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Alistair is not evil, he's just crazy. Who in their right mind wants to kill everyone just because they don't agree with his psycho ways? Beth definitely is his child.

My local stationed aired Wednesday's episode AGAIN on Friday, so I have no clue what happened Friday.

Alistair is not evil, he's just crazy. I mean who in their right mind wants to kill everyone because they don't agree with his psycho ways. Beth definitely is his child. And what is with this chalice that allows one to be "God on earth?" Are the writers insinuating the Pope needs this to do his job? I was very much into this story, but the writers have shot it to hell. There were so many ways they could've gone with this story and this is what they chose.

I actually felt sorry for Luis this week. For the first time, he acted like a father that has lost his child, instead of like a child that has lost his favorite toy. I felt so sorry for him when Sheridan was going on and on about Marty and he just didn't have the heart to tell her their child is dead. I don't believe Marty is dead, but those were some amazing scenes.

I have been interested in Fancy while she's been helping Luis and not moping over Noah, but I wanted to strangle her. Why did she insist on jumping on that motorbike with Luis to go after Beth? Had she not been so stubborn, things may have ended differently. She has cost Luis several chances to nab Beth, and she should feel awful. Luis is very noble not to blame her.

I knew Ethan wasn't going to believe Theresa. He does have some sort of logic. Who wouldn't admit to just about anything for $10 million? I would've admitted to sending the information for that much. Did Theresa hit the nail on the head or what? She finally stood up to Ethan and told him he is the reason the triangle keeps going. But then she goes all stupid and starts talking about Little Ethan's future at Crane Industries. Does she really think Alistair is never going to come back? She knows he's not dead; she thinks he's in a coma. What is going to happen when he comes back?

I knew Maya was working for Lena and against Noah. I'm kind of sad to see her go, but she really served no purpose. She could've been used as love interest for Miguel, Fox, Chad, Luis, etc. I know these men all have love interests, but new stories are need pronto. I'm glad Lena died, and in the most appropriate way.

Several of you have written in to agree with me on the fact that neither the new Miguel nor the new Fox can act. I'm glad I'm not alone on this. Kay knows now that Siren is indeed a mermaid, and is doing everything in her power to keep the two from mating. She even convinces her father to arrest him for public indecency. Kay still has so much to learn. She should've gone to Pilar (who has fallen off the radar completely).

And is Siren that powerful? Miguel has fallen completely under her spell. You'd think after having one illegitimate child he can barely take care of, he'd be a little more cautious about jumping into bed with another woman who is making no secret she wants to reproduce. And Fox is just as bad, as he stands around encouraging them to get it on. I know Kay is confused about her feelings, but I really think even if she knew she didn't love Miguel romantically, she'd do the same thing. They have been friends forever, and ultimately I believe Kay has Miguel's best interests at heart.

Some Random Thoughts:

Hoorah for Jessica. She finally has woken up and rid her system of Spike for good.

Viewer's Voice:

"Sometimes my friend and I wonder if people are watching the same show as we are? Passions is great now? Did I miss something? Granted, this Vendetta thing is FINALLY becoming interesting, but really, the premise is complete crap. I knew it was crap when Chad saw Whitney in her 'disguise' and didn't recognize her. What!?? They've gone all out with the wig and contacts for her disguise. And a virtual reality helmet? I put more stock and faith in the witches and mermaids running around Harmony than Whitney in some catacomb looking like an idiot (and acting like one) with this stuff on her head. And how does the symbol, Spike, Lena, Alistair, etc. fit into this plot. A chalice that will grant ultimate power? Walking nilly-willy about the VATICAN? It's gone too far for me. Just a silly, stupid storyline to get half the cast to the same place for various reasons and having them all be related in the end. I'm not buying it. The Passions Red story was much better and I cared about what happened. And you know what's worse, is that the Siren storyline is lower than the Vendetta stuff. I totally agree with you in that Fox and Miguel are terrible, terrible actors. Chris is looking like a star compared to these two bozos. However, I can't be a fan of Kay anymore. I'm sorry, she's gonna dump a guy who totally adores here and her daughter for the father of her child who up and left town to search the world for the 'love of his life?' Then he comes back and all of a sudden he loves her? Give me a break. Passions really needs to give us some satisfaction with this paternity/tabloid business (Theresa is getting on my nerves more than ever) and definitely get back to exposing Ivy's dirty deeds. Luis/Sheridan - don't care anymore. Though I have to agree with my friend that Luis and Fancy are 'puke on a stick.'" Thanks Kamal!!!

"I really enjoy reading your column. I wish that, instead of trying to trick people into thinking the outcome of the 'who is the monk?' story would actually be interesting (by making people think it was Julian on the website), that Passions had decided to actually make it interesting. Is there ANYONE who has watched the show that didn't completely see the 'its Alistair' reveal coming? Is that really the best they could do after months of anticipation? I know I shouldn't be surprised. I knew they were going to do that...but kept watching in hopes that they would prove me wrong. I understand that they have budget cuts now, but can't they put the money they use for the cast to better use? In other words, more Julian, less Jessica, more Beth and her mom, less nuMiguel, nuFox and Siren. Is that really too much to ask? And please (like so many other fans are requesting) move the Ethan/Theresa/Gwen story along. Is Theresa just going to chase Ethan forever? Are they waiting to wrap up this story until the show officially ends? Cause if they continue to ignore what the fans as much as they do, they may not need to wait much longer for that. It seems like it barely made it this year. Do the writers honestly not see that they have the lowest ratings as it is and that maybe paying attention to fans along the way may not be such a bad idea???" Thanks Rachel!!!

"Jessica and Spike was so gross, but good for Jessica, her mind is in the right place. Bring down Ivy, Gwen and Rebecca soon. I am so glad Chad used the holy water. Alistair as God would take this story to far, way too far. I am so glad the head writer is out for this show, maybe some new blood will take this soap to a new level and old fans will come back!!!!" Thanks Chiara!!!

"I love Passions, but it is getting a bit ridiculous even for a soap. Spike, Jessica, Whitney, Chad, Fox, Miguel, Siren all and need to be killed off somehow. The whole Lena and Spike thing is stupid and not interesting AT ALL. I fast forward every time I see Siren, Miguel and Fox...BORING! Can we bring Grace and David back please? How about 'poisoning Ivy'? Can we get Julian back as a 'real Crane'? As much as I love Julian and Eve together, let's get real, Julian is a great villain. And wouldn't it be great if Julian and Alistair go head to head? He could be the one to kill off Alistair, and regain all that power. Ethan is a moron. How much longer can this story go on? Can we get to the part of Theresa gaining Ethan and losing her love? This site is awesome, and thanks for the 2 scoops...It's fun to read." Thanks Eboni!!!

"I thought the mermaid story would be great, but I just can't stand Miguel and Nufox. Old Fox would have been so perfect for this storyline. Whoever wrote the bull about Kay still having hots for Miguel is an idiot. I really think the writers are still bummed over a past relationship, and keep writing about it over and over and over. EVERYONE in Harmony is mooning over their 'first love.' I remember mine, and believe me, I don't moon. Cringe a bit, maybe. Hey, I was a teenager. I honestly admit I have not watched passions for a couple of weeks. I sat and guessed what lines the actors would say, and I was right over 90% of the time. They are talking budget cuts? Get rid of old writers; get some new, inspired ones. Get rid of Nufox, Miguel, May a, Noah, Luis and Ethan. Bring in new actors, NOT relying on hotness, but talent. How about a new hot romance for Pilar, that freaks out her family? You get my drift." Thanks MJ!!!

"Oh, where to begin? First Ethan...lets get a grip. What does Theresa have to do? I really wish he would walk in on Gwen taunting Theresa. Like today, Ethan who is supposedly intelligent did not think it weird that Gwen showed up and ooops told security Alistair is well? Flags everywhere. Rebecca, since when does she hold so much power? For Whitney, really who are you going to trust people you have known your entire life or a creepy monk? I am miffed at Noah. Talk about your double standards. As for Fox and Miguel, those actors are HORRIBLE! I think it is time for Grace to come back and spice some things up, as well as Charity. Other soaps do well because they even out the good with the bad. Not so here. It is always heartache! It would also be nice to figure out the meaning of the symbol." Thanks Tracey!!!

Until next week friends,

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