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Apparently, one of the biggest cities in the world only has one hotel, and every resident of Harmony, including Beth, is staying in that hotel.

I was enthralled with Chad's comment, "we're puppets on a string dancing to someone else's tune." I immediately thought of the wonderful film, The Godfather, when he said that. Being they are in Italy, what if the monk was some Godfather that tied into this story. I'd love to see a mafia storyline. Of course it could also be depression from knowing the season finale of The Sopranos is looming.

If you are playing along online you may already have a clue who the monk is supposed to be. I won't spoil it, but I must admit I am fascinated. This is THE last person I suspected, and feel there must be some sort of trick here. If this is all on the up and up, I can't wait to see how it all plays out.

I am also very interested to learn Spike is the person Noah is looking for. It's obvious that all the players in this storyline tie together, and it's intriguing to watch. I am actually interested and paying attention, much the way I do when I watch LOST. And believe me, I never thought I'd categorize Passions and LOST together. Lena knows Spike killed her partner, so what exactly does she want with Noah and Maya? And did I hear Spike correctly say the monk summoned him to Rome? If the monk is Alistair, this makes sense. If the monk is the person I won't mention, then this show just got very exciting.

"That is what God wants." - Theresa to Ethan on why they should bunk together. And all this time I thought God only spoke to New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. Of course Ethan is quick to point out Theresa uses God to justify herself. Not exactly Ethan, she usually screams FATE!!! But since God controls our FATE, I guess you make a point.

We all know Ethan was thrilled that he had a "reason" to spend the night in Theresa's room. Even before they realized someone means to kill a Harmonian in Rome, Ethan was staying with Theresa in that one room. Because obviously one of the biggest cities in the world only has one hotel. That also explains why all the Harmonians, including Beth, are in that one hotel.

I can not wait to see Gwen's face when Ethan has to explain this to her. In between trying to keep her lying but out of the frying pan, she will say this is just some trick Theresa has pulled to get Ethan into bed. It has nothing to do with Ethan wanting to be there because he loves Gwen so much. Honestly, Luis is Theresa's brother and Ethan is Fancy's brother. Why can't the two of them switch rooms? More importantly, where is Crane security? What is so important they have to hang around and guard the mansion.

Not that I'm complaining. I'm starting to like Fancy and Luis together if for no other reason than to see Alistair's face when he realizes his daughter and the apple-of-his-eye granddaughter are both in love with the same man. Fancy may well yet learn what Beth's wrath feels like. Apparently our favorite resident psychopath has learned nothing. She is willing to kill any woman who stands in her way of getting Luis. She's a hoot and a half and I really wish she could stick around more. Beth is a far more interesting villain than the one note Alistair.

Anyone else realize that Siren and Miguel's initials are S&M? How appropriate judging by the way they steam up the screen every time they are on. I love Kay's jealousy, but Fox needs to wake up and smell the roses. It's obvious to everyone that Kay is trying to split the duo up. I mean Fox caught her in an out and out lie, and still let it slide. He is setting himself up for some serious heartbreak. I'm waiting for the day when Kay slips and says Miguel's name during sex. And it's coming, especially since she keeps picturing him.

Some Random Thoughts:

How gross that Fox wanted to make love on the swing. First of all, it's daylight. Second Tabby, Endora, and Maria were right inside. And lastly, both Kay and Fox's parents live right next door and Ivy often spies on what's going on in Tabby's backyard.

Nice allude to Theresa asking if Little Ethan could call Ethan "daddy"!! It's only a matter of time before this secret comes out!!

Theresa telling Ethan that Little Ethan was the love of her life suggests that the email she received that she would gain Ethan and lose her love will come true. She will finally get Ethan and lose her son. I think Alistair will keep him away from her.

Viewer's Voice:

"If Theresa wants to get Ethan back she should try to make him jealous. And not with the J.T guy. She needs to meet a nice, handsome man who will sweep her off her feet. And that will make Ethan so jealous that he would try anything to get with her. And you never know she might just get over Ethan and move on with life with her new guy." Thanks Ashley!!!

"I for one am enjoying the Vendetta storyline; it's bringing in new character combinations, characters like Paloma and Simone finally get some airtime, and Whitney gets to do something other then talk about Chad, although she still does it often... Honestly I'd love Chad to be the one who dies from Harmony, but with the big secrets that are to be revealed it's said Chad will end up to not be Whitney's brother, which, I for one don't care for anyway. If I ever found out my girlfriend was my sister then not my sister, I'd be too turned off by the whole thing to be interested again. I still say GROSS! What are they going to do; laugh about it in a year?
Chad - "Remember when we thought we were brother and sister?"
Whitney - "Oh boy! that sure was crazy wasn't it!?"
Chad/Whitney - "Hahahaha!"
I don't THINK so! Ugh, then we're going to have to sit though more of Eve and Julian's search for their kid... NOT looking forward to that! Beth may be able to return!! Remember Sheridan always said 'just give me Marty and you can go, I won't press any charges.' And in a city were attempted murders go unpunished why not kidnappers? But hey, Beth could take her to court and prove that she's 10X the mother Sheridan could be!" Thanks Ryan!!!

"Can you please stop bashing Passions! It's like every time I read your comment section, you have something negative to say about the show. I mean seriously if it's not meeting your standards go find some other soap to watch. I am a loyal fan of Passions and yeah I admit the Siren thing and the love triangles can sometimes be a little out there but that's what makes Passions original and unique. So please Brandi, stop bashing my Passions. It wouldn't hurt to have something good to say just once." Okay May, but these are just my opinions!!!

Until next week friends,

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