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Sure, couples split up so that you can root for them to get back together, but that payoff shouldn't last for five years. Who even cares if Theresa and Ethan end up together anymore?

Hello dear readers. I'm on vacation this week, so I wrote a column ahead of time so you dears would have something fresh to read. I've decided to write a column on what I'd change about the show if I wrote it.

1. Add more characters starting with Jonathon Hotchkiss. He would be top quality actor, like Michael Sabatino or Gordon Thomson. He would be someone who can go toe to toe with Ben Masters and Andrea Evans. Jonathon would be a major player and his company would go against Crane Enterprises much the same way Jabot goes against Newman on Y&R. He'd also have a son that would make Theresa forget Ethan ever existed. I'd also introduce two or three more families, including the Chin's, especially since we have the House of Noodles and Maya already. I'd get Maya away from Noah, and turn her into a cop. I'd also make a member of one of the new families a doctor so Eve doesn't have to work it alone anymore. And I'd offer Charles Keating the world to join the show and I'd create a role specifically for him.

2. Include more romance. Sure couples split up so you can root for them to be together. But that payoff shouldn't last five years. Who even cares if Theresa and Ethan end up together anymore? Sheridan and Luis, Noah and Fancy, Julian and Eve, Chad and Whitney (they wouldn't be siblings on my show) would all enjoy a romance. Especially Julian and Eve. They are never on anymore and that is a shame because Ben Masters is easily the best actor this show has to offer.

3. Get Gwen and Theresa away from Ethan. I'm ready to see both of them move on. Theresa has had a crush on Ethan since she was a schoolgirl. Let's see what happens when that schoolgirl grows up and realizes that it's time to put away childish things. Gwen deserves someone so much better. She's educated and bright; match her with someone worth her mind, not just her looks. A few weeks back someone wrote in and suggested a Y&R Phillip/Kay/Jill type feud with Gwen/Ethan/Theresa. As of now, that is basically the only place this triangle can go.

4. Give Simone a love. I have been a big advocate of this storyline from day one. I also loved that the writers took it in a different direction, and had T.C. blow up. Not all parents accept their child's homosexuality. Families do fall apart over things like this. This has been lead down such a beautiful road, and with Simone's best friends Paloma and Kay supporting her, it's time for her to find a real love.

5. More Tabitha. I'd get rid of her boarders and show more interaction between Tabby and Endora. They are easily the highlight of the show and deserve to be involved in the whole canvas instead of just with these teenagers. And I can not understand why Tabby isn't involved with the Vendetta storyline, even if it's just by her bowl.

6. Kay/Miguel/Fox. This is easily the best triangle on this show. And the reason why? Because it's anybody's guess who Kay will end up with. She's loved Miguel her entire life, but let go of that to move on with Fox. Now Miguel is back and wants Kay one minute and Siren the next. With a daughter involved, and the meddling mother in law from hell, Ivy, I'm not sure the writers even know who Kay will end up with. Kay did despicable things to get Miguel, not to mention the secrets she's kept from her father. Those secrets would come out and ultimately she'd end up alone. I'd get some mileage out of it, but ultimately, Kay would end up with Fox.

7. Where are the vets? Sam, Ivy, Julian, Rebecca, Eve, T.C., Liz, Pilar, Martin, etc. The only time any of these characters are shown is when they are in scenes with the younger set. Rachel came on the show in a cloud of mystery, and has been a hoot in most of her scenes. Why is she not on more? The Pilar/Martin/Katherine triangle was dropped the second Kat tried to seduce Martin on his wedding day. Does Martin want Pilar? Or does he want Kat? I'd answer all these questions and I'd bring back Grace and David and let the fireworks begin with Sam and Ivy.

8. Hire people that can actually act instead of pretty faces. The bottom line is this needs to happen on all soaps. With the internet now in every home, what happens tomorrow, next week, even next month on the show is available to anyone who wants to know. Passions did real well with the "Alistair is Charlie" reveal, but the bottom line is that the writers can't hide it every time they have a big reveal. And detailed summaries are available in just a click if you miss a few days. In this information age, good stories and great actors are what is going to draw viewers to your show.

9. I'd listen to my fans. I'd read message boards and opinion columns and I'd give my fans the payoffs that they deserve. No one deserves payoffs like Passions fans. Most of them have been with the show since day one and have been waiting for Theresa and Ethan to get together that long. So far, they've gotten basically two weeks of Theresa and Ethan being happy out of seven years. If a story isn't working, the fans will be the first to say so.

10. My ultimate wish would be for Julian and Ivy to get back together. There was something electric between these two when they were married and I know they still harbor feelings for each other. Ivy has always loved Sam and wanted to be his bride, but will ultimately never be happy with him because she longs for Julian. I know there are a ton of Julian and Eve fans, but Julian and Ivy sizzle and all you have to do is watch their scenes on the Sci-Fi channel to see that.

Now it's your turn. Tell me what you'd change if you wrote the show!!!!!!!!!!

Until next week friends,

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