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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 29, 2006 on GL
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Monday, May 29, 2006

At Cedars, Reva overhears Lizzie tell Beth that Jonathan is her baby's father. Beth is aghast and can't imagine a worse father than Jon. Lizzie tells her Jon doesn't have to know. She says her baby deserves a decent dad, not a "freako loser." She says nobody has to know. She asks her mother to promise not to tell anyone. Beth says this will be complicated as she tried to do it once herself. Beth tries to convince Lizzie that it won't work. At the same time, Lizzie tries to convince her that it will. Reva lets her presence be known to them and tells Beth she's sorry she lost her baby - no one should ever have to lose a child. When Reva leaves, Beth says she doesn't think Reva heard anything and agrees to keep the baby's paternity a secret.

At the boarding house, Ava shows Harley the work she's done on the nursery for Coop and Lizzie's baby. She tells Harley she's sorry she and Gus are having problems but Harley should not give up on love with Gus. Just then Coop enters and Harley tells Ava she's right. She won't give up. She leaves and Coop and Ava have a paint fight and end up on the floor. Coop tells Ava he misses her. Ava tells him the baby is going to have a wonderful father. Lizzie enters, agreeing. Coop tells Lizzie that Ava decorated the room. Lizzie observes that it is almost designer quality if you don't look too closely. She tells Ava it was very gracious of her to give up her room in order for Lizzie and Coop's baby to have a nursery. Ava leaves. Coop tells Lizzie he's looking forward to being a father. Lizzie says she likes it, too and is glad he's the daddy. Coop says everything must happen for a reason as Ava looks on from the hall.

At the farmhouse, Tammy and Jon are making out on the couch, technically not breaking Cassie's "house rules." RJ walks in on them. Jon bribes him with a couple of bucks to keep his mouth closed and go away. Cassie intercepts the bribe, sends RJ off to his room, and tells Tammy and Jon they have to move out. She apologizes for being such a hard-nose about it, but she had made herself clear. When Cassie leaves, Jon proposes that he and Tammy move to another town. Tammy agrees it would be nice if they didn't have to constantly justify themselves to others. Jon reassures her they will come back to visit. Reva's been watching through the window. When Tammy goes to pack, Jon goes outside and runs into Reva who, after remarking how scarily alike the two of them are, tells Jon that he can't leave town because he's going to be a father.

In Gus' room at The Beacon, Dinah stops him from kissing her. He is forcing himself upon her, calling it their payback to Mallet and Harley. She pulls away from him again. Gus says he was too true, too loyal, and too faithful. He thinks everyone in town is laughing at him. Dinah says sarcastically that yes indeed everyone in town is laughing at him because his wife had an affair while he was dead. She tells him she is so rational now because she knows Mallet loves her and would do anything for her - just like Harley would do anything for Gus. She tells Gus to let it go! Gus says all he can see is Harley touching Mallet, kissing him. Dinah tells him not to let this eat away at him so that Harley has nothing left to come back to and love. Gus asks her to help him and they kiss as friends. Mallet comes in a pushes Gus away from Dinah. While Dinah thinks they should stay and help Gus, Mallet insists they leave. When they leave, Gus loses his temper and yells that he doesn't need anyone. He hears someone entering the room. Assuming it is Mallet and Dinah returning, he says, "So you've come back for more?" It's Harley, saying, "Yes, Gus, I've come back for more." Harley tells Gus that he can hate her but he needs to let her tend to his wounded hand. He tells her the wound is deep. Harley insists the wound can be healed. She begs him to come back to her, the kids, and their bed. She knows they aren't perfect, but they don't have to be. Gus groggily tells her he's not himself these days. Harley says they can beat this together. Gus stands and says he has someplace he's got to be. As he leaves the room, he tells her thanks for trying to treat the wound.

After leaving Gus' room, Mallet and Dinah go back to their room. Dinah tells Mallet it was hot how he came to defend her honor. When Dinah goes to the other room to get into something more comfortable, Mallet finds a handwritten note in red ink which reads, "Memorial Day." "How fitting," he says. He puts the note in his pocket when Dinah re-enters the room in lingerie. After Mallet asks Dinah if she had received any postcards recently, they begin a game of "Dear A.C." and "Dear Dinah" which leads them toward love-making.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Josh is so excited to show Reva how he's moved Cross Creek to Springfield, that he grabs the first woman who walks through the door and kisses her, thinking she's Reva – only it's Cassie. Meanwhile, Jonathan gets over his initial shock and tells Reva he plans to walk away from his child. Reva insists he can't do that, but Jonathan counters that she did – several times. She tries to change his mind, but then Tammy comes back. Jonathan takes off to confront Lizzie. Later, Reva lies to Josh about where she is and, while in the shower, realizes she is losing her hair. Lizzie plays Coop perfectly, claiming she wants to move back home, then defending him to Alan and showing him the lovely nursery Coop (actually Ava) decorated for the baby. But when Alan points out that a baby needs more than a room above a diner, Coop agrees to move in with Lizzie at the mansion. Alan isn't against it; he notes that the best way to keep Lizzie's baby from becoming a Cooper is to turn Coop into a Spaulding first.

Wednesday, June 31, 2006

Jonathan fantasizes about being forced to marry Lizzie and give up Tammy. He imagines being turned into a Spaulding drone...and then a horrible dad like Nate. Jonathan also pictures life without Tammy, then seeing her again after she's been out of town for sixteen years – married to Coop. Future Lizzie points out that Jonathan not only ruined all their lives, but also the life of the baby he supposedly did it for. Jonathan realizes the best thing he can do for his child is lie about its paternity. Jonathan tells Lizzie he won't bother her and Coop. He returns to Tammy and clings to her for dear life...deliberately letting go of his child.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Marina overhears Alan-Michael threatening to get even with Dinah, while Mallet opens another mysterious threat that arrives via Dinah's dry-cleaning. After Alan-Michael leaves, Marina tells Dinah she wants to help figure out what he's up to. Marina comes on to Alan-Michael. Dinah is on the phone with a concerned Mallet when she realizes her breaks don't work. Mallet urges her to try to broadside a wall to slow down. She does, and Mallet sees her breaks were cut. Cassie learns Doris put Jeffrey in charge of prosecuting Jonathan. He urges her to talk Tammy's boyfriend into taking a deal. Later, Ashlee tells Jeffrey she may have made a mistake in her statement about Jonathan, but sticks to her story when her mom shows up. Reva is trying to get to her chemo appointment, when Josh puts Cassie on the case of tracking Reva down. Colin distracts Cassie at the clinic. Later, Cassie takes Reva to Josh's surprise: the newly moved Cross Creek. She's overwhelmed.

Friday, June 2, 2006


Gus is on Main Street shadowing a guy who's buying drugs. After the transaction is complete, he approaches him. He knows the guy and knows this is his third strike. The guy knows he's looking at serious prison time and asks if they can make a deal. Gus agrees to forget about everything if he hands over the drugs. As the man walks off, Harley approaches and asks Gus what's going on. Gus lies that the man dropped his wallet and he was giving it to him. When Harley starts to talk again about wanting to help him, Gus goes to walk away. This prompts Harley to ask if he's high know. Gus sarcastically asks if he looks high--she is a detective. At that point, the man returns looking for his pager and asks Gus if they're cool. Gus tries to dismiss him but the man's comments prompt Harley to search Gus's pocket where she finds the bag of drugs. The man leaves and Harley disposes of the stash. Gus and Harley begin arguing and she tells that she wants him to get help or at least try. Gus tells her he's in pain but she doesn't buy that because his leg is healed. Gus points out that he's not talking about his leg. Harley tries to get through to Gus by showing him that he's so desperate for drugs that he's willing to throw away his career but he refuses to listen. When she points out that he's lied he points out that she's the liar and throws her and Mallet in her face again. Finally, Harley gives up and says she's through with this. She tells Gus that she's leaving him and taking the kids. He's on his own. Gus asks where she's going and she tells him she hasn't decided but probably Europe. Harley tells him that she doesn't want the kids to see him this way. He's got to get a handle on this. Gus again brings up her and Mallet and Harley tells him he can't keep using that as an excuse. Contrite, Gus admits that what he did was wrong and says he needs her to stick around. Harley tells him this is bigger than her; it's bigger than them. As Harley walks off, Gus mumbles that he needs her.

Lizzie's outside Company with a gift for Coop--brand new luggage to help him move into the mansion. While Coop takes the luggage inside, suddenly, Ashlee approaches Lizzie and demands to know why she didn't call her back. Ashlee tells Lizzie that she needs her help with Jonathan. She wants Lizzie to make him love her. Lizzie would rather be with Coop though and tries to blow Ashlee off by saying she doesn't want to help right now. Ashlee though menacingly threatens to tell Coop about how she forged Lizzie's medical records. Lizzie quickly tries to convince Ashlee that Jonathan's the wrong man for her, and besides he doesn't love her. However, Ashlee is insistent and Lizzie agrees to help her later. She'll meet her in thirty minutes. Ashlee reminds Lizzie that she owes her. Lizzie calls Tammy to see if she's at the farm (on the pretense of inviting Tammy to hang out) She learns that Tammy (and therefore Jonathan) are at the Beacon and informs Ashlee.

Reva and Josh at the newly-moved Cross Creek cabin. Josh can see that Reva isn't feeling well, so she blames it on the celebrating the night before, although she really didn't have that much to drink. When Josh goes outside to make a call, Jonathan arrives. He and Reva continue their argument about his baby. Jonathan reiterates that the baby will ruin his life. It's Coop's--end of story. Reva tries to tell Jonathan that he has to take responsibility for his child. However, he's adamant that no one, especially Tammy, can know about the child. Reva doesn't think he'll be able to live with it. As they continue to argue, Reva suddenly gets dizzy but shrugs off a concerned Jonathan. As he leaves, Josh reenters with Cassie and RJ. Cassie wants to go to work and since RJ wanted to see the cabin, she figured Reva can watch him.

Although she's not feeling well, Reva agrees. Before Josh and Cassie leave, Josh asks Reva if she's okay. After getting a little defensive, she assures him she's fine.

Later, RJ gets the idea that he and Reva should go out bike riding and offers to get the bikes. Before she can answer, Reva suddenly gets sick and leaves the room. When she returns, RJ is gone.

During her meeting with a client, Cassie suddenly fantasizes about Josh declaring his feelings for her. Rattled, Cassie excuses herself and leaves. Suddenly, she walks into Josh.

Hot off his confrontation with Reva, Jonathan returns to Tammy at the Beacon. He lies that he and Reva argued about them moving away. After a brief make out session, Tammy goes to take a shower. At that point, there's a knock at the door--it's Ashlee. Although Ashlee had rehearsed her words of love to Jonathan, face to face she simply blurts out that she likes him. Jonathan starts to laugh it off but Ashlee brings up what she knows about Lizzie's baby. At that Jonathan, shoves her out into the hallway and asks if she's threatening him. Ashlee says she isn't and offers to help him get out of trouble with her mother. She asks if he'll be there for her after she helps him and starts to cry when he tells her he's moving away. Again, Ashlee brings up the file on Lizzie and mentions that Tammy might like to know what's in it. Again, Jonathan menacingly warns her not to threaten him. The last person who tried to come between him and Tammy had an accident and died. He then goes back inside, leaving Ashlee alone.

Inside Company, Buzz is arguing with Coop about his decision to move into the Spaulding mansion. Buzz doesn't want Coop to give up on his own dreams by turning into a Spaulding but Coop doesn't want that family to ruin his child. Buzz applauds Coop for wanting to be a stand up guy but argues that that doesn't mean he has to send himself directly into Hell. Unknown to both men, Lizzie approaches the nursery door and overhears Gus ask Coop if he loves Lizzie. Coop says he did. Buzz then asks if he's in love with Lizzie, to which Coop replies that she's carrying his child. Buzz then brings up Ava and how this could ruin his relationship with her but Coop is adamant. He then brings up his vision of Jenna in which she told him to follow his heart. Coop maintains that his heart is telling him to do what's right for the baby. Buzz then accuses Coop of giving up his life--his writing career and his relationship with Ava. At this point, Lizzie interrupts. Acting as if she's just gotten there, Lizzie assures Buzz that he'll be able to see the baby as much as he wants. She then tells Buzz and Coop about a dream she had the other night--about Jenna. In the dream, Jenna put her hand on Lizzie's stomach and smiled. Lizzie said that when she woke up, she decided to name the baby Jenna. Both men are touch and Buzz gives Lizzie an heirloom from Jenna to give to her baby.. He then tells Lizzie that although he has serious reservations, she is carrying his and Jenna's grandchild so she's family. A happy Lizzie hugs Buzz in gratitude when her cell phone rings--it's Ashlee. Ashlee tells her that she may have to do something drastic and it might get Lizzie in trouble.

Reva is on Main Street looking for RJ, whom she figures went ridng on his own. As she calls Dr. McCabe, asking him to help find her nephew, she bumps right into Lizzie.

Ashlee goes to the Beacon again with Lizzie's file in her hand. Although Jonathan is able to throw her out, she succeeds in handing Tammy the file and telling her to ask about Lizzie and the clinic. From the look on Jonathan's face, Tammy deduces that he's scared about something in the file; something she thinks has to do with why he took Ashlee to the prom. Tammy assures Jonathan that he can tell her; he can tell her anything.

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