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JR and Dixie reconciled before he went to court to face the consequences for injuring Kendall. Kendall emerged from her coma and was happily reunited with Spike, who remained in the neonatal intensive care unit. Greg found himself buried in a pine box beneath the park's garden.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 5, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, June 5, 2006

Lily announced to Jack, Reggie, and Aidan that she and Jonathan were married. Jack was very upset he did not stop it in time. Jack protested he would not leave until the marriage was annulled. He also told Lily how worried he was when she was missing. Lily explained she was in trouble, but Jonathan saved her. Jack pleaded with her to come home. He was willing to compromise. If she had the marriage annulled, he would allow Lily and Jonathan to have supervised dates. Lily refused and stated she was an adult and loved Jonathan. Jack continued to plead with her, but Lily did not back down. She said they were going to move to Boston so she could attend MIT. Reggie tried to explain that you have to apply to MIT and have enough money to pay for it. Jack then told Jonathan he was taking her away from the people who love her. Lily said Jack already did that by sending her to boarding school, but Jonathan corrected her. He said Jack was only doing what he thought was best. Aidan then told Jack he may never see his daughter again if he continued to disapprove. So, Jack agreed to let them come home as a married couple. Lily was happy and told Jack they needed their own place. Jack replied there was plenty of room in his home. Still, Lily was not satisfied. She said married people lived alone. The thought of this made Reggie go crazy. He called Jonathan a psycho and pushed him. Lily got upset and covered her ears. Jack saw how distraught she was and told the two they could stay in Greenlee's apartment. Lily said thanks dad and so did Jonathan. Jack told him not to push it. Reggie told Jack this was nuts, but Jack thought it was the only way to keep Lily in Pine Valley. Reggie then expressed his concern for Kendall and Erica.

Bianca was in Kendall's hospital room. Bianca said it was time for her to get tough. She said Erica was not the only strong Kane woman. She reminisced about their mother conquering a grizzly bear. She told Kendall to wake up so she could create her own wild stories. When Kendall did not respond, Bianca tried a different approach. She told Kendall she helped her through the hardest time in her life and she wanted to do the same. She wished she could give her sister a hug and then decided to try. She gently lay beside Kendall. She announced it was almost summer and she was already planning the perfect picnic for Kendall, Spike, Miranda, and herself. Bianca then began to daydream about this perfect day. She and Kendall were in the park together. They were happy and gushing over their beautiful children. Bianca came back to reality and told Kendall she needed to wake up and see her legacy. Bianca proclaimed they were ready to introduce a male into the Kane mix.

Dixie and Tad rushed into Dr. Madden's office only to find an empty room. Di, JR, and Jamie came in soon after. They explained Dell was following Dr. Madden. Tad was frustrated because he did not think Dell could handle the task. Tad tried calling Dell, but he was still unconscious. JR then asked about Kate. Dixie was surprised he knew his sister was alive. She said it was her fault Kate was missing and apologized. JR apologized for not giving her the chance to tell him about Kate. JR and Jamie decided they would look for Dr. Madden on his boat. Tad began to look on his computer for a lead. Then, Josh walked in and demanded to know why Di, Dixie, and Tad were in his father's office. They each pressed Josh for information. Josh asserted he would not turn on family. Tad snapped and told him he owed this family. Josh wanted to know why. Tad did not reveal the truth. Instead, he told him all of Dr. Madden's wrong doings. Julia came in and also described her gripes with the doctor. Josh told everyone to get out. Dixie discretely left and Tad grabbed a paper from the printer. Di and Tad left while wondering where Dixie was. Outside the office, Tad revealed what the paper said. Dr. Madden was booked on a flight that was leaving in an hour. They then rushed to the airport, but found Dr. Madden was a no show. Tad had an idea as to where he was and asked Di to stay just in case he showed up. While waiting, Di finally got a hold of Dell. He told her about Dr. Madden's private jet. She went to meet him. Dell was disheveled, but determined to catch Dr. Madden. Meanwhile, Julia stayed to talk to Josh. She divulged how Dr. Madden exploited women and their desire to have children. She asked him to make amends for his father's crimes. Josh gave in and said his dad probably flew off already in his private jet.

JR and Jamie reached the yacht club and found Dr. Madden's boat, but no Dr. Madden. While there, JR wondered what Kate looked like and if they would ever see her. Jamie was certain they would. JR asked Jamie to go home and leave everything to him. He explained he had nothing to lose because he was going to jail. JR said he was leaving Little Adam with Babe and wanted to get Tad, Dixie, and Jamie their Kate back. This would make his life worthwhile. Jamie told JR he would not leave him alone. He said he would always have his back because deep down he always knew JR had his back. Jamie then saw a female employee. He flirted with her and got her to spill that Dr. Madden owned a private jet.

Chief Frye went to see Zach in his cell. He said Livia was on her way with a judge. Zach was to be arraigned in jail right away. Livia then showed up. Zach borrowed her phone to page Julia. He inquired about Kendall and Spike. Julia said there was no change. After the arraignment, Livia said she would post his bail and he would be out in minutes. Dixie then entered. She begged for his help. He said no because he was going to see Kendall. She then revealed Dr. Madden got away. She needed his help to find him. Dixie apologized for burdening him, but said it was urgent. He agreed finding Dr. Madden was important and urgent. He used her phone to call a man he knew that was good at finding people. Quickly, the man discovered Dr. Madden owned a private jet. Zach declared it was pay back time and left the jail with Dixie.

Dr. Madden was on his private jet. He laid an unconscious Erica on his couch. Dr. Madden then realized he needed his landing gear checked and called for a mechanic. He told Erica once she woke up, they would be on their way to a new life. He put on music and compared them to a German folk dance. At first you leave your partner and dance with others, but in the end you return to your original. He told her soon she would understand why he chose her many years earlier. It was time to finish their dance. The mechanic arrived and Dr. Madden covered Erica with a blanket. The mechanic said the last person who worked on the plane did a terrible job and left him with a lot of work. Dr. Madden told him to hurry and returned to Erica's side very annoyed. Finally, he heard a knock and assumed the mechanic was done. When he got up to speak with him, the doctor was hit on the back of the head! He was completely knocked out! It was not clear who hit Dr. Madden!

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

As Babe and Little A walk through the park, she sees what appears to be a homeless person under newspapers on a park bench. Babe is startled when the person under the newspapers is Erica not a homeless person. Erica too is surprised to be in the park. Babe asked if she remember even coming to the park and Erica said that she remembered being in Madden's office and being drugged.

Jamie grabbed Josh and demanded he tell him where Madden was. Josh told him to remove his hands when J.R. showed up wanting answers. Suddenly, David appeared in the doorway and with his usual smirk, asked, "You looking for Madden?" Jamie told Josh that Madden may have gone underground by now, and JR said if that's the case, then they may have lost their sister forever. Again, Jamie demanded to know where Madden went. JR said to Josh that his dad had ticked off a lot of people and now was running scared and that they would find him no matter what. David stepped forward and told Josh that they had to talk. JR and Jamie left and David asked Josh where his father was. He said he wouldn't tell. David told him that his father was still under his care and he needed to know where he was so he could keep tabs on him because of his heart condition.

Del in his swimsuit (and eight pack abs) spied Amanda in her bikini as he was staking out Madden's boat at a private club. She sat down on the lounge chair next to Del and as they talked she asked who he was spying on and he told her a doctor named Greg Madden. Amanda told Del that she had worked for Madden and he had been very good to her and that she was going to be a surrogate mother. Del said mother nature did not build her that way to let some crazy guy get her pregnant with a science kit. Del said that he stole his sister's kid and that he was going to pay. Del explained what had happened with Dixie but Amanda said Madden would never do something so horrible.

Tad told Di that Madden had been two steps ahead of them the whole time and that they may never find Kate now. JR and Jamie went to Tad's house and he and Di asked where they had been all night. Tad asked if they had been playing in the dirt. They all recapped what they did the night before. Tad also admitted that Del's sabotage may have slowed Madden down. He then asked if anyone had seen Dixie. They all said no and became worried that she may be in some kind of trouble. Tad went to Dixie's but she didn't answer when he knocked on the door. He opened the door and was very surprised to see what was inside. (Don't know what it was) Babe came in and told JR and Jamie that Kendall and Spike were going to be alright. She asked where they had been all night and they said looking for leads to find Madden. She asked why it took all night and they gave no answer. The next scene revealed why the brothers were so dirty. Deep underground, Madden was in a box out cold buried alive. Madden then awoke and was understandably frightened.

Kendall woke up and asked why she was in the hospital. Ryan explained the situation and told her that she was going to be fine. Kendall asked about Spike and wanted to see him. Bianca went in the hall to find Erica. She asked for Zach and Ryan told her that he would go get Zach right now. The doctor entered the room and told Ryan and Bianca that he needed to check Kendall. They left the room and Ryan called the jail and found out that he had been bailed out last night. Ryan left an urgent message for Zach to return his call. Erica arrived at the hospital, but Bianca said that she couldn't go in the room because the doctor was with Kendall. Erica said she couldn't wait any longer to see her daughter and burst into the room. Kendall told her that she wanted to see Spike, but the doctor said she wasn't strong enough to leave her bed yet. Kendall told Erica all she wanted was to take Spike and be a family. Kendall also told Erica that she and Zach had gotten married and Erica said that he made that abundantly clear. Ryan wheeled Kendall to the nursery and she got to be with Spike.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Zach rushed into Kendall's hospital room to find it empty. He saw Erica and Bianca and asked what happened to Kendall. Erica coldly told him she was not his concern anymore, but Bianca said she was in the nursery. Kendall was in the nursery with Ryan. They were happily looking at Spike. Ryan was about to tell her something when Zach walked in. They embraced and kissed. Kendall officially introduced Zach to her son as Ryan and Bianca looked on. Ryan had a disappointed look on his face and Bianca noticed this. Julia came in and needed to check on Spike. Outside, Bianca asked Ryan if he was going to admit to Kendall he was in love with her. He said no because he knew she was in love with Zach and that he made her very happy. Bianca said it would be hard to get over her now that Spike was in both of their lives. He explained he did not want to torture himself over what he did not have, but be grateful for what he did have. He said Spike was originally supposed to be Kendall's gift to Greenlee; however, it turned out to be her gift to him. Meanwhile, Zach and Kendall were in her room. Kendall questioned where he was when she woke up. He simply said he wished his face was the first she saw. He then told her she might not want to be his wife because of what he did. He said he risked her life for Spike's. She thanked him and said he was the only man to ever listen to what she wanted.

Erica was in the hospital talking to Josh. She wanted to know where his father was. He told her he did not know and to leave them both alone. Erica revealed he had stuck her with a needle and drugged her. She said he could not get away with it. Then, Jack walked in. He got on Josh's case, but Erica intervened. She said she was taking her anger for Dr. Madden out on Josh. Josh left and Jack inquired why she was sticking up for him. He also said he knew she was hiding something from him and demanded to know. Erica gave him the details of her abduction. Jack immediately got up to see Chief Frye. Erica pleaded with him not to go. She claimed she never wanted to see Dr. Madden again. Jack would not listen and left to see Chief Frye.

Di went to the yacht club to meet Del. She found him checking out girls and reprimanded him. Del obscurely told her he had taken care of everything and she backed down. Then, Josh showed up. They instantly began to question him about Kate. He repeatedly told them he knew nothing. He also said he did not consider Dr. Madden his father anymore.

Tad walked into Dixie's hotel room and found it totally destroyed. He frantically called out for Dixie while he looked for her. Soon after, Dixie walked in. Tad saw her and seemed relieved. He said thank God and hugged her. Dixie was surprised at his concern. Tad then pulled away, realizing how affectionate he was being. Dixie quickly discovered all of the evidence she had against Dr. Madden was gone. David then entered and told Dixie he was going to find Kate, not Tad. The two exchanged heated words. Dixie interjected and told David to leave. She said she regretted not telling Tad about Kate immediately after the accident. David left, but not without asserting he would be the one to put Kate in her arms. Tad wanted to go back to Dr. Madden's island, but Dixie said it was useless. Tad said we are going to find our daughter. Dixie thanked him for saying "we". Tad nodded his head in acknowledgement and left.

Dr. Madden looked around him and realized he was buried alive! He observed his abductor had given him food and an air supply. He also saw a microphone. He began to question who did this to him and why. When he was not answered, he closed his eyes and started chanting. Suddenly, a disguised voice was heard telling him to rise and shine. The voice explained he would be freed as soon as he disclosed the location of Kate. Dr. Madden said Dixie willingly gave her daughter up. He also said it would be selfish and cruel to take the little girl away from the only family she has ever loved. He was given no response. Frustrated, he asked if anyone was there. He only heard silence.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Kendall awakens to find a tearful JR watching over her. She mistakes his look for pity, and tells him he shouldn't feel that way because both she and her son are fine. JR starts to apologize but before he can, Zach enters the room and violently tosses JR to a spot farther from his wife. JR urges that the issue is between him and Kendall, and Kendall, confused, wants Zach to explain his behaviour. As she states her belief that she and JR are just friends, Ryan comes in and tells her that she needs to let Zach handle the situation – as JR is her worst enemy. Kendall, increasingly frustrated at Zach and Ryan's attempts to eject JR from the room, demands that JR be allowed to speak. He does so, managing to choke out that he tried to kill his wife, and Kendall ended up taking the hit instead. JR spells out the plan that he had for Babe, and notes that he was so drunk on alcohol and rage that he didn't realize that it was his best friend that had walked into the construction area – not his wife. This causes Kendall to remember his confession to her as she lay in her coma. He then tells her that he is sorry for what he did, and this only elicits disgust and mock support from Ryan and Zach. Both note that nothing will ever be okay again until JR serves time for his crimes. JR, still calm for the moment, admits that he would be going before the judge and explaining what he'd done, getting his guilt on record. Zach intimates that because of his position and clout, he might get little more than community service. Irritated, JR loudly tells the two that he would likely face 5 – 10 years in prison. For a moment, Zach and Ryan are silent, absorbing the new information. Kendall, take advantage, angrily says that they all need to remain quiet – because she is going to take a moment to talk. She comments that even though she knows rage and hate and thought she was the champion, she believes that JR should get the world title. She can't imagine that JR heard anything else in his head except for talk about revenge, plotting and payback against Babe. She notes that the poor person who happens to walk in his way should be pitied – and this time it was her. She tries to go on, but with her words stymied by tears, all she can manage to do is demand that he get out, and to never show her his face again. JR knows that he deserves it but is angry anyway, so when Ryan and Zach start to try to help him leave, JR blows up and makes it clear that he can see himself out. He leaves the room, and Ryan follows to make sure he actually leaves the hospital. Zach stays behind to comfort his wife, and is worried when she mentions something about her head. He offers to get the nurse but she calms his fears by saying that she thinks she heard something while in the coma. Zach asks her what she remembers, and she admits that she isn't sure because it all seems like a dream or déjà vu. She says that she can vaguely recall JR talking to her, admitting his guilt and apologizing. He then asks is she remembers anything else and, after a moment, Kendall disjointedly remembers the gunshot, and banging on a door – and then, in disbelief, waits for Zach to be forthcoming with what actually happened. He tells her that she was remembering things correctly, and that all of those sounds were connected to him barricading them within, and keeping Ryan and the cops out. Kendall asks why he would do such a thing, and Zach explains that there was a court order to take her son via C-section before he was ready, and he was doing what he felt necessary to keep that from happening. Kendall, slightly amused, denounces her husband as crazy – and then admits that she is totally in love with him.

Sitting on the roof of Fusion, Babe muses silently as she gazes at various product bottles. The door opens and Josh starts to join her. He quickly dodges the bottle she throws at him, and then is forced to hear that he isn't welcome. She reminds him that the man that she loves is going to court the following day to confess to what he'd done, and her face tells how distressed she is that even with honesty, JR will do jail time. She tells Josh that he'd better not think for a second that he can pull another stunt like he did at the park, because there is no way that he could even begin to replace JR. Josh swears that he is only there as a friend – but Babe, uninterested, states that she is busy and that he needs to leave. Josh as much as refuses, saying that he is hoping to somehow make her smile or even laugh. Babe tells him that it is virtually impossible, given the future without JR that she is facing. She then tells him that in the past 24 hours, JR has morphed into someone new – the irony being that the new person is exactly like the original JR that she fell in love with, and knew that she would spend the rest of her life with. She laughs dryly and says that if Josh wants an answer to if she is okay, he needs to wait around and ask her that in 5 – 10 years. Josh concedes defeat in the crummy life contest, and Babe quietly begs him to leave. Josh says that her other option is that he could stay and she could use him to beat up on. Seeing immediately that his suggestion would do no good, Josh apologizes for the pain Babe is in, and goes to take his leave.

Jack sits in his old apartment, studying his papers by only a single lamplight. His concentration is disturbed by a noise outside the front door, and he goes to investigate the source. Upon opening the door, he finds his wife on the other side. Knowing he would be there, she asks what he hopes to accomplish. Jack tries to distract her by saying that he had Derek put out an APB for Greg Madden. She knows what Jack is up to, but tells him that she wasn't referring to that anyway. Jack relents and says that he has managed not to go upstairs and rip Jonathan out of Lily's life – not yet. Erica reminds him that what Jonathan has done in the past does not speak to who he is today, or what he is capable of now. She also points out that because he loves her, Jonathan followed Lily to New York and was able to find her when no one else could. Jack softens a bit emotionally, noting that he believes Lily too young on several levels to be 18 and married – especially against his wishes. Erica tells him that it's no longer about his wishes, because clearly they care very deeply for each other and want a life together. She then urges him to come home with her. He tells her that he never expected to be a father, but when Laurel died, Lily – this delicate, beautiful child – became his responsibility. Erica reminds him that Lily has grown since then, into a strong and vital woman with her own thoughts and desires. She goes on to say that it is obvious that Lily will do whatever it takes to stay with Jonathan – just like she and Jack did in their time. Jack makes it known that he can't let go of how he has seen his daughter for so long – competent, but always in need of his help when things got too overwhelming. He angrily points out that while Lily and Jonathan want this fantasy life in Boston, and everyone wants him to just smile and nod – he is furious that he is the only one that seems to be able to see how bad their life together will be. Erica says that she is on to Jack and his plan: to sit in his abandoned apartment with the door cracked open, waiting for Lily to cry out so that he can run to her rescue. Erica empathizes with her husband by saying that she felt as he did when Bianca came out – wanting to just throw her arms around her child and shield her from the pain of the path she saw for her. She admits that she was at the ready to throw herself between Bianca and the world, if need be. She then notes that Bianca is the one who taught her how to be a parent – to stand by and give her daughter the space she needed to grow. Jack notes plaintively that Lily isn't Bianca, but Erica counters by saying that Bianca couldn't be who she is today if Erica hadn't let her go. Erica confesses that it was a hard lesson to learn, but well worth it. She then asks if Jack can do the same – just wait, for his daughter's sake, and let Lily find her own path. Erica goes to the door and holds her hand out, inviting her husband to leave with her. Reluctantly, Jack grabs her hand, turns out the lights, and they head out for home.

In Greenlee's old place, Lily makes adjustments to the furniture so as to have a more calming effect for her. Jonathan prides her on her work, and then notes how weird it is that they are together. Lily thinks it sounds negative, but Jonathan tries to explain that he didn't mean it as such. As he tries to expound on his point, she turns her back to him to make more changes. Jonathan soon collapses on to the couch because of the pain in his head, sending Lily slightly into panic mode. Jonathan, seeing that Lily is edging closer to being upset, assures her that while he temporarily saw black, he feels much better now. Before they can worry much more, there is a knock at the door. Jonathan dutifully asks who it is, and Erin lets them know that she and Aidan have stopped by with wedding presents. Jonathan opens the door to let them in, and after they exchange pleasantries, Lily heads off with Erin to get her some water and a tour of their new place. Alone with Jonathan, Aidan says that he is happy for the new couple but would be happier if Jonathan gave him more information about who Jonathan saved Lily from in New York, how Jonathan got hurt, and what the story is behind his sudden dizzy spells. Jonathan chooses to limit his commentary, saying that he saved Lily from a bad man, that they got married – and that the rest of the stuff doesn't matter anymore because it's over. They all reconvene in the living room a short time later, and Lily tells Erin and Aidan how happy she is to finally be an adult and married. They are soon interrupted by another knock, and Erin notes the look of worry that Jonathan and Lily share. She asks about it, and hesitantly, Jonathan explains that they are waiting for Jack to change his mind about letting them live there together. He then goes to the door and tentatively calls out to see who else came to visit. When Ryan announces his arrival, Jonathan opens the door and Ryan can see that there is a small party going on. Jonathan tells his big brother that Erin and Aidan came by to celebrate his marriage to Lily – and then asks if Ryan is determined to break them up. Ryan says that it was not his intention to get between Jonathan and his wife – rather, he wanted to offer his thanks. He says that seeing what Jonathan and Lily did to be together, and then seeing what Kendall did for their son – it taught him a thing or two about love when he thought he knew everything. He tells his brother and Lily that he wishes the best for them, and hopes they have a long and happy life together.

Jamie joins Julia at the Yacht Club and she makes no bones about the fact that Jamie looks miserable. He thanks her wryly, and then says that his misery is going to have to take a break – he needs to stop thinking about how he just got his brother back, only to lose him again – but this time, to prison. They try to decide on a wine, and Jamie asks Julia to cut him off if he drinks so much that he starts to spill his guts about anything meaningful. Julia double checks to make sure he doesn't want to talk about JR and, when Jamie confirms, she decides the topic of their fluff conversation should be whether a couple sitting at the bar would go home together. Jamie doesn't agree, thinking that the couple is connected through the woman's husband, a big honcho at the club. They bet the check over it and prepare to wait and see what happens. Jamie ends up winning the bet, but only because, at Julia's admission, she overheard the woman's conversation in the restroom about whom she would be going home with. Jamie thinks that it will take more than an apology to make up for her deception, and Julia notes that she's already buying dinner. Jamie asks what she would like in return – as someone could be placing a bet on them right now. A short time passes, and the conversation morphs into most embarrassing moment. Julia admits that as an impressionable youth, she went to a Michael Bolton concert. Jamie seems taken aback, but Julia insists that at the time, it was what she needed. Before he can harass her any further, Josh makes an appearance and comments on Julia's choice of a younger dinner date. Jamie seems more than pleased to offer up a beat down to Josh to top off his amazing dinner. Josh tries to neutralize the situation by insisting that he was just joking. He then invites the duo to join him on a midnight cruise on his father's yacht, but he is met with a resounding no. Unfazed, Josh takes off for the docks, and Julia's attitude palpably shifts. Jamie can see that Josh still gets under her skin. She asks why Josh doesn't bother him, especially since he was truthful in his statement. She admits that she feels a level of discomfort because of the age difference, and that she felt the same when she abruptly ended their make-out session on the beach. Taking it all in stride, Jamie tells her that all he can do is drink in her beauty and tell her that the rest is up to her. They raise their wine glasses in a toast and lock lust-filled eyes over the rims...before being interrupted by an explosion.

Finally at home, in bed, Babe attempts to relax. She hears a knock on the door and calls out to her mother, thinking that is who is on the other side. The door slides open, and JR reveals himself as the culprit. He tells her that he came to gather his things – because it was either that, or watch their son sleep. She asks him if he is scared about the proceedings to come, and he tells her that it's like a pit in his stomach – and that he can't stop himself from going over everything in his mind. He begins to note the worst part and then stops, unsure if he can continue. She encourages him to confess everything – so he tells her that the worst part is losing her, and their son, and knowing that he had no one or nothing to blame but himself. He starts to say something else as he begins to leave but then, looking back at his wife, he changes tacks and asks if he can hold her one last time. She hesitates and he takes that as a no, and starts to leave again, understanding, but she calls out to him. She climbs out of bed and grants him permission to hold her. He approaches her slowly, holds her briefly, and then quickly takes his leave.

Kendall lovingly embraces her husband for all he did to save her and her son, and then asks what charges he is facing. He pulls out a paper and reads the list to her, taking responsibility for every one of them. She then questions Ryan's decision to choose her life over their son's – especially considering that Ryan loved Spike before she could even admit that she did. Zach confirms as much, but says that Ryan also couldn't watch her die. Kendall tells her husband that she didn't think Ryan cared that much, just as the man in question shows up at her hospital room window. Back inside, Kendall notes that she seems to have woken up to a whole new world, but before she can enjoy it, the charges against Zach need to be taken care of. His only response is that now that he has her back, his new vow is that nothing will ever pull them apart again. On the other side of the window, Ryan is forced to turn away, the scene too painful for him to bear.

Alone again in the apartment, Jonathan tells his new bride that their honeymoon is waiting, and they slowly make their way to the bedroom. A short time later, Lily lies in bed talking to Jonathan, commenting on how much she enjoyed their first party, the presents they received, and being close to him. She tells him that being able to hear him breathe makes her feel not alone. The angle changes, and Jonathan peers at her from over a pillow placed down the middle of the bed to keep them from touching, and he tells her that she will never be alone again.

Friday, June 9, 2006

At the hospital, Julia tends to some minor cuts on Josh's body. When Jamie walks in, he accuses Jamie of blowing up Greg's boat and almost killing him. Jamie denies it, but Josh insists that Jamie and his entire family be interrogated about the accident. Jamie has no problem with it because he claims it will give him a chance to blab about Greg's unknown children. Jamie and Julia fill Josh in about Greg's baby island, but Josh refuses to believe it. Jamie tells them if Josh goes to the police, he will reveal Greg's secret.

In the casket, Greg tries to ignore the kidnapper's threat, but finally agrees to reveal where Dixie's child is. Thinking the kidnapper is Tad, Greg tells him he does not deserve to have Kate back. Greg demands the kidnapper answer him, but everything is silent so Greg thinks maybe the kidnapper is Dixie. The kidnapper tells Greg that Josh will begin to get worried when he father does not contact him. Greg tells the kidnapper he won't be broken, but the kidnapper refuses to release him until Kate is returned. Greg bangs on the of the casket, wondering who is the culprit behind his burial.

At the yacht club, Tad pressure Derek for details about the yacht to determine if it was an accident or done on purpose. Zach walks over and tries to find out what Tad knows, but Tad thinks Zach would use it to impress Dixie. Zach tells Tad he is only helping Dixie because she asked for it. Tad tells him he is wished Zach had told him Dixie was alive when he found out because it might have helped him find Kate sooner. Tad tells Zach he went to Greg's baby island and found nothing and someone has stolen Kate's files from Dixie's room. Zach tells Tad he never wanted Kate in the first place so that is how he lost his daughter. Tad tells Zach he doesn't need his services anymore, but Del and Di come over to interrupt. Del admits he blew the boat up, but knew Greg was not inside. He just wanted to make sure Greg didn't have an escape route. Tad walks off

Dixie goes to find JR at his home, but runs into Adam instead. He blames her for JR's actions and going to jail. Krystal sticks up for Dixie, but Adam can only see all the ways Dixie has hurt JR. He even accuses her of choosing Kate over JR because she has been working so hard to find Kate, but pretended to be dead for JR. Adam tells her that he grateful JR has Babe, a woman who never deserts him in JR's time of need.

Derek goes to the hospital to ask Josh who he thinks blew up the boat because it was not an accident. Josh says he has no suspects so Derek leaves. Josh tells Jamie to get off Greg's back, since he didn't turn him in, but Jamie doesn't agree. Joe comes to check on Josh, relieved he is not hurt from the accident. Josh admits that he has a feeling Greg is keeping a big secret about Erica from him. He tells Joe he needs to know what they are hiding. Josh can tell Joe knows the secret, so he begs him for help because he has a feeling his father is in some serious trouble.

Julia rushes outside and asks Jamie if he blew up the boat. Jamie says no and asks Julia if she did it. Julia says no. Jamie asks her where she was the other night because he noticed she signed in later than usual at the hospital. Julia answers that she had been working 70 hours straight and needed some time to rest. David comes over and jokes about Julia and Jamie's age difference. Julia tells David their two nights of passion was a mistake, but that doesn't down David. He is very happy to go see JR get carted off to jail.

JR goes into Babe's bedroom, kisses her arm and watches her wake up. He tells her she loves him and does not want to leave. Babe tells him she loves him too, but wakes up to find it is only a dream. Moments later, JR knocks at her door to say good-bye. He tells her that he has signed over his power of attorney of his shares at Chandler enterprises to her, which will take care of her and Little Adam's financial burdens for a long time. JR adds that his father does not know about the shares, but is sure he will not be pleased. Babe agrees to let Little Adam come to visit JR, but is surprised when he hands her custody papers for their son, incase she wants to get a divorce. Babe tries to shy away from the conversation, but JR hands her a copy of his will and insurance policy, incase he never comes back. Winifred brings Little Adam into the room so J.R. can say good-bye. JR tells his son he has to leave for a little while because he did some bad things, but he still has a lot of people around to help him. JR hugs Little Adam closely and he and Babe go downstairs to see Dixie. Dixie apologizes to JR for hurting him and admits she feels responsible for what he did. JR tells everyone that he tried to kill Babe because he thought it was the only way to protect his son. JR tells his mother he does not understand why she left him, but can see her need to search for Kate. JR tells his mother Kate will be coming home sooner than she thinks. Dixie is overjoyed to hear JR say he understands her choices and gives him a hug. JR encourages Dixie to befriend Babe and Little Adam. He even tells Adam to be nicer to Dixie. Adam is silent, but Krystal tells JR that is not a problem. JR apologizes to Krystal for hurting her and Babe, as Tad and Jamie walk in. Dixie tells everyone to go ahead to the courthouse so she can have a moment alone with Babe. After everyone is gone, Dixie tells Babe that she go to the court and stop JR from going to prison.



Karla Mosley welcomes her second child
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