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Luke's storyline is excellent. Everyone assumed that Holden would be unable to accept Luke's homosexuality, but instead, it's Lily who is having trouble accepting it. Meanwhile, how amazing was Lucinda's heart-to-heart with Luke?

Nick Kasnoff is apparently a killer. It appears that he murdered Maya Gold and walled her up in Carly's basement. Poor Mike. He's going to need one of Henry's martinis to help him accept the news that his cousin is a lying, killer who left Mike to take the blame.

I almost feel sorry for Nick, too, now that the blonde, butt-busting tag team known as Katie and Carly jumped in his getaway car to stop his escape. Did you see what they did to "Swell Dell?" Apparently all that time at the gym has paid off for Katie.

This murder mystery gets a thumbs-up from me. It gave Mike and Katie a decent storyline that didn't involve a stalker, and it gave Jack and Carly some great scenes to play, with more to come I hope. Plus, it's good justification for Nick to exit, and I've never been a big fan of that character. The only troublesome aspect is that with Nick on the way out, Mike once again has no family in town. I hate it when characters exist in a vacuum. (Hello Dusty Donovan and Jade.) Giving characters a family makes them so much richer and makes the audience care more about them. With all of Mike's talk of big-brother Mark lately, maybe he'll be the next Kasnoff heading to Oakdale. I hear there's a dire need for a contractor at the Snyder house.


--I asked your opinion about Jade and boy, did you give it. The survey says....Jade is about as popular as ants at a picnic. You don't seem to like this character. I can't say I do either. She just hasn't clicked with me yet.

--Just as Jennifer Ferrin (Jennifer) has opted to leave the show, Lucy is returning. I was worried about the future of Dusty's character, if Jennifer isn't recast, because he has no family in town now that Dr. John is M.I.A.. But I guess Miss Montgomery will be keeping Dusty busy. That's my guess. Lucy won't have Craig or Sierra there either (boo, hiss), so Lucy and Dusty will need one another to at least have a scene partner.

--The funniest moment of the week was unscripted. Just after that big emotional scene between Emily and Paul where they discussed her pregnancy, a very serious voiceover was heard saying, "As the World Turns is sponsored by Always. Have a happy period." Hilarious. Perhaps those in charge should choose a better place to put that commercial next time.

--The Luke storyline is excellent. I thought it would be Holden who wouldn't accept Luke's homosexuality. Turns out, it's Lily. The writers aren't missing a beat with this plot. How amazing was Lucinda's heart-to-heart with Luke? He was scared to tell her, he said. (Hey, I don't blame him. This is Lucinda, who eats people for breakfast.) But her gentle acceptance was true to character for this tough broad. Luke was just as shocked as I was at her response. "Can I change it?" she asked him, pointblank. "No," he answered. "Then I accept it," she said with a loving smile.

--Speaking of Lucinda, thank you to whomever gave her all that screen time this week. She steals every scene. Although, I couldn't help but chuckle at her outdoor scene with Jennifer and Dusty. I swear I thought Lucinda was drunk instead of tired, the way she stumbled onto them on that picturesque little bridge.

--The understatement of the week goes to Meg for this gem: "Emily is a sick woman." You said it, girl. Henry, you have been warned.

--I couldn't help but laugh at the DNA lab guy's reaction to Katie being at the hospital. "Are you working here again," he asked nervously, recalling how she accidentally threw out his samples during her stint as a nurses' aide.

--Welcome back, Damian. We've missed you. I can't wait to see how he handles his son's homosexuality. Will he side with Lily? Or will he and Holden finally be able to agree on something? As I said, the show honchos are doing a fabulous job in playing this storyline and bringing Luke's biological father into the mix is an added perk. (Take a note General Hospital.)

--It looks like Emily and Henry are getting closer, and I'm a little nervous about it. I selfishly want Henry in a great storyline, but Emily has some serious baggage. I'm starting to think Henry just can't resist a damsel in distress. Either that or he has a thing for blondes locked up in hospitals.

--Jennifer's baby was switched again, but she didn't seem to notice this time. : A new baby is now playing the role of Johnny. Barbara's puzzled expression was priceless when Lucinda walked out with the new tyke. Hysterical.

--What's with Will wearing all black to his sister's engagement party? Quite a statement of support, Mr. Munson. I love the Munson/Ryan clan get-togethers. They always end with a bang. I loved seeing Hal and Barbara together again, and Jen, Dusty and Gwen looked amazing.

--I realize that my vision may be skewed because of my intense desire to have Craig back in town, but the new baby Johnny looks so much like Craig it's scary. Seriously, that kid could be a chip off the old Block. (Sorry. I couldn't resist that pun. It was just too easy.)

--I've warmed up to Casey these past few months, as his character became more sympathetic, and he actually started enunciating. Now, I'm enjoying his scenes with Maddie and his parents. Never thought you'd hear that from me, did you? See, Scoopers, if I hate a character at the onset, it doesn't mean I'll always hate the character. Props to him for his adorable haircut, too, and for his gym membership. Nice.

--How long will it be before Jade turns out to the illegitimate daughter of someone in town? Just please don't make it Hal. This guy is going to have to take out a second mortgage to pay for all his kids' college educations.

--If Will would spend half as much time studying for his finals as he does complaining about them, he might at least pull a D.

--In case you've forgotten, it's 19 days until Simon returns, as I write this. No. I'm not excited. He he he. I can't wait to see Paul Leyden. I've missed him since "LAX" was cancelled.

--It looks like Emily and Paul are gearing up for a custody battle. Can you imagine the poor judge who catches that case? "Mr. Ryan faked his death, several times, told his sister her baby was dead and has a family history of mental illness. Ms. Stewart is a kidnapper who tortured her victim and also shot someone in cold blood." I think someone needs to call Family Services.

--Apparently Lucinda is paying Dusty well, despite missing weeks of work. Did you see the size of that rock he gave Jennifer?

--Note to Paul: When trying to woo your girlfriend to remain a part of your life, guilting her by saying she's the steady, "normal" presence needed in your child's life isn't the best way to go. Way to sell it, Paul. But, apparently, it doesn't take much to sway Meg. She seemed to fall for it anyway.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Dusty and Jennifer tell Barbara they're getting married.)
Barbara: "I have been secretly hoping for this. What took you so long?"
Dusty: "I got hung up, when your son's wife kidnapped me."

(Paul tells Meg he needs her in his life to help raise his child, considering his crazy family history.)
Paul: "Let's face it. I'm no Dr. Phil."

Reader Spotlight:

(From Two Scoops reader Frankie)
"I've got the perfect scenario for the Meg/Paul/Emily/baby dilemma. Emily and Henry could get married, and pass the baby off as his. I'm certain Susan could fix a DNA test; Meg may even help her. After all he did to Jennifer, the Karma meter would go soaring off the chart. Sounds perfect to me. Whatcha think?"

Frankie, I love this idea. Brilliant! Plus, it keeps Henry front and center. I hope the writers come up with something this intriguing. ----Jennifer

(From Two Scoops reader Genola)
"With Paolo's return and Jade's involvement with the Snyder's, wouldn't it be to weird if Jade turned out to be Damian's daughter? Luke's step-sister!!!!!"

"Genola, another interesting idea and a definite possibility. We all know new people in town always turn out to be related to someone in Oakdale. If not Damian, perhaps someone else will be her daddy."-----Jennifer

(From Two Scoops reader Lance))
" My Ode to BOB: Dr. Bob is the greatest. He is the only doctor on daytime that doesn't kill people or switch babies. Dr. Bob would never stash a corpse behind a wall. Dr. Bob would never chain someone to a radiator. Dr. Bob would never let his wife jump off a cliff. Dr. Bob would never EVER drug a cop and try to take pictures with him in bed with a hooker! Sometimes I wish he would. Then we could see Bob more than two minutes a month. Dr. Bob rules!

Lance, raising my glass to Dr. Bob! Cheers. ----Jennifer

(From Two Scoops reader Sandy)
"Just happened to tune into Bonanza this afternoon, and I saw someone familiar! Kathryn Hays. It was episode #606 "the wild one) with Aldo Ray, don't know what year it was, but I recognized her immediately. She was wearing a "puritan" type costume and I expected her to go "Hey Kiddo, during the episode! Anyway, I think your Jesus comment was really funny about Roger H. I can't really stand what his hair was looking like and hoped that something would be done and lo and behold it was cut!! I am finding ATWT very inconsistent in some storylines, and I guess I'm getting too old and crotchety...Good column, as usual."

Sandy, interesting tip on Kathryn Hays. I had no idea she'd done " Bonanza." Thanks for sharing. ----Jennifer

(From Two Scoops reader Iniquity)
"I think I may have Emily's alibi: she hasn't been right since Psycho Babs and Rosanna were shooting her up with that drug. Altered brain chemistry seems as good an excuse as any not to send her to jail. Hope she quits crying, though. Every time she starts, it reminds me to worm my cat. *g*"

Iniquity, I mentioned that possible theory a few weeks back in Two Scoops, too, so I think we're on to something. It's the only explanation for Em's walk on the wild side. ---Jennifer

That's all for now, Scoopers. Have a wonderful Memorial Day and remember to take time to honor our soldiers and veterans everywhere. Whether you agree with wars, past or present, the soldiers' sacrifices shouldn't be forgotten.

That's all for now. See ya next time, Scoopers! Happy Mother's Day to all!
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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