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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 22, 2006 on GL
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Monday, May 22, 2006

Josh can't find Reva at Outskirts because she is actually at Cedars getting her first chemo treatment. He reaches her on her cell phone and she says she's at Company and will meet him at home. He tells her to stay put and he will meet her at Company. Dr. McCabe comes into tell Reva what she should expect after her first treatment but she doesn't want to hear it. She tells him that she has to meet Josh. She tells him that she's read all the pamphlets about breast cancer treatment and knows what to expect. He tells her she needs to know what unexpected reactions might occur. She'll have none of it and tells her that, as his poster says, "Today is the first day of the rest of her cancerous life!" He corrects her by saying that, "No, today is your first day of treatment." She leaves anyway.

Reva barely beats Josh back to Company. When Reva asks about the rest of the evening's fund-raising events at Company, Josh tells her about Jonathan's arrest. He prepares for him and Reva to leave to go to the police station, but Reva says, no, let Cassie and Tammy take care of it for now. She wants to focus on her husband. After Reva tells Josh that things didn't work out with "Harrison," Josh declares that he is the happiest man in the world at that moment. He is ecstatic that the ground-breaking is but a week away. Reva talks about how they had to go through all the craziness to get to the good stuff. Josh tells her that it is all good stuff for the rest of their lives. Reva tells him that from now on she's the good wife, giving 500%. Josh tells her that that is great as long as she lets him back her up on that. Reva tells Josh that they need to spend this wonderful night alone together since they will soon be so busy. As they are leaving Company, Josh says he has a surprise for her.

Cassie has set up a romantic, candlelit room for them at the Beacon. They kiss and dance. While Josh takes a call from Cassie, Reva doesn't feel so great. She pours champagne for Josh and water for herself. They continue to dance and kiss.

In their room, Dinah and Mallet are rehearsing Dinah's confession/apology to Harley about Dinah's alliance with Alan-Michael. Mallet points out that the stabbing and head-crushing remarks may be too graphic in her apology. He tells her that if she reconnects with Harley, and with him and Gus back as partners, they might end up one big happy family. He goes off to shower. When he does, half of Springfield shows up to their room. First Vanessa arrives to talk about Rick's involvement in Ross's death, then Buzz to speak with Dinah about Harley and Gus's tensions, then Frank to discuss a case with Mallet. Mallet bursts into the filled up hotel room dressed only in a towel. Embarrassed, Frank and Buzz leave. Vanessa advises that Dinah not reveal her alliance with Alan-Michael to Harley because it never really happened. Why toy with their friendship? Dinah, naturally, decides to go speak with Harley anyway.

Remy and Marina are at the police station as Remy points out to Marina that she needs to get a new good man in her life. He suggests himself at first, then points out that he is too out of her league. Marina suspects that Remy has a woman in his life. He doesn't deny it. Instead, he shifts the focus back on her. He suggests that since Shane is far away, she should try to re-hook up with him. A long distance relationship sounds like what she could handle. Remy tells her that she needs to go away on vacation. Maybe going halfway across the world to see Shane would be a good idea.

Frank arrives at the station after having left Mallet and Dinah's room. Buzz arrives as well. Marina gives Frank the message that Olivia had called and Buzz tells him to take her someplace nice.

In Gus and Harley's room, Gus informs Harley that he knows she slept with Mallet. She pleads with him to believe her that she wanted to tell him about it but she just wanted to forget it ever happened, it meant nothing, she was in pain, and wanted to get it out of her mind. Gus asks her, "Why him?" She responds that she thought that Gus was dead and that she and Mallet had a connection. Gus asks her to get her story straight, "meant nothing" or "there was a connection." Harley explained to Gus that after she slept with Mallet, she immediately had regrets. She slept with him when she thought that Gus was dead. But even still believing that Gus was dead, she did not want to pursue a future with Mallet. She couldn't pretend that Gus was not the love of her life. Gus explodes and yells, "But you had to sleep with your ex-husband?!?" Meanwhile they have awakened Zach. Gus and Harley make nice with him, sending him back off to bed.

Gus tells Harley that he loves her and the boys. She says she love him too. But Gus goes on to say that it is all too much and that he can't do it anymore. He leaves the room and Harley cries.

Gus goes to the police station and punches Mallet in the face. When the two are alone in the office, Mallet realizes that Gus knows about him and Harley. Mallet tries to explain to Gus that it was only a one-night thing, that Harley thought Gus was dead. Mallet shares with Gus the pain that Harley was in. Gus replies, "Well, good for you." Mallet tells Gus not to focus on problems that don't exist. Gus announces to Mallet that he and Harley are over.

Dinah, unaware of what has been going on with Mallet, Gus, and Harley, arrives at Harley's room to confess all about her almost-involvement with Alan-Michael. When Harley opens her door to Dinah, she immediately grabs and hugs her. Harley tells Dinah that Gus knows about Harley and Mallet's one-night stand. Harley wonders aloud to Dinah how Dinah could get over it but Gus can't. Dinah assures Harley that Gus loves her and that it will all work out. It isn't over. Harley asks Dinah what she came to talk to her about, but Dinah tells her it can wait. Harley again embraces her, telling her that she's such a good friend.

Harley can't sleep in her hotel room. She rises from the bed she was sharing with her son Zach and goes into the bathroom where the falls into a corner, sobbing. In the hallway at the hotel, Gus, disoriented from the painkillers and furious about what he has learned about Mallet and Harley, starts to go back into the room, but leaves.

Mallet returns to the room he shares with Dinah and reveals the black eye he got from Gus. They feel for Gus and Harley, but don't focus on that. Instead, they connect with one another.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rick strikes out first with Mel, then Beth in the forgiveness department. It only gets worse when Charles informs him he's fired he seriously breached ethics when he misidentified Phillip's body. Meanwhile, Mel, already in a bad mood, moves on to Jonathan and demands he tell her what is really going on between him and Ashlee if he expects her to help him get out of jail (and back into Outskirts; Doris had the bar shut down). Later, Mel and Rick pretend that everything is fine in front of Leah, but no one is buying it. Especially when Mel explodes and orders Rick to take some responsibility for Ross' death. Leah defends her dad but everyone ends up saying things they don't mean. Ava pretends not to care that Coop was out all night taking care of Lizzie, while Buzz pretends not to care that Frank is dating Olivia. Later, Ava tells Coop she's moving out. But, first she shows him what she's turned her room into a nursery, so Coop can prove to Alan's lawyers he'd make a good dad. Meanwhile, Lizzie asks God for a sign that she's doing the right thing lying that Coop is her baby's father. She gets a sign a face to face with Tammy and Jonathan. Lizzie goes to see Beth and they worry about Phillip. Beth tosses Alan out of her room.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Alan is shaken when Lillian orders him to stay away from Beth even after he learns she's being released from the hospital today. He later brings Beth to a room at the Beacon filled with flowers and lit candles but when he claims they can try again to have a family in a few months, Beth slaps him and leaves. Alan ends up drinking at the shuttered Outskirts and then Company where he asks Lizzie to speak to her mother about him. Lizzie claims it's too late and Coop orders him to get out. Buzz grabs Alan in a playful but commanding embrace and offers his sympathies on Beth miscarrying but then tells him it's time to go. He later ends up at Cedar's chapel where he asks Father Ray why God is punishing him. Alan confides how his father "tortured" him and his sister and that it's made him want to hurt people. Ray's concerned when Alan mentions he's having trouble breathing. Alan-Michael interrupts and warns the priest to back away because Alan's going to be struck by lightning soon. Back at the Spaulding mansion, Alexandra worries about his appearance. He's reminded of the child he lost when a custom-made toy chest is delivered. When he throws it down in anger, he then collapses. Alan calls for his own ambulance and fails to reach Beth and Lizzie who won't answer their phones. Rushed to the hospital, Alan's pronounced healthy after having a panic attack. Beth tells Alan that she's not giving up on their "arrangement" because she still wants something. Alan-Michael later lectures Alan that a new baby would not have mattered and wonders if the baby would have ended up like Phillip. Alan seeks Buzz's advice on how to win his family's forgiveness. Later, he connects with Lizzie and her baby and decides that he's going to correct his mistakes by protecting his great grandchild.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Tammy asks Cassie if she and Jonathan can move in. Cassie says yes, as long as they sleep in separate rooms. Meanwhile, Jonathan is across town, getting advice from a weak and nauseous Reva. She urges him to go after happiness and always put the people he loves first. Later, Reva hides her symptoms from Josh as he leaves town but doesn't realize that he's gone looking for her again. Meanwhile, Jonathan learns that Doris Wolfe, as part of her campaign to bring him down, is going after Lewis Construction, as well. Jonathan swears to fix it. Gus terminates his partnership with Mallet, but can't get rid of the image of Mallet and Harley's affair from his mind with anything but pills. Meanwhile, Dinah confesses to Harley that she conspired with Alan-Michael to bring her down. Harley honestly couldn't care less she has other issues on her mind though she does fire Dinah. Dinah wants to know if Gus's exit means Harley will go after Mallet again, but Harley says it's Gus or nothing. Back home, Gus is there to pick up his things. Harley begs him to stay even as she realizes that he's high. Gus kisses Harley good-bye. Harley calls Frank and tells him Gus can't be trusted with a gun and a badge right now. Frank confronts Gus about the pills.

Friday, May 26, 2006


Dinah lets herself into Alan-Michael's apartment and they both trade barbs. They discuss Harley and Dinah suggests that he's after her. Alan-Michael dismisses it by saying he's after her JOB but Dinah doesn't believe it. She warns him to stay away from Harley. Alan-Michael figures out that Dinah told Harley the truth about their deal. He can't figure out why she'd do that. Alan-Michael accuses Dinah of still being jealous of Harley, not matter what she says. Alan-Michael asks her if she's sure that sleeping with Mallet is the worse things Harley's every done to her. Dinah doesn't take the bait and tells Alan-Michael that she can't wait to drive him out of town. Alan-Michael tries to dismiss her by saying he has to take a shower. When Dinah doesn't budge, he starts undressing right in front of her. Dinah's not rattled and gets the last word when he's in the hot shower by flushing the toilet.

While a businessman is complimenting Harley on Main Street, Gus approaches and extends his own compliments. Gus is walking unsteadily though and his compliments seem to be spoken sarcastically. He then tells her he's off the force and thanks her for having them take away his job. Harley is irate at Gus's little scene but Gus is unfazed. He accuses her of telling everyone he's a drug addict; Harley points out that he's not fit and brings up Mallet's shooting. Gus angrily says this is all about Mallet. When Harley denies it, he states that this entire year has been about Mallet. He then tries to brush right past her. Harley asks him what happened to the guy in the cabin; the one who was going to kick his drug habit. Harley's words fall on deaf ears. Gus tells her he can't listen to her; he can't even look at her. Every time he does, he sees her with Mallet. Harley tries to reach out and tell him that she wants to help him but he just pushes her way and leaves.

Later, Rick comes across Harley at CO2 and asks if he can join her. Rick apologizes for lying about Phillip. Harley's a little upset because Phillip could have taken her children again. Rick tells her Phillip said he wouldn't do and he trusted Phillip. Rick tells her that he wants to regain her trust and if there was a way, he'd make it up to everyone. Harley brightens and says there is a way--fix Gus. Rick doesn't think it's that simple though; Gus has to want help. Harley assures him that Gus had kicked his habit at the cabin but then went back to the pills after they came back from the island. Rick tells Harley he's not sure what he can do but he promises to try.

A drunken Gus ends up at the Beacon with a bottle in his hand. .He gets his keys and stumbles in the hallway when Dinah happens upon him. Dinah takes the keys from Gus, telling him she's not going to let him drive. After a little while, she gets him to go back to his room and tries to get him to go to bed. Gus isn't interested in going to bed; he just wants to keep on drinking. Dinah brings up Harley and Gus asks if she's okay with this. Dinah tells Gus that she went crazy when she found out but then she got through it. Dinah tries to make him see that in the long-run what happened between Harley and Mallet was nothing. She brings up Harley and Mallet's history and points out that if they really wanted to be together they would have made it happened. But, instead, Mallet chose her and Harley chose Gus even though she thought he was dead. Gus states that if he was dead, they'd be together. End of story. Dinah reiterates that Harley chose him and gets him to get into bed. Gus starts rambling that he can't stand it being Mallet. If it were any other man, he could handle it. But not him. Dinah tells Gus that she understands and he suddenly kisses her.

Jonathan enters the farm to find Tammy on the phone. When she hangs up, she tells him that the Doris Wolfe refused to negotiate. Jonathan's not surprised. Tammy insists that Jonathan can't get up and tells him that he needs to get a witness to corroborate his story. Jonathan tries to distract Tammy from this line of thought by kissing her but she's not so easily deterred. Jonathan tells her that it's his own problem and he doesn't want her fixing it. Tammy agrees to stay out of it for now. Suddenly, Jonathan decides to take a walk to clear his head. When he leaves, Tammy decides that he needs her help, whether he likes it or not. She then calls Josh and asks to see him for some advice. He agrees to meet her at Company. There, she tells him that Jonathan needs a new lawyer; she doesn't think Mel is doing enough. She thinks he needs someone with more bite; someone like Jeffrey. Josh thinks that's a bad idea; her mother won't like it. Tammy tries to appeal to him but Josh continues to tell her that it's a bad idea. By hiring Jeffrey, she might save Jonathan but she'd be hurting her mother in the process. He thinks it's selfish. Josh points out that if she wants another lawyer, there are thousands out there.

Reva is at Cedars. She complains to Dr. McCabe that she's been feeling nauseous and dizzy. McCabe figures out that she's having an allergic reaction to the treatment. Reva's a little upset because she thought they accounted for that. McCabe states they did but it didn't work. He assures her that this can be worked out. Suddenly, she hears Josh's voice out in the hall. She begs a reluctant McCabe to get rid of him. The doctor goes out. Apparently Josh is there to meet with him. He wants to hire him as a consultant for the VA hospital. The doctor's not sure but agrees to go get coffee with Josh to discuss it.

Lizzie and her mother are also at Cedars. After Beth rudely rushes Lizzie away from Rick, they both discuss the good doctor. Lizzie tells Beth that she feels bad that Rick's been suspended. She wonders why Beth couldn't have done anything to help him. Beth tries to say that she didn't have the power, then finally admits she just didn't want to.. Beth then stalks off. Suddenly, Jonathan arrives and grabs Lizzie. He warns her that she better help him or Lizzie's baby will grow up without Coop as a father. Lizzie pinches him to get him to let go and accuses her of threatening Coop. He tells her he wasn't threatening Coop-he's threatening her. He's talking about telling Coop the truth. Lizzie doesn't think he'd do because he has as much to lose as she would. Jonathan doesn't think so. Coop's with her now, but his eyes are on Ava. If he learns Lizzie lied to him, she'd never get him back, whereas Tammy would eventually forgive him. Jonathan asks if Coop would forgive her. Lizzie says he would, so Jonathan tells her to test the theory. This gets Lizzie's attention. Jonathan tells her he wants her to lie and tell the DA that she gave the alcohol to Ashlee. Lizzie refuses - she's not going to jail. Jonathan assures her her family is too powerful for that to happy but she's not convinced because she could lose Coop if she does it. Jonathan states she could, but she will lose him if she doesn't. He then walks off.

Panicked, Lizzie calls Beth for help stating she's in danger of losing Coop. When Beth arrives, Lizzie starts ranting about how Jonathan is pressuring her. She then drags her mother into the seemingly empty examination room for privacy and ends up blurting out that Coop should be the father of this baby. Beth is shocked and asks who the father is and Lizzie blurts out that it's Jonathan. Unbeknownst to both women, Reva who's behind the curtain getting dressed, has overheard everything.

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