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Why does Whitney still have her disguise on? Half of Harmony has seen her in the disguise, so they know who she is now. And why does she still trust the monk? If a man of God does not know what the word agape means, then something is up.

I am so bummed. I have my VCR set up to automatically tape Passions at the same time everyday, and it was pushed back an hour on Friday and I didn't know it. So instead, I taped Days Friday, which I forgot was the return of Steve "Patch" Johnson. But I am bummed because Passions was really getting good.

I am not the least bit shocked that the monk is Alistair; I knew it from the moment the Vendetta story started. Oddly enough, the Vendetta storyline was still interesting despite this. A few weeks back NBC stirred something up when they had Julian pictured as the monk. I was so excited. I was hoping for a rewrite where Julian's nice twin had come back from the walk with Timmy and the real Julian had been hiding out as a monk all this time. I was hoping to get my wish of Ben Masters as a baddie back on screen. At least he'd have been given some airtime.

Why does Whitney still have her disguise on? Half of Harmony has seen her in the disguise, they know who she is now. And why does she still trust the monk? If a man of God does not know what the word "Agape" means, something is up. Even if they are not a regular attendee of church, most people have heard this word.

Apparently, Theresa has gotten JT to admit the truth. We all know Ethan will never believe him. I think now Gwen could admit the truth to Ethan's face and he still wouldn't believe it. Whenever I see Theresa and Ethan in a scene together, I think of a line uttered by Clark Gable in Gone With The Wind. Speaking of Ashley Wilkes, Rhett Butler says, "Mr. Wilkes who can't be mentally faithful to his wife - and won't be unfaithful to her technically. Why doesn't he make up his mind?" Don't these words describe Ethan perfectly?

Beth is smarter than Luis period. This is what, the 213,578,697th time she's escaped him? If he would just tell her that he wants to be with her, she'd naively take him straight to Marty. Seriously, how badly do you want your kid back? Luis doesn't want Marty back, he only wants Sheridan to leave Chris and come back to him while he canoodles with Fancy on the side. I said it before; I'll say it again. Marty is better off with Beth.

How stupid must Fancy be? She has decided to go undercover to help lure Beth out, and she doesn't even realize its Beth who is handing her a poisoned drink! And how exactly did Spike get caught up in this mess? I must've missed something somewhere because I find it intriguing that Spike and Beth even know each other. What a delicious evil couple they would've made. And I like Beth a lot more than Jessica.

What was with Noah running around moaning about how Fancy has betrayed him? He's "slept" with Maya a zillion times to push Fancy away, and now she's wrong because she's moved on? There's a deep dark secret he can't share with another living soul, but yet at a moment's notice he poured his soul out to Ethan, whom he's been around about 4 times. And Fancy is the one who's wronged him?

This whole Siren is a mermaid thing bores me, probably because I could care less about Fox or Miguel. Neither one of these guys can act. And I say that with the hope that Brandi Burkhardt (Siren) isn't that dumb in real life. (She's named Brandi - of course she's a genius!)

I enjoy Heidi Mueller and Brandi's scenes, but Fox and Miguel are so wooden and bland. Fox plainly notices that Kay is obsessing over Miguel, yet his expression never waivers. Since Justin left, Fox has become a wimp. And all Miguel ever does is walk around shirtless making out with Siren. Hardly tune-in worthy performances.

Whenever there is a big event on Passions, I like to become Joan Rivers for a moment and comment on the clothing. Hands down, Paloma's gown was the best. It's a shame she had to take it off and put on that waitress uniform. Simone and Beth tied for second best, with Fancy's second dress coming in third. Her first dress was awful as was Jessica's and Theresa's.

Some Random Thoughts:

Isn't it amazing how there was a black light handy for Whitney to show the monk the word in the painting?

Jessica is finally growing up. She ran away from Spike the moment she saw him in Rome. This is the first smart thing she's done in ages.

I love how Chad has a friend that is a priest. And was it just me, or did the actor look a lot like Tyler Perry?

I've never been to Rome or the Vatican, but I'm pretty sure ordinary Joe's don't walk around close to the Pope's chambers. I'm also sure there are better security guards in place.

Viewer's Voice:

"Passions is full of CRAP; there is no Agape in Passions (Love). I hope Luis has the mind to have the bodies in the taxis DNA tested. We all watch CSI; if they can find DNA in badly burned bodies so can Passions CSI. Wasn't Beth supposed to be dead from about two other explosions? We know Luis will not think of this and will go on like he can not put 2 and 2 together and it will be up to Al or age to bring the truth out. As for Theresa we all knew Ethan was not going to buy it, which is more CRAP. If somebody jumping and nearly killing themselves to prove a point does not send a light blinking, what will? Leave Gwen please. If not for Theresa then for the pure fact you have seen the psycho Gwen and the fact that it is not Theresa who drives her but her need to hide the truth." Thanks Chiara!!!

"'1. Add more characters starting with Jonathon Hotchkiss. He would be top quality actor, like Michael Sabatino or Gordon Thomson.' I so totally agree with you! I've thought for years they should bring Jonathan Hotchkiss out of hiding. Charles Shaugnessy (Ex-Shane from Days) would be perfect. (If you read the Passions Book he's supposed to be English). Gwen is so obviously different from Rebecca; it'd be nice to see where she gets it from. And I so totally agree that Theresa and Gwen need to leave Ethan alone and sorry and get with guys who want them instead of wanting to be all noble." Thanks Jen!!!

"You should write the storylines the writer could learn a lot from you. I believe the writer will eventually pay the price for the repeated S/L with the many triangles. Five years is way way to long for any saga to continue. There's no romance with any of the characters, everyone is at war, its even borderline incestuous. Everyone is either related, are has slept with one or the other. What happened with all the veteran actors? The writer needs help!" Thanks Cabe!!!

"I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed what you wrote about how you would change the show. It's stuff I've been wanting to happen for a while too. I totally agree with bringing in a new family like Maya's family, but also Valerie's family would be interesting as well. Also Ivy and Julian had an odd but interesting relationship. Most importantly they need to bring in someone who can rival Alistair. I'm sick of him being unrealistically powerful. His best scenes were when he was scared during the Passions Red storyline...we need more of that! Anyways I can't wait for your next column." Thanks Joey!!!

"Kill off Spike, Monk or Jessica I wouldn't miss any of them. I hope the paternity and tabloid secret comes out soon its been what 7 years. I want Teresita to find love and happiness while Ethan leaves Gwen (who finds love) and he is alone. Chad and Whitney give it up please; related or not incest is GROSS! Luis move on with Fancy. Alistair will have a real stroke this time that would be funny." Thanks Tiffany!!!

"This is more of thank you than a comment. I'm not sure what May was complaining about. I love Passions. But even I can be critical about some aspects of it. As far as I'm concerned you comment on good and bad. So THANK YOU. I still love reading your editorials." Thanks Angela!!!

More to follow next week!!!

Until next week friends,

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