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Can't someone come up with an original storyline that doesn't involve questionable paternity? Of the citizens who are currently in Springfield, Lizzie, Jonathan, Coop, Emma, Marina, Gus, Jude, and Dinah have all been involved in paternity storylines.

There are events in all of our lives that make us reflect on our lives. This past week, my youngest niece graduated from high school. Yesterday we had a cookout with family and friends to celebrate her achievement. Some of these people I haven't seen in years, which made me think of the changes in my own life over that time. Which of course, makes me think about the show we all watch - and if TPTB have learned from the show's past.

It's no secret that GL has been on a downward spiral for years. The ratings, despite all of the acting accolades (richly deserved) are at an all time low. While I think most of the acting is top notch, some of the stories, and the casting fiascoes leave me scratching my head. If I could have a day to switch the stories at GL, this is what I would do:

1) Reva would tell her family she has cancer. This is totally ridiculous! As I sat watching Friday's show with my own mother-in-law (a breast cancer survivor herself) we could not believe how ridiculous this was. I asked her if she could have kept the cancer from us long-term and she said there was no way - she was too weak and the whole idea is completely ludicrous. Come on, GL, work with reality here.

2) I would place a 3-5 year moratorium on paternity storylines. The fans are so sick of them and they always end badly. Can't someone come up with an original storyline that is based in reality? Of citizens currently in Springfield Lizzie, Jonathan, Coop, Emma, Marina, Gus, Jude and Dinah were all involved in paternity storylines. And I'm sure I'm forgetting someone here as well.

3) In the casting area, I would bring back Blake, Rick, Holly and Lillian more. Yes, it's summer and you have to do a "teen" storyline. But no more than 1/3 of the air time should be devoted to that portion of the show. The veteran fans want to see their favorites as well.

4) The men in Springfield would definitely gain a backbone. I adore Robert Newman, but Josh is a total wimp! And how can someone who has been with Reva so long not see how sick she is? And Coop is totally being manipulated by Lizzie - and might lose Ava in the process. He is too sweet to end up alone!

5) Cassie would leave Josh ALONE - go find your own man! GL tried this before, and it is not making the fans happy - so many of you have written about the turn this story is taking. Leave a couple alone for awhile - real life is full of twists and turns without having your sister come after your husband!

6) Speaking of Lizzie, she would have to leave the Spaulding Mansion and see how she really has to work for a living - that girl is too spoiled and selfish for her own good. Maybe motherhood will open her eyes to the fact that most people actually work hard to have a nice life. But I seriously doubt GL will make the little "princess" suffer - even though it makes her character hard to like.

7) Bring back Grant Aleksander - at least to wrap up the storyline that you have created that affects half of Springfield.

8) Stop altering the history of the show. You don't need to SORAS every kid in Springfield - Leah is younger than Jude - fans know this. You can have enough characters on canvas without resorting to this soap trickery.

Now that summertime is nearly here and kids are getting out of school, ratings do drop. Every show suffers the same fate. But GL needs to work extra hard this summer on how to fix things so when we all return from a great summer of vacations and crazy schedules, we can return to the show we all are rooting for.

I want to take this time to congratulate all of this year's graduates - include my niece EvaMarie and my cousin Katie who graduated from Tulane last month. Enjoy this time in your life and best of luck in all that you do.


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