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Beefcake anyone?
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There we had Jamie, Aidan and Josh all shirtless. What's a girl to do? Enjoy the eye candy is what I say!

Jamie, who now again is trying to go by the name of James - don't blame him there, is truly a hunk. I don't much care for the Julia and Jamie pairing. One thing I don't understand is the complete change of character of Julia since she returned. She is being portrayed, as someone who jumps into the sack at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately that is the case now as she has quickly slept with David and Jamie. Why? Julia shouldn't be desperate. She's attractive with lots of potential. I really dislike the writers having changed her whole personality after bringing her back to PV. We saw Josh having relations in the hospital with some nurse. This was totally unprofessional and sordid. I believe they could have found a reason to show off Josh's chest without stooping that low. Aidan and Erin decided to do it on the side of the road while awaiting a repairman for their disabled car. I don't see any chemistry between these two - they are just boring. I hear from so many Aidan fans that want him showcased but agree that Erin just isn't the answer. I enjoyed Aidan and Kendall and certainly saw chemistry between Maria and Aidan even though I didn't much care for that duo, but there just aren't any sparks between Aidan and Julia. Now that Aiden Turner (Aidan) has re-signed his contract it would be great to see him in a deserving storyline instead of some contrived mess with the Lavery woman.


Dr. MADden is on his way out of PV and the lives of all who knew him there. Now let's see he's able to send Tad and Dixie on a wild goose chase, capture Erica, get Del to load Erica into the plane and then disable Del all without breaking a sweat. Del was sweating enough for both of them. Greg sure is talented. I could comment on Tad's lack of PI ability since Tad chastised Dixie about not coming to him "Mr. PI" to find their daughter once she had recovered from her accident. I could also comment on Aidan not being able to keep a competent detective on the job but instead has to accept amateurs Di and Del as substitutes. These incidents were just so predictable and contrived. Although, Tad and Dixie were able to land in the middle of nowhere, get stranded and rescued faster than you can say "gum shoe".


Oh my, the fact is out about Dr. MADden's pregnancy island and how he is the father of hundreds, perhaps thousands of unsuspecting children. Ewwwwwww! Now, with that knowledge spoken out loud, why isn't someone questioning Spike's paternity? I mean right now I have my doubts of Kendall being the mother or Ryan being the father. With Greg's obsession with Erica, could this be Erica's child? The father????? This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Joan who writes: "After Zach went to Madden's island he should know the baby is probably not Ryan's, why didn't Zach tell Ryan what he found out" Well, now that Ryan knows --- he didn't think about it either. When will this plot start to unravel?

Lock Up!

Did anyone notice when Kendall's monitoring machines went off and Zach allowed the doctors in, Zach immediately bolted the door again? This was just ridiculous. This whole storyline has just dragged out too long. It's obvious and has been from the start that Kendall will not die. Any suspense or enjoyment has long since passed. The coma storyline is just a retread as it was used quite recently with Bianca, which was mentioned on the show. This week's AMC Fan Gripe of the week comes from Lillette who writes: "I've enjoyed the whole Zach-Kendall-coma thing, but geez, enough is enough already. There are plenty of other crazy things going on to keep my interest, but why do the writers always run a good thing right into the ground? They need to keep me interested before I'm not anymore..." Speaking of keeping one interested, Zach is in jail and is anyone surprised? He did discharge a gun in a hospital and I don't care about the reason. That was just plain wrong. I see those pro-Zach emails coming my way!


JR has decided to step up and be a man --- finally. He realizes he's truly in love with Babe, believes her proclamation of love for him, gives more than one heartfelt apology and wants to take responsibility for his hateful actions as well as get sober. Instead of trying to get out of attempted murder which everyone knows could happen because of the Chandler fortune (shades of the Kennedy family), he pleads guilty and knows he'll be facing some hard jail time. Is there such a thing as hard jail time in PV? I don't think so! Now, will he do jail time? I don't think so either on this account.

Man & Wife!

Lily and Jonathan have gotten married. Ewwwwwwww!!! Oh, please make this go away. By far I get more negative mail from this pairing. I read a while back in SOD a quote from Megan McTavish. She said she was the one that decided they would be a great couple, so she put them together and felt sure the audience just loved them. Well, she couldn't be more wrong. This pairing is beyond sick. It's such a shame as Jackson has been slowly destroyed during this whole fiasco. As Georgianne wrote to weigh in on the situation "I deeply resent the way AMC is portraying Jackson as a tyrant in order to redeem and sell Jonathan as a hero and to prop this disgusting pairing between Jonathan and Lily. Jackson has been the one constant in Lily's life all these years. He has loved her and encouraged her all her life to do what she wants to do and not let her disorder hamper her choices. He wants her to live with the disorder not live because of it. But suddenly because AMC wants another Romeo/Juliet redux, that is forgotten and it is Jonathan who is the only one who knows and understands Lily. The fact remains that Jonathan is too old for Lily and Jackson should not be supporting a pairing between the man who kidnapped, drugged, and terrorized Lily and her sisters. They can write Jonathan to walk on water and I still won't buy it." Thanks for those wise words. I really wish AMC had left Jonathan dead in the cave, instead of bringing him back with a brain tumor to try to redeem him. Now that he hit his head, could something be changing? I sure hope so.

I'd like to thank everyone for their kind words and support via emails. Have a great week and see you back here next time.


Mary Page
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