Luis that she would stay put for the rest of the night. Sheridan called Luis to see if there was any news on Beth or Marty. Luis told Sheridan the good news about spotting Beth and Marty. Sheridan was happy, and Luis told her how much he missed her. In addition, Luis told Sheridan that he'd be expecting to get back together with her once he took Marty back to Harmony.

Sheridan reminded Luis that she was married to Chris, and a baby was on the way. Sheridan was worried and told Luis to be careful because she thought Beth was violent and insane. Beth managed to break into Fancy's room while Luis was on the phone with Sheridan. She propped up a chair behind the bathroom door so that Luis could not get out. Afterwards, Beth took a pillow and placed it over a sleeping Fancy's head. Beth started smothering her.

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